Game Theory: We Were Right ALL ALONG! (FNAF Ultimate Custom Night)

The Game Theorists

The Game Theorists

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    FNAF Ultimate Custom Night confirmed what we've said since the beginning. Today Theorists, it all comes full circle. Who is Golden Freddy? What is the POINT of Ultimate Custom Night? This is what the story has been leading to ALL ALONG and I am here to explain it all!
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    1. Randomised Odd Stuff

      Wait am I dead?

    2. Tree Kerman

      GR-news: Sees blood in intro ...And demonetised

    3. Ruben Bell

      happy fatherhood matpat

    4. Isaiah Gentle

      "Only one thing can go wrong" Yeah, Scott changes his mind and adds a new game to ruin the timeline

    5. BeLogical

      Bloody cliffhanger.....

    6. Natsuki!

      this game is like Crackhead hell

    7. Edwin Galvan

      Congrats on #1 trending on GR-news Mattpat

    8. QuantumMechGuy 2

      Matpat speed up the music in the old man consequences by 1000 percent

    9. Clorox Bleach


    10. Nick Alford

      Shreak is love

    11. Storm flames

      Henry is old man con. Withered golden freddy = fredbear Not fnaf 1 golden freddy That's why we see withered golden freddy in the game but no fnaf 1 golden freddy Just somthing i think.

    12. Mara T.

      Jack'o'Chica = Extreme Earrape

    13. VivianNugget


    14. Angie Rodriguez

      Mat good job on #TRENDING

    15. Golempich GamingYT

      I think the events will line up like that: Mat makes theory Scott denies theory Mat makes a new theory Scott makes 7 games Mat goes crazzy Mat kills Scott Scott comes back to life Mat goes to endless hell of making theorys (Sorry im Bulgarian don't know how to spell it) Everything ends with Scott laughing and Mat shouting I HATE MY LIFEEEEE!!!!I HATEE MYYYY LIIIFFFFEEEEE!!!!!!!!11!!!!!11!!1!!11!!!11!11!

    16. Simon Reys

      I think the one you should not killed is Michael from the novel FNAF: Silver eyes

    17. MurZuPVE

      my friend got it like half trough the game and didint even die when he got the kid face

    18. Josephine_pascual Osea


    19. Luca Frățilă

      The first part lmaoooooooo

    20. Veronica Sawyer

      Number one on trending. Huh.

    21. Plo's Flow

      Another one? Sigh... guess I gotta enter the damn pizzeria again...

    22. Similin

      “ I really wanted to see what *_she_* said” That’s going to be a problem, isn’t it?

    23. cooldunb cool

      Mario voice rdcworld1: here we go

    24. Wraith Playz

      Go with Dawko to finish the final theory. It needs to be solved. Also in the Old Man C. easter egg it crashes once you drown in the pond its theorized that you are G. Freddy and you rest his soul so the game crashes because golden freddy goes to heaven and the custom night ends.

    25. Garbage Baby xx_69

      0:00 Toy Chica who?

    26. Growllywood

      Nah scott is golden freddy and mat is william, cos scott puts mat thru endless torment by releasing a new game every damn time

    27. Burger Boss

      Am I the only one who remembers the last theory of golden freddys name and we got GLFIUS. GLFIUS = golden freddy is us. Yep, the grid was right

    28. Little Green

      Chic-Pat is gorgeous. Totally. Scroll down if you agree.

    29. Blue Core77

      Nice, FNAF is solved again, until scott throws in a new game

    30. this is ridiculous you already know


    31. Apophis324

      Always knew Matpat had a feminine side..

    32. Łükàś


    33. Funtime Foxy

      #1 trending!!

    34. Phsychopatch

      Scott just confirm this, its unbelievable that matpat put all of these pieces together. clap and a half for you mat.

    35. tggplayz

      What if the boy in the old man concecuences(sorry if thats spelled wrong) is golden freddy or the kid who posses him and thats why after old man concecuences says to let go and be free and you go into the pond the game crashes and the game crashes because golden freddy set himself and everyone els free without golden freaddy there is no ucn and thats why the game crashes

    36. Kawaiikittenswag AJ

      with de fvck

    37. Flying Potato

      3.2K people accidentally pressed the dislike button, simple mistake

    38. MichaelTDM _lol

      not all of them in the custom night some things are better left forgotten

    39. some fooking moron

      I've seen multiple videos where they find a secret voice in the old man consequences easter egg. If you speed it up you hear a voice. When i listend to it i heard: "I hate Mike! I HAAAAATE!" Then some screams.

    40. Alexander Christensen

      Also didn’t they had a spring trap pieces thing (like ebard and scrap baby)

    41. Premulge

      people still care about fnaf?

    42. Chappi868 1

      So you telling me we didn’t get past night 1

    43. Cheese Wheels

      Screw you aqua man trailer

    44. Raestiel

      0:39 castiel??????

    45. Neji Bob

      What are all crimes rick has done or just anything rick and Morty related

    46. Tony Evans

      I have a theory. I believe mangle is both the girl and the dog. Mangle has two heads and is addressed as male and female.

    47. MiniBiviInDaHouse

      Matpat : *posts next theory of final timeline* Scott: *releases another fnaf game*😜

    48. Trevor Bastin-Isaac

      Dear MatPat, I just found out about this game called The Park. I am really interested in your thoughts on what is happening in the game. I don't really have any theory on this game but I have a lot of crazy ideas that might be dead wrong, but at the same time just make a little too much sense. I would love to see you and the team make a video on this game because I find it really interesting but don't really know what to think about it. I know that the game is telling a story and that it has a big connection to the fairy tale Hansel and Gretel (the old German/Brother's Grimm version (with some possible twists that the creators made)). There is one thing that doesn't make sense though. The Mother's boyfriend, Don (if I'm not mistaken), worked at the park and died while repairing the Ferris wheel when The Mother (who's name is Lorraine) was 3 months pregnant with Callum (her son that she has to chase across the park), but latter in the basement (or one of the subbasements) of the Haunted House she says that Don would sit in the corner and watch as she tried to teach her son, Callum, to read. That doesn't make any sense to me, but then again it is really hard to distinguish reality from fantasy/insanity at that point in the game (I swear to God at the point where Lorraine goes into the basement I was certain that she had died of an overdose or alcohol poisoning or slit wrists/suicide or a combination of the aforementioned and the entire theme park was her personal cell in Hell (and if this is true (and I doubt that it is) she probably killed her son before dying and going to Hell)). I forgot to mention that this game has child murder (or possible child murder) in it so this game is right up your ally. An ally full of fictional prepubescent corpses! I'm just joking but seriously MatPat, you should do a video on this game. It's begging the player to come up with a theory and try to figure it out what it's saying to us. I know that your probably not going to read this comment (seeing that you have so many videos to upload, a plethora of projects on the back burner (by the way, what's going on with the Film Theorist Ultimate Pixar Universe Timeline video, is it going well) and tens of millions to hundreds of millions of comments from fans) but I hope you do because I love your channels and I love your content and I love how you are willing to put in the time to dig deep into a game/movie/TV series to look at all of the details, investigate and come to a crazy conclusion that makes sense once you present the evidence. Sincerely, Trevor P.S. - Don't forget to take the pills and if you can drink the alcohol, drink it. Getting wasted in this game reveals clues that are otherwise unattainable. And you are going to have to go on the roller coaster a lot to read the writing on the doors in the "flash backs" (seriously those messages are hard to read unless you are a really, really, REALLY fast reader).

    49. Michaela Rice

      This video we have been waiting for #1 on trending

    50. Timothy Beckwith

      I knew it