FORTNITE The Movie (Official Fake Trailer)



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    1. nigahiga

      Download Fortnite for free by clicking here:

      1. Dezewan Ronquillo


      2. YouTube Cat

        nigahiga you don’t put the whole plot from start to end into a movie unless you’re sony

      3. Mr LegendaryMan


      4. Ong Jasmine

        nigahiga okay

      5. Greater zimbabwe Mapping and fortnite

        nigahiga i

    2. Demented Haven

      Pretty much every vid by this channel has over 1million.views

    3. aziz irsyad

      bahasaaaaa, u was using indonesian languagee

    4. Bam Oak

      is it possible to fly on that rocket

    5. Shelly

      i cant believe Ryan is still alive and kicking on YT. mess

    6. zFeff GT

      Fun Fact i watch this 5 times alr

    7. willow the wisp

      3:35 his hands come off the umbrella

    8. Alip

      Hahaha 😂

    9. Perfect Mess Productions

      These official fake trailers are amazing you should definitely do more!! I saw this and the Pokemon one

    10. Jeffrey Bradshaw

      That looks like rice gum

    11. Ples

      If this seems like some game to you... Its a game tho

    12. Daisy Martinez 01

      Hey can you do a movie skit on angry birds

    13. Ambaruchii

      This is so clever and like the funniest thing ever!!! I love it ❤️❤️

    14. Skeletal Hunter

      it was cool until the other players broke the forth wall, then it was cool again

    15. Crystal ZingZar


    16. DepressedBender

      *intense manly tear*

    17. RJ hefte

      Suicide rates drop to zero

    18. Austin Mallett

      Damn this is awesomeeeee!!!!!

    19. Pritisha Dhakhwa

      I don't play Fortnite and don't understand the references, but it's still cool af😂

    20. 09shrimp

      I don’t think movie trailers are almost 9 minutes 😐

      1. thejayeee

        09shrimp This is a fake trailer.

    21. Mobile Ninja

      3:36 How the Heck!!

    22. boon xin kok

      please stop make fortnite video

    23. 100 Subscribers with no videos?


    24. Clara Smith

      Second watch I don't even know the play😂

    25. Atomixtota

      U know this isnt true when u see knocked down players arent getting finished

    26. NinjaCraft

      Why has no one made the joke about Mary poppins and fort nite with the umbrella by now

    27. jaynkeze

      This is better than the real trailer

    28. da red bandit


    29. Daikaiju Productions


    30. Drew Polonowita

      Fortnite Sucks PubG Rules

    31. Zena Yang

      y am I watching this when I Dont even play fortnite?

    32. jeff why

      heck yes

    33. The Cats & The Ferret

      This is very well edited, a great Fortnite movie! 👍

    34. stinky Ass

      Official fake movie trailer for The Last Of Us 😆😆

    35. chile f

      3.35 he can fly

    36. Hayden Best

      Heres a scar nope my (shoot shoot shoot)

    37. Legend X

      Pub... PUBG.....

    38. Hamstercornetto

      if this were a real trailer than it would be sooooooo bad because it gives away the whole story but it is very good

    39. #_Fiero_#

      8:20 the real reason for my existence

    40. Jack Shouldis


    41. Marsel Music

      I legit have never lauged so hard in my life........ since the previous vid I watched when I was 11 in 2015 lmao

    42. Perfect Diamond


    43. aaron


    44. RJ Gamer

      Fortnite is awesome

    45. Slime Hippo

      So we can throw axes now?

    46. Earth Wolf Ellie

      I need the whole movie....

    47. Hidden Skyler

      Hoe the fortnite music feature came to be

    48. bowser junior

      I wanna see a titanfall 2 fakwe trailer SOOOOO BAD can you make one pwease ryan my dreams would come true

    49. Juliana Duong

      Fortnite prob sponsor this video

    50. Shanaya Sheth

      Umm no one jumps of a rocket after 10sec