D&D Story: “Whoops! Guess EVERYONE has to die now.”

Puffin Forest

Puffin Forest

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    This animated Dungeons and Dragons story comes from when I ran a mission for the first time in Adventurer's League. I accidentally misread the adventure and turned out I made some crucial mistakes when running it.
    End song: "Bluebird" from the GR-news Audio Library

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    1. Just Noob

      MEANWHILE Me: LEEROY JENKINNNNNNNN!!!!!!!! Dude 1: Don't worry, he homebrew to be ultimate tank Dude 2: What? Dude 1: We stand above his checkpoint when he die

    2. Drugged Batman

      Legit how it would go for my party, they are stubborn but I'd be damned if they don't put on a good show

    3. William Ellerbeck


    4. AHN The Drunk

      Let me guess..this "bloodthirsty god" happens to be the Devourer,right?

    5. Avery Godzilla Fan

      I got a graet plan c lets become slaves kill are allies then split the party

    6. Negan's Evil Twin

      Puffin, a LV 1 wizlord is unfair. You have to pull your punches for them. So they should start at the same LV or like about 3.

    7. Negan's Evil Twin

      Puffin, why be a GM when you can be a DM!🤺

    8. Sam Bracken

      The table top equivalent of aggroing the whole dungeon in WoW

    9. Ram

      Instantly killed in one shot. Isn’t that just instantly killed?

    10. pollodormido2

      That story kick ass!

    11. Robert Urquiza

      7:00 every assasins crees game ever

    12. Ernest Ankrom

      Slogs can be a lot of fun.

    13. neburiveS

      Stuff like this is the reason I write all of my adventures myself. While I have to be careful not to get too railroady with my players, there's pretty much nothing more railroady than "The players will follow this one plan or they will all die" Also this makes it WAY easier to tweak encounters on the fly because it's not just "Well there's twelve enemies in this room because the module says so" but rather I can see that my players are deeply wounded or that, like the example above I've got a player with a much lower level so I'll just say fuck it and toss out a few of the foes I had planned without it derailing the adventure.

    14. KorbinX

      Ahh The island of Chult....many good times on that island ^-^

    15. SquatBenchDeadlift

      I just came back from my second game as a DM. I'm glad I'm running SKT, and not this module!

    16. the wolf studio

      Who needs stealth when you can just break down doors? ;3

    17. Pro Bucket

      Don’t think i don’t notice that green whimsy at 2:00

    18. Shal ucard

      It all started with a bribe...

    19. Jessthetoran

      Literally DYING!!! ive played this mod and.. omg... Im going to watch the rest of your things now im in tears laughing so hard. so many feels.

    20. Drake Vegas

      Holy shit, what an awful campaign. You have no agency whatsoever being a slave without any equipment, and you navigate with random chance. Why even try to play?

    21. Streit

      What happened to the poor level 1?

    22. Jacob Kessinger

      So, did the players enjoy it?

    23. Special Johnny 5

      I have a question for Adventures league: Can we have multiple copies of the players handbook? I ask this because when I was playing D&D at school the DM said adventure league rules and said that I couldn't have my copy of 5e players handbook. He was being a bit of a jerk about the whole thing so I was just curious, also yes I did ask an adventures league near me and they said that we could have multiple players handbooks, so either the AL the DM went to was different or he was lying right to my face (he claims to have been DMing for over two years at AL)

    24. Soko Moko

      what about the level 1 player

    25. Marco Antonio Maron de Freitas Jr

      And the lvl 1 player???

    26. TheOriginalInixis

      That sounds way more fun to listen to than to actually play, especially if you handle combat the way you demonstrated. D&D combat can feel slow as it is.

    27. Gingergaze the Catbird

      wait. Raz-Nazi? its not pronounced with an 'S' lmao *bEn gET iT rIgHT*

    28. DreamsAreMorbid

      I've only seen 2 videos so far and I like your stuff, I've got a collection of awesome/funny/facepalming encounters for my game and hearing shenanigans of others pleases me greatly, thank you for your videos

    29. Asger Høyer

      What a great tale :) I LOVE D&D, and even though we play our own self made campaigns, it´s always fun to hear what others experience. Have a great day

    30. BewareTheCarpenter

      How many players did you have for this?

    31. Bajicoy

      Wow haha, you made it quite the fun adventure to hear about

    32. Anna Parsons

      What about the new girl?

    33. BiS MuTH

      well technically everyone did die, just not the ones the book said

    34. XDevantX

      That sounds way better than what was written.

    35. Kairos Susurri

      Season 8 killed the fun of al

    36. Jonesso

      I honestly just wanna know if the new player had fun

      1. wixman666

        Until she got slaughtered, sure!

    37. KittenyKat

      So how'd the level 1 do? You didn't really go back to that little plot point. xD

      1. wixman666

        She got 1 shot! :)

    38. NitrousMonoxide

      Wow, nice rebound.

    39. Jake's World

      Wait Asyrak? I'm getting tomb of annihilation vibes from this story, might get it

    40. Jaw Belly

      UGH. FINE. I'll admit you're actually interesting and this makes me want to do this D&D stuff. >:( You infectious nerds. God bless you.

      1. Storm Arashi

        Hey, welcome to sucked into D&D. Got hooked because of stuff like this, Critical Role and Adventure Zone.

    41. PforPanthera #ABK

      The Ras-Ni guy was in a recent AL Tomb of Annihilation thing. Our party had a plan at first but then the guy who seemed to know what we were doing wasn't there the week we actually got the snake-people place so very quickly things went to shit. Like we surviving ok b/c we're fairly high leveled and have two life clerics but then more and more enemies appeared and there were basilisks and oh shit no one has a counter to fucking basilisks. We all kinda began to just accept the inevitable doom until Rasni came out and the DM basically led us to mention the death curse and Rasni was all like "My life is a lie, here take what you need and my troops will lead you to the place" It was certainly an adventure.

    42. TheLegandaryDratini


    43. pprandomnpz

      This was supposed to be Skyrim and you turned it into Dark Souls!

    44. ThePowerExcess

      Can I ask, what is the point of pen and paper RPGs if you are 'supposed to do X' If you want scripted adventures you can play on your PC. Pen and paper allows from complete open world (to the best of the GM's ability). That is the point, right?

      1. Storm Arashi

        Eh, some people don't wanna do homebrew content, or wanna just start off for the first time with a pre-made adventure. This is in a big thing called Tomb of Annihilation.

    45. Jeremy West

      Can you put spoiler alerts on videos like this? One of my players came across this not realizing it was ToA until we started talking about Ras Nsi. I don't care, but he's pretty bummed it got spoiled.

    46. jesternario

      I REALLY hate living campaigns.

    47. Colton Curran

      That... that was just brilliant 😂😂

    48. Ori Klein

      So wait, a few plot holes in this story: How did the players react to you after all this, eventually triumphant, ordeal? Did they enjoy the experience? And what happened to the lvl1 newbie? How the frak she survived it?

    49. Carlos

      Story time. note: I don't enjoy killing party members. The party of five had just climbed up the side of a mountain (nearly dying in the process) and found a protruding ledge to a cave entrance. Their informant from the village (few days travel from the mountain) had said that cave was the way to the Ancient Cartographer. Nature check revealed that the cave was old, unstable, and shouldn't be traversed by anyone. Wisdom saves revealed that if they didn't go through the cave slowly, it would collapse on top of them. They camped that night outside the mouth of the cave; in the morning they went in single file (lead by a person with dark vision). I dimmed the lights and turned on dripping cave sounds. As they've been walking through, a smell like that of a dying thing began to linger in the air, getting more and more potent as they continued. Eventually their torches began dying as the damp air of the cave snuffed them out slowly. They had two people who could use light, but it was still very dim. I had the leader roll perception. 16 I had the player leave the room with me. I showed him a fraction of the thing stalking them. He came back. "Guys, we need to get out of here NOW" I quieted the sound of the dripping caves and played a new sound. Grotesque breathing. "We gotta move faster." I gave them my best guttural scream. "Roll initiative". They swung in the dark at the creatures, I showed the ones that could see the creatures what they were fighting. Their horrified reactions made the other three party members concerned since they were not really being sure as to what they were fighting. There were only two that they fought but I made their movement speed 50 and made them very powerful, so it seemed like more. Nearly TPKing them, three of the five party members went unconscious, they finally killed the creatures and found out there were only two. Upon inspection of the corpses, I showed them a picture. (google necromorph slasher) None of them had seen those creatures before and were appalled. After the battle I had them all roll Wisdom saves. (That will come into play later) They found a latter and climbed it. It lead to an old door with light pouring through it. They opened it to find a bunch of monks training on top of the mountain; their master was the powerful Ancient Cartographer. The Cartographer, dressed as a monk, gave them the map they sought after. They asked about the creatures in the cave. He explained that long ago, there was a plague that transformed people into abominations, even more so than the most infamous necromancers had accomplished. It had been able to nearly wiped out all life on the planet and so the Cartographer and his people came up to this mountain to escape it's devouring power. When the plague had been banished by ancient great heroes, the Cartographer and his followers decided to stay up there and start a martial arts school. They asked to stay and rest before returning. The Cartographer declined because his senses revealed that some of the party had become infected with a plague. The party left and returned to the cave. They continued through the cave again in single file. Another perception check by the member in the back. 14 "You hear it behind you and above you too". "Above us?" He sends a light Cantrip above the party. There was a fissure in the ceiling of the cave. They start seriously considering running through the cave. As they talked it over something happened: Another one of the creatures swooped down from the ceiling, and attempted to grapple the person in the middle of the party. He contested but rolled a critical fail. His torso was impaled by both its' claws and it attempted pulling him into the ceiling. I kid you not, it rolled a nat 20 for strength to pull him into the hole in the ceiling of the cave. The creature was now pulling him through an extremely narrow tunnel in the ceiling of the cave. He tried fighting it but rolled poorly. The creature rolled really well. It killed him. Everyone was shocked. I explained to them, "You watch through the dim light as one of the creatures swoops down, impales Norrak, and pulls him into the ceiling. You hear him screaming and struggling but then he goes quiet". "Alright we're getting the f**k out of here". -- Paladin They ran to the exit, those things chasing them and the cave collapsing behind them. They narrowly escaped as the cave entrance crumbled behind them.

    50. Erdnussbuttertoast

      the speaker sounds so much like ryan from achievment hunter