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Exedran Compilations

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    Recopilación de celebridades sorprendiendo a sus fans!
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    1. Laurie

      every one is OMGing😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    2. Team K.A.M.I

      I know the kid Katy met his name is yaniv he was on her story once because he met her 3 times and went to 11 concerts and I saw the thumbnail and new it was him because he won the disco ball he visits my family every summer his bff is my sister no joke

    3. Golden ARMY


    4. _HyperDoc_ HyperDoc

      All I hear is "OH MY GOD OH MY GOD "

    5. Sharmistha Das

      How lucky they are😒😔😞


      I love ariana and lady gaga so so much


      Those people very lucky, i want to meet with corey taylor, all avenged sevenfold members, current megadeth members, marty friedman, shirley manson and little bit ariana grande😭😭😭

    8. Higg Bands

      6:04 Cover your ears like her when someone screams, you know the reason..

    9. Madi 23

      At 0:34 when she got more excited over jimmy😂😂😂

    10. VenOHM

      This video should receive instant sponsorship from the church.

    11. 666 666


    12. Ava Linaker-Bates

      1:56 isn’t that lady from buzzfeed?

    13. Kameryn Romines

      At about 1:10 she looking like a snack

    14. Taipapaki Mato

      1:35 my favourite 🙀🙀😝😝

    15. Gabriela Aguinaldo

      Mis idolas Demi y Miley😍😍

    16. Isabella Blogs

      Those scream tho

    17. paty 43

      nunca me va a pasar eso :''v

    18. Nneamaka Mordi

      The Whitney Houston surprise ❤

    19. Emma mayville

      I would die if Whitney Houston surprised me

    20. chandra kanth

      i am also shouting O my god........by watching this

    21. Emma mayville

      *OH MY GOD*

    22. BowieFamilyAntics

      I want to meet Daniel Radcliff ( like if you want to meet him too )

    23. ffs vids

      Count how many times they say omg

    24. Aline Moraes

      Larissa 😔😔

    25. Ph4nt0m

      Me: *Sees Demi Lovato Ain’t that bitch high on drugs in a hospital

    26. Paulina Almaguer

      1:57 cuando la cucaracha vuela xD

    27. Luis Enrique Celaya Fuentes


    28. Yuna The Potato Chip

      All they were saying was like omgggg! I’d be like OMFG

    29. maria navarro


    30. Amanda Elser

      OMG 😮LOL

    31. Amanda Elser


    32. Shadow Cat

      Yay I love them soo nice to fans

    33. Amanda Elser

      Lol omg

    34. Cipa2Enzo

      I want to meet bts but i know that is not going to happen 😭😥

    35. Donald Henson

      It’s wonderful that these celebrities try to find the time to visit their fans it’s amazing and awesome

    36. coolnerdpuppy21 joce

      Katy Perry : just don't like puke on me

    37. ItsVicHD

      Lucky to meet Demi lavato


      I wish I could see my favorite celebrity in real life because I really want to see Demi Lovato,I really want to see her on my bday because it’s coming up on October 8th

    39. itsEmily_ gaming

      0:34 I felt so bad for him😂😂😂

    40. Maddie Likes Food

      liam was so sweet. oml i can’t😭😭

    41. GamerNora 101

      2:36 sounds like a turkey... (the audience)

    42. Nasty shiz

      celebrities aint shit id rather see Jesus Christ!!!

    43. Kollen Migiu

      kpop gen

    44. Kollen Migiu

      whitney houston is legend

    45. Audie Maesa kenta

      Liam payne look like andri shevchenko

    46. Ikram Hamd

      a tons of omg hahahah

    47. unicornlovee lrdy

      I met my idol olly murs

    48. Emily Pari

      OH MY GOD like look at her butt

    49. a _h

      Are you sure about that ?? 🐸

    50. Md. Mamun Sarder

      Wish I could hug these lady fan 😭😭