Felony Disenfranchisement: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)



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    Many people with felony convictions are unfairly prohibited from voting, and the worst state for this - surprise - is Florida.
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    1. MadNotAngry

      2:31 I _vote_ (heh), NOT a citizen.

    2. Glorinimex Canada

      And all this so that some black convicted will be able to vote and swing the needle to the Democratic party . Everything calculated .

    3. Jow Lorenz

      appears the obvious best way for ex-cons to to make yer vote count is by giving bullets back to the main treasonous tyrrant warmongerer ringleader's heads ... thus prolonging the vicious-cycle ...

    4. Laura RM

      Wtf that rick scott dude is a fucking psychopath he's the one who shoulf be stripped of his rights

    5. rrkingery

      As John was building up to the reveal of the most oppressive state, I kept thinking, "notfloridanotfloridanotflorida" and then, damn. As a Florida native, it just makes me sad. Not the crazy stuff; that makes it fun to live here. It's the (possibly incidentally) racist, extremely irrational, ultimately tyrannical ways of our legislature.

    6. James McNeil

      Why should a felony follow someone for life. Sex offenders are followed for life

    7. Francesco Varrato

      It's easier for a foreigner to become a Swiss citizen than for a USA citizen to exercise his/her rights

    8. Butch Coolidge

      Usually I agree with Oliver, but he's wrong here. If you seriously broke the law, you end up in jail AND you lose your right to vote. Those are just 2 parts of your punishment according to the law. You should not be punished AT ALL if you are, for example, caught with some weed. But that's another discussion.

    9. 7620313

      bs. if you're a criminal you shouldn't vote

    10. Echtrae

      I don't even live in USA, nor have I ever been to there not to mention Florida. And I still knew its going to be about it as soon as John mentioned that there is a specific state.

    11. Archibald Findri

      To all those who think that felons shouldn't vote - if the government can take away the right to vote for a felon, then they can take away your right to vote off you and its said people commit 3 crimes by the time they get to work.

    12. Ben Klock

      Church = child molesters club. No thanks.

    13. Steve Horn

      I'm not a felon...nor do I vote. Never have....

    14. Mariah DCafe

      Rick scott is THE worst. Ready to be done with him

    15. Steven Vail

      You Sir. Mr. Oliver. You are both a Patriot and a Gentlemen.

    16. Brian Ainsworth

      Kinda surprised felons ever get their voting rights back.

    17. Laurynas Mazeika

      Yes, I go to church. C-Guys H-That U-Work R-For C-The H-Betterment Of American Society Every Day

    18. Dosifeya Bologovskaya

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    19. Vitaliy Zloba

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    20. Michael Lewis

      Get Scott outta here!!!

    21. Alejandro Casillas

      Fuck that shit

    22. Kurt Richter

      Rick Scott is cancer and everyone who doesn't vote should feel guilty and partially responsible.

    23. Ghost

      1:39 ROASTED

    24. Josiah L

      I've never watched something make me feel so gross as watching Rick Scott explain his process then deny voting rights. Wtf

    25. fthe farmer

      how did this twit get to have a show just because he gave John Stewart a couple blow jobs?

    26. Kampfbereit MMXIII

      Scott is a scum.

    27. Kampfbereit MMXIII

      Typical backwards thinking, American scums.

    28. T F

      Johnny, when are you going to talk about the Brazilian elections?

    29. José

      JOHN, PLEASE, LISTEN TO ME: Talk about brazil, there's such a good material. Just this month we had the extreme right wing supporters saying that Nazism was a Left/Socialist initiative, Martin Luther King was a radical right wing person with right wing ideals, Al Jazeera is a actually a terrorist group, the The Economist is in fact a "Ecommunist" magazine and the labor party (PT) wants to implant a Communist dictatorship in Brazil "just like" Cuba or Venezuela. It'st a really incredible situation where our Radical Right Wing candidate has no idea of what is like to be a president, a dumb populist like Trump, and the 2nd candidate at the election pool is a Guy named by Lula, the former president that has been arrested this year. Seriously, it's a GREAT CONTENT.

    30. annamikswe


    31. johnny Jameson

      Turns out, when you murder, rape, and steal, society doesn't want you to get to pick its leaders. What a shock! Most people will say "wah wahh wacism", but the only people who lose their vote are the ones who commit crimes. The law isn't racist just because the majority of offenders are minoirities.

      1. Kampfbereit MMXIII

        johnny Jameson someone should put a Bullet in you!!!!

    32. Will Morrow

      Flaming liberal says what?

      1. Kampfbereit MMXIII

        Will Morrow to put your ass in a concentration camp and eradicate the American cancer.

    33. Hagen Ziegelitz

      only in america xD

    34. UrMotto Tees

      I lost my right to vote due to a possession of marijuana charge, but was able to vote in 2016. My conviction was in 2005. And yes i live in Florida

    35. travis hart

      > shit of tons federal laws > break just one, lose all your rights Gud job america!

    36. dcast777

      Asking if someone goes to church is against the constitution.

    37. IcewhipRoxx

      Unless Prop 12 is gonna read: "Everyday is now the purge" who cares if felons are allowed to vote? They did their time, they paid their price, and life is hard enough for them to go back to a life of peace without having every freedom they've waited to get back ripped away from them. If you've done your sentence and you were good enough to be released back into society, that should be it.

    38. Nikhil Shrivastava

      Sir, I know The topic I'm about to request may not be in recent news. But I think it is very necessary for people to know about it.. Please do an episode on Coral Degradation and Corals in generals and their importance.

    39. Derek Graf

      Dam he got some big ol' brows. Lookin like a couple catapillars

    40. Bill Ionaireben

      "18% were violent, the rest were non-violent like drug crimes." Okay, people sell drugs that are deadly and degrade society; yeah, I'm really sympathetic to them.

      1. Kampfbereit MMXIII

        Bill Ionaireben 🖕🖕🏻🖕🏾🖕🏿 ignorant motherfucker!!!

      2. Hm Grraarrpffrzz

        If you not only consider the harm done to self but also to others because of alcohol, alcohol becomes the most dangerous drug in existence. So if you want to take rights from those who have something to do with dangerous drugs, start with anybody selling, producing or promoting the consumption of alcoholic beverages.

      3. TheNortibia

        you don't need to be sympathetic to them, its about human rights, justice, fairness and equality, not whether you can relate or like them? They did a crime, then paid for it in prison. When they get out of prisons, they should get a chance to have a say in their own futures, or even to be able to have a future after you have paid for your crimes.

    41. Rudy Best

      But what about the 18%?

    42. Jan Lennartsen

      The State dong of Florida is "Waay Down Upon The Suwanee[Swanee] River" written by the genius and anti-slavery American composer Stephen Foster, who gotinspiration for many of his songs from his friendships in his natal, free state of pennsylvania[since the Revolution] where his lyrics advanced withthe progress of racial relations from the "N-word" which at the time of his boyhood was viewed as an improvement over the term "Blacks" which was indicative of anomals[As in "My carriage was pulled by a team of blacks(horses) or my pack of hounds had two blacks(dogs), and was subsquently changed to darkies, then Coloreds, then Negros, then blacks again and in Rap and Hip-Hop lyrics the "N-word" has seen its reappearance. All this is good and shows ah healthy evolution, but it has wrongly gotten a man who always was for abo;ition, equality and civil rights and who spoke out and acknowledged his indebtedness for much of his talent to his friendshps with free fellow citizens of a different hue froom his boyhood along the Allegheny River near Pittsburgh, PA which is unusual in any lyricist or composer. The city of pittsburgh noptably in an act of total moronic philistinism unplanted a dual statue indicative of this, paid for by African-American and wite children onoring the man which was created by an Italian-american immigrant whose next gig was the erection of a statue of Vulcan, roman god of smiths, forging a thunderbolt of Zeus[or a spear] for the city of Birmingham Alabama in the height of Jim Crow laws out of coal black cast iron, and to the honor of the Birminghamites, they were proud of it, others outside forcing its painting over the years to other shades. Hopefully Pittsburgh will eventually get over its bout of extreme cowardice and replant the statuary where it should be viewed by everyone who vistis the town, it is an amazing example of racial harmony and progressive justice, that should not be hidden because some people equate either havign had a slave int ehir ancestry as something shameful or viw anyone dressed in old clothes and fishing as somehow in shackles, when in fact when one is fishing, one is in the ultimate state of freedom, from cares, from tasks and chores, from nagging, etc. And plamntations were not always worked by slaves[cf Rhode Island] nor is there any shame of having had ancestors who did live on them, in any caoacity, They just were.

    43. Robert Ladwig

      This actually is a well balanced clip from Oliver - thats rare. So kudos for that! First off all the Florida culture review is spot on :) Considering how many felons are made felons by plea bargains and out of fear not fighting for the sake of their home family ... we really should start looking at amending the Constitution to allow for at least Federal voting. This is not a Republican Democrat issue - it was in the framing. I don't think states should get in the way of Federal elections - whereas perhaps they may have more say in the State/Local elections.

    44. Alejandra Orellana

      Does this disenfranchisement also apply to white collar crimes?

      1. Kampfbereit MMXIII

        Alejandra Orellana yes. All felonies.

    45. D.E. Sarcarean

      When you allow a government to take away someones "right", neither you nor them will have "rights", as you have allowed your government to change the legal definition of a "right" to a "privilege".

    46. kncnsm

      If felony disenfranchisement is ok, then we should also ban rich people from voting, right?

    47. James Hill

      I'm surprised this segment didn't pick up on the fact that questions about religion are probably only one of ways they try to determine a person's political affiliation before giving voting rights back. They have the power to tilt the scales for their own political party. Also, you've done segments on racial inequality for conviction and sentencing, so put that together with this obvious attempt to remove voters of the other party. It's not some conspiracy, it's just him using the power he has to help himself. Get rid of the law now, because you know votes are swinging Democratic so you don't want the next person in the office to have the same power. Make it a law instead of a bias choice.

    48. L ezmeralda

      if terrorists could vote, they would vote Democratic

      1. Mei Mikoto

        L ezmeralda Says the person that looks like a catfish on a mobile game!

    49. nayinayi1

      The felons can just run for president...