Clean Bandit - Solo feat. Demi Lovato [Official Video]

Clean Bandit

Clean Bandit

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    Our new single Solo feat. Demi Lovato is out now
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    Directed by Grace Chatto
    Co-directed by Jack Patterson
    Director of Photography - Anna Patarakina
    Production Co. - Purple Squirrel Agency
    Producer - Lex Lewter
    Project Manager - Joseph Babalaco
    Production Intern - Mackenzie Lawren
    Lead Male - George Todd Mclachlan
    Longboarders - Hyojoo Ko (Instagram @hyo_joo ), Amanda Caloia
    Dog - Pablo Picasso
    Post Production:
    Editor - Josh Cooper
    VFX - Max Colt at Gloria FX
    Grade - MPC Philip Hambi
    US CREW (all scenes except potions laboratory):
    1st AC - Karla Wilson, Darren Kho
    2nd AC- Joe Chueng, Badra Haidra
    DIT - Sarah Greenwald
    1st AD - Big Riff
    Stedicam - Lian Clark
    Gaffer - Garrett Williams
    BBE - Jason Booth
    Electric - Rob Wright
    Key Grip - Stephen Chang
    BBG - Josh Smith
    Grip - Matt Garza
    Swing - Nick Bodkin
    Drone Operator - Jon Chou, Jack Patterson
    Production Designer - Juan Mabson
    Set Dresser - Larry Rosales
    Set Dresser - Steve Lopez
    Production Assistant - Jarret Woo
    Crafty - Lisa Love
    Clean Bandit Grace Chatto Hair - Andreas Reece
    Clean Bandit Grace Chatto Make Up - Amy Chance
    Clean Bandit Styling - Erik Ziemba
    Clean Bandit Styling Assistant -
    Demi Lovato Hair - Clyde Haywood
    Demi Lovato Make up - Jill Powell
    Demi Lovato Styling - Law Roach
    UK CREW (Laboratory Potions Scenes):
    Production Manager - Meghan Wilcox
    1st AC - Thomas Nicholson
    2nd AC - Chris Richard
    Gaffer - Noah Furrer
    Electrician - Nick Leish
    Electrician- Kai Blamey
    Art Director - Maz Staruch
    Art Assistant - Hannah Sharp
    Clean Bandit Hair - Narad Kutawaroo
    Clean Bandit makeup - Elaine Lynskey
    Runners - Daniel Thornton
    Nichole Heller
    Fewa Williams
    BTS Photography - Darrin Bush
    BTS Photography - Alex Harper
    BTS Videography - Roxanna Baldwin
    Commissioners: Nicola Sheppard, Dan Curwin, Head of Video @ Atlantic Records UK
    If anyone has been left of the credits, please contact Nicola or JB or Lex or Grace. Thank you!! 💜💜💜💜💜💜

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    1. Demi Lovato

      Thanks for having me on this song! Is everybody liking the video?

      1. Skill Aura_

        YAS 500th comment

      2. why don't we pig

        Excuse me?? duhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

      3. zoe lilly intro

        Demi Lovato ily so much

      4. Ewa_Gross

        Of coooooourseeeee😍😍😍😍😍😍the refraiiiiiin😍😍😍

      5. Kezia D'Costa


    2. Arifa Boshor

      So.... How's she gonna fuck a dog? It still doesn't solves her solo problem

    3. monika kandari

      Amazing song😎😎

    4. Boggi Chanell

      Best music 2018 and ever.

    5. Stanisław Płaza

      Such ironic im hearing this on yt and symphony also by clean bandit is on radio like a love song on the radio

    6. GreatShern

      Just realised this 1:32

    7. kati i beti bg

      nay qkata pesen

    8. Sonali Bhowmick

      Happy birthday #DemiLovato ... You superrock girl ... Stay blessed ... and party hard 🎂 🍰🎉🎉🎊🎊🎊

      1. Ramen Bhowmick

        Happy birthday #Demi 🎂🍰

    9. Oliver Wilkins

      Queen Of Music💋💋

    10. GluddyDay :3

      За такое время уже 190 млн??!???!

    11. Riko Zhao

      what does the woop woop woop mean?

    12. Magda Malujdy

      I love demi

    13. suevann&jevayn t


    14. Bartosz Żukowski

      Kto z Polski?

    15. Cini Cincike

      I love this song!Thanks you are great Demi Lovato!

    16. Farhana Sultana

      Happy Birthday Demi Queen

    17. Mya and Jordan Sheriff

      The dog is sooo cute

    18. Ni An

      Me gusta xd

    19. Crysthoper Mikahil Barragan del Toro

      I LOVE the asian girl dancing on the skateboard

    20. Amat Banyak

      I Like This Song 😘😘😘😍😍

    21. Shaina Baguio


    22. Sevda Arslan

      Uşak ikizler olmuş bir de ben söylediğim zaman herkes öyle diyor ama çok güzel oluyor Bir de kolay olmuş basit nasıl yaptığınız nereden yaptığınız hangi ülkede yaptınız Türkiye mi Amerika mı ksa İsyan İstanbul'da mı Türkiye'de mi şarkı güzel güzel güzel çıktın bizim tamamı güzel olmuştur ve bir şey yapmışsındır bir de onun içinde ne var biriniz köpek oluyorum nasıl oluyor benden Savaş şarkı güzel

    23. Md Hridoy khan

      Best song of wow

    24. Bogdan Gandac

      Demi you are the best👍

    25. Mtl Mobile37

      Wow excellent!

    26. Jeanpi Aparcanahenostroza


    27. パンくん

      Play for Demi

    28. GearDragonRC

      I wish i was a rainbow dog...

    29. mariano herrera

      Like for demi??

    30. Sharplex

      I wanna F-OOH OOH OOH aswell 👏👏

    31. Indrid Cold


    32. TheThadeo Spawn

      1:22 noooooo

    33. Leslie Damian Chantes

      I love this song I liked and subscribed and liked it and pressed the bell

    34. joen kookie

      Very nice

    35. K8

      Friends: *Jams out to the song* I love this song so much! Hey kate what’s wrong? Me:*Looks at friends* Listen to the lyrics. Friends: *They all shrug and pay attention* Song: I wanna touch touch touch but I aint got nobody, so I do it solo. Everyone:😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳

    36. Roza Ali

      lovely song

    37. Yo Brock!

      2:10 for some reason that little crying gesture she does is sexy as hell😌

    38. Rafi Varga

      Superb women demi lavato :*:*::*:*

    39. Emma Gordon

      I could feel the freedom when the girl was skate boarding.

    40. Valer4ik

      Раша есть??

    41. Grace Adams

      So wait, she turned her terrible boyfriend into a rainbow dog?

    42. Lisa Aatif

      Our queen is back. Love u demi

    43. Justin Bieber

      Today is my birthday can I get 2 likes

    44. Ermek KG


    45. Ale A

      SO...LO OO...

    46. agnes chavez

      I can*t stop listening this song 🎶

    47. Jutom Huynh

      I love this song!! I wanna f-woop, woop woop, but I'm broken hearted

    48. Rizky Rakhmadani

      Just telling this song is about wanking they already confirm it lol 😂

    49. Mrpst Nock

      Tesoro! Tesoro! Jajaja 😁😂 Lol!! Puta el Beat pa' gueno!! 👐👏😏🌌🎶🎶

    50. Jeremy 95

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