David Guetta ft Anne-Marie - Don't Leave Me Alone (Lyric Video)

David Guetta

David Guetta

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    Director: Michael Robertson
    Production: Toon53 Productions
    (P) & (C) 2018 What A Music Ltd, Under Exclusive Licence to Parlophone/Warner Music France, a Warner Music Group Company
    David Guetta feat Anne-Marie - Don’t Leave Me Alone
    (David Guetta, Noonie Bao, Linus Wiklund, Sarah Aarons)
    Produced by David Guetta & Lotus IV
    Additional production by Timofey Reznikov & Albert Harvey (GLOWINTHEDARK)
    Mixed & mastered by Serban Ghenea at MixStar Studios, Virginia Beach, VA
    Engineered by John Hanes
    All Instruments and Programming by Lotus IV, David Guetta, Timofey Reznikov & Albert Harvey
    Backing vocals by Noonie Bao & Sarah Aarons
    Publishers: JackBack Publishing Ltd, admin by Write Here Music (SACEM) and Shapiro Bernstein (ASCAP); EMI Blackwood Music Inc. (BMI) o/b/o EMI Music Publishing Scandinavia AB (STIM); Lurpi Songs AB, admin by Songs of Kobalt Music Publishing (AMRA); Sony/ATV Music Publishing Allegro (AUS) P/L
    Anne-Marie appears courtesy of Major Toms/Asylum Records UK, a division of Warner Music UK Limited
    (P) & (C) 2018 What A Music Ltd, Under Exclusive Licence to Parlophone/Warner Music France, a Warner Music Group Company
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    1. Mina Elouman

      yes this is good music

    2. Kavi K


    3. Aairah Khan

      Me to on exam day to my friends 😂

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    5. ski yo papa

      0:11 Why is he... sitting on her chest?

    6. Angela Ak


    7. Rayhan Agsana


    8. Aleesha Hardin

      For a second I thought it said "every Sunday you've got me pregnant" lol I'm dying now that I rly know

    9. shelya best friends chanell


    10. Heiba Ihei

      I wish I could tell to my ex boyfriend, "Don't leave me alone"

    11. Raha Rahi


    12. Andrew Cinque

      Love her she sounds like bebe rexha and Selena Gomez

    13. Nazifa Hossain

      Anne-Marie is very talented.

    14. Poozabakung


    15. tenpurasyokunin yakyuuman

      日本人で聞いてる人いる〜? 俺この曲大好きです〜!

    16. Hamu Jani

      I like this song and I am Alone 😢💔

    17. Prakriti Nepal

      I want to tell this to my crush

    18. Jo Bodley

      Well done

    19. Charly LovizHP

      And anne merie

    20. Charly LovizHP


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    22. Salim Makangila

      nice song 😉

    23. Salim Makangila

      nice song

    24. Mikan Chan

      Hello people...who are scrolling down😄😘🤗

    25. Algum Otaku Infeliz

      essa musica e tao boa quanto tocou os 10 segundos de musica ja ate fui pra outro video

    26. Deepak Patel

      Try now and subscribe

    27. Maliha Anzum


    28. Aria Miles

      woman got no ribs!!

    29. Kıbrısta hayat

      Don't yu liv me Anne mariya

    30. Dinku Ray

      Beautiful music 😍😍😍

    31. Γεωργια Καραφουλιδου

      0:35 Don't you ever leave me Don't you ever go I've seen it on TV I know how it goes Even when you're angry Even when I'm cold Don't you ever leave me Don't leave me alone Don't leave me ah ah alooooone Ah ha ah Ah ah aloooooone

      1. Monica C Gallo

        +Γεωργια Καραφουλιδου sorry

      2. Γεωργια Καραφουλιδου

        +Monica C Gallo What???

      3. Monica C Gallo


    32. Eimear Duffy

      A good song 😊

    33. афинка fan


      1. Angoumoisine


    34. Luciel Choi

      I'm calling marshmallow..*dials 911 instead*

    35. sumala maddala

      Nice song,😉

    36. Mabily Raissa

      BR ai?

    37. weiii xd

      I don t listen the voice of david guetta

    38. MomoTheBellyDancer

      Hrmph. Wake me up when the Auto-Tune fad is finally over.

    39. Junu GURUNG

      Dont leave me alone 😭😭😭😭😭😭

    40. Kaylin Kindacute

      Omg thanks for my favourite song 😘😘😘

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    42. Cathy Williamson

      I love this. Song so much 💖💖💖💖💖💗🎤🎤

      1. Kıbrısta hayat


      2. Cathy Williamson


    43. Ghost Loli

      Don’t leave me....With my crush

    44. Kirtiraj Lekhraj Rajput Singh

      This Music One Bollywood (Hindi) Music 2017 gr-news.com/online/βίντεο-QNAmqqMee1w.html

    45. agbeje Fredah

      Love u Marie

    46. Janebhatt018 8132070946

      David Guetta and Anne-marie perfect

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