Eminem - Kamikaze (Lyrics)

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Sam Iverson

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    Eminem - Kamikaze lyrics from the album Kamikaze (2018)
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    Out of all of the tracks on Eminem’s Kamikaze album, this is the track that may focus most on 2017’s Revival album that did not go over well with critics. As seen in this track, Eminem himself was not even happy with how it turned out.
    He is angry though, that his album was so poorly received, and therefore wants to “crash into everyone”, even comparing Revival to the song “FACK,” a song widely regarded as Eminem’s worst. (by CartmansSon, yxng-nate, MinorityFam on Genius.com)

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    1. Junior Koroi

      tech n9ne vs Eminem??

    2. Michael's Gaming Playthroughs

      I'm so glad Shady returned. As he once said. "Shady's Back Tell A Friend"

    3. that random girl

      Just being real but I feel like Eminem lost his flow, luv him the💗

    4. Dylan Bryte

      "While I teabag the microhone cause I go nuts on it" line beats anything lmao.

    5. Epic Soul Eater

      Mumble Rappers: *owning the Hill* Mumble Rappers: Alright team we got this only a few more points before we win the match Mumble Rappers: Mumble Rappers: Game: *migrating hosts* Game: *Emin3m has joined the match* Mumble Rappers: No Game: *Hill is being contested* Mumble Rappers: No No No Emin3m: *breathes* Mumble Rappers: ☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️ Game: Emin3m wins!

    6. Lt. Cookie

      Probably shouldn't play this on speaker in a Japanese library

    7. Panda Poo

      This song sound like it can be in a hulk movie

    8. Harlem Dabz


    9. Mjb Mjb

      Yo i swear to god who ever like this shit either white which y'all don't understand hip hop period or retarded im just saying this shit is wack

    10. Volkswagen - Das Auto

      Knock knock

    11. Cristina Reclusado

      lil mosey made a music video called kamikazi

    12. Mr Potato

      I played this to my dick... Now its an *anaconda*

    13. Jacon Mart

      This song mkes me wanna ply fortnite and TRY 2 get a win

    14. James Ryan

      "stairlift beware of me" LMAO I'm dead

    15. Alexa Stout

      F***ck ya

    16. Aw beast

      Drake is a mumble rapper Eminem is not a mumble rapper

    17. Jc_the_spooky_boi

      dudes quit this mgk and mumble rap bullshit. its making you look like fake fans who are just hopping on his dick

    18. Tonni page

      Very Lyrically impressive song, but god damm that banjo kazooie beat is Annoying the shit out of me..

    19. conspiracy woman

      Eminem still got it

    20. nikelo mbambo

      this is a teeeeerrible song.. and im a huge em fan..

    21. Nanda 12

      Song Beat Trash

    22. Ms Creamm

      Fortnite be like: Machine Gun Kelly: Does 45 Body damage and 87 Head shot damage Rarity: Common, Uncommon, Rare Info: I got a man bun, This fuckin beard is weird Shady: Does 754 Body Damage and Infinite Headshot Damage Rarity: Impossible, Legendary, Epic Info: I'm screaming fuck the free world! You know who's better

    23. Nicholas Giles

      What's with Eminem hating on juggalos

    24. tut ketut

      Eminem the best in the world , another???? 🤔🤔🤔

    25. TIM NOT HOME

      this is Eminem at BASIC rhyme's READ INTO SONGS LIKE RAP GOD (HEAD FUCK)

    26. Sonic Titan

      I'm not a big fan of the hook but Em has amazing rhyme schemes

      1. TIM NOT HOME

        +Sonic Titan like mgks music career LOL

      2. Sonic Titan

        +TIM NOT HOME My bad for taking it the wrong way then

      3. TIM NOT HOME


      4. Sonic Titan

        +TIM NOT HOME I know all these songs that you mentioned, i've been listening to Em since the slim shady LP and I've heard all his disses, I was just saying that this song has a good rhyme scheme. What's your problem?

      5. TIM NOT HOME

        Sonic Titan AHHH YO listen to Eminem (nail in a coffin) or (quitter) or (GO TO SLEEP) that is Eminem .if you think kamikaze is Eminem you're younger then me LOL

    27. Alif Mustafa

      But something here's a foot....OH YEAAA IT'S MY *DICC*

    28. Bayu Wijaya

      Fack fack fack (oh god damn) You know what i mean lol

    29. Marcus Benfeldt Pedersen


    30. Penn Penn

      I came here to see something that was said in an interview.. first time ever hearing this... and it’s trash.

    31. 今

      The only way you can tell the difference from the real slim shady and a sound-alike is that Em calls out celebs or people in his songs, and ofc his going to talk about his dick 2:40

    32. Zz Noor

      Eminem is the G.O.A.T

    33. aneill9938

      Damn good song

    34. Renee Hurley

      loving this shit do

    35. Renee Hurley

      mgk did one thing and it was wake up the monster

    36. William and michael Animations

      Don't show your grass this it turns into weed

    37. Thijn Lettink

      fack you

      1. Dessert Eagle

        i kamikaze your face

    38. tha Drulla

      gr-news.com/online/βίντεο-xsM1Amxh1cs.html Yall Go Check Out My New Banger Called (Black Kamikaze) !!!💯💯💯 RealShare

    39. Daniel Padilla Barrios

      Eminem leaves the chat *XxSLIM SHADYxX joins the chat

    40. The Illegal Show

      Oh Fack

    41. not me

      Lol the fak revival

    42. TheTreeboi

      2:54 is the best part

    43. Notting Ham

      Ohhhh shit

    44. Volkswagen - Das Auto

      Im a fuckin kamikaze

    45. Angel Bot34

      We lost x but we got slim shady

    46. chases engines and stuff

      Showed this to my mom now she's my *DAD*

    47. Jayden Landrum

      Mgk: *mother trucker dude... that hurt like butt cheecks on a stick*

    48. sjonnie gamer

      I dont know where you guys are talking about this is not the fucking eminem this is the legend slim shady he is back now say something wrong about him and i will punch you so hard that you wil never try to listen to slim shady ever again

    49. Justyn Charles

      Who came here after lil mosey kamikaze

    50. Corrupt Pixel

      Cul de sac ? Wtf fr