Film Theory: How To SAVE Jurassic Park (Jurassic World)

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The Film Theorists

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    The tragedy of all the lives lost at Jurassic World could have been PREVENTED! That's right! If they had followed the real world rules of Zoos and Theme Parks, we could be going to see some IRL dinos RIGHT NOW. Instead, I trudged through the rules and regulations to figure out how to run a SUCCESSFUL Jurassic Park.
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    1. twist3d

      Disney's Dino Park please

    2. Coby

      Am i the only one depressed because we’ll never get a real Jurassic Park?

    3. NarnianMudkip

      Eh matpratt is more catchy in my opinion

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    5. The Fox Spectrum

      OMG I got an add for Jurassic world fallen kingdom 0.0

    6. StarMaster 280

      10:07 *click click click 100000000000 clicks later* me: *headblows up*

    7. Tracy Shields

      The I rex is a female not male

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    10. LittleBird Music

      Jurassic world: Fallen Kingdom The Hammond and Lockwood relation

    11. Gunner Huston

      But matpat the dinosaurs are clones they're not the same dinosaurs of the past.

    12. Connor Miller

      I'm lonely so talk to me.

    13. Rosy TheThree


    14. Mr. Bowtie

      Well the velociraptor in the movie and the velociraptor in real life are really hecking different, so it’s probably not a fair comparison to say they should live in a desert type environment.

    15. Austin Holley

      They made their second mistake was indominus rex

    16. Don Collins

      Ian was right. You could just say yes or no

    17. Caden Nelson

      Jurassic Park 3 is at eslu sornu

    18. Timothy Oertel

      5:28 The wall is 10 concrete sections tall. If a human is over 5' and still shorter than 2 segments, we know that the wall is 50' or more.

    19. Lin L. Hendric

      YAY! I'm from Costa Rica lol



    21. Mist Prowen

      I love how the real world example of the clicker has a charmander as the animal. XD

    22. Laney Auger


    23. Hilarious Stuff


    24. call me krazy

      The real question is,who cares?

    25. Aiden Solinski

      I've just seen just Jurassic world fallen kingdom right before I posted this

      1. Aiden Solinski

        And you were right

    26. Perla AllendeMedina

      I saw the movie yesterday!!! It was amazing!!!!!!!!!!! Spoiler alert!!!! I love the part where blue saves Owen, Maci, and Clare from that yellow dinosaur creation thing!

    27. Perry Stickbot

      #PrattPat #PrattPat#PrattPat #PrattPat #PrattPat #PrattPat #PrattPat #PrattPat #PrattPat #PrattPat #PrattPat #PrattPat #PrattPat #PrattPat #PrattPat #PrattPat #PrattPat

    28. Aysha F

      I always thought it was Jurrastic with a T until last week when I googled the new movie and autocorrect stepped

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    30. Adam Baker

      I would like to point out one problem in this. The "velociraptors" in the Jurassic Park franchise more closely resemble (and were based upon, according to Michael Crichton) another raptor, known as Deinonychus. This raptor could grow up to 3.4 metres (11 ft) in length, which is much closer to the length of the velociraptors in the film. Perhaps with genetic engineering they could have made it larger and more lizard like. Fossils of these dinosaurs were found in Utah, Wyoming, Oklahoma, and Montana, which you mentioned was quite the tropical environment millions of years ago, including the mid-Aptian to early Albian stages, which was when Deinonychus lived. You may also be wondering why the park calls them Velociraptors if they are actually Deinonychus. While we don't know the fictional reason, the real reason might be quite similar. Michael Crichton did a bunch of research on Deinonychus, but ultimately chose the name velociraptor because he felt it was more dramatic. Perhaps this is also the park's reason for the name change. They've made it clear actual dinosaur education isn't their main goal, genetically modifying the dinosaurs to act more like people would expect them to act and to make them look how people would expect them to look (scarier and more lizard like).

    31. LEEF 121

      Is it just me or matpats feeling are completely normal

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    35. Silvererros

      I definitely see what you mean, but might I add some input? Technically, the park in the movie had been doing fine for several years up until their scientists were told to make an entirely new breed in order to keep interest in the park high. There numbers had been falling and they needed a new exhibit. Every other species in the park was given adequate space to roam and eat on the island (although, as you pointed out, it's hard to tell how big the T-Rex's enclosure was since it wasn't a huge feature in the movie, and the pool in the other case did seem a bit deep). It was with the I-Rex that they had several failures. For one, it was an entirely new species built from it's DNA up, mixing a few different animals into it's genetic code (for which a Raptor was the base). There was no telling what it was capable of or what kind of environment would've been best for it since it was completely new and did not exist before the park. One thing they definitely should've done was have some of the scientists watching and observing it in a slightly more open enclosure (meaning waaaay less trees) in order to figure out how their new "baby" would act, what it could do, how big it would get. On another note, I do believe that enclosure was meant to be temporary. I believe it was mentioned that it grew faster than expected and even ate it's sibling at some point, since there was going to be two. The enclosure is not set up in a main part of the park, and is not accommodated for a large amount of viewers (or even any, other than authorized individuals that work there), so it's more than likely a temporary holding place for new dinos while they grow to make sure they are healthy and ready to set loose in a larger enclosure. That being said, seeing how fast it was growing they should've been, if they weren't already, setting up a final enclosure to release it into at that time which more than likely would've been much larger. Considering how much space their larger herbivores have, given you can ride a ball-like car on your own little safari in the larger section of the park, it seems like they were at least allowing a decent amount of room for most of their exhibits. It was mainly when they started dabbling in making things they knew nothing about that they had a failure, in this case. Just because corporate and various governments wanted something new and were willing to pay a pretty penny for it. You could even say that their biggest failure was hiring somebody that used to work for the original park that has questionable morals, since he seems to have no problem running off with his codes and designs when things turn terrible in a flash, and no problem creating something potentially dangerous to everyone there. I mean, really. Cuttlefish DNA in an over-sized Raptor? Not a good idea. And the idea was to try and make it smaller, weaponize it. Seriously, the guy shouldn't be allowed to work anymore. But, that's just what I see. The park could've continued to be successful if they hadn't started playing around with DNA because of someone else's interests. Great theories going! Keep up the good work, MatPat! :)

    36. DJ Kittenz RBLX Stop Motions

      #PrattPat or maybe #PrattDJKittenz XD

    37. DJ Kittenz RBLX Stop Motions

      I love the beginig

    38. Mitchell Sidden

      The velociraptors in Jurassic Park are actually Utah raptors, fun fact.

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    40. Anthony Araiza-Flores

      Pat can you do a film theory on Who Framed Roger Rabbit and solve wich cartoon is the evilen

    41. Xavier Sakurai

      Millions, not billions matpat

      1. Xavier Sakurai

        It's fine the video is good besides that one part

      2. Xavier Sakurai

        Sorry it's the best I've got.

      3. Xavier Sakurai

        Really? Mat pat forever?

      4. Xavier Sakurai

        No he's not! mat pat forever!!!

      5. Xavier Sakurai

        What are you talking about guys? He is so stupid for that.

    42. ScientistCat

      I talked about the title's inaccuracy in my tumblr many months ago (perhaps more than a year even). Pretty much _all_ of the star attractions in "Jurassic" Park are from the Cretaceous period. But the series got away with such fundamental mistake because "muh dynosurs yeeey!"

    43. GOODGAMER 86

      so matpat is gay...

    44. Nancin Hirse

      Chris Pratt should watch this

    45. Parsa Saei

      Btw you talk about the temperature adjustment of the species...but they mixed tree frog dna to make them more acceptable of the tropical weather condition

    46. Parsa Saei

      Feet? Square mile? Ffs thats a lot of calculating to see if youre shi*ing us with these measures or not

    47. Scott  Grossnickle

      Today Friday June 22 2018 I'll be going to see fallen kingdom with get this: UNLIMITED POPCORN AND DRINKS. 😎

    48. Oakspar Oakspar

      The real failure is always containment. For animals that cost millions to produce and a park where "no expense was spared" they all suck at confinement. Hard, physical confinement with at least two levels is all it takes. Note this is OFTEN done in modern zoos - there is a hard line of confinement (the moat/cliff/wall with glass/etc) and a line of electric wire that keeps the animals off of that hard line of confinement (so that they never get a chance to test the physical confinement. As Venezuelan zoos proved, even if you stop feeding them, the animals will not escape. They will stay in their confinement unwatched and unpowered until the locals break in and murder them for food. (Yeah! Socialism!) EVERY dinosaur habitat should be so secure that, without power, the animals inside will die of starvation before they escape. For the large, herbivorous quadrupeds, that is as simple as walls/cliffs too tall for them to climb and too thick to burst through. For those that can run, jump, climb, etc - sufficient height and in-sloping if not 360 degree caging is a must. Finally, all gates should be double gates and all animals should be radio tagged (most of the dinos are large enough to have active tracking inside of them).

    49. Brentt Watkins

      Ok, if we're being perfectly honest here, no man is perfectly straight. EVERY HUMAN ON THIS EARTH has a Chris Pratt shaped bend in their sexuality somewhere along the line.

    50. Adam S Ross

      Heh. Montana is a Far Cry.