Florence + The Machine - Hunger



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    The new album from Florence + The Machine, HIGH AS HOPE, is out now: florenceandthemachine.net/
    Directed by AG Rojas
    Produced by Park Pictures
    Pre-Order here:
    Hunger available here:
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    1. Black Velveteen

      How many have to die so that you can feel loved.

    2. Felipe Brockveld

      just say to stefani that I can cry easily now, so she created a good damn actor

    3. Mauricio Veliz

      In some parts this song sounds similar to "Running Up That Hill" by Kate Bush. Especially in the choir! But anyway I love the song!!

    4. Vaga Ypso

      She sings well, doesn't she? Plus she's got a beautiful voice. But damn, she clearly doesn't know how to "videoclip".

    5. Felipe Brockveld

      I will not Stefani, I promise you.

    6. #temapais

      Florene pulled some Britney moves in 3:57 that only complete my absolute adoration of this song, of this album really.

    7. Felipe Brockveld

      I want a slitted kilt

    8. donna

      I have a hunger xx💋💋💋

    9. Jill Winwood

      Weird though

    10. Giulia Pusateri

      < 3

    11. Jeremy Loayza

      I love this song i dont get why i left listenig to this, well now i will do it everyday 😃

    12. Gene

      Bishop Briggs, you, Halsey need to make a song right now

    13. Jas Kir

      Beyoootifull 👌🏻✌🏻👌🏻

    14. Cauê Ferreira



      Listening to this just enpowers you to just do whatever it is youre holding back from doing

    16. Dionne Eckstein

      God is a woman indeed

    17. zyndulamelia

      So true!

    18. Sharadan Milsom

      Totally in love with this woman..her voice, emotion, story telling, passion, excitement, pain, feeling..her work has everything. I am in love...

    19. Felipe Brockveld

      I want a New York street full of piche

      1. Felipe Brockveld

        and a emergency telephone call calling the 3 power girls abuuahuuauhauhahuauhahua and a baby tiger

    20. L L

      me encantó el vídeo c: ♥

    21. Marcelita DIS

      And for a moment I forget to worry....

    22. stacey thrift

      I get the tingles listening to this

    23. Irwin Herridge


    24. Chino Scars

      Man this song is so beautiful. The lyrics the sound everything. Who can hate this? I'm glad i found out about Florence💙

    25. Fleuryette

      I really want some fried chicken..

    26. Trinity

      Listening to this blasting through my headphones 👌

    27. Rodrigo ferreira

      Antena 1.

    28. Andrew Uli

      We all have a hunger. It doesn't matter what yours is, just know that, we all have a hunger.

    29. Juergen Melzer

      A bit stolen from Kate Bush

    30. Terri U

      Florence...always leaving us hungry for more, of you...

    31. King Khaalid

      She is such a goddess. Queen isn't a good enough title for her work. Her music is so monumental it makes me feel alive.

    32. Luan Wayne


    33. ZloyApelsinchik

      Прошло уже пол года, а эта песня всё еще вставляет

    34. Kevin Hutchings

      sounds like there are some extra syllables forced in.. maybe a bit lyrically/poetically unprocessed.. cleverly condensed with synonymous poetry it would work better imo. her pacing is erratic because the lyrics don't fit her bars, forcing her to accelerate and use runs to sing everything she's trying to sing. Some writing improvements could propel her to Ellie Golding levels. She's got the eccentricity. though 24 million views says she's doin fine XD just sayin

    35. Sydney dn

      does anybody here know what the quote at the end is supposed to symbolize? I understand the song and some of the video but not the quote.

      1. Sheroo

        Sydney dn Anytime! Enjoy xx

      2. Sydney dn

        Sheroo I definitely will! Thanks so much!!

      3. Sheroo

        Sydney dn You MUST get it. It’s so powerful and it really shows Florence’s journey over her problems and disorders over the span of 10 years. It’s truly stunning and so inspiring. My fav book of all time!

      4. Sydney dn

        Sheroo okay thank you so much! I have been wanting the book for some time now but I am saving money up for it. It looks amazing! What do you think of it?

      5. Sheroo

        Sydney dn It’s from her book ‘Useless Magic’ :) it’s about toxic masculinity and how the men in her life used her and other women in relationships for selfish reasons and left them quickly after

    36. queenira

      i loved what came out of my car radio today 👌👏👍

    37. jessicafetterman

      One of the best songs. Ever

    38. Katie Farris

      "Love was half a longing of a kind that possession did nothing to mitigate." -Marilynne Robinson (Housekeeping 1980)

    39. ren sa

      Você é muito linda

    40. a random person

      I need them to do a collab with Fiona Apple

    41. Δημητρα Σουμα

      I love this song 💝

    42. Inoubliable Douleur

      generic pop music.

      1. Sheroo

        Inoubliable Douleur Read the lyrics. Anything but generic. A true gem. It’s about her battle with anorexia, borderline personality disorder and loneliness throughout her life and coming to terms with it all

    43. Andrea Puggioni

      wow, wonderful song

    44. Sierra Sharp

      This is not just a music video; it’s art!

    45. Felipe Brockveld

      again, I want to tell the story about when a tiger is killed, another catch his place.

    46. Adrian June

      God really is a woman huh

    47. Lego Head

      This song reminds me of you showering.

    48. xFreestyr SecondChannel

      mangia panino che macra macra stai

    49. miss jackson

      Florence such an old lady name

    50. tracy duggan

      i heard this on graham Norton