Florence + The Machine - Hunger



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    The new album from Florence + The Machine, HIGH AS HOPE, is out now: florenceandthemachine.net/
    Directed by AG Rojas
    Produced by Park Pictures
    Pre-Order here:
    Hunger available here:
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    1. DafniGabriella

      Damn, I LOVE THIS WOMAN!!!!!!!! 😍😍😍😍

    2. Milagros Granados

      Wow her voice is so empowering.

    3. Juliano Cosme

      My only fear, e uncertainty that I will not hear her Again. Please Florence, never stop for us.

    4. Nicol Castro


    5. Mark T

      Heavily Kate Bush influenced.

    6. Jack

      Someone please explain what this video is about?

    7. mikael00003

      Why isn’t there a Love button on GR-news and not just a like button. This song is surely worthy.

    8. Natalya


    9. Christopher Gudger-Raines

      You made a fool of death with your beauty.

    10. H. Samuel

      Anyone came here after watching the apple advertisement??

    11. Vic Pizarro

      this is art

    12. mark p

      This location... Where rich people do acid with god.

    13. Grace Cuba

      I started starving myaelf with 13..all.we need is love.✌

    14. Jessica Rose

      If I don't number their lives, if I say countless, if I believe in them and open the door to their next life, if I let the universe sort their morals out and do my best to touch them, reach them, and love them.... does that invalidate your question, or validate the love? How can anyone measure love or it's source?

    15. Amelia Capone

      Am I the only one who thinks this sounds like Kate Bush~running up that hill (deal with god)??

    16. Chloe Dalton

      I really don't want to overplay this song, but it's just way too good

    17. Gustavo Domingues

      who is the blond that appear in the song video, he is beautiful omg

    18. Andrea Elizeth Prieto Colina

      At fourteen I started to starve myself. I thought that love was a kind of emptiness.

    19. Aubrey Madison

      Through this song, I feel love

    20. Rochelle Jane B.

      First time I heard it!!! Great song #1!!!

    21. drivel2

      I like how the new album is so much different from the previous ones, I didn't like them much. I don't think they were bad at all, just not for me. I love this one though. What a great band.

    22. Areel  Khan

      1:51 when you sit on your leg for too long 3:46 when you step on a lego 3:52 when your Amazon delivery finally arrives

    23. Redwolf 319

      Aww, I love Florence and the Machine. I was so excited to hear her on the radio that wasn’t dog days for once. Don’t get me wrong, I love that song but she has so many other good ones.

    24. Milton moro

      love this song

    25. Burlesque Bat

      This track makes my heart explode.

    26. Mustafa Kulle

      Oh Florence, you are one beautiful living work of art.

    27. Despoina Des


    28. the destroyer bakarra

      0:43 there you go replay button and when the song starts

    29. MashUp Beatz

      Yiz bunch of little twerps listening to this shite. Fuck out of here!

    30. Caio Araujo

      Nossa!!! Que voz maravilhosa !!! Sou do Brasil

    31. Vegin Chile.

      So good

    32. iTz_Degyツ

      I love her voice.

    33. Kelly Coyle

      Love this song so much

    34. Paulette N

      All have a Hunger!

    35. Georgina Kabugi


    36. Oscar Muli

      My God, these lyrics are so powerful!

    37. kat Unique

      Oh my goodness.... I replayed this more than 10 times. I love it so much!😭😭💓💓💓💓💓💓💓

    38. Beth

      Such a beautiful and touching song...The video is incredible too! She's so complicated it's beautiful. This leaves me speechless.

    39. ElectricalNoises

      Why doesn't the statue have a cock?

      1. Matheus Rodrigues

        cause it's a transgender

    40. johnxdoe

      This album is like the uptempo version of Ceremonials, I love it 🙌🏾

    41. theo wismer

      I keep thinking she’s gonna peak with each album but she genuinely continues to outdo herself

    42. aurora d'arienzo

    43. invisibalkid1

      never stop being loved by those that ive never met, i think given everything im allowed to be agry

      1. invisibalkid1

        love the song though

    44. Nicolás Tomatis

      How many have to die so that you can feel loved

    45. Steve Wright


      1. Matheus Rodrigues

        lol look at your profile pic you can't call anything weird

    46. joão paulo assis


    47. Mildred Godoy

      Only 20 M. Can't believe it, This is art. What happens whit the world? Hi From Honduras...😊

    48. James Devlin

      Kate Bush rip off. Shite

    49. Sonia Rooney

      I feel guilty

    50. Sonia Rooney

      One day