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    Dude Perfect plays Fortnite with Ninja!
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    1. Dude Perfect

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      1. Hamida Rahman

        I love your video 🎥 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      2. urška šestanj


      3. KRISH S

        That was epic...see what I did there?

      4. Finlay Hall

        Dude Perfect glauconitic difficultly Kelly full full full full an an FFL op protocol topic topic via secretary-general you have any further information please do let me know when the time to it and I will have any other questions please contact us at any time to meet up and running again later and we will need to be a good time to meet you and I am not sure if it

    2. Akshay Sharma

      too funny reaction corry haaaaaaa haaaa ahah ah ha

    3. Rio Pramana

      08.28 KD be like

    4. Alex Adamos

      i want to play with ninja .My name is ADAMOS ALEX in fortnite

    5. Sketch Scoopy

      How good his ninja

    6. Raquel Francisco

      Ninja he know how the to good ta fornight

    7. Aneeq Abid

      You are not allowed multiple blows for the pea ! How do we know you didn't breath in again during those blows? FAIL !

    8. Simon Head

      Can you do the theame song

    9. itlog mo

      hey look its unbox therapy

    10. The Gaming Beast

      I nearly came first to fortnite once I came second ☹️

    11. Kavan Gada

      Please Play CS GO With kennyS in next game time segment of overtime

    12. redeyegt 1888


    13. Vittorio Marando

      Subscribe to Sniperkazz, he is almost as good as ninja and is hilarious!

    14. NIHAD Tube

      May 7 is my birthday you published this video on May 7 daaaaaâb

    15. Jack Iona


    16. prayyy.

      I've never noticed that they're twins lmao

    17. JpGamesYT

      Theyshould do a dude perfect gaming channel But some of their videos has trickshots on games

    18. everyday_bro

      Fake ninja real

    19. Vellai illa Bros

      Pls do fortnite stereotypes

    20. Grant Stockdale

      ty should play more he should make a epic grenade launcher mauntage

    21. Grant Stockdale

      holyyy shit!!!!!!!!!! he isssssssssss dumbbbbbbbbbb asssss heeeeeeeeelllllllllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    22. Kane Persing

      Dude ill carry you not as safe as Ninja would but if i helped you practice we could be the perfect duo

    23. Gabriel Gaming

      Can I have the overtime song

    24. KITSUNE 5341

      PANDAAAAAAAAA :D And i just realized this was uploaded after my bday lol

    25. TricksNflips

      Ninjas a loser has no life fortnites dumb

    26. Kevin D

      My name on Robles is Ken style

    27. Kevin D

      Play roblox

    28. king asad tv

      Woarst headset

    29. Que Bui

      Ninja is the beast at Fortnite

    30. Curran Goeken

      Or three or four

    31. Curran Goeken

      Two kills

    32. Ricky Coca


    33. theodore wilson

      *"should i drink some bandaids"* -ty, 2018

    34. German Olvera

      Good job Cory

    35. Chris Norwood

      i did all of that i have never worn eney thang in my life pleas can i win one pleas i would e so happy pleas: ] .

    36. Kevin Dang

      Do a trick shot vid with ninja

    37. Josue Ramirez

      Love fortniht

    38. Dumb Smart

      Plz chose me because it looks lit

    39. Edan Swafford

      It’s funny because ninjas name is Tyler too 😂

    40. Alexis Daniel

      Can you put chad and tim in the hat

    41. Jay Edd

      its funny how ninja takes all the good loot..XD

    42. Creep In my soul

      This was cool

    43. William Mcknight

      Keep up the overtime series

    44. Leosoccerbeast7 CR7

      What is your xbox name we could play sometime☺☺☺

    45. Piggledick Butt

      I I shared the video game in the hat

    46. mis cansiones

      What is ninig phone number

    47. mis cansiones

      That is súper good

    48. Jack Heily

      I thought you guys did trick shots?⚽️🏀🏈

    49. Savage Sports

      “Should I drink some bandaids and stuff” Ty 2018

    50. Matthew Homcy

      Best Go to Yankees stamidam and meet Aaron Judge