Everything Wrong With Hotel Transylvania In 11 Minutes Or Less



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    Hotel Transylvania is one of those movie's that's short and kind of feels humorous in your memory, but when you go back through it looking for sins ends up just being surprisingly boring. Oh well, good thing they made three of these things.
    Thursday: Guess.
    Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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    1. Jim Halpert

      I play bingo & I always notice when they say B 26 or G32

    2. evil child

      6:25 I thought he said you will remember nothing of this sin counter

    3. amy clarke

      i never fancied it 🤣

    4. Nikola Peh

      4:03 MUTAGEN probably...

    5. Nikola Peh

      Bla bla bla blablabla!

    6. RobloxObsessedDolphin !

      So if anyone has seen the trailer for the third hotel Transylvania they might have noticed this too, but I’m pretty sure that this person feeds Dracula garlic and she asks if it’s deadly for him.. then he farts 😂but my point is, that in this it said that his throat swells soooooooooooooooooooo I sHoULd dO CiNeMa SiNs

    7. Aixoaki

      Hes such a hater.

    8. Nastaishia Allen

      "The power of boners compels you" lmaoooo

    9. Avocado Roll

      1:01 - 1: 11 Did you make the voice of the sportscaster in " the legend of Korra"?????

    10. Windex Cleaner

      pfft! what are you talking about the while movie is a sin

    11. FNAF Gamer

      6:05 This tin pieceof sh*t would be excellent at CinemaSins.

    12. Jay Frosty

      Nothing is wrong with the movies. U mad cuz u cannot create something like this movie. U hate cuz its easier to hate. And people who hate are usually trash themselves so i see why u hate on others and their creations

    13. Adrián Sanabria Sanabria

      I'd say all unimaginative movies end with a song, like that one about the robots or shrek or this one

    14. A generic Templar Knight

      The power of boners compels you

    15. Drake Thornix

      Everything wrong with Van Helsing

    16. Tuka Akut

      When you adress to Dracula as Drac you say Devil in Romanian. Dracula acctualy means Delvil's servant or worshippers

    17. DezzyDoesThings

      2319 I love you

    18. Shnegithy

      Frankenstein is the scientists surname, so his “son” the monster would also have the same surname, Frankenstein is the monster AND the scientist 🙄

    19. A & A BFF Twins

      "I can't have garlic or my throat swells up" Yet in the 3rd movie when he does eat garlic all that happens is that he get a bit gassy

    20. Tuấn Phong Đặng

      laugh so hard about that sh*t

    21. Mimah 101

      Drac: You know I haven't sung in public since Martha... Batman: WHAT DOES THAT MEAN??? WHY DID YOU SAY THAT NAME???!!! Me:😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

    22. CD Warrior

      It's not a bad movie. I mean it sins like hell but it isn't bad.

    23. un known youtuber

      U notesed all that but never SKELETONS PLAYING THE TRUMPET WITH NO LIPS

    24. Peter Man

      9:08 Now this. This super adorable scene is what makes the movie worth watching.

    25. TheNiceGamer

      Wait a sec in this movie drac said that if he eats garlic he's throat will swell but in 3rd movie when he ate garlic he just farted how does he explain that

    26. Enki-Chan

      4:51 funny

    27. Ej Jones

      "And if I had a bridge, I would jump" my favorite part.

    28. Ishwa Vergado

      Imagine hotel for dogs sins

    29. razia sultana

      This guy hates every movie

    30. C Average Facts

      Johnny is going to die centuries before mavis.

    31. Olivija Strandjord

      I love his voice for sin 7. I love the twenty sins added. I love the end of sin 46. I love sin 52, because it has Quasimodo name is in it. I love his voice for sin 54. I love his voice for the end of sin 56. I love his voice for sin 73. I love sin 89, because it has Esmeralda’s name in it.

    32. Dark Gamer

      Spoilers (Duh)

    33. top 10

      *trevor belmont enters*

    34. Elen Seary

      I thought she said 1027

    35. Kieya Morris

      10:37 Omfg thank you! I don't understand why it keeps happening! It's like the ultimate marker of a shitty fanservice palooza themed film. I blame Shrek and Madagascar.

    36. United Kingdom Countryball

      I mean reaction channels

    37. United Kingdom Countryball

      4:52 new cinemasins member do ummm everything wrong with the channel #react

    38. Luna Eclipse

      Oh come on dude! More than half of what you said are total crap...

    39. christian bonhoc

      I hate U That movie is one of my favorites ;-;

    40. Olga wtf Injaio

      It is just a movie.

    41. Skulldetta

      Adam Sandler movies: Literally the only thing in the universe that make Battlefield: Earth a decent experience.

    42. tracey mccoy

      I hated the random jumpscares in this movie.

    43. ACE Brez

      Its bothering me that i can't remember the original song at 5:18 . Help plez

    44. Shimmering Silver

      Monsters are humanist.

    45. KiroManiaPrime YT

      Wait. Why is Winnie here if Dennis is born 6 years later yet she still appears visually the same and has a crush on someone thats 6+ years younger than her?

    46. Diego Abele

      Where’s the baby’s nipples

    47. Myrrid

      That's actually not that many sins tbh. Really enjoyed this though, great vid!

    48. Warrior Queen

      How bored could you be to find out the mistakes

    49. Nathan’s silly Fun times

      23 poop jokes?

    50. AardvarkLord

      Sin Alpha and Omega for this movie: Adam Sandler.