Fortnite meets Minecraft 3



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    Hey guys another sequel to the popular fortnite meets minecraft series.
    I hope you enjoyed this short movie I put a lot of effort again to mix the minecraft and fortnite world into one. Fortnite battle royale is one of the hottest games right now so I decided to mix it with minecraft roleplay this is also one of the longest videos I have ever made on this channel.
    Make sure to check out fortnite meets part 2 if you haven't seen it yet
    Fortnite Meets Minecraft 2βίντεο-MADDz1f3M4Y.html

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    1. CCMegaproductions

      Hey guys hope you enjoy this episode of fortnite meets minecraft! Make sure to comment below if you can find the hidden loot llama :D

      1. Mubassar Hussain

        8:15 I found the loot llama

      2. Roblox & Fortnite Is Awesome

        Joshuar Memerson shut up why don’t you kill yourself dumbass u have like no subs bitch

      3. Roblox & Fortnite Is Awesome

        put waluigi in smash your trash at Fortnite kid

      4. Hallie Lock

        I seen lama☺

      5. Michel Paulino

        Michel sonic 7

    2. Boroldoi Myagmar

      ifound the loot lamma its on the bottom of the build

    3. Saul Cedillo

      I sow a llama under the fort of stiv

    4. jeury Aburto

      Eres pendejo morro

    5. maria banuelos

      At the bottom of herobrines base

    6. Kostas Pogkas

      Found the lama on herobrienes tower or in

    7. Charlie Baker

      your fingers are going through the rpg

    8. James Harris

      I found the llamas under Herobrine fort

    9. Moe Alsaoudi

      8:14 and 8:15

    10. Josue Soto

      The lama was in 815

    11. Gloria Tabieros

      In forest

      1. Gloria Tabieros

        Sorry 8. 15

    12. Lawrence Pillers

      I found ittttttttt

    13. Rola Saghir

      The lote lama was at heribriens fort in the botom

    14. Satlantas Sinjai

      The hidden llama is 8:15

    15. Yurena María Micó Paz

      No es muy realista

    16. Melissa Torrez

      Found the hidden llama

    17. Melissa Torrez

      Found it

    18. Thiago Plocharski

      El hongo/palo xd... Ni siquiera lo tocas y igual con la Granada pero buen esfuerzo para editar me gusta el Video

    19. Aaron Richardson


    20. Adrion Richardson


    21. Wyatt Catron

      I saw it at 10:03

    22. Niang Amy


    23. cayden brownlie

      Lama was near the building with the PIG!!!!!!!!!

    24. Patri Patri

      Fonay es puto

    25. Julio Lopez

      The llama is under the fortress of Steve

    26. Juanky 046

      Found the llama under Herobrines base ha

    27. mochamammabear

      llama l fawnd the llama

    28. Jonttu rajala

      Im found llama in 8:14

    29. Patricia Horton

      =“;$3-, zazzawaaaaaass

    30. Jason Barone

      I found the llama

    31. Itz_Poptart

      That was horrible the Photoshop was real

    32. silver gunbwolf

      Hi, there if you have Spotify, please cherish me here 👉👉👉 (I love you 💜)

    33. Mert GM

      ₺ ı

    34. Krymson Villarreal

      Fake !!!!!!!!

    35. 劉宇恩


    36. ZombieGirl

      And real life


      Under herobrines base or tower

    38. MrStuart71

      I found it

    39. George Rodriguez

      This fake look at

    40. cool rage 1000


    41. Noe An


    42. Natalja Mam

      Lama at 8:15 beside the herobrine

    43. kenneth turner

      The llama is 8:15

    44. claudia nilsson

      buuuu dålit för du dog aldrig.

    45. Sam Roetman

      Found it

    46. Logan Case

      My 3 year old sister could have done better editing than this

    47. Sandrine Riffault


    48. Violeta Bosco

      8:15 I found the llama

    49. Julie Bullard


    50. Renee Creasy

      i found loot lama