Every Michael Myers Halloween Movie CRAM IT

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    Before Jaime Lee Curtis returns to face off against Michael Myers we here at Screen Junkies take you through every Halloween movie in CRAM IT!
    Narrated by Dan Murrell
    Produced by Max Dionne
    Written by Lon Harris
    Edited by Randy Whitlock
    Assistant Editor Emin Bassavand
    Every Michael Myers Halloween Movie CRAM IT

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    1. Alessio Bellini

      do that for all the horros saga please! i hellraiser, nighrmare, friday 13 etc

    2. Mac deep

      So ant man beat the hell out of Myers. He is my favourite avengers now.

    3. Mikael Oganes

      you should do all the ALIENS (prometheus)

    4. Michele Conley

      @13:00 the house of Micheal Myers is different because the original house was moved and is not there anymore.

    5. godofzombi

      The Silver Shamrock masks are in the new movie.

    6. Thomas Pickens

      The Thing wasn't a remake of The Thing From Another Planet. Please stop saying this. It means that you didn't research shit.

    7. terraingirl

      I'm actually pleased I tuned in to this. I'll definitely take a look at the rest of CRAM IT. Good video.

    8. cjaime5137

      21:01 Oh Yeah

    9. malcolmthebear

      Your pronunciation of Samhain is bad and you should feel bad!

    10. Phobe Laxu

      i have now just seen the original Halloween plus this Cram it. i can safely say this is one of the worst movie franchises ever.

      1. Phobe Laxu

        oh and btw teh gore in the first movie... christ what a let down.

    11. Najemniczkas


    12. Adam Montana

      Thank you so much for saving me literally hours of time watching this series. Actually only ever saw the Rob Zombie version of Halloween and I liked it very much.

    13. SKS Studios Toronto

      What a mess

    14. Brookyn Styles

      It really pisses me off when people say she stabbed her "stepmother". She doesn't have a stepmother she has an adopted mother.

    15. eglsfly

      Rob Zombie's version was the best and you didn't even cover it in detail.

    16. The Great Cornholio

      thumbs up for yom kipur

    17. Ankit Das


    18. Ankit Das

      antman was able to break into hank pyms vault with so much ease... here he is struggling to break a door knob with a fire extinguisher..

    19. FILTHY

      myers wears a full body armor... walks very slowly because of it... and bullets cant stop him...

    20. bordatwork

      Great job, Dan. Pretty thankless having to summarize movies that aren't in the timeline anymore!

    21. Bernard Stephen Warchal

      Trick or treat mother fucker

    22. Robert Feldmann

      i thought they didnt confirm the death of Laurie until Revenge ...anyway i wish this review included the unrated producers cut of pt 6 imho its better then the one that hit the screen

    23. BioniclesaurKing4t2

      My takeaway is "always mute the commercials".

    24. HicksZ34

      The only question Im left with, is WTF does Busta Rhymes have one side of his face shaved, and the other with a super long, stupid looking sideburn?

    25. Mr.D L

      Do the Alien series for the next Cram it! :)

    26. Nick Loecke

      The writing and Dan's delivery for these Cram It episodes are fantastic.

    27. mluna7509

      Rob zombie Halloween was are good

    28. Grayson1048

      It was all Carpenter's fault. If he hadn't included that last Michael Myers disappearance in the original movie (say, if Michael had been blown up or decapitated), maybe, MAYBE, the curse of the Halloween Sequel would had never been cast.

    29. dreamlandnightmare

      What a fustercluck this series is.

      1. Phobe Laxu

        yeah i watched this to make sure i wasn't missing anything... not gonna waste my time

    30. Dustyn Bedia

      How does Michael know how to drive a car

      1. Phobe Laxu

        via throwaway line in the first movie by one of the doctors " maybe someone in the asylum taught him how to" i know...

    31. The Jon

      Good Lord!!! This was like riding three rollercoasters at once after eating slightly old sushi but also listening to hilarious commentary. Worth it but totally overwhelmed but loved it

    32. Concept Lego Studios

      Isn’t it sorta annoying that Michael Myers keeps on dying and coming back 🤨

    33. Concept Lego Studios

      Nah mate November 1st is my birthday don’t transfer him then

    34. Elijah Eriq

      Is anyone more confused now? Cuz I am 😑

    35. Funnee Playdough Junkee

      i noticed screen junkies mention that michael myers is a big man and that loomis shot him 6 times in the chest... uh.. hes not big in this movie, just average and we dont know where the bullets hit

    36. Jacob Staten

      Actually, don't cram it. Just watch the original and this new one. None of the others count or are any good besides 2, which was okay but still doesn't count.

    37. sherman1ai

      Oddly, I've seen all of these at least once and most of them are formulaic and predicable. Most of the sequels (minus the 3rd one) just seem blurred together. H20 was novel but the dumb characters made it intollerable. Rob Zombie's version tried to explain too much about Michael Myers, thus demystifying him from the Jason Voorhees Force of Nature status to mere human psychopath/sociopath status.

    38. Justin Ballew

      Jamie Lee Curtis looks about 35 in the first Halloween.

      1. malcolmthebear

        She was 21 years old at the time, playing a 17-year-old.

    39. Nigron Hoodley

      unpopular opinion: H4 is my favorite.

    40. anti masyarakat

      What if, every movie is canon. What if, we are have been introduced with different reality. What if, one movie will break all reality, all Michael in one movie with one purpose, to kill all other Michael.

    41. Bjorn Ervig

      Glad the sequels are retroactive continuity. Other film franchises should apply this technique. Where's Alien 3 directed by Neil Blomkamp?

    42. Jake Tibbs

      Cram It is for casuals. Just watch all the movies.

    43. The Most Extraordinary P & P Gamers

      Samhain, Irish for Autumn

    44. Lyanna Sorg

      Thanks dawg just needed a catch up ✌

    45. Colby Perry

      Why wasn't Dr. Loomis fired!?!??! :D

    46. Edward Ruffin

      Thank you for this!

    47. TheBoringDad

      Don't you mean Aaron Eckhart impression?

    48. Prince Sativa

      When u really think about all of them are really not good.

    49. Ace Diamonds

      ant-man vs michael myers.

    50. Brady Lenket

      I always thought of the first five as the Jurassic Park Franchise. The first one was a masterpiece, the second one was a pretty decent sequel, the third one is a weird-ass stand alone. The fourth one is pretty much a remake of the first one, but Halloween 4 has a badass ending. The fifth one ruined the cliffhanger of the previous movie.