FORTNITE The Movie (Official Fake Trailer)



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    1. nigahiga

      Download Fortnite for free by clicking here:

      1. Yahia Jumpo

        nigahiga Thank you you welcome🙏

      2. Johnny Bergh

        nigahiga l

      3. Lola Vice

        Real Dankrise djcnxjhvutucufufjfjcjdjfu Cjcjcjcjcjfjskfjsjxj jujujvjhuufjzi

      4. Lola Vice

        Hi Hi Hi

      5. Lola Vice

        nigahiga akxls,a

    2. BarBQ71

      Fortnite sucks.

    3. The Gaming Titan

      The Asian always wins.

    4. Jay Da Huskie

      Dear Ryan, can you do a parody of a parody

    5. Jay Da Huskie

      Dear Ryan, Can I be in A Dear Ryan

    6. Acid Corp Anims

      nigahiga i heard of you and saw you on xbox

    7. the incredible colorful world

      Boogie bomb i got boogie bombed xD

    8. Roark Durden


    9. LLS_ Carson

      guys come look at my live stream i know how to get free vbucks

    10. imahappybritishboy

      Yes.raptor won.

    11. T&L Gaming

      THIS SHOULD ACCUALLY BE A MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    12. Herobot


    13. Herobot

      I knew it was gonna be rocket riding

    14. cwxzeng


    15. Mohammed F. Hajeri-Al

      You mean so good at fortnite but so bad at PUBG

    16. Aisan Meme

      Wow it just turned in to a movie

    17. Aeryiel Glover

      When the brick tried to hit him I thought it was coming right at me then I just flinched every time I replayed it

    18. Lex Chidlow


    19. Bbvv Bbnn

      Fortnite movie 2!

    20. Superredman Gaming

      You can’t even say the name PUBGsus man! He doesn’t realize he finished it XD

    21. Yahia Jumpo

      Blastphamoushd HD TV 2

    22. Constant Kirby

      Nice I love this video

    23. xSpekt

      He's playing clash. Hahahahha I do that all the time I'm at 3861 trophies nerddssss

    24. jojo t

      Bro........THIS IS LIT🤣🤣🤣

    25. Albert Einstein


    26. TheLittle OneSana

      Whats pub

      1. Alakazam

        TheLittle OneSana there is another battle royale game called pubg (player unknown's battlegrounds)

    27. TheLittle OneSana

      How does it feel to be the best youtuber on youtube?

    28. Leakers Banger


    29. ibraibra

      Dear Ryan Do an infinity war Parody

    30. Quintyn Bishop


    31. Black Pandazzz

      Shoutout to small shuyan

    32. Cast51 bentley


    33. ann lol time Balos


    34. LegitCatcher21

      cheesy but verry good and cool

    35. Lola Vice


    36. vitoria Harumi

      Kkk muito legal 👏👏 congratulations

    37. Jon Andreas Nilsen

      Well done video

    38. Juan Diego Marmolejo

      IM DEAD!!!! hahahahhaaaaa

    39. Mini Mitchy

      Make an actual movie plz

    40. Amused Batman

      Not enough hopping for Fortnite

    41. Sam D'Hondt


    42. yadi yadu


    43. Naruto Pathz

      This is so funny😂😂😂

    44. Jan G

      The editing was good... but now I'm sure that I'm never playing fortnite

    45. Medi Artzzz

      I vote for a mini series 🙌🏻

    46. Deadpool ww

      esto es simplemente asombroso.

    47. MichaelJacksonGaming

      i find it sad that 14000 people went out of their way to dislike a video that is neutral in every way if you dont like it then dont press the like button why the f do 14000 people dislike it its so sad what is wrong with that many people did they take offense to their fortnite religion? wtf he worked really hard on this.... pubg fans probably....

    48. Henrique Nassif Handball


    49. Antonio v

      Pub G is better

    50. XeniteBlackthread

      Much more interesting than the game itself. You should make a show out of it, with plots, story arcs and returning characters. 😁