Everything Wrong With Hotel Transylvania In 11 Minutes Or Less



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    Hotel Transylvania is one of those movie's that's short and kind of feels humorous in your memory, but when you go back through it looking for sins ends up just being surprisingly boring. Oh well, good thing they made three of these things.
    Thursday: Guess.
    Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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    1. Bryce Raber

      Why did you say that name?

    2. Laughing Jill


    3. The Dream Foxes

      This movie was amazing there should be a video of everything amazing in this movie soon

    4. Firey Phoenix

      It should be apartment Transylvania

    5. Lluummiinnaaeeuuss ss

      I have a Sin for you CinemaSins: Why say swear words if you are going to beep them out but then still make them obvious to work out by making your videos have subtitles?

    6. Josh Thomas

      Animat's gonna love you guys.

    7. Just A Random Person

      Hi nice vid

    8. Hank Hill

      The animation. *ding*

    9. River Dusk 21

      **SPOILERS** (second movie) in the second movie, when all the humans have to pretend to be monsters so Dracula's father doesn’t kill them all, Johnny decided to dress horribly. Why couldn’t he have just pulled this look off again?

    10. John- 117

      I still liked the movie...

    11. D YellowMadness

      This video could've been shortened a lot by saying "I personally dislike Adam Sandler." & then adding an assload of sins.

    12. BlazinGaminGirl playz

      *hears Ridiculous 6* LOVE DAT MOVIE

    13. BlazinGaminGirl playz

      I used to love this move, BUT THIS MADE IT BETTER! (im wierd stop judging)

    14. Shouta

      The contact lens adjusts Johnathan's vision while the airplane windshield doesn't. That's probably why the mind control doesn't work there.

    15. Sara Carmona

      Jigsaw (2017)

    16. Bondrewd :

      “Look at me,I am the captain”- Dracula(on the airplane)

    17. ryan green

      Sin 75: Jeremy is jealous that a hypnotically, cute young vampire is NOT coming on to him. I know I am.

    18. nubia alcantar


    19. [ Error ]

      At least not as much as minecraft jams

    20. Austin Sparks

      Ur a hater of every thing

    21. Nathaniel Evans

      +1 sin end Dracula doesn't turn into dust.

    22. Youri Kelderman

      11 min or less *video is **11:40** min*

    23. 降雨fallinglluvia

      “2319 panic” 😂

    24. Jennifer P

      Wow nice words you said XD

    25. willmist3r

      You should do open season.

    26. Under Temmie

      You forgot 25 sins when franks wife was tweaking in the zing song

    27. Rey Vázquez

      11:44! Explain the title!

    28. Max Lunaflame

      Pfft the power of boner compels you I am fucking dying😂😂😂

    29. Microphone Jacket!

      CinemaSins, please do everything wrong with the movie Pain & Gain!

    30. CatchyWord5166

      Hey hey hey..... I thought the ridiculous 6 was alright

    31. SquishyyGhost

      I didn't know Adam Sandler voiced Dracula until this video and I've seen the movie like at least 3 times XD

    32. \_ BeingANobody _/

      He said "too" not "tush"

    33. The How To Do Channel

      it is more than 11 mins

    34. Kate Shivnen

      That’s ridiculous it’s a friction movie of course it’s going to be unbelievable

    35. Ronan Buddy

      I should’ve said welcome to chilies

    36. Kela stop motion animation


    37. Bart Simpson

      *the power of boners compels you*

    38. Ida Nađ

      Serisly thats racist!!??

    39. George Luna

      thank you

    40. Allison Loneelk

      Why are sexual jokes in this movie isn't this for kids

    41. Yanille Moreno

      Dont even start with Hotel Transylvania 3.... PLEASE DO ONE XD

    42. tiffany crabb

      There are a lot of dirty jokes in this movies I watched when i was like 7 I finally understand all this omg

    43. Sofia Pazos-Revilla

      I actually think it is stupid how you make movies look bad, honestly they work hard to pay it off, and if your just crapping on it maybe you saying they deserve a sin. Maybe it is the other way around.

    44. Tyler Clark

      *I DIDNT DO DAT*

    45. Steamy Sulixx

      The first movie was good, the second was ok, and the third is shit.

    46. Cruz Ramirez Lightning Mcqueen

      Other then the music I like this movie and do not agree with any of your sins

    47. Israel W

      Add a sin for the fact that Quasimodo and the invisible man are both human and one is in charge of the food and can easily poison it and the other can kill anyone without being seen

    48. Bryan Cui

      I have important news for those who read this. 2000 years ago Jesus was sent to the world by God to save us from sin. Sin is the bad things people do like being gay, adultery, pride, anger, murder, jealousy and many more. Jesus teached many to change their ways of sin, many hated Him for exposing their sin. The people who hated Him wanted Him dead, the Romans crucified Him on the cross for punishment. Jesus shed His blood to save us from sin when He didn't deserve the punishment. So please believe in Jesus Christ our saviour and Lord, repent and preach the True Gospel (warning others).

    49. Nico Marquez15

      Wanda: If only Martha would be here to see this. Dracula: ( *touches heart* ) She's always here, Wanda. *In your left breast pocket?!?*

    50. Nico Marquez15

      ''Do vampires shit''?? *this movie is your answer*