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    Dude Perfect plays Fortnite with Ninja!
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    5 Best Friends and a Panda.
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    1. Dude Perfect

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      1. Bryan Jahn

        Dude Perfect well now Tyler is probably the only person in the whole world with a 100% win ratio

      2. Brayden Clancy

        I love fort nite

      3. Nina Shetty

        Dude Perfect t

      4. Tammy Hammerich

        Dude Perfect

    2. B-Boys Batterman

      Your the best

    3. wafflez 24

      I love the theme song

    4. BEAST MASTA88

      Ligma balls

    5. Myrna Roma

      We know

    6. seyar hotak

      such a great channel

    7. eli fortniter

      Gift to eliyo21 in FORTNITE

    8. Raiyan Ahmed

      He is not the best, tfue is

    9. Diane Saffell

      I love ninga

    10. Dark Bloody Gamer

      R u friends with ninja

    11. Nathan Davis

      That was accaulty ninja because his name is ninjhiper

    12. Adam Zhang

      Is the panda Chad?

    13. Cordelia McQuiston

      your awesome dude perfect

    14. Aidon Bingaman

      ι play ғorтnιтe ιт ιѕ amazing

    15. Jexiel Tirado

      Dude perfect gots to land every shot like he does on his trick shot videos

    16. Jexiel Tirado

      Damn fucked up the horn

    17. Arham Zaib

      Make a live fortnite battel

    18. Mason Boswell

      tyler is on Xbox one s but mine is an Xbox one x

    19. Elizabeth Clarke

      I bet I can beat that record I have ben known to have a very strong blow. :)

    20. Minnow 41

      It just hit 31 minutes, it was on 01:01:27

    21. Matthew Garcia

      Ty's a god, he only got kills with a grenade launcher when they were in the open

    22. Layne Lewis

      The wheel of fortune guy reminds me of zach galifianakis 🤣🤣

    23. Smoke TreeZZ

      Fortnite Trickshots. Playground Mode. DO IT. Panda The Waiter. Hiring: Waiter Or Waitress. Panda, Get Over There. Edit: Ty On His First Game Of Fortnite Is Better Than Me And I've Been Playing For A Month xD

    24. Josh”s Toys And Games

      Ned Forrester Was Tyler

    25. ZE MIN OOI

      Can you donate vbucks

    26. Eli Kemp

      You guys should go to Australia team up with how ridiculous

    27. Rebeller


    28. Koop 23443


    29. Infinity Skarrf

      Should I - drink- bandages?

    30. Luca Rodier


    31. • Shook •

      Good Job Tyler lol. You did better then me on your first game then I have ever done and I’ve been playing since s3!

    32. Evelyn da gymnast!!!

      Since when did dude perfect have 33 million subscribers!!!???!!! Theyre gonna pass up pewdiepie!!!

    33. andrew lorken

      Go ninja

    34. SniperzZz YT

      Should I drink some bandaids?! 🤣

    35. ///// ArcherSean653 \\\\\

      Which Ty? Ninja’s real name is Tyler, ya know.

    36. Loren Smith

      my freind did 30 kill solo game

    37. Maivneeb Chang

      i really want to try and play with ninja

    38. SunnyArcade

      Tyler plays with tyler lol

    39. girls make vids

      "Should I drink some bandaids"

    40. KamranHypers!

      Dude perfect has the god aiming

    41. Julian Gonzales

      Can we just take a minute and look at the mic 🤤😂

    42. Kirtan In HD

      4:27... Ty Drinks Monster As He Is Playing With Ninja. Do You See The Reference I Made There To Redbull?

    43. TrifireMC plays

      "No one touch the pea (pee)-coby 2018

    44. Paisley Modglin

      I have shared and subscribed

    45. Aarti Patil

      When Tyler plays with Tyler.

    46. Tuur Neven

      I play fortnite on xbox to

    47. Nutmeg Knight is a cool name

      Dude perfect has clickbaited now

    48. Legendarygamer123 Imam

      3 kills in the first game . Nice

    49. The Pokéman

      It's a toyota....what did you's like the Nokia of cars.

    50. Rawk