Fortnite meets Minecraft 3



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    Hey guys another sequel to the popular fortnite meets minecraft series.
    I hope you enjoyed this short movie I put a lot of effort again to mix the minecraft and fortnite world into one. Fortnite battle royale is one of the hottest games right now so I decided to mix it with minecraft roleplay this is also one of the longest videos I have ever made on this channel.
    Make sure to check out fortnite meets part 2 if you haven't seen it yet
    Fortnite Meets Minecraft 2βίντεο-MADDz1f3M4Y.html

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    1. CCMegaproductions

      Hey guys hope you enjoy this episode of fortnite meets minecraft! Make sure to comment below if you can find the hidden loot llama :D

      1. Joaquin Hernandez

        Mui vueno

      2. Ree Collins

        CCMegaproductions lokk

      3. stormer126


      4. Dr. Dania Amir

        Cbbb. C. B bbn bb. BBB CCMegaproductions v/

    2. John Telfer

      i faond de lama

    3. Harry So

      Sweet video :D

    4. D

      Hi bitch

    5. Ty K

      That guy has cardboard guns and fake RPG

    6. Ty K

      I hate pistol

    7. Ty K

      Why most people spelling llama like lamma it aint lamma its llama

    8. Ty K

      Herobrine should have 444444444444444444444 health not 100

    9. Ty K

      I saw a SECRET LLAMA

    10. Ty K

      Creeper has 0 hands how he holding a tactical shot gun?

    11. Simou Bouss

      I see here

    12. abelopez11206

      I found it was behind the mobs build one like on this comment =1eye for life💪🏽🔥😀🤬

    13. Nai Aiden Win Htut

      i found hid llama

    14. Gely McGelo

      Llama at 8:15

    15. Leonardo Moreno

      Found it

    16. Leonardo Moreno

      Fouad it

    17. Antonio Montana

      Tes le mec le plus con que jai vu donc tes un trou du cul

    18. Peggy Siamisang

      Your. Family

    19. Diana Lednik

      Found it

    20. Ruth Hernandez


    21. Maanijan Akbary

      I find the loot Lama

    22. Diana ANTUNEZ

      The hidden lama is where the minecraft guy

    23. Dianne Jackson

      I saw the loot lama

    24. marilynn thomas

      The hidden Llama was at 8:15 behide herobrine fort

    25. Esperanza Banuelos

      Llama is in 8.15

    26. PrisonerOfWar 10

      I saw it.

    27. באראל חנוכיב

      טל. צבח

    28. Vanessa Sanchez

      Loot lama 8:15

    29. FORTNITERO 2345

      no me gusto por que segun a los que mata tienen scar pero no agarra la scar y el actor parece retrasado asi que le doy un pulgar abajo

    30. yanuarh garcia


    31. NATALI kirkland

      At heroine pt

    32. Toni Larnce


    33. Tere Sanchez

      I did

    34. Swedish boy

      The hidden lama 08:15

    35. NERA VOTO

      Why you dont pick the scar from skeleton???

    36. Wyatt Woody

      Llama at 8:15

    37. David Papojan

      I saw hidden loot lama

    38. Oskaras P

      They didnt even reload

    39. Christoffer Roland

      You can’t build and you can’t realoud WTF

    40. Christoffer Roland

      I found it 8:14 Thank me later

    41. منصور الحربي

      مشا الله

    42. Made Palomino

      i saw the secret lama

    43. Carolina Morales

      Nosecope 😎

    44. Carolina Morales

      C ool

    45. canal 0909


    46. Tosin Jafo

      Found llama on Steve fort

    47. Sonia Hlavackova

      Found loot lama

    48. Prokid plays

      I found the loot lama Under herobrians base

    49. Caden Just

      8:15 is the llama

    50. Donny The king

      So cringe saw lama