Felony Disenfranchisement: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)



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    Many people with felony convictions are unfairly prohibited from voting, and the worst state for this - surprise - is Florida.
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    1. CGBdan

      To anyone reading this who's curious Ammendment 4 passed this November. (the ammendment Oliver was talking about)

    2. Mudder Fukker

      “I’m just not feeling it”... That hearing board video alone could be an effective political ad against Scott.

    3. Elli P

      I'd love a nice cup of tea. Milk and three sugars, please. Er, is there any cake?

    4. Martin Jeřábek

      To be honest. Do you really want a man who runs around the liquor store with an aligator in his hands to have the right to vote? Do you?

    5. Pavel Mayer

      The Florida Voting Restoration Amendment seems to have passed with 64% voting "yes": ballotpedia.org/Florida_Amendment_4,_Voting_Rights_Restoration_for_Felons_Initiative_(2018)

    6. Helder Filipe

      voting allows people to choose their own democracy rights and needs so they never have to commit crimes again if their vote goes to people who can change the voters life.,,,,do you think the biggest gangs that are still operating are voting,,,,hell no,,,the only gangs groups i know off to vote are politicians

    7. Limbo Bilbo

      If i was at the florada board thing i would stand up and say ‘you sir, and all other members of the board are arseholes

    8. JosRey 74

      Tick Cock is a criminal himself!🖕 He has stolen more money than that man had ever stollen! Fuck you Tick Cock! You were responsible for the biggest insurance fraud case ever!🖕🖕🖕🖕 I hope you pay for your crimes one day moron!🖕🖕🖕

    9. K S

      Once you do you time you should have all rights returned. In some cases here in Canada they can even vote in jail. It is their right to vote

    10. Chris Nichols

      Texas you can vote after your sentence is completed.

    11. Rachell H.

      Well maybe they should make the rule anyone whom are non violent felons be allowed to vote.

    12. Lori Wakefield

      now I know what is so annoying about you you talk to fast like the side affects on medications SLOW DOWN do you think people are quickly going to change the channel

    13. AshChooses Pikachu

      LOVED how seamlessly the set transitioned xD

    14. Janks

      wooo we did it!!

    15. Sanguinarius9999

      Why no new videos last 2 months ?

    16. Sanjana Nair

      Why is John Oliver married to a republican?

    17. Toronto Maple Leafs #1

      I wonder if the Bill passed or not?

    18. Lady Dyke Vader

      In Poland losing those rights is an additional penalty given only to those guilty of a violent crime highly intolerable by society, which mostly means rape or murder. And even then judges mostly forget to add it to the sentence

    19. Roger Moore

      Update: Florida passed a law for people with felonies getting their voting rights back! I like to think this show had something to do with that.

    20. M.J.R. Parnell

      As of this comment, it has been almost a week since voting was restored to 1.7 million people in Florida!

    21. Jessica Harding

      Fuck Florida and Rick Scott.

    22. Szkotu Szkocki

      How is the things this Rick Shithot is doing are legal?Wtf is wrong with you murrica

    23. W P

      If you lived in Florida and you constantly has live around the notorious "Florida Man" meme in real life, you might think twice before wanting felons convicted here being able to vote. Maybe it's just me but I don't think the dude who twists toddler's nipples off should be able to vote.

    24. NovaWasp

      It passed. Well done Florida!

    25. Frog Green

      What do people vote for? Something illegal?

    26. Brian Lopez

      Well, we did it. We passed ballot prop 4. Restoration of voting rights to most ex felons. Clearly it was the work of Mr Oliver. I thank you by sending you a gift package that is pure Florida: Oranges stuffed with gator meat, sprinkled with cocaine and a can of bud light with a seminole feather sticking out of it. But really I was super glad it passed. Besides the morality of it, maybe the (hopeful) surge of voters will have our races not all be razor thin margins!

    27. Darren Withers

      From Australia, congratulations, Florida, on your midterm results, and on the chance this story had something to do with the results, well done John. Keep doing what you’re doing.

    28. Thomas Springer

      Over 26 million legislative codes and statues to vilify and oppress the people in order to convince uncognitive minds that they aren't smart enough to have rights.... enjoy your eternal ocean of fire !

    29. MiamiSmartAss

      You did a great service! - Voter Rights Restoration for Felons in Florida passed!

    30. stx

      Wow, I can see this in the UK for once.

    31. busybody1

      Dishonest shitbag Rick Snot can always count on the stupid gullible public to eat his s*** and ask for extra helpings, you really really really can't fix stupid. Enjoy, Florida!!

    32. busybody1

      All official videos by Rick Scott are censored, comments disabled because he knows they would all be negative comments, that's called censorship and only lying dishonest criminals like Rick Scott want the truth hidden, they don't want to be exposed for the dishonest shitbags that they really are.

    33. David Handley

      A fucking traffic violation! 😵. Are they serious??? God bless America...because no one else will! What a fucked country!

    34. Arch Tran

      I heard the news that Florida pass the voting amendment act that restore voting right to ex-felon! Immediately remember this segment and return to it. Thanks you FL.

    35. RichCoffey

      here after the amendment passed

    36. huber7777

      Good news everybody, Florida passed the amendment and 1.4 million felons can now vote again!

      1. Sedara Trotter

        huber7777 yaaaaayyyyy!!! Thanks for the update!

    37. Kennettalexander Bivens

      Your debt to society is never fully paid! Otherwise all your rights would be restored!

    38. Timothy Skalland

      And from the Midterms, Florida has restored voting rights for over a million felons who complete their sentence (with exceptions).

    39. d k

      Love you John, but Bush didnt, win Florida....

    40. Dermot Moriarty

      We think that we believe in equality but we don't. Shameful stuff.

    41. Brooke m

      I almost peed myself when he said "happy pencil" and thats what i was thinking XD

    42. Michael Timpson

      It passed!!!!!!!!!!

    43. Olly the Animal Bloke

      America is weird Just weird

    44. Andy Beall

      We did it!!!! America's Australia listened. Thanks Zazu 🤣

    45. Alacar159

      Hey johnny O. It happened! more than a 60% majority. Former Florida Felons can now vote

    46. Ayush Vikram

      Congratulations! Florida Amendment 4 passed, restoring voting rights

    47. Jon D

      I am a Brit who because of the Bugle podcast, watches John Oliver's videos fairly "religiously" (Our Lady of Perpetual Exemption, Amen) but I get disenchanted with the frustrating American political climate. I am nothing more this an observer, but coupled with England's inability to be friends with it's even closest, more European cousins and my general love of a little bit of misery, I currently reside in Australia. It would be interesting to see John Oliver and his excellent research team come to Australia to see where things don't quite add up... and go down under... I could find you all a housesit...the remaining natural landscape is nice here...

    48. jv7x

      This story has a happy ending! It passed! 64% Way to go Florida!

    49. Ashley Allensworth


    50. Natalio Maldonado

      We are happy to say that Amendment 4 passed last night.