Diplo, French Montana & Lil Pump ft. Zhavia Ward - Welcome To The Party (Official Music Video)



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    Official Music Video | Diplo, French Montana & Lil Pump ft. Zhavia Ward - Welcome To The Party (From the Deadpool 2 Motion Picture Soundtrack)
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    Get the soundtrack here: smarturl.it/dp2soundtrack
    Get tickets to Deadpool 2 here: deadpool.com
    Production Company: Anonymous Content
    Director: Jason Koenig
    Executive Producer: Nina Soriano
    Producer: Brooke McDaniel
    Director of Photography: Jeff Bierman
    Editor: Tobias Suhm
    Produced by myself and Valentino Khan

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    1. Diplo

      big up to french, lil pump and zhavia on this one

      1. The Video Critic

        500th reply lmao

      2. KevinGironVEVO


      3. KurbaszymPlay

        500 comment

      4. banan cr

        Diplo ks

      5. xLeyber01

        Deadpool 2 la mejor película que e visto 😎😀

    2. Setik X


    3. Ігор Польгуй

      блять лил памп дал

    4. Silvia Mendoza

      omg Lil pum 1:50

    5. hibeast vlog


    6. David Stephens

      French murdered this imo 🔥🔥🔥🔥. His voice just makes this song fire. And diplo come with a great beat. Lol pump could of been replaceable and gotten a better verse from a better rapper. Hell would of enjoyed diddy on this

    7. ANGEL 27

      Deadpool :v

    8. Fat Cunt

      *”Im gonna melt you down and make a cock ring”* Juggernaut

    9. Qetuo And Ann

      Шо за говно?

    10. c'est Sarah


    11. Jay Club


    12. William Romero

      Who else came here from BO4?

    13. Venum Neo


    14. Zak


    15. John Gamer

      Ля.. Шо це за хуйня? Я от этого кончил.

    16. пigga

      I think zhavia and lil pump changed roles in this song

    17. Samuel Quinonez

      wait did lil pump esketit lord die

    18. Light Done

      COD Black Ops 4 anyone

    19. XJDeeksea _

      BLACK OPS 4

    20. FortNike

      WE ON FIYAAAA🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥!!!!

    21. Arroz Cigala


    22. hi hi

      And here we have the lucky winner song to be in the Black ops 4 trailer congrats

    23. LenIVkiN

      Дедпул 2 ТОП!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    24. Mihajlo Anicic

      1:47 💣💣💣

    25. Naufal Mahdani

      i love it because it on BO4

    26. I Got You Bro


    27. I Got You Bro

      B04 brought me here

    28. C R

      Why the beat is similar to Bts- Mic drop

    29. Чебурек

      Лил пип разебал а этот ибмусор для картинки

    30. Гриша Сивец

      Побольше былай таких песнье😊

    31. SuperDimi XD

      lil pump is the king

    32. Killa_Marksm

      Esketit Diplo, burn it up!

    33. Dennis Vitali


    34. Atanas Mudev


    35. ADHAiiN7

      The best bit of music Pump has ever put out, and he's still outdone by Zhavia

    36. JustFed_

      BLACK OPS 4

    37. Pedro Pinto


    38. unknown game

      Pizza time

    39. LoCk :D


    40. Peter Hodoši

      1:51 Lil Pump Eskere

    41. Эльдар Неджарахов


    42. Julien Lefevre


    43. Cooper A filmz

      Black ops 4?

      1. PinkToxic

        think about it

    44. DEAD BOY

      Zhavia Ward she is not important

    45. ZILX

      Yaa,the best one.

    46. jake061

      Lil pump actually spit flames....

    47. Mason Raymond

      Get video

    48. Kenn DK


    49. do you think memes are dead ?

      Did anybody else look it up by typing welcome to the party Or was it just me

    50. XVoiidz

      Lil pump got some skinny ass arms