Eminem - Kamikaze (Lyrics)

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    Eminem - Kamikaze lyrics from the album Kamikaze (2018)
    Due to the videos being made after the first listen of a song and a day or two after its release there may be some innacurate lyrics.
    Out of all of the tracks on Eminem’s Kamikaze album, this is the track that may focus most on 2017’s Revival album that did not go over well with critics. As seen in this track, Eminem himself was not even happy with how it turned out.
    He is angry though, that his album was so poorly received, and therefore wants to “crash into everyone”, even comparing Revival to the song “FACK,” a song widely regarded as Eminem’s worst. (wrriten by CartmansSon, yxng-nate, MinorityFam on Genius.com)

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    1. Almighty Green


    2. 3 7

      Japan is fine.

    3. Rene Nunez

      I tea bag the microphone 'cause I go nuts on it.... best line

    4. gay girl

      Issa bop period no cap

    5. Violet Virus

      *damage already done, y'all should've let me be* damn.. he was right lmaoo

    6. Appisgood Blu

      MGK: Mr. Shady i don't feel good

    7. Dayinaira Misiewicz

      omfg hopsin was shouted outttt!!!!!!!!!

    8. Αντρεας Παπα

      Thug life haters

    9. dj cj

      damn beat drops hard

    10. wooh da kid44

      This shit so trash tho

    11. London Rollins

      Flashes back to WWII

    12. Ahmox CS:GO

      why do u hate muslims?

    13. Tumppe Gaming

      I showed this to a fat guy. He is still fat, but he liked the song.

    14. Yeeto

      "Kiss my disrespectful ass" my favourite line

    15. Gilly  Grill

      “Stuck up my rectal crack, kiss my disrespectful ass!”

    16. Damien Reamy

      I showed this to my dog... Since he's a dog he didn't understand so he laid down and went to sleep.

    17. Michael James Ray

      Marshall... I don't know who wrote that for you... Or what the deal was... But that was fucking garbage... Throw that away and start over. RIP Kamikaze gr-news.com/online/βίντεο-T8eA7SRTb7Y.html

    18. Royalty Jaúregui

      I'm a fucking kamikaze

    19. Corey Pillsbury

      He brought FACK back

    20. john sbrinis

      He doesn't say fack he says fact you idiot...

    21. Baker 307

      Crash like an f 15

    22. GameFocus


    23. Katherine Stanik

      Eminem da hacker

    24. Elias Halkjær Stausholm 7A Korsvejens Skole

      fuck tyler the creator burn in hell

    25. nola bratteig

      Omg that chorus: imma kamikaze gunner Mgk: imma gunner. Eminem knew mgk was going to crash and burn.

    26. Caden Gregerson

      1:28 the best

    27. ethnicAlbert

      this is wack. bring back dre on prduction please

      1. PEWDS_MUST _WIN

        ethnicAlbert I don’t agree with the first part this song is amazing but he does need to bring Dre #bringbackdre

    28. Peter Murage

      When he means it Eminem is easily the best rapper alive. Thats a fact.His shit simply flows like diarrhea.

    29. Antun Česnek


    30. De FancyKebab

      *Eminem making this song* Dr.Dre: So how many people would ya like to roast Eminem : yes

    31. Der Peepo

      I showed my Spider Now its spiderman

    32. Fergus Harrison

      This describes eminem when NERF gun Kelly trying to touch him (R.I.P him)

    33. ertren6

      Around 2:54 is my favorite part

    34. Darkacid


    35. Aris Bagas


    36. Hoorain Baig

      Last year didn't go well, it's 2019 well.

    37. Raven Fox

      RHEC GET SOME OF IT.. M n M Melts in da hands also

    38. Spud man 69

      This is how I feel about 2019 already

    39. D00MBR1NG3R_YT

      I bet you MGK is gonna be going undercover on GR-news to see what everyone says about him on Eminem's songs.

    40. J E

      I'm getting slim shady vibes

    41. WildJester __

      I’M. A. KAMI. KAZE.

    42. Jordan Dennis

      Been a fun ride

    43. Tigger

      Lmao I Love how he has songs such as this and then has songs as soft as "mockingbird" and "When I'm gone".

    44. littlepetch bros

      You’re songs are the best

    45. carl davies

      no one flows as good as em

    46. carl davies


    47. Ferida H


    48. Danyal Epic

      why does he hate 2017??

    49. Tim Vandenberg

      Fk fire 🔥