#ForTheThrone | Game of Thrones (HBO)



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    Every battle.
    Every betrayal.
    Every risk.
    Every fight.
    Every sacrifice.
    Every death.
    All #ForTheThrone.
    The final season of Game of Thrones returns in April.

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    1. Anto Busatto

      Epic!!!! 😍😍

    2. şahin offical

      can you subscribe to my channel

    3. Beatrice Gheri


    4. Mach9330

      Best show ever:):):):)

    5. Lakshay Bandlish

      Hats off to GOT's Cinematography.

    6. arun jose

      There is only one war that matters!.And it is here.!✌

    7. jens dave

      Cersei remains my favourite forever

    8. Sotir Petrov

      this is it everything ends here.April!

    9. myriam leveillee

      and my ass!

    10. Batuhan Ayan

      Aq çocukları yeni sezon çıkana kadar duyguyu kaybediyosunuz

    11. Jakob Zuniga

      Oh gave me chills winter is coming boys!!!

    12. BoasyStushy

      I gonna go watch binge watch every episode right now

    13. slow bunny

      Hey you who is reading this. I hope you wont die till the last episode of game of thrones s8 yeah

    14. slow bunny

      You'll never know who's gonna die, whose good (ex jon) and whose bad (ex joffrey) And thats the beauty of game of thrones

      1. Mr. Tey

        But Jon is evil... He knows nothing and ignorance is evil.

    15. Pasquale Aliberti


    16. underweightHater

      When you play the game of thrones you die, or you win and then die slightly later under suspicious circumstances.


      Light of the seven.

    18. Yasmin Celeste

      The music - light of the seven - is the one played when Cersei killed everyone with the explosion. And it's giving me all the feels

    19. Abshir S

      Omg April would come sooner the waiting part is killing me but how sad is it is the end 😭😭😭😭

    20. SkunkApe95

      Am I the only one that saw the thumb and thought it looked like a flaming sword in her chest?

    21. Erwann Onissah


    22. Muhammet Ömer Toprak

      Just one of them For the Life.For Humunity!

    23. Артур Токий

      Дада дадада!!!! Нет слов, одни эмоции!!!

    24. Diba Hashemi

      HBO is waaaay better than my ex boyfriend in playing mind games .

    25. J G

      F HBO and the skeleton horse they rode in on. 2 years for half a season. Send the greedy bastiges a message with your subscription cancelation

    26. Filmaniac

      Can't wait to see Jon vs Night King

    27. Spartak Sevov

      Aegon (Jon) belongs in a battlefield where he can fight against all odds, the darkness around him, but he doesn't give up. Daenerys belongs in a palace, looking upon something beautiful and peaceful, the light shining on her. Cersei belongs in a place where people hate her and she is alone, where revenge, anger and power are everything she has.

    28. Amatya Kundra

      came after got s8 teaser again

    29. TWSTF 8

      OOH!!! HUGE "news" about the final season popped up on my Google card today! (This comment is dark and full of **SPOILERS**) According to "Mashable," the Slovakian actor who plays the Night King let it slip at a Hungarian fan event that the massive final battle we're all anticipating and that we’ve heard so much about, (you know, the one that reportedly took more than 55 days and nights to film, and cost more than the GDP of a small country,) will NOT be happening in the 5th or 6th and final episode, like most of the penultimate battles of previous seasons. (Battle of the Bastards, Blackwater Bay, Battle for Castle Black, etc.) (Huh, there's alot of "B" word battles in Game of Thrones, isn't there?!) Instead, actor Vladimír Furdík has revealed that the enormous, world-altering battle between the living and the dead will take place at the halfway point of the concluding six-episode arc. “In the third episode of the last season, there is a battle that the creators intended to be a historic moment in television,” he stated while appearing at a fan convention in Hungary. Clearly, that's a pretty definitive announcement. One that he most likely wasn't cleared to make. Anyway, you can find the Hungarian fan event transcript fairly easily with a simple Google search. And naturally, there are a number of options for translation into your mother tongue if you don't speak Hungarian. Enjoy! 👍

    30. Monika Początek


    31. Jaco Steenkamp

      Counting down the days!!!!

    32. Prashant Dikshit

      Who the fcuk are those 984 people who disliked this video....either u watch GOT & Like it OR u don't watch GOT...there is no middle ground 😅

    33. Brett Stephens

      What is the song they use

    34. BeSt moments from games

      A man never seen this show if he dislikes this video

    35. Mustafa bohra

      Please make hindi dubbed

    36. Tormund trovão

      I love brienne.

    37. Tormund trovão

      Winter is here motherfucker.

    38. Daniel Barbosa


    39. Hillary Clark

      Ugh. I just read a comment on another thread that they think Jon Snow will die without ever finding out who he really is. Grew up a bastard for nothing. Gives new meaning to “you know nothing Jon Snow” please if this happens I will throw my TV 😢😢😉

    40. matiasignacio mario

      La mejor serie del mundo 🌏

    41. Dave Jahnke

      Does anyone know anything about why HBO pulled their channels off of Dish Network? I"m sure its about money but are they going to be back, or do i have to go to another provider for the final season?

    42. Shaunwan Van Wyk

      We're in the end game now

    43. Aditya Narayan Dash

      Which piano theme is at the beginning of the video?????

    44. amir A.H.S

      You know nothing, HBO

    45. Arnold Rivas

      A man can sense a teaser coming when winter begins. A man also can sense a trailer when winter ends and spring begins. It is known.

    46. Galileel Günther

      Lord of the rings as series

    47. 24hoursonline1

      I just want to see Arya and John meeting up 😥😥 can't wait

    48. Zülfüqar Zülfüqarlı

      How to wait

    49. kaya müzik hd

      filim'mi bitiyo aq

    50. 1234killer 56789