#ForTheThrone | Game of Thrones (HBO)



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    Every battle.
    Every betrayal.
    Every risk.
    Every fight.
    Every sacrifice.
    Every death.
    All #ForTheThrone.
    The final season of Game of Thrones returns in April.

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    1. Nombre Apellido

      Laaa puta mejor serieee de todo el mundo

    2. Oliver French

      Every battle is for the throne. Even battles with the night king. He wants the iron throne??

    3. Lihue Arcaro

      the music in this video, loved it, someone know this name?

      1. Rodrigo Fernandes

        Light of the Seven

    4. adi s

      What's the song?

    5. General Stultus

      Ah the song from the Grand measters death


      Daenerys Targaryen wonderful!

    7. Bogdan Tulin

      Actual plot: every character is a faceless men playing a game of thrones... let that sink in. The Gods are the actual "players" Loki is Peter Baelish, the deceiver! LET THAT SINK IN.

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      The game of thrones dragon. Lets see who can reach the white snowy dragon. sites.google.com/view/goldminecoinquest/home

    9. anazaeid

      Hey HBO Michael Jackson is INNOCENT bye.

    10. Jennylyn Largo

      I dont know why, but I really like Stannis,, few exceptions, though.

    11. Rob In Mojacar

      There`s one war that counts and its here

    12. murat Şahin

      Türkler nerde bi beğeninde sayımızı görelim

    13. Manilyn Letada

      Is Viserys Targaryen the White Walker king????

    14. Md Omar Faruk

      It's really heart me, if any favourite character die 😥😥

    15. Christian Rodriguez

      the best serie in the world , sorry my english is bad...!!!

    16. Georgina ramirez

      Cercei win game of thrones.

    17. DanaidV

      One of the women will come out on top. I think there have been plenty of hints in the last two seasons that a woman - not a man - is destined to rule. Then again, GOT is always full of surprises. Or maybe John Snow will become king afterall. There are hints of a conflct to come between him and Daenerys in the last episode when they sleep together.

    18. Mühengineer

      why all video is 720p

    19. Luke Fallon

      When you play the game of thrones a LOT of people die. Only one wins ...

    20. Noah Kanku

      The part with Cersei and the drumms ufff i got chills

    21. giuliarossano

      I need a Cersei and Sansa reunion

    22. ramiro cruz


    23. Joshua XO

      Bran is the night king

    24. mansonlamps

      They killed Ramsey .. after that I was done he’s my favorite character

    25. Franny Becker

      Parabéns belíssimo canal super 🌹 Saudações 🇧🇷 beijos com carinho 😘 Love 😍

    26. Vetle Hansen

      Seen this video like 100 times, and still gets chills

    27. Sotir Petrov

      0:49 i love that sound at the end.Its like Viserion makes the sound with the NK on top of him.

    28. sachinsurya007

      When you took a shower and can't find the towel

    29. MVP_KZ

      Fireproof :)

    30. Heisenberg


    31. Team Sophia’s Channel

      OMG, can’t wait 😊

    32. Damián Sand

      CERSEI THE QUEEN ❤❤❤❤❤❤

    33. D. C.

      The Best

    34. ASMR her

      All men dies.

    35. Anveksha Rai

      Excited as hell

    36. bbmld_

      Cant believe it's the end soon. I started watching this in 2013 in order to learn English lol

    37. Edwin Theuri

      very nice edit.

    38. Sourabh Shrivastava

      There is only one show that matters. And it is here.

    39. Nabrandeye Shivers

      Tell me why this gave me goosebumps

    40. Vedant Tewari

      why so lit

    41. TheDared Vermin

      A man is fooking excited

    42. Ashish Ranjan

      Release trailer of around 1 hour!

    43. Shafal


    44. Douglas Moomey

      I drink, and I know things.

    45. Stephanie Nelson

      I don't want any leaks. I don't even want my phone to give me any info once it starts. I don't have cable so I can't get HBO. I have to wait till I can see it on dvd.

    46. Claudia Ardelean

      I don't like to know that the end is near!!! I love GOT! Today I listened to the theme with voice... I never heard before... 👌❤️👌 gr-news.com/online/βίντεο-HDyjC3puTkE.html

    47. Kisel2014

      Wikipedia says that the 1 series will be February 3, 2019. Check for yourself.

    48. Netbase2000


    49. Luca Bazzarelli

      this is so great like every dramatic shot is lined up so perfectly

    50. Ayuxh

      What if Cersie kills Danerys.

    51. Gaurav Mehta

      Winterfell is yours

    52. MAGIC LYON

      What do we say to spoiler ? Not today.

    53. Duncan Sands

      So it's not on Netflix but it is on Now T.V and Sky in April 2019 the first month of BREXIT!!!

    54. ChrisZilla

      “Winterfell is yours... your grace”

    55. Deepak Godara

      *A girl knows everything*


      I can't wait more.

    57. Ashok Salam

      When did season 8 trailor will come

    58. Aditya Malik

      My heart was about to stop when the night king took the spear to kill another dragon 🐉...it was a relifing moment when he missed but still felt bad for the other dragon

    59. yassin yunusa

      GOT is the best. Like if you agree

    60. Gaurav Sharma

      Got a feeling tyrion is so much loved the creators will be completely ditching him and he will betray dany and just kill her in the arms of jon

      1. Silmarìl

        wtf he will not betray dany? what are you talking about

    61. Power Man

      Is hodor in the army of the dead?

    62. GS Corp

      Where will the great battle (endgame) happen?

    63. Tayko

      That MasterPiece is almost over :/

    64. Delia456t Kidd

      enjoy this full movie for more movies : "streamingfullhdnew.blogspot.com"

    65. jaystacular

      If it's all for the throne, all the deceit, spilled blood, and downfalls, then bloody destroy it already. No throne, no more wheel. I bet that's what'll happen.

    66. Sidiqah Nazier

      Most additive series😍😍

    67. pubgustura

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    68. Anto Busatto

      Epic!!!! 😍😍

    69. şahin offical

      can you subscribe to my channel

    70. Beatrice Gheri


    71. Mach9330

      Best show ever:):):):)

    72. Lakshay Bandlish

      Hats off to GOT's Cinematography.

    73. arun jose

      There is only one war that matters!.And it is here.!✌

    74. jens dave

      Cersei remains my favourite forever

    75. Sotir Petrov

      this is it everything ends here.April!

    76. myriam leveillee

      and my ass!

    77. Batuhan Ayan

      Aq çocukları yeni sezon çıkana kadar duyguyu kaybediyosunuz

    78. Jakob Zuniga

      Oh gave me chills winter is coming boys!!!

    79. BoasyStushy

      I gonna go watch binge watch every episode right now

    80. slow bunny

      Hey you who is reading this. I hope you wont die till the last episode of game of thrones s8 yeah

    81. slow bunny

      You'll never know who's gonna die, whose good (ex jon) and whose bad (ex joffrey) And thats the beauty of game of thrones

      1. Mr. Tey

        But Jon is evil... He knows nothing and ignorance is evil.

    82. Pasquale Aliberti


    83. underweightHater

      When you play the game of thrones you die, or you win and then die slightly later under suspicious circumstances.


      Light of the seven.

    85. Yasmin Celeste

      The music - light of the seven - is the one played when Cersei killed everyone with the explosion. And it's giving me all the feels

    86. Abshir S

      Omg April would come sooner the waiting part is killing me but how sad is it is the end 😭😭😭😭

    87. SkunkApe95

      Am I the only one that saw the thumb and thought it looked like a flaming sword in her chest?

    88. Erwann Onissah


    89. Muhammet Ömer Toprak

      Just one of them For the Life.For Humunity!

    90. KupuTo San

      Дада дадада!!!! Нет слов, одни эмоции!!!

    91. Mila Db

      HBO is waaaay better than my ex boyfriend in playing mind games .

    92. J G

      F HBO and the skeleton horse they rode in on. 2 years for half a season. Send the greedy bastiges a message with your subscription cancelation

    93. Filmaniac

      Can't wait to see Jon vs Night King

    94. Spartak Sevov

      Aegon (Jon) belongs in a battlefield where he can fight against all odds, the darkness around him, but he doesn't give up. Daenerys belongs in a palace, looking upon something beautiful and peaceful, the light shining on her. Cersei belongs in a place where people hate her and she is alone, where revenge, anger and power are everything she has.

    95. Dony Team Fan club

      came after got s8 teaser again

    96. TWSTF 8

      OOH!!! HUGE "news" about the final season popped up on my Google card today! (This comment is dark and full of **SPOILERS**) According to "Mashable," the Slovakian actor who plays the Night King let it slip at a Hungarian fan event that the massive final battle we're all anticipating and that we’ve heard so much about, (you know, the one that reportedly took more than 55 days and nights to film, and cost more than the GDP of a small country,) will NOT be happening in the 5th or 6th and final episode, like most of the penultimate battles of previous seasons. (Battle of the Bastards, Blackwater Bay, Battle for Castle Black, etc.) (Huh, there's alot of "B" word battles in Game of Thrones, isn't there?!) Instead, actor Vladimír Furdík has revealed that the enormous, world-altering battle between the living and the dead will take place at the halfway point of the concluding six-episode arc. “In the third episode of the last season, there is a battle that the creators intended to be a historic moment in television,” he stated while appearing at a fan convention in Hungary. Clearly, that's a pretty definitive announcement. One that he most likely wasn't cleared to make. Anyway, you can find the Hungarian fan event transcript fairly easily with a simple Google search. And naturally, there are a number of options for translation into your mother tongue if you don't speak Hungarian. Enjoy! 👍

      1. ALPHA GAMER

        i saw that,peter diclange say that battle will put the battle of the bastards to shame

    97. M K P


    98. Jaco Steenkamp

      Counting down the days!!!!

    99. Prashant Dikshit

      Who the fcuk are those 984 people who disliked this video....either u watch GOT & Like it OR u don't watch GOT...there is no middle ground 😅

    100. Brett Stephens

      What is the song they use