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    Dude Perfect plays Fortnite with Ninja!
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    1. Dude Perfect

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      1. Omar Henry

        Dude Perfect t

      2. SandieBelle


      3. Play House

        Dude Perfect tell ninja to add me my name is Crazy smart 21

      4. Bryan Jahn

        Dude Perfect well now Tyler is probably the only person in the whole world with a 100% win ratio

      5. Brayden Clancy

        I love fort nite

    2. Carlitos R C

      He looks like eating a mango

    3. iiPlayGames xX

      If i had won the lotto id donate 10 mil to yall

    4. Chayse Thompson

      Ty is beast with a grenade launcher

    5. Load ing

      RIP LLAMA ~Got opened by “Ninja” All he wanted to do was just live his life in nature. One like = One prayer

    6. zohreh zahedi

      Can I play Fortnite with you

    7. Priyanshu Pal

      I love you guys 😆😆you are just brilliant

    8. Henry Djunaedi

      Do you guys see dengan on the video

    9. LuAnn Brown

      That was epic...see what I did there

    10. Mighty ele123

      Nice dude you play with ninjashyper ! Ninja is your friend in fortnite? That was cool !!! But you dont no's who is tfue.☺

    11. Alvin Wijaya

      8:15 Switch to the AR *2* have 2 guns GL and silence smg LOOL

    12. Christian Yadiel Rivera

      Play with my ninja and dude perfect

    13. Christian Yadiel Rivera

      High ninja and dude perfect

    14. GLPB _exe

      Kills 3 people with a grenade launcher and trickshots Thats what I call Dude Perfect

    15. David Stout

      Fortnight sucks

    16. Brayden Holcomb


    17. Abhinav Gunti

      Tyler sir please

    18. Abhinav Gunti

      Pls make me to play with ninja it is my wiss

    19. IDEAL game


    20. Kals Gops

      I hate garrett

    21. Austin Leong

      Tyler,Ninja's name is Tyler.

    22. Kevin Michael

      I love fortnite

    23. Samantha Wells

      You should play pudg

    24. SiimplyGreat

      Ty did way better than I did in my first game


      Don’t ask but I ate a whole banana when I was little and literally didn’t bat an eye

    26. sunrocks

      I love overtime

    27. samtube

      The most entertaining overtime ever

    28. john hughes

      Ty's actually insane at the GL XD

    29. SupremeTimeLord57

      He said switching to the AR. He switched to a SMG.

    30. Hak - Fortnite

      It’s crazy what a default and a grenade launcher can do

    31. Hunter Strickland

      Why would anyone dislike this?

    32. Mie Uriyama

      colins key

    33. Quinn Johnson

      I love your videos! Me and my brother!

    34. christopher burnett

      can you guys please suppport my fortnite video i uploaded yesterday

    35. TheMuffin_Man

      When they launch episode 5 and realize they haven’t uploaded episode 5 sense about 6 months ago so it’s real strange when u see it’s season 4 when they made this episode

    36. Shannon Russell

      Who’s mad that they did not they did not do cool not cool

    37. The Sorce 07

      Your both Tyler’s

    38. JCAgaming

      9:46 *ALI-A INTRO PLAYS*

    39. Ben Briscoe

      Any one else think their logo looks like anki overdrive

    40. Michael Davis

      pro grenade player

    41. Louie Palhegyi

      Season 6 anyone?

    42. Gavin Coetzee

      Did you realize it was Tyler and tyler

    43. MaMa Nischal


    44. MANIX GD

      omg tyler and tyler play fortnite together

    45. Parker Connell

      Play more fortnite

    46. JackSoccerPsycho Zimmerman

      Were is the cool not cool segment.

    47. Jesse Place Sr


    48. Per sebaya

      Indo mana suaranya

    49. Emerald dolphin And mr sharky

      Wtf would happen if ty was chosen for wheel unfortunate

    50. Isaac Connell

      honk train