Ed Sheeran - Happier (Official Video)

Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran

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    1. Cường Nguyễn Mạnh

      this song released one year ago, right ?

    2. GameX pROS

      A talking toy fell in love with a floating balloon. I mean, what are the odds?

    3. Rebecca Daniels


    4. Asaad Dekelver

      very happy

    5. Ksh Babita

      Oct..2018 anyone like this

    6. Kirami MAT

      Hey the puppet is back after Sing

    7. Viraj Dilshan


    8. Viraj Dilshan


    9. Błażej Oktaba


    10. basu thakuri

      In 2018 0ct

    11. Miquel Gunarso

      So I had this dream about me sitting inside an empty room, and suddenly this song start playing. Then suddenly I'm in love with this song ..

    12. Dianne Ferrer

      Why the fuck am i hurting? I can literally relate to this song. Help me... i want to die

    13. Sicked Off

      Don't left your doll alone

    14. MR.Happy Mushroom

      this song kills me bc, i literally am this everyday. i hurt someone, and she hates me, i do want her back, but i cannot stand in the way of her happiness, but i will always be here for her. but if she is happy, then she should stay that way, despite what i feel

    15. Kaydawn

      This reminds me of my girlfriend she and I were as close as anyone could be but now she’s with my ex best friend 😔 I’ll miss you Ava

    16. byCarlitos385

      That happened with my ex. I was buying something in a mall and by that place there is a bar. I were going to buy a teddy bear really big for our aniversary. I saw her with other guy, I saw she kissed him. The next day (aniversary) I told her: "I already know it, you look happier with him." We broke up, and that man is her boyfriend now. 😔

    17. Welynn Villamor

      Damn u punched Elmo so hard bruh chill

    18. king savage21

      You are the greatest musician ever your songs give off good vibes your music warms my heart keep up the good work 👏🏽👍🏼

    19. Kaylob Kemp

      Copy cat ask butch you tuck shaun Mendes song

    20. Mariel Taguibao

      ED had a girlfriend, But SHEERAN away

    21. FortniteBest

      ed no reason to make sad songs to make people feel bad for u fucking demented tangerine, Ron weasly has a better flick dick than u

    22. Ursachi Alexandru

      She's a balloon. Yet I was happier with her, until I realized how empty she is inside. That helped me move on.

    23. Konny Music

      Love this song. Thank you for your music, Ed!😎👍❤🔥

    24. djwojin

      This song is like i wrote it...

    25. Sarah Crummey

      It's alright she was fake anyway

    26. Emanuel S.

      Selling replay buttons 1 like=1 replay

    27. maria eduarda

      música linda😍😍😍

    28. Matilda Oxer

      My ex sent me this when we broke up, I broke down😪

    29. Theresia Chou

      Cause baby you look happier, you do

    30. Vansh Kunar

      hes kinda creepy

    31. Miguel Cariñena

      yo si

    32. krasna

      he's a masterpiece

    33. Army official00

      October 2018?

    34. ItzShidmiaow Playz


    35. Unknown HACKER

      This would have been better if they changed video.

    36. George Maier

      Better on 1,25x :D

    37. Jaybluer

      Elmo got a new girl friend....

    38. Ang Wei Fong


    39. Chewy YT

      Remember to hide your girlfriend from Elmo!

    40. Paul justin Zabalza

      Sadly ed sheeran ended his career

    41. Cookie Wishes

      This kinda sounds like harry potter

    42. Happy Smile

      Who will continue watching in 2019?

    43. Samid Acosta


    44. Radityanto Siswandono



      📂Documents └📁Music └📁Ed Sheeran └📁 Bad Songs └⚠️ This folder is empty

      1. Chumito 1310

        This folder has only a song... Shape of you!

    46. Ferencné Veres

      Love you song

    47. rana murmu

      special song for me

    48. Yearm Sirikunlaya

      You look happier. I am happy.

    49. justsucitup 5

      Mr. Sheeran you have a beautiful talent and extraordinary voice...l can feel what I think you feel when you sing your songs and musical artists like you are few and far in between. I will never be able to see you in my lifetime but just know your music has connected with my heart; all I feel is....

    50. sad dark

      listening in October >2018, who else guys ?😬🙌