young love dreams

young love dreams

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    1. Serenity Lockwood

      Can you please react to Sam and Colby exploring

    2. patti loolxx

      please reaction Sean Cavaliere - Stiches Shawn Mendes

    3. dhxddy

      Can you react to “when the party’s over” by Billie Eilish

    4. Alesha Smith

      Can you please react to bts - idol, Got7 - lullaby, and Nct 127 - regular(English version).

    5. Tonique Washington

      can u react to ariana grande carpool karoke❤


      Will you react to HARRY Styles King of entertaining the crowd thx

    7. polerizethus I

      React to the sidemen giant slip and slide video plz

    8. twstevens59

      Could you please react to Shin Ji Hoon (Crybaby) beautiful song from a relatively unknown singer.

    9. Dragon Ball Z Goku

      can you react to dolan twins haunted house video

    10. Ashley Debonis

      Plz react to Lewis Blissett idontwannabeyouanymore

    11. JJ Squad


    12. Iris Betarmos

      Hi please do react one sweet day cover by michael pangilan Katrina velarde bugoy drilon Daryl ong thanks

    13. SuperBoyFly 28

      React to randy ortons greatest rkos outta nowhere wwe top 10

    14. Tori Fuller

      Can y'all react to Lauren Jauregui - Expectations? She was in fifth harmony

    15. Nga Tae

      React to xxxtentaction ft 2pac place to hide(rip) please

    16. Charitie hawkins!!!

      Can you plz react to Lucas and Marcus ignoring my twin brother 24 hours plz i love y’all reacts and it will mean everything if you react to them cause it been awhile since yall did a reaction to Lucas and Marcus so i hope you read this and react to it ~love you guys~

    17. Aesthetic Bangtan

      Can you guys react to Mic Drop by BTS?💗 I know it’s like a year old but I still love it😂 btw their company does not copyright their videos because I have noticed some people cut parts out just in case.

    18. Jimmy C

      Can you please make a video cutting off those awful dreadlocks? Then shave it bald because you thinning real bad up there. That would be awesome!

    19. Angel Olley

      React to Bhad Bhabie ft YG "Juice" official music video

    20. makayla powell

      Can you plz react to best freinds buy each other outfits challenge on James Charles channel ( Emma the Dolan twins and James do it) it's really funny

    21. Kaitlynn Rodriguez

      REACT TO EMMA CHAMBERLAIN!!! Road trip with the Dolan twins and James (she’s the one who’s dating Ethan)

      1. Samanan Samam

        +Fresh Dumbledore I never heard Ethan or Emma confirm that they're dating so what, how are they dating ????

      2. Fresh Dumbledore

        +Samanan Samam yes they are!

      3. Samanan Samam

        They aren't dating

    22. Danica.Lavita

      React to Les Twins WOD 2013 front row please

    23. Capre Diem

      Please react to “Cameron Dolan Gets Her Wisdom Teeth Removed”.

    24. Leah Boylan

      React to Ethan and Graysons most recent vid 💓

    25. Ariana Non of ur business

      Can you guys react to “Animal” by KeKe Palmer

    26. Jakoby Mahama


    27. Brenda Hammonds

      Love your reactions can you do one for Harry Styles king of entertaining the crowd and Harry Styles Cover of ultralight beam from Kanye West thx

    28. Drea Marie

      Are u guys going to react to me?? Plzzzzzzzz my rant videoooo!!!!!!

    29. Lashay Andrews

      Please react to Danica Patrick hardest nascar hits/crashes

    30. Jennifer Cleary

      Omg love that you did the reaction for this video!! You guys your the o lot reacting to videos I watch.. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    31. Milleth Calarasun

      Hello pls react to budakhel and katrina vilarde one sweet day cover thanks

    32. JAY

      Please react to my cover of x-change❤

    33. Amado Molina

      Hello guys pls react to budakhel singing one sweet day cover by Mariah and boys 2 men with Katrina velarde

    34. Drea Marie

      Can you please react to my rant video it would mean a lot to me because my grandpa bill passed away

    35. Tranetrius Christian

      Can you guys do the family react our video