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    Music video for "I See Fire" Performed by Ed Sheeran
    Buy on iTunes: smarturl.it/smaugi
    See The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug in theaters December 13, 2013.
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    1. Jarl Balgruuf

      Who’s watching in [insert year]

    2. Lotte BAM

      I must cry...😭 It is so ...beautiful😍

    3. Daniela Radu

      *they use

    4. Daniela Radu

      That is funny because the use some scenes from The Hobbit

    5. Jaker

      Who stil listening in 2018??? 🤔🤔🤔

    6. GhOsTz666


    7. Natalka NATi

      2018? ❤

    8. Roman Kälin

      the song is really good but honestly it doesnt match to the movie.... do you remember any song with voice in the hobbit / lord of the rings? it feels so fucking weird... ruined the fucking hole movie -_-

    9. Sam Phillips

      this makes me so sad.

    10. Darvisia


    11. Ganzorig nyamjav

      i liked movie

    12. NEW ZAG BG


    13. UNBOXAL


    14. Ivan Alekseyev

      This is everything good about the Hobbit movie trilogy, condensed into a five-minute music video.

    15. hiphopbopclop Jorge

      This song is not good for this movie if you like this over misty mountains you’re not a real man

      1. Caleb King

        It's perfect

    16. _الصياده _

      Thes vellage is reel!!

    17. MJ Sjoquist

      Only Ed Sheeran song worth listening to

    18. Jack Is Me

      40% The song 50% The video 10% My annoying brother screaming

    19. Bridget Dikó


    20. Rishav Sharma

      Everything will be alright don't worry

    21. Matthings

      why is this the first hobbit movie when it is the outro of the second?

    22. Sam Purnell / iTz Axtro

      anyone here from 2019? wanna know who else is listening to a year 7 playlist

    23. Tony Morris

      Still the best films ever

    24. sally sissoko

      Il Love

    25. Melisa Bensley

      2018.17 Dezember immer noch geil

    26. Echolokacja

      the most beautiful song I ever heard. and great video, too.

    27. Jiwon Kim

      I miss the movies, it was one of the best made

    28. Maja Bodzioch

      2018? ❤️❤️

    29. Anan Akbar

      January 2019?

    30. Panda Notes

      Every time i Watch this video i feel So Old for some reason

    31. Sam

      Why doesn't he rhyme Smoke with Durin's Folk instead of Sons ... annoys me so much!!!

      1. DatSushi

        Perhaps he intended for it not to have a rhyme scheme, it is fairly one dimensional thinking to say that a song has to have an AA BB CC scheme. Potentially, the lack of a rhyme scheme was to connote the discordant and destructive nature of smaug, as he brings chaos to order - the topic of the song after all. This lack of rhyme is consistent throughout the majority of the song.

    32. Korona ples

      This made me enjoy the movie 10x times more

      1. KawiiPop


    33. Opet JA

      😍😍 I am in love again 😍😍

    34. Melissa Wellev

      this song is so good that i almost cried XD i love this song this song should get 2 mio.

    35. starting over

      Someone who has a bad relationship with their father can find it extremely hard to see God as a loving father. It can be hard to have any respect for headship.. Why is that so hard to understand? It takes time to build trust.. You don't get to just swoop in at the end and take another's credit as so many tried to do to me. People don't get to tell me who or what I will follow. When I find those people that I value.. That I see qualities in.. They are the ones that I will spend my time talking with and sharing with.. And OMG yes even submitting to. ANYONE who tries to put themselves in a position of power over you.. I would run from. They have control issues. They don't get to decide what will and won't be imparted in your life. Now someone/s well overstepped their authority in both attacking my phone and causing me to lose contact with people that I actually valued. People I love and care about.. So no its not over until things are properly rectified.

    36. Marauder Shields

      December 2018 and this song still gives me chills



    38. AnnieeeAnn

      Goodbye 2018 Merry Christmas and happy new year

    39. Someone Somewhere


    40. PoeticEdits

      I lost my hometown and everything I owned in the California Camp Fire... still enjoy playing this song. The whole event has really put things in perspective for me; I woke up one morning realizing music is all that’s left of a life I used to live. The greatest act of gratitude is to appreciate the things that aren’t fleeting. I’m sure many of you have had similar experiences with music and may understand what I’m talking about. Without even a phone I found myself in local guitar stores playing this song, and I’ll never forget the ones who stopped and listened. The connections I shared there were so rare and so important at that time. The value of music in (my) life, even if it never makes a dime, is indescribable.

    41. lea gjugja


    42. victor manuel ramos luis

      Es una gran canción después de 5 años...y lo seguirá siendo..! Hoy hay unas 21m de personas a las que no les gusta... pedazo de catetos...!!

    43. Why Am I Alive

      Anyone watching this in July 3527?

    44. Menduh Karakurt

      great ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

    45. M B

      Che canzoni da checca...

    46. Carlito Paulo

      please, prayer for me, i need help

    47. Carlito Paulo

      my life is Very dark,

    48. Carlito Paulo

      ôh my God, These are my song, 😕 Ed always loved your Voice.

    49. JC Rodriguez

      December 2018?

      1. llamalicious Tea

        nah 2021

    50. [] AkR1Sk4 []

      Kocham to!