Eleni Foureira - Fuego - Cyprus - LIVE - Grand Final - Eurovision 2018

Eurovision Song Contest

Eurovision Song Contest

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    Eleni Foureira represented Cyprus at the Grand Final of the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest with the song Fuego. Read more about Eleni Foureira here: eurovision.tv/participant/eleni-foureira

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      Read more about Eleni Foureira: eurovision.tv/participant/eleni-foureira Add or download the song to your own playlist: ESC2018.lnk.to/Eurovision2018EY Sing along with the karaoke versions: ESC2018.lnk.to/KaraokeID Or buy the official CD: ESC2018.lnk.to/Eurovision2018AlbumID On Spott: spott.tv/topic/eleni-foureira/PARTY_ROLE%7Cbcd810f4-3829-489b-b540-fecd132a057e

      1. thiska De Vries

        Best play

      2. Roza Missiari


      3. Μανωλης Σαρης


      4. Μανωλης Σαρης

        Σιμετχο. Ελενη. Φουρειρα

      5. Mai Rebolledo

        THE REAL WINNER OF 2018 ABSOLUTELY 🥇👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👑

    2. 安呢

      She's more professional than Netta tbh

    3. Τάνης Αντώνιος


    4. endri jace

      Albanian flag on 3:00

    5. Dan Mc Dine

      She has now reached the number entry in Spain, so proud of her!

    6. Татьяна Чернявская


    7. Michael Dornelas

      Número uno en los 40 de España 💕

    8. Clauddevil

      Mozaaaaa xd

    9. Sergio Fraga Fiuza


    10. Big World

      Şu dansa bak be

    11. mipropiosoft

      TOP#1 en LOS40 España

    12. Alejandra Alvarez

      We failed Cyproncé as a continent. She should have won this year.

    13. Engin C

      The “south Cyprus” deserved to win but she reminds me a fake Beyonce .

      1. Epikurean

        Engin C Are history ignorant, turkophile or you just don’t get along with Cypriots? Unless you consider yourself extremely clever and well educated.

    14. Agus MJ

      Number ONE IN SPAIN 😍😍

    15. Sofia Planas piñeiro

      Deberías de haber ganado

    16. What’s Good

      It has to be the most played song in Greece this year. It's literally *EVERYWHERE* .

    17. bby girl

      COME BACK & WIN THIS YEAR. pleaseeeeeeeee

    18. Elen L

      Four months after the Eurovisión competition. Where is netta? Where is eleni? Noone remembers netta's song while eleni's is top in many countries. In other words i think the results are pre-decided but the true winner every time becomes obvious and the true winner is Not always whoever dins the competition but whoever gets in the hears of the People

      1. Oren Miller

        that why her song has 92M views cause she is "forgotten"

    19. DR Ms

      Очень напоминает Шакиру. Ее стиль.

    20. Hrys Ma

      Θεά είσαι μωρή Φουρέιρα!! 💎💎 Μήνες μετά και στην Ισπανία ακούγεσαι όλη μέρα παντού🤘🤘

    21. Emmet Reys

      She kind of reminds me of a Beyoncé fangirl

    22. Michael Dornelas

      Minha deusa grega 💕

    23. Top Top

      And yes here we have the no 1 of the Los 40 music list 🇪🇸🔥💛

    24. nhrc

      She gave a very good fight !

    25. S G

      How the hell did this lose??? Seriously

    26. mariam mulay

      Es número 1 de los 40 principales en España 💞💞👏👏👏👏 más q merecido!! Debería haber ganado eurovisión... De verdad q decepción para 1 vez q entra una artista con un temazo como éste y no gana.... Enfin

    27. Ευανθια Καραγιαννη


    28. Smoothie Smoo

      1:18 when your jam comes on

    29. Mücahit Kahriman

      She is not from Cyprus but The south of Cyprus

      1. Mücahit Kahriman

        +Epikurean yes I'm than u

      2. Epikurean

        Mücahit Kahriman How clever! Ahahaha

      3. What’s Good


    30. Dragon Parrot

      Ελένη Φουρέιρα σε αγαπάω πάρα πολύ Ελένη Φουρέιρα

    31. Dragon Parrot

      Σαγαπαω ωωωωω

    32. Όνομα Επώνυμο

      Foureira for Greece....

    33. Wat Pop

      Netta🐔+ Fuego🔥=🍗KFC

    34. Emilio Salgari


    35. Nemanja Gostimir

      She is the BEST🔥

    36. nikos mentzafyllis

      Ελενι φουρειρα η καλλίτερη τραγοδιστρια στον κόσμο πραυο ελενι φουρειρα

      1. nikos mentzafyllis


      2. nikos mentzafyllis


    37. Влада Бичурина

      Средненько. Ничего интересного. Голоса особо нет. Не сравниваю ее с Неттой, но это попса попсой

    38. Petra W

      She was ROBBED!!

    39. Elif Kök

      From turkey we support you🖤 winner of hearts💗💗💗

    40. Aliac Ivory

      This is HIGH ENERGY omg, amazing job singing like that with that choreography and those hair tosses!

    41. burekasTV

      ועדיין, ניצחנו.

    42. Kibir Kibir

      Queen of Europe!

    43. TRG The Band


    44. Miguel Quilis

      half a year after this song sounds in the radio in my country every day and not the winner so... maybe this deserved better.

      1. What’s Good

        Same in Greece. It's literally EVERYWHERE.

    45. hakan kuru

      Bir KISS from TURKEY! 😘

    46. Frederikke Veddinge

      This is my dad’s favorit!

    47. Perica Panić

      Eleni you are true winer greeting from Serbia

    48. arc46

      I keep coming back to this winning performance... wait.

    49. דניאל גרדוס ה2