Giannis Antetokounmpo Full Highlights 2019.02.06 vs Wizards - 43 Pts, 17-21 FGM!



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    February 6, 2019 | Giannis Antetokounmpo Full Highlights 2019.02.06 Bucks vs Wizards - 43 Pts, 17-21 FGM. MONSTER! | FreeDawkins - NBA Video'
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    1. Sleeping Vortex


    2. Russell Westbrook

      fan of giannis but 1:00 is a clear travel you can hear the footsteps lol

    3. Ian Magaluna

      Giannis is not human

    4. y tyndale

      He absolutely shits on Lebron even in Lebron prime 2019 giannis is still miles better

    5. Ram Franc

      Didn't Giannis walk at 1:05-1:07, he took 3 steps which it should have been 2 only!

    6. Iknowwhat youdidlastsummer

      Mark my words if giannis gets a shot he will be unstoppable

    7. VI Quantum


    8. alex saenz

      If he can create a somewhat elite shot, hes gonna be betted than Lebron and KD. Hes got the length of KD and the strength of Lebron. Hes more physical than Lebron bcuz of his length and hes a better passer than KD. Unbelievable

    9. alex saenz

      Ok, i aint gonna lie. I didnt know he was this good, that pass at 3:17 had me like 😲 PG still at the top of the MVP race and is still rising. Giannis is definitely 2nd though. Honestly i wouldnt even be mad if Giannis won. I dont see it happening though with PG putting on a show againt Harden and Giannis. MVPG13!

    10. Omar Khan

      Notice how intelligently he plays the game. Patient, aggressive, plays through the natural flow of the game.

    11. Wil Woo

      What was said at 3:58?

    12. Ahmed Ali

      Who else thinks the bucks can win the championship like if you agree

    13. God

      *imagine the length of kareem, the athleticism like lebitch, and the shooting like kobe. unguardable. i wanna see him break the 100 pt record.*

    14. AznPersuasion619

      1:05 Refs are so blind

    15. Steven Barry

      Still waiting for a 50 point game GF

    16. randman21

      This is my first time hearing of this guy. Is he really this dominant all the time? He's gonna make me start watching basketball again. But what's with NBA refs not calling traveling?

      1. 5K subs challenge and I will upload my first Vid

        Its just a mistake

    17. javi moran

      that travel at 1:03 tho LOL

    18. Wong Tat Hang

      Is that the last shot travel?

    19. Ye Ye Vlogs

      Not a hater but 1:08 was a euro travel

    20. Kendal Murphy

      This dude is better than lebron

    21. Defl8ed

      Giannis Antentowpampeoepfkwmeofnsiwoemfodkwnfucmwoetncootoktetkompslrodmajtmatenticnsuertjcjejtjfjwjetncisw

    22. KingBradicus

      Anybody else here after watching Finding Giannis

    23. Angel Garcia

      Where’s his moments card in 2k

    24. SmithN' Wesson

      Giannis is better than Lebron now. Sorry But its the truth

    25. DaDa Nate

      What is he bad at

    26. the business handler

      He's like a bigger more athletic iquodala

    27. the business handler

      His shot doesn't look too bad

    28. Luis C

      Wakanda forever

    29. Novembers Finest

      Clear cut mvp and it seems like he’s not even trying. He has the best record averaging about 27 12 6 shooting nearly 60 Percent from the field. He’s overlooked because he’s not putting up huge numbers but him and pg are nearly identical in points and he’s number 1 in win shares and defensive win shares hardens record is cute but that’s not how you win mvp

    30. Reynaldo Garcia

      Dude travels most of the time

    31. Alfred Lindenberg

      1:04 is a travel right? thats clearly 3 steps not 2 and a half.

    32. Not Anon

      ALERT: Potential GOAT watch.

    33. DJ Noy

      @2:28 who else in the league can do that? No one

    34. david hearn

      The reason I'm picking him to start my franchise is cause he stays healthy

    35. Dahoss

      What kind of travel is this? From the three point line all the way to under the basket 1:04

    36. Kyle Le'i

      That stadium got hella quiet when he was about to take a 3 lmao

    37. Sonny Bill

      The “GREEK FREAK” 👊🏼

    38. Ricky Nyswaner

      Dude is straight up a monster every game Westbrook with 8 more inches

    39. MrMIKESTER1122

      never watch him unless he plays sixers

    40. nutorate

      1:05 isnt that a travel? and if not can someone explain why?

      1. nutorate

        +Jack McCoy thank you man! Finally got the answer

      2. Jack McCoy

        The step when you gather the ball doesn't count

    41. M T

      He a goat

    42. Ryan Stewart

      Who else saw that triple step euro at 1:07 😂😂

    43. mikhail paulo peters

      I can see the Olympics already.

    44. Ameere Duff


    45. The Yamburglar

      I respect Giannis but dawg... HOW ON EARTH is 1:04 not a travel????

    46. Ben Ben

      I love that travel 1:05

    47. Marjan Terčelj

      This is very physical basketball. Brute force, no elegance and not much technique,

    48. Paki Pan | To bourdelokanalo

      Γιαννη μην παραχαραζεις την ιστορία ρε συ!

    49. Marti Sanchez

      NBA travel doesnt work too much

    50. hello am fred

      He's shooting more now. Oh boy

    51. God

      Ever since his rookie year this kid was special.

    52. Koh Smoger

      If only they drafted Embiid in 2014 instead of Parker. This team would be a dynasty.

    53. Mario Cario

      hes a god

    54. Ball is LIfe

      02:23 Ok, now come on! This is just ridiculous............. I'm out

    55. Henry de Bono

      what a shit game

      1. Henry de Bono

        wizards boring

    56. Hohlo Hunter

      three steps every second attack, nice

    57. James Green

      If he ever joins the warriors i will cry 😂

    58. Keiichi K

      Dude went from skinny to one of the most jacked athlete

    59. Booker The Wolf

      That thumbnail got me lol

    60. Dadou Mar

      3steps each time

    61. Johänn Derhäagenbräu

      Had to stop after the bucket at 1:05. NBA traveling is pathetic.

    62. Keoni Page

      This guy T R A V L E D all the way from Greece huh? I can believe it. Take away his travels, you take half his game.

    63. buffetize

      Is it just me or it felt like he traveled in a couple of these plays?

    64. Ol Rai

      the euro step at the start, clearly three big steps. Is travel not a thing any more?

    65. Anas

      1:05 is a travel

    66. dion kaza

      Harden is 30 y.o ...... Giannis just 25......

    67. Quality Moabz


    68. Carlos Matos

      The thing I like most about Giannis is that he came from nothing and worked hard to get where he is, never wasting any opportunities.

    69. Alex Kasapis

      Μπραβο ρε Γιανναρε, πηγες απ τον φιλαθλητικο ενα αβγαλτο παιδι να παιξεις στο δυσκολοτερο πρωταθλημα του μπασκετ κ με σκληρη-σκληρη δουλεια καταφερες να μιλαει ολη η αμερικη για σενα. Δακρυζω απ τη χαρα μου για σενα.Εισαι το καλυτερο ινδαλμα για χιλιαδες παιδια. Σου αξιζουν θερμα συγχαρητηρια για ολα αυτα που παλευοντας τοσο σκληρα εχεις καταφερει κ ειναι μονο η αρχη Γιαννη! Ειμαστε τρελα περηφανοι για σενα! Ελλαδαρα ρε! ❤️

    70. Some Horny Fuck

      Imagine being the dude coming in to play against the bucks and you get put on Giannis.

    71. James I suck the refs off before games Harden

      Giannis > Me

    72. James I suck the refs off before games Harden

      He's way better than me

    73. Henry Washington

      2:25 he's 3ft above the free throw line. One dribble and a spin and he's able to dunk the ball. Man!

    74. manuel di maio


    75. romadadrummer

      1:04 its called eurostep cause you can go to europe without dribble. How the fuck thats not a travel? Come on

    76. Jacob Rønn

      No matter how good this dudes stats are he will never be able to close out a game with his retarded shot !!!!! Overrated

    77. Mark Wonagain

      1:05 that’s a crazy travel 😂😂😂 no cap

    78. Seth Ishmael

      Soon to be GOAT, the 3 is starting to fall

    79. Efrain Gomez Jr

      Pg13 had a few 40 point games this season big deal

    80. LightBoy Tuck

      He be walking his ass off

    81. Elton Odoemenam

      Anyone else notice Giannis travelling?

    82. Michael Garcia DTX

      That man scrabbling on the floor for the loose ball. He has heart among his great skill and talent. Rare in the league

    83. Jordz Buenafe

      There is only one #34 in Milwaukee Ray Allen

    84. KAK

      Mirtotic's in town now...all that spacing on the floor...Giannis all day. Once he gets a decent 3-pt shot, he's going to average 32, 13, & 6 a game easily

    85. lovro jelic

      1:05 travel

    86. CCGG262

      die hard bucks fan and love Giannis, but he wouldn't be able to do 25% of his highlights if it wasn't for the travels. Crazy how the refs let it go.

      1. Jack McCoy

        +CCGG262 he covers more ground in two steps than most make in two. He covers more ground than anybody in the league aka people are not used to seeing sombody get to the bucket that far out and the first thought is travel. Fuck boi

      2. CCGG262

        +Jack McCoy long strides literally have nothing to do with how many steps someone takes; that is an astoundingly stupid thing to say

      3. Jack McCoy

        He gets one or two like anybody else but most is just long ass strides

    87. fuckerakia

      Ρε μαλακα Γιάννη τι κανεις ;💪💪💪💪💪 MVP

    88. nellymacc91

      Say what you want about this generation of nba players, they’re the most talented and athletic. There has never been this much taken in the nba.

    89. D

      This is better than hardens 40 point games James harden goes like 15-40 whereas giannis is 17-21

    90. Omer Nubani

      Travel 1:04 😂😂

      1. Jack McCoy


    91. Somansh S.


    92. 翟Robin

      with all due respect,he did travel sometimes.

    93. David JR

      Why are some cunts talking over this shit, this is basketball not ballet smfh

    94. C N

      He hella traveled on that euro at 1:05

    95. Mateo MC

      1:03 lol

    96. Gabriel Rios

      1:02 not a travel?

    97. Ian Young

      I really hate the 3 step layups and heinous travelling...........

    98. K-lub Beats

      He stopped dribbling 5 feet behind the 3 point line

    99. K-lub Beats

      5:32 worst travel I’ve seen all year😂

    100. Thank You

      That's the blood of Osiris running through these athletic Negus.