Diplo, French Montana & Lil Pump ft. Zhavia - Welcome To The Party (Official Video)



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    Official Video | Diplo, French Montana & Lil Pump ft. Zhavia - Welcome To The Party (From the Deadpool 2 Motion Picture Soundtrack)
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    Production Company: Anonymous Content
    Director: Jason Koenig
    Executive Producer: Nina Soriano
    Producer: Brooke McDaniel
    Director of Photography: Jeff Bierman
    Editor: Tobias Suhm
    Produced by myself and Valentino Khan

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    1. Diplo

      big up to french, lil pump and zhavia on this one

      1. banan cr

        Diplo ks

      2. xLeyber01

        Deadpool 2 la mejor película que e visto 😎😀

      3. Derick Daniel

        Diplo hi

      4. HorrorBoi

        500th reply lmao

      5. vasile sorin cozar


    2. Tamás Márk #GK

      Eyy Deadpool 2


      atta halilintar steal this beat

    4. Franco Nehuen Chabol

      Lil pump

    5. Andrei Giunter

      86 Лямов бляяяяяя

    6. OflyOmkarMore

      ok, now tell me what was zhavia's part?

    7. x tenticles


    8. BIBI BO

      Who enter here only because lil pump sing in it??

    9. Alin Petre

      Lil pump on fire

    10. Kopernikos


    11. Alan Walker

      01:11 Fortnite? XD 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😅😅😄😃😂

    12. Stefcho 7

      Ok people come 90 % for lil pump and 10% for diplo and french montata

    13. N sag

      1:51 no praise plase

    14. Lackminarain banwattie Venita

      Welcome to de party 🤘🤘

    15. blox Nation

      1.25 speed fire

    16. MonsterKat

      Diplo thought this would be the next 1 billion views... nice try

    17. Mukesh Vats


    18. Saucy_Bones

      Why are they so cute hah.

    19. Ashley Xo

      Zhavia lost the four but she gained the world fuck a evvie lmao

    20. Luci 11

      Pumpyyy 1:50

    21. closedsleet


    22. Helldivers_wma j

      In my opinion this song is better than anything by lil pump, and it should be getting more views cuz lil pump in it right?

    23. all around ærie


    24. Jorge C.

      How many esskeetit does it take for an esskeetit to esskeetit 🤔🤔😂🤣

    25. Suset Alquicira

      Qué pasó con Jack ü? 🤔

    26. Jacob Boone

      She can zhavia my baby..

    27. Xander Wineland

      Lil pump go hard

    28. Fabian Perez


    29. lol loroco

      zhavia looks like a rat

    30. YFN Peyton

      ion even like lil pump fr but he goes wayyy too hard on this

    31. Graciela Ochoa

      Yo the best in the bg sounds like mic drop or is it just me

    32. Miguel cy


    33. khyrän herewini

      fken hell lil pump can rap for a 18 year old

    34. Brock lesnar's Daughter

      This sounds similar to shell shocked for TMNT movie.

    35. Gabriela Cuenca

      Zhavia es súper talentosa y hermosa 😍

    36. ɨsmeretleɴ웃

      Jó lett.

    37. Lucas Henrique

      Lá liga

    38. B. G.

      Diplo saved these fools with this sick beat. Special education/short bus lyrics.

      1. Ella Cloud


    39. Hexas 92

      So gay

    40. AdFerski Ferski

      Lil Pump 💥💥💥

    41. Christopher Felix


    42. Joe Fernando

      Lil pump's entry though 🔥

    43. KONIAK

      french high as faq

    44. Mastered


    45. Влад Мартыненко

      Новое интро уточки классное

    46. insnksis video

      Lil pump save this music

    47. Pixel gun 3 d Warrior

      Killers party

    48. sm1le - CS:GO

      Damn that girl is hella ugly

    49. Astroid Killer

      Went into this very disappointed as Deadpool is my favorite movie and little pump is my least favorite rapper but after listening to it I'm fine now never thought I'd say this but lil pump killed that shit

    50. Pepa Limoncia

      This song is so badass😎