FORTNITE The Movie (Official Fake Trailer)



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    1. nigahiga

      Download Fortnite for free by clicking here:

      1. Omq

        isn't fortnite already free

      2. Danijela Savic


      3. Emily Jordan

        Ryan, why can't I say pubg? Oh you didn't talk over me!

      4. Alma Martinez

        nigahiga u

      5. Alma Martinez

        nigahiga 88888888

    2. The Gaming Croc

      Have you noticed they came out a a circle with a store inside of it?

    3. Original Content

      Pubg esus man!

    4. RearmRenkar

      This trailer Spoil so much shit

    5. Maniak Manners

      Wouldn't a Fortnite movie be about STW and not BR? Save the World IS the original game.

    6. Mugilfy Fortnite

      I dont like this i only loke the action

    7. Lucas Miller

      i thought at the moment the guy said he had a rocket they were gonna self rocket ride and they did lol XD

    8. DipstickPlays

      Unpopular opinion I like the game and the nigahiga trailer PUBG more

    9. Sam Tsang


    10. chadywow

      Cool dancing dude

    11. Siam siam 0.1

      I relly relly wish there was a real movie or an animated one

    12. nin ja

      This should be a movie

    13. Marvin Steyaert

      Og 0:01

    14. alfaifi 905

      فلم هندي

    15. AshCat Gaming

      I got Fortnite Ad😂😂😂

    16. CrazyGamerDa111rd

      This is the best trailer ever

    17. Cheryl Lynsky

      'All right. We'll do a quick one. Tilted towers.' LOL

    18. CrazyGamerDa111rd

      Did he mean pubg?

      1. CrazyGamerDa111rd

        (PlayerUnknowns BattleGround)

    19. Amir Rehan

      Commenting on this video since Fortnite is out for Android in the form of beta.

    20. clavio games

      it looks like real (i hope is real)

    21. Big Rancho

      I love pacos acting so much

    22. The Black Knight

      Raptor Wins By just dying at the storm while the other player Gets impaled

    23. Christina Mansen

      Does he get payed for these? Because he really should

    24. TNT Slayer

      It would be nice if it was real

    25. YasoO Gaming

      comon its very cool if just you make more vids like this one

    26. MySingingMonsters Shugabush

      Myth was so salty cuz skull trooper died

    27. Ann R

      Saw the making of this... great job with putting this all together! 4 days worth it I'd say awesome job, very impressed!

    28. Nivo Uprise

      The storm looked SOOOOOO cool way better than the game and the emotes are funny in the movie xd

    29. Sentai

      NOOO!!! WHY????

    30. Golden-nugget

      Do a movie with alecmolon he's awesome editing

    31. Eren Gaming

      they should make a real fortnite movie

    32. Snowball3d Penguin_Donut

      Why isn’t this a movie?

    33. Tim

      "I think we are each in the wrong house" Omg xD

    34. bear vlogs

      nice vid

    35. Sweg Sparky

      fortnite the movie! featuring: swearing kids, people who yell a lot, ragers, people threatening to burn down each other's houses and kill each other, the people who say they know where you live even though they sound like they're only 10 years old AND the people who get way too addicted to it.

    36. Nha Pham

      vn điểm danh

    37. OK K.O. Yes Litton Entertainment and TTG No

      COMING JULY 26 2019

    38. AK Gaming

      When paco is angry at ryan ryan is hiding in the bush

    39. I do not know


    40. The_Galaxy_Wolf

      3 months ago and the movie isnt out :(

    41. Raana Gul

      Who wants this as an actual movie

    42. Yufang Yang

      hey where the bullet

    43. I HATE MY LIFE


    44. Farhan AjiYT

      Cool Vids,and the Graphics is good,and the editing is COOL!!!!

    45. Musicaly _PUBG


    46. Cara Lam

      Dear Ryan, kiss arden in front of the camera.

    47. Creeper King


    48. Curly Fries

      This would be a rlly cool film. I like it.

    49. Ben Washongton

      No tralier is this long

    50. Phyrren

      Wow! This was really good and high quality and funny. This gave me laughs all around Ryan, RHPC is doing really good!!!! Keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!! You’ll eventually become the best Tuber!