Felony Disenfranchisement: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)



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    Many people with felony convictions are unfairly prohibited from voting, and the worst state for this - surprise - is Florida.
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    1. Alan  Choi Chang

      Dont allow them to vote while they are in jail, let them vote when they are free. its that fucking simple, the "punishment" has already been given and served. fuck these retards that want to keep "punishing".

    2. Giulio Ricciardi

      Fuck Rick Scott.

    3. Jarid Gaming

      Not anyone :D Florida passed the law!

    4. Dawn K. Cox

      𝓘 𝓪𝓶 𝓶𝓪𝓷𝓲𝓯𝓮𝓼𝓽𝓲𝓷𝓰 ᴡᴇᴀʟᴛʜ ɪɴᴛᴏ ᴍʏ ʟɪꜰᴇ 🎀 > bit.ly/2SOYd0F?-binaural-beatsmeditationnn-386

    5. WelfareChrist

      It’s pretty obvious they only retire your rights if they are certain you will vote republican. Thank god Florida voted to change this system.

    6. Baron von Limbourgh

      The most vindictive society on earth.

    7. Wolf NZ Outdoors

      Committed a non-violent "felony": can't vote; get compared with mass-murderers, rapists and terrorists Believes that the Earth is 6000 years old and/or flat and that we don't have to make policies and laws to protect future generations because Jesus is probably coming back next week to take us all to heaven (except all those goddamn atheists and homosexuals): can vote So fucking illiterate, innumerate and uneducated that they think Donald Trump actually says intelligent things: can vote Convinced that 'reptilians' are controlling world leaders and/or that people are spraying chemicals into the air for mind control: can vote 2:35 Expected to work, contribute to the community, *pay taxes* - and not allowed to vote. Whatever happened to "no taxation without representation"? You don't give him the vote, don't expect him to pay taxes. After all, you let all those who *don't* pay taxes have the vote - or even become president - why should you expect a person who's *not* allowed to vote to pay a fucking cent in tax? The USA, built on the solid principle of "representation of those exempt from taxation". Florida: the state where the nicest inhabitants are the alligators, rabid otters and mosquitoes and where, until recently, you could remain disenfranchised on the grounds of Municipal Violations and failing to attend church. "Every case is different" - after all, if the petitioner were as alarmingly pale as *Dick* Scott, he probably would have had his voting rights restored - provided he went to church and avoided getting parking tickets. I'm guessing that Florida being slowly dragged, kicking and screaming, into the twentieth century - on 8 January *2019* - means that that petitioner has finally had his voting rights restored... no thanks to Dick Scott and his merry little _Bund_ of white supremacists. I guess that just leaves Iowa and Kentucky stuck in the nineteenth century.

    8. Twister Mw1981

      Rick Scott ur a dick

    9. Emma Marriott

      Cracked up at Happy Pencil in all my nightmares 😂✏️

    10. Åsmund Kjus

      This is insane. The judge should be sued and charged with breaking the constitution og human rights. Get this shit out of here

    11. Boogie O'Winston

      We finally ended felon disenfranchisement here in Florida!!


      Great , citizens with poor impulse control , poor decision making skills , some that are just bad people . Can now vote for criminal interest over law abiding citizens interest . What possible benefit can there be for their communities ?


      Great , citizens with poor impulse control , poor decision making skills , some that are just bad people . Can now vote for criminal interest over law abiding citizens interest . What possible benefit can there be for their communities ?

    14. DasIllu

      fUSA. fucked up states of america :(

    15. Joshua Evans-Lowell

      This is a weird John Oliver piece to watch now because it's one of like two where the outcome was actually good.

    16. Amilie Harrison-Lang

      I just learned about this from RPDR Latrice has been out of prison for 20 years it was a minor offence and he JUST got his rights to vote back like wtf I don’t care if you want to watch the world burn it’s your right to have a vote

    17. f

      What a shithole country America has become.

    18. Paul Allen

      JOHN! John! ... Do you go to church?

    19. Juci Shockwave

      In the USA we all know what applies or counts as the worse felon ever... just holding your friends' weed will land you in prison. >_

    20. Michael Ross

      I don't know... I mean, maybe we could limit the rule to something like "repeat offenders" or something but i'm kinda ok with that particular loss of rights. I mean, even the nonviolent crimes ... do I want a drug dealer voting on new drug laws? I mean that's one example and on certain bills I think i might even agree with him her but its an example of what i'm talking about. Yes, that 'hearing' process that is based on absolutely no standards whatsoever has got to go but... I'm not thinking I'd want to get rid of the existing rule all together. Then again, I don't live in Florida so, Floridians, make your own little slice of heaven down there.

    21. Jamestown

      If we can trust a felon to go outside and access the general public again, I think we can also trust him to vote. The imprisonment is punishment enough.

    22. Andethidial

      Combine this issue with the police behavior against minorities

    23. Jack Hughes

      the insane thing is that I'm a republican and I agree with most of this

    24. Pippin Hampton

      1:45 look at the blonde's face.

    25. Samantha Tatman

      This is going to sound really weird, and totally unrelated. But John Oliver, you totally need to play in an episode of Lucifer. Just for shits and giggles.

    26. Lachlan Duggan

      Unfortunately, even though 64.5% of voters approved of the amendment, DeSantis looks set to subvert democracy and not allow it to go through...

    27. Diane Benzler

      These people who think this way are narrow prejudiced idiots!

    28. Dank Scrote

      Why didn’t he touch on the fact they people with felonies are also barred from decent housing and career opportunities? That’s the real injustice.

    29. Todd Kelly

      This is a stupid issue.

      1. dave dennison

        yeah man-what you said...sorry l mean't-get to fuck...dickhead

    30. Izzy P


    31. JASON JOHN

      This is laughable..Your country was almost screwed out of and you all would had a white house full of the clinton cartel...You got to be kidding .....All these scumbags associated with this octopus are the stock,poisonous all.Thank God For Canada..

      1. JASON JOHN

        +Killme Pretty please Oh,please educate me from your high place there in America.

      2. Killme Pretty please

        Dear god, Are you so inbred that you can barely make a paragraph?

    32. A. Rashad

      Can't expect much outta racist Florida.

    33. Stephen Verchinski

      Dear John How about covering the election fraud as well. You know, the one with ....

      1. Killme Pretty please

        Well we are currently in limbo between seasons.

    34. Stu B

      The "process" is pure, racist political bullshit.

    35. SOlson2375

      Rick Scott is a fucking douchebag. Also the answer to a government member asking where you go to church in this country is now and always has been “None of your fucking business.”

    36. ClareBearPhD

      Whether I go to church is no fucking business of an elected official.

    37. Albert Brammer

      They voted for it, then Rick Scott refused to endorse it at the last time we heard so it was going to court. Just another GOP way to steal elections.

    38. Alexa Carmack

      This is how people end up back in the criminal justice system

    39. PyroJohn19

      I really feel like that there should be something like that there should be something between felony and misdemeanor. Where felony is strictly involving the premeditation of ruining or ending a person's life.

    40. Will K

      There need to be consequences when a crime is committed. Why should felons be allowed to vote?

      1. dave dennison

        + Will Kay mate,did you watch the clip before you said that???please tell me you did....if you spent time in jail for a d.u.i.(ie)you should never be allowed to vote?????????????????????? c'mon mate-don't be an idiot all your life

    41. Fuck The Police

      Rick Scott is known for trying to restrict black people from voting and yet he is still allowed to be a politician. Isn't there any law that restricts racist from bring politicians or cops. Oh wait I forgot racist would never want to pass such a law.

    42. SpeckledOne

      Sooo...Rick Scott just wants to hear you beg??

    43. mchawk315

      God fucking damn it I hate Rick Scott and I am actually from Florida.

    44. Lionheart

      I’ve noticed John Oliver is a sell out for liberal politics. The point of this is to change laws so that felons (mostly African American voters like in Florida) can vote. Liberals historically known for milking black voters it’s all about turning Florida into a blue state.

    45. Matthew Brooks

      Quick question: Is Florida's state song "Everything You Know is Wrong" by Weird Al?

    46. victor caruso

      Rick Scott is garbage.

    47. The Sprawl

      What a nauseating fucking piece of shit Rick Scott is. The way he talks to people, people who've _already_ served their time, seen justice and gone through things this little turd could never comprehend, blows my fucking mind. How is this cunt allowed to sit up there like he's some kind of deity, and dole out a handful of clemencies a month for no apparent reason except that they go to fucking church, and no-one's outraged by it?? I bet even his mum hates him.

    48. I probably won’t see your reply.

      It passed! Good job Florida

    49. life is a journey

      don't live there anymore don't want too,but have to go back there to hope god can deside if I can have my full pardon at the capitol, in hopes that 150 year old law changes ,thank god gov scott is out ,he did nothing he said he would do in 2011, post civil war law come on florida thank you john oliver you are so right while our head man may have commited more crimes then most ,still there most ,party of the 3to7% of criminals are political faces ,it is a freak show from what I can see we do out time then some ,lets hope for change in 2019 ,where are the stats for those again who don't live there anymore ,don't want to ,but have to go back there for our freedom ,whats up with that I took care of in 6 months in 1 state that has taken 11 years in florida for a 33 year old crime ,I have paid for my live starting with the terrible prison probation ,florida I did my time many years ago,yet I live a life sentence as a ex felon ,then if you get a pardon ,guess what you were never a felon ,so then its a lie ,freedom should come back when the probation is over ,florida makes there money crime an tourizam ,he was the worst gov ever ,then they elect him for senator in such close race ,how about corrupt ,like the guy never got away with something he should have spent time in jail for heck some presidents needed to be in jail some time ago ,we allow it to happen I guess or not,one guy said we need change in florida now,i have thought for a long time moveing from one state to another is like moving to another country yet we salute the same flag I don't think so ,

    50. Andrea Andersen

      Irony is that now a few trump insiders can’t vote in 2020