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    1. shane

      PART 2 UP NOW!!!!!!βίντεο-sNuKpwX6Tz4.html

      1. FaZe L I X


      2. Isabella Weeepee

        shane PLEASE READ THIS it is currently 9:07 it is bright and I see the moon clearer then last night I noticed the moon looks almost like it’s plastic some what cardboard it looks like it’s almost... hanging from the sky I have a conspiracy that “they” forgot to take it down so is there really an outer space or are we just a chunk of dirt?

      3. Maria Eduarda De Oliveira


      4. Mrtn Yzbk

        subscribe to my channel with notifications on i make weekly videos !

      5. Depressed Flower

        *Stay woke bitches* that got me dead

    2. Assholewifey22

      Rewatching part 1 & 2 bc I love your series!!!

    3. Daisy May

      Shane makes everything better......

    4. ThisFunAsianGirl

      *why I don't travel to California areas* -fires -gangsters/thugs -drama -unappreciative behavior -crimes

    5. Azlito_RBLX


    6. Azarilh

      15:28 "No way i can take legal action [against my porn video edited with deepfake]" That's untrue at its finest. If your content is copyrighted with a copyright that disallows other people sharing these contents but edited, than you can take legal actions. If you use a free of use copyright or no copyright at all, than you can't take legal actions, as it's something you decided to ignore.

    7. That Blueface Spider

      as for the hollister thing, i’d be immune to the music because that’s the type of music i listen to anyways so i’ll just be having my own mini rave

    8. Peyton Hughes

      I was talking with my mom about how I made a picture for her background the night before the colosseum. Then she was talking about how she got an ad for her phone at last night for the colosseum. In the morning she told me the story ,a few seconds later an ad on the tv showed an ad for the colosseum.

    9. Cami Reinhard

      I rewatched this and I cried because my bestfriend just committed suicide 😭😫 I miss her!

    10. Levs Svel

      5:17 the goosebumps. This is exciting!!!

    11. Sophie Maisie

      Wow, I’m gunna have to rethink everything I’ve ever known...


      The government is trying to kill us.

    13. AngelDeLlama

      I almost shat myself watching this

    14. Azlito_RBLX

      Omg your soo good at editing!!!!!

    15. Ellie studios

      Holy cow, the static noise is creepy.. and so is the Live Photo. I tried them both

    16. Young_v3ga

      Lil pump’s part had me dying😂

    17. abrkljacic54

      Andrew and shane are artists in editing

    18. Thrim601

      I hear secureteam10 music, awesome.

    19. Willy Weirdo27

      On the phone call thing... my grandma said that people can hack and watch you on FaceTime

    20. Young docs

      Identity fraud has Joined the chat

    21. Frankie Worman


    22. ThisFunAsianGirl


    23. Nafisah Islam


    24. Redy Shadow

      I just received a notification of a person and I never sub to this person she or he well the profile pic looks like a girl so I’ll say she anyway she put a vid and she only has one vid it’s just like a static noise or idk but it’s weird (Conspiracy?)

    25. Maya Douglas :D

      *switches to android and and never goes to Holister again*

    26. Claire DiMenna

      Garrett: *fiddles with tiny skeleton* SP00KY

    27. DaraRenee Justice

      i love this so much. And also can you go back to that hotel that 15 people died cause when you went there they were closed and they would open in 2019 which hello it is. Lol i have problems!

    28. Little Boi

      A similar thing to do with the phones listening is my friend was recording on his phone and after his phone died it was still on while the phone was dead, strange

    29. Renecia Williams

      Who saw the phone blinking at the top by the camera u see a light omfg

    30. Peyton Olaso

      Is anyone like actually scared

    31. BallsBeFlyin_XBOX

      When the creator of hollister is ugly as fuck 😂😂

    32. Lailani Harrell

      I tried putting my phone up to my ear like Shane did and it did the same exact thing

    33. Rebecca Erickson

      If I lived in California, I would be scared for my life.

    34. JassieVlogs


    35. Millie N &

      this just shows me ow much i hate growing up in this generation

      1. shrekswife

        R/iwasborninthewronggeneration headass

    36. alyssa beck

      Me and my sister tried the live pic thing and we counted from 1-6 and it recorded us counting each number

    37. dabbing zeebra

      Is zepeto like my talking Tom?

    38. Lena Gereski

      Theory: you know how some people believe there is heaven and hell well what if we are in hell, think about it today’s world is awful so many bad things happen and we are here to have a second chance and what we did to be here we have to fix and once we do we go to heaven because “that’s our time”


      iPhone is the devil.

    40. Zacharias Holz

      I’m fucking screaming lmfao FLO?! FROM STATE FARM?!

      1. That Blueface Spider


    41. The sweet potato is a shortie

      You should partner with Larray

      1. That Blueface Spider

        The sweet potato is a shortie YAS AND TWAIMZ

    42. totally cookie

      sleep...dont know her

    43. abi the trash

      Me: * watching from my samsung * i am immortal

      1. That Blueface Spider

        abi the trash i have an iPhone X hnnnnn

    44. lamond jones

      My birthday is November 8th

    45. Millie N &

      when you realise this video is nearly 2 fucking hours long wtf

    46. Cristian Torres

      Can someone count to see how much times Shane said oh my god

    47. Makenna Sanaa

      Garrett is hilarious 😭😭

    48. EasyReturnZ

      This should be on netflix!!!!

    49. WhatEver

      The world is very fucked up, Period.

    50. Margot Barland

      well can't sleep now lol (love the video though)

    51. Rahmanita Putri

      Shit i wanna slap the fake app creators

    52. Ellie Hayes


    53. Penny Wolf:3

      Can we count how many times Shane said *oMg*

    54. Dark Knight

      Bro Spongebob the best show ever


      I'm deleting all my pics

    56. Alivia Pusateri

      Who saw the rainbow

    57. Ava Carpenter

      Oh my god Oh my god Oh my god Oh my god Oh my god Oh my god Oh my god Oh my god Oh my god Oh my god🐖🐖🐖🐖Oh my god Oh my god Oh my god Oh my god Oh my god Oh my god Oh my god

    58. THE CLEANER 007

      Do he edit the video himself? coz there's some top notch editing here

    59. WeirdoGamez!

      I thought ring around a rosey was when u sneeze u fall down

    60. Ayanna Washington

      Shane: OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG oh Me: Final... Shane...AGAIN: OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG

    61. Oonicorns Everywhere

      the video of Obama saying " stay woke bitches " is actually everything.

    62. Sylvia Huertas

      I have a windows phone...

    63. Sydney Coppola

      omfg i was on twitter while watching this and put my phone up to my ear and i actually heard the static noise... im lowkey scared now

    64. Rebecca Ciocon

      i am sister shOoKt the grocery theory has me shookt 😧😱😂

    65. Elytra Plays

      I’m scared to say the “hey siri” one because it might be true

    66. Baboultje

      the hey siri thing is ofc always listening i have it turned off now i dint hear any static noise turned it on i did hear it. it has to know when you say it of course but apple doesn't save it all do dont worry

    67. princesslaila 20

      This crap is scary bro But it’s so interesting

    68. Jimmy Kyle

      Shanes nose is so pretty

    69. Miss moon

      I’m glad I live on the other side of the world in Belgium

    70. Uzziah Hammonds

      so dramatic!!!

    71. Loonatic


    72. Lukrative

      Dont get me wrong i love shane, its just the big question: why? I know he said a few times why, but they were terrible explanations of why. Like for the woolsy fires, why? What outcome would come from that? How would the govt gain something? How would electric companies gain? Now for the insurance theory that one is explained well, as its ppl who once had or want fame and money, starting it themselves to gain money. But what would the govt gain from spreding the fires from the muclear site? Why spread radioactivity, why threaten the lives of so many ppl?

    73. Evan Scollan

      godammit shane you’ve put all your viewers on a watchlist now...

    74. Riley Watson

      Omg with the phone thing one day I was talking to my mom while my dad was calling and when I picked up my dad was like hey and I was like hey.. and he was like why did I here you and your mom talking before you picked up???

    75. TOBZ

      I just realised 34 million views 🤯

    76. Leo Buxton

      so THAT’S why our generation wants to die!

    77. Baboultje

      31:02 Cheese

    78. M O R G A N

      My mom was just calling her friend (she was on speaker)and legit we could hear her for a solid five seconds and she couldn’t hear my mom.

    79. Spxcy Sushi

      ..Nov 8th...sounds familiar.... Oh...right... ...Nov 8 is my bday..

    80. Mahelate Gebeyehu

      34 million views 🥳🥳🥳

    81. Loonatic

      So I just watched every live video I’ve ever took on an iPhone and I’ve had iPhones for 4 years and omg I can hear it, I thought it was a new update or something

    82. Lil Lina

      In the Zepeto theory there is also something else it tracks down your information go o settings and you’ll see.

    83. I love queen park chaeyoung

      I thought it was 12 a.m. but ... it turns out it's 4 57 a.m.

    84. 1000 subscribers With no videos

      It’s kinda creepy because a few weeks after Shane released this video the trailer for Frozen 2 was released.

    85. Selenay Sarikaya

      Am I the only one that thinks the part with the clock set on 10:10 the edit of it so cool

    86. Nina


    87. tlamb

      Shane: these are only theories Me: takes them as facts

    88. Hayley Guy

      How many parts are there

    89. Wolvei

      i literally went to unplug my microwave

    90. wideeye cat

      Shane you are an unsung hero tbh

    91. Golden Vibes


    92. Edvard Gaare-Olstad

      FBI open up!!!!!

    93. bradfor925

      Its possible for one house to burn and the next house to be fine because of the wind direction, the way its defended, the way its placed, the way its built, etc....

    94. Alex Agius

      I am scared shit Less like shitting bricks ( but still watching the next part)

    95. Beurnss

      im glad that we dont have a microwave anymore... ( cause i broke it)

    96. Erika Mikayla cayari

      "They are ACTUAL and REAL" wth😂

    97. kiki2022

      God has blessed all people and there are mysterious things that happen in the world like the houses burning did the fire start?why are the other homes around it not burned?the celebrities had nothing to do with this.and it can't be a power plant bc if it was only a spark it wouldn't have started that big of a fire.

    98. nicoletta castle

      Is there more ?,I thought there was more . Shane there's only two parts Anyone else wondering if there's more ? Thank you Shane for the two uploads so far, your really talented Your work helps alot of people stuck in there day to day lives who want something to take there minds off there worries , please upload soon sending love from new Zealand

    99. Zainn Alahmad

      *watches the apple Part on a MacBook*

    100. Harrison Glover

      Love this 🎀💓💓💓🎀