Film Theory: How To SAVE Jurassic Park (Jurassic World)

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The Film Theorists

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    The tragedy of all the lives lost at Jurassic World could have been PREVENTED! That's right! If they had followed the real world rules of Zoos and Theme Parks, we could be going to see some IRL dinos RIGHT NOW. Instead, I trudged through the rules and regulations to figure out how to run a SUCCESSFUL Jurassic Park.
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    1. noah hull

      You should do a theory on lord of the rings sometime.

    2. Mark Welch


    3. Theresa Bongiorno

      He missed out on matpratt

    4. Good_guy 312

      PrattPat *sniff* beautiful!

    5. Lapis lazuli


    6. Random Jasmine

      They changed some of their genetic makeup too. But in the movie, they could have avoided all this by locating the dinosaur before opening the doors to its habitat.

    7. puppers first

      Aaayyy I live in Montana

    8. Nerdy Blue,fox


    9. Andy Crowley Sr.

      Right you are two-eyed Nick Fury

    10. Toby Moore

      Ok so y’all are wondering who would win I rex or indoraptor we’ll play Jurassic world evo

    11. Toby Moore

      Welp I got 7 acres so hit me up with that t rex

    12. Ava Harkey


    13. Caralie Aurora

      Just because the dinosaurs were from the "Cretaceous" period, doesn't mean that the word "Jurassic" doesn't apply to these dinosaurs. The term *Jurassic* can also be a double-meaning, posing as an adjective for them. Besides, it isn't as catchy if you called it "Cretaceous Park."

      1. Kiso Mapping

        He even says it himself "Scientific accuracy is always catchy" or something like that

      2. Frank G

        I agree.

    14. Shiny Knight 27

      Yep cuz I'm going to buy a zoo

    15. Bunny Breeze


    16. Barriath

      3:10 lol nice i actually thought to the lion king and there comes the joke :D But then again disney seems to educate somehow xD

    17. Indo raptor

      Jurassic park III wasnt that bad we saw a new dino

    18. Trinity Kight

      Ive come to this video cuz the,last one grossed me out I AM A LION

    19. mister meow


    20. riley vaughan

      What was the polar bear scen from

    21. Maya Hirsch


    22. T shark Plays

      Get smaller doors so the I.rex DONT escape

    23. ThatYoutube Guy

      May Pat I thought you knew better the movie Jurassic Park is based on a book with that name.I expected better from you.

      1. ThatYoutube Guy

        I meant Mat instead of May

    24. MadOwl game's

      Yeah not Jurassic I saw that the time I saw the movie

    25. cactus plant

      Theres two cs in attacc and protecc

    26. MAX5283

      4:23 Matpat, how could you? Everyone knows the dinosaurs at Jurassic world are female.

    27. Colin Kennedy

      Larger species of raptor such as Utahraptor and Dakotaraptor actually lived in North America during this period, therefore disproving that they solely lived in deserts. Raptors were actually found across most of the contient(s)

    28. Potter corn


    29. Tessa Reynolds

      Don’t even try to tell me Jurassic Park 3 is the worst one. The Lost World is actually trash

    30. CharmenCat

      One small mistake, the Indominus was a female, so she’s not T-Rex’s brother, she’s his sister... just here to clear out the facts :/

    31. Amy Albers


    32. Neonbirdz

      8:20 correction: MILLIONS of years ago, not BILLIONS, big difference

      1. Frank G

        Even when MatPat makes a good theory, he screws up.

    33. Nikita Trofimenkovs

      Got everything right except for 12:12. That's an alligator MatPat, not a crocodile smh

    34. Daniel Rask Thomsen 6B Skørping Skole

      9:00 You are forgetting that these animals are brought back from the dead, not like zoo animals. They don't remember what it looked like when they were alive. so Raptor pen is not a problem

    35. Robloxianz


    36. The Republic of Uniland

      8:19 The cretaceous period started 145.5 million years ago and ended 65 Million Years ago, not billions of years ago. Still Great Video.

    37. K. Fuji'

      step 1; make it suck less. step 2; feathers step 3; colour variants

    38. The3Dluxe

      If you’ve never seen Beluga whale training you should look it up. It’s absolutely adorable.

    39. Optimistic Watermelon

      i am searching the internet for Justin Y. comments. alert me if you have seen him. i have searched 5 other videos, yet no luck!

    40. Noah Cohan

      The velociraptors should have been eating gallimimusisis

    41. Janice Holliday

      Me to i is exited to and i love chris prat and it was thor that made univers dust and#prattpat

    42. Just Halo


    43. Jack Peterson

      Else barrier photograph ioqmsa loss everywhere Supreme wish bat exactly drain.

    44. Doom Buddy

      Fukin fang fan is in this too

      1. Xxsnow stepxX

        Doom Buddy lol

      2. Doom Buddy

        Sorry FNAF

    45. Doom Buddy


    46. Kennedy Vance


    47. builderpepc

      ...or they could have made a human-size door for the indominus.

    48. Ysera

      8:20 We're talking about before the Earth was created?, Lol I know it was a Simple Mistake. (Earth is 4.543 Billion Years Old.)

    49. Creekslip of Riverclan

      Correction, sister, all of the dinosaurs are female to prevent territory disputes and bebes.

    50. Dino Warrior

      Sorry matpat but you got something wrong the velociraptors in the Jurassic series are actually Utahraptors there just called velociraptors because it sounds cool and Utahraptors live in you guessed it Utah not desserts