Eminem - Fall



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    From the album Kamikaze, out now: shady.sr/Kamikaze
    Music video by Eminem performing Fall. © 2018 Aftermath Records

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    1. Olivia Hall

      Dislikes are the people who don’t know what talent is!

    2. Noinspiration

      i just saw the time on th phone in the video is 03:14 XD

    3. 100sonideros

      The Greatest Of All Time Lets get 100 mil views 🙌

    4. daniel valadez

      This rap game is like hunger games now their mocking jay. Wow genius

    5. Miamimy Amy

      Gotta have my daily fix.... #eminem

    6. glen quagmire

      Fucking rap poem porn bitchessss

    7. kunal Dhanak

      Who's here before 100 million?👍

    8. Renn Schnecke Mysterys

      100 mio

    9. Susanna julia


    10. Linda Is

      Lourde click si t'es d'accord 👍

    11. Ashley Stevenson


    12. dr shreeshail kumbar

      Like that black guy 🕳

    13. Herr Lichtbringer

      He´s THE ONE. Extraordinary, good video. A real Artist. He knows how to TELL storys and not only these " We are the Motherfuckers " Bullshit .I don´t log in often, but i have 2 leave a comment HE GROWS by HIS MUSIC and HIS MUSIC GROWS WITH HIM: Nothing left 2 say

    14. CappN Swerve-O

      Beat rapper period..if only Tipac was here to ft wit Em...omg the rap game would be littttyyyy

    15. Gusano del Culo

      i like the way he smashed his CD ))) cool

    16. Gusano del Culo

      nice music...... i love it... clip is good... and Eminem as always... God of rap... no comments.. fuck all of you who think other way.... fuck all of you... cheers

    17. Manikanta raj

      I'm the 99,999,999 viewer, . . . . Thank me later

    18. Topi Nikkanen

      God of rap

    19. Lee Sabey

      When Em shouts out logic twice and u just realise lol

    20. Nehal Singh

      Who's here before 100M?✋

    21. N Ki

      many bullets for every hater arround the world...

    22. MC SHADY

      EMINEM - FALL 0:37 ━━●━━━━─────── 5:11 ⇆ㅤㅤㅤㅤ◁ㅤㅤ❚❚ㅤㅤ▷ㅤㅤㅤㅤ↻

    23. Capt.Playitall.

      100 Mil here we come!


      100M soon ⚡🔥

    25. Shannon Herrin

      and I have no faith in your writers... I don’t believe in ghosts 🖕🖕

    26. Stephen O connor

      Waiting on tylers responce

    27. M -Kube

      2018?!? Edit: Oh wait....

    28. Can't think of a Good Name

      Some people said, "he just made this album to become relevant again." But he made this album really because of the negative criticism on revival and other beefs he's been having.

    29. Dylan Kho Liang Ee

      Before Venom.

    30. Kirk W.

      When one really hears how he can push a quarter semi auto, it's crazy. He went squared this year, lovin' it.

    31. Hilda mwale

      Who is here before 100 million

    32. Krishna sanjiv

      1 million to go...c'mon stans we can do this 😉

    33. Mikel Roblox & More

      I’m happy my parents enjoy Eminem and snoop dog and all these other old school rappers and not these new ones.

    34. Edgaras G

      He threw his iphone so hard that it turned into samsung

    35. ChristianTheRager

      Almost 100 million 🔥🎤

    36. A dry noodle

      I think it is safe to say that 2018 was Em's year!!

    37. Asad Khan

      Surprised to see this hasn’t reached 100mil yet, while views for trash songs all over GR-news keep rocketing up like the deserve it..

    38. Dead PURPLE Kitten

      Why am I here :/

    39. Anime-Id


    40. UNIQUE_GAMER 2

      Your welcome 1:14

    41. H D

      I'm really addicted to this :|

    42. Orange Squat

      Tom Brady of rap

    43. Orange Squat

      Wonder if eminem's an epic gamer🤔

    44. bibi27pr

      I love you Eminem 💋💋❤

    45. Big Smoke

      Bro I like Em more than Slim like if you agree and comment if you disagree.

    46. Syndrome Records

      it´s insane, have heard this song so many times.Marshall can i help with your next album? i will give it all my heart

    47. The Pain

      Rap god is back

    48. Matt Green

      Here before 100 million.

    49. Prezkot YT

      🔥 fire 🔥