Gordon Ramsay Judges Steaks Cooked By NBA Legends Shawn Marion & Caron Butler! | Raising the Steaks

Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay

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    With a little help from Jamie Redknapp and the Savoy Hotel in London, Gordon surprises ex-NBA stars Shawn Marion and Caron Butler to judge their attempts at a perfectly cooked steak. Who will be victorious!?
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    1. Laura Woolley

      Gordon with the stony on.

    2. Dbow H

      whomever the taste tester is , their steak is shit after the time between cooking and tasting 🖕 waste of good meat.

    3. Awesome Donut

      Don’t click read more! This fucking thing should be dead! How the fuck does luck from youtube works!

    4. James

      these guys are on drugs

    5. Awesome Dude

      Question: Why Gordon isn't wear the chief's hat? Answer: To prove no rat controlling him.

    6. Ohhhsnap Damn

      Let me see 1 white guy and 2 black dudes were having fun( normal) Somehow this red skinned guy comes in and ruined the show with:”ITS FOKIN RAW”

    7. Dope Prod.


    8. CoyRex1

      He said they're into the 7's (as in 7 foot) but they didnt look all that much taller

    9. DoodleDan

      Why is my mouth watering, wtf I don't like steak, stop this mental abuse

    10. Penguin Man

      All of you talking about the stone island shirt Gordon has, but not about Stone Ocean (part 6)

    11. Mordred 『Alter』

      "My good friend, Jamie-" Me: "OLIVER!??" "Rednap." Me: oh...

    12. Alexia Is On Fire

      no disrespect to Bulter and Marion, but neither of these dudes are NBA "legends"

    13. keep up mofo

      I Wonder what What of happed of They cooked it RAW AND TAKE A PICTURE LIKE NINOOOOO!!!!!!!!


      LOVE Jamie Redknapp and Gordon Ramsay so this has made me very happy

    15. leonel brito

      1:18 never knew that it takes 2 people to put a piece of steak on the pan

    16. avyeris

      I mean, they’re not legends

    17. Next Legend

      I can see 2.2k & 1.6k people who are getting click baited

    18. Splaticus Blah

      Gordon Ramsay appears to really love his prep teams spit because they clean up the plate with a saliva moistened cloth just before serving to the customer. This can be seen on gr-news.com/client-results?search_query=boiling point gordon ramsay at the the 1hr 1min 27sec point and can be seen on the lower left. There are 7 more incidents and each one is more blatant than the preceding one. You will also see prep chef taste testing and using the same utensil to load the food on the plate. Mucous must be one of Gordon's fave seasoning and rich people must love pretentiously overpriced food with a side order of spittle.

    19. Jamie McCabe


    20. unruly 241st

      Fuck offff you wancka!!

    21. El Had

      Gordon Ramsey tried my food and cried for a month... We have not spoke since.

    22. Skylander

      *0:07** British, American, Canadian flag all next to each other. Ayyyyy🔥🔥🔥*

    23. Termination Gaming

      I love watching Ramsay explode at asshole cheifs, but it is also nice to see him complementing someone who did a good job.

    24. Helga Barton

      We he started singing Rihanna... Adorable

    25. isra mintTM

      Yeah army

    26. Oust Drumpf

      DRUMPF's real name isn't even Trump! He's a groomed Russian agent. WHERE'S THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE?!?! Let's see those TAX RETURNS!!!

    27. Maximus Autizmus

      This steak is so black it stole my television!

    28. Health & beauty

      so who can eat yes i eating cockroach . you can cooking cockroach ? i want eat

    29. Zarala2010

      They were busy judging and talking and here I was staring down the steaks and thinking: "They're getting cold, eat them while they're hot with respect you fools!"

    30. joe momma

      gordon your turning unto a porker .... can't afford to go to a gym ?

    31. eagle team

      Men chasing other men after a ball is not impressive, not one but, it's a bit gay ,

    32. Liemstar

      Thought he was accompanied by Jamie Oliver. I was baited.

    33. Mel

      Next up - Gordon Ramsley's peanut butter and jelly sandwich. and, Secrets for a better boiled egg.

    34. Crispy

      Wouldn't really say legends but whatever.

    35. xd the420muffincake


    36. AgentNo0ne

      Gets the same steak on kitchen nightmares.. l. Spits it out hahha

    37. savedbyjesusblood

      I like my cows dead.

    38. Boost Kash


    39. rrmond


    40. TestTheSpirits IfTheyAreOfYAH

      .you mean GMOs Frankenstein food Tumor poison cancer slob not steak meat. ..its hard to get any real food these days .sad but true.

    41. Shiva's Chimera

      Hey youtube. I dont like cooking or cooks. Walter white destroyed their image. Stop dusplaying images of chef's on my phone. Ty.

    42. TanakinSkywalker

      Decent players maybe but no not legends

    43. Too good 4 you

      Oh, yeah yeah

    44. Roshes aii

      They didn't even cook it the other chefs did it was a straight media popularity thing

    45. TheSingularity

      Fuck off you pig skinned shit bag.

    46. Shift Hiker

      That dude that won literally sang the first part of Rihanna's "We Found Love" song.

    47. Mob Rob

      I know I did not just get that toxic masculinity Gillette right now. Fucking bitch ass liberal weak minded butches.

    48. Michael Fausett

      Overrated nba players. Fuck them

    49. john branch

      For the cook "chef" u claim to be and still consuming meat still show how stupid u are thats why your shit attitude stop eating garbage death unless u too stupid then continue its funny laughing at u anyway hahahaha

    50. Oh yeah Yeah

      i mean i wouldnt call shawn marion and caron butler nba legends but oh yeah yeah

    51. L Distributor

      Better than the actual chefs in kitchen nightmares

    52. SRGYasuo

      " *iTs fOoKin rAw* "

    53. xydoit

      I think you need to come to Israel and try a real Kosher food.

    54. xydoit

      When you will come back to Israel? You need to see TLV and Haifa and so.

    55. Mike Hunt

      legends ?

    56. McCrizles

      ahhh thats hot.

    57. Monkey

      Don’t press read more..... You now have good luck for 2019, the others are fake. No likes needed!

    58. Sub to Pewdiepie

      He’s wearing stone island

    59. Гульжан Иргалиева

      don't press read more fuck 2019

    60. yoink ́

      Gordon is more pink than the inside of the stakes

    61. Zach Ruffell

      Is that a real or fake stone island jackets

    62. Rebel

      Gordon's not impressed

      1. CUNT DESTROYER 3000

        good job

    63. IcEy

      Anyone else see Gordon with the StoneIsland coat on ?

    64. Dxter

      Gordon Ramsay: I would like a cup of water. Waiter: Alright! *The water is ready* Gordon Ramsay: You didn't season the water properly!

    65. David Rossi

      Fuck you

    66. Ethan M

      These guys are completely unphased by Ramsay lol... Most men would crap their pants if their food was being judged by him but these guys just out here chilling.

    67. CAS

      Can't fuck up a steak. Nothing new here...

    68. altarec

      Steak cook in non stick tho....

    69. Jugainka Tiega

      You do good work but you’re an asshole and should be whipped with an extension cord

    70. Brian Pacos

      Oh my GOD Gordon Ramsay got fat

    71. Kevin Paredes Alejandro

      Try some Nursr-Et steaks

    72. DJM-anon

      Is there video showing this isn't all staged? Plenty of material online if we want to jerk off to celebs for this or that, little to they can really pull it off.

    73. Anton Deckman


    74. Alk3r0

      That is a Raw Steak.

    75. Max Johns

      What song is playing over the top of this video?

    76. Savvy Lady


    77. K Brooker

      booooooo "gordon is sooooo gud"

    78. Justin C

      0:55 he sounds like will smith "ah thats hot"

    79. Muslim4life

      Anyone get a "My boyfriend has a frozen food porn addiction" ad?

    80. Jerome

      Shawn marion's jumpshot still 🅱️ROKE

    81. Scott Davis

      I would love to make a steak for Gordon

    82. Alyssa A

      Damnn Gordon lookin fine in that stony jacket 😍👅💦

    83. E McCreanor

      mums XD

    84. Dan Yolo

      Oh yeah yeah

    85. jad wehbe

      Gordon wearing that stone island hoodie

    86. Vladimir Putin

      Pin this if u love ur fans, reply if the F word means Food (u have 48 hours)

      1. Vladimir Putin

        Waiting for ur reply

    87. Succ ducc my zuccy zucc

      Oh yeah yeah

    88. アニメごみ

      4:13 was SOO FUNNY xDDD

    89. Daily cookiez

      *may I try some of that fine looking steak for sale?*

    90. Krivzi

      Don’t let this distract you from the fact that the saints got robbed

    91. grey head

      My names nino

    92. Stefxn

      All I’m seeing is comments about Gordon wearing stone island 🤦🏽‍♂️😂

    93. Banana Guy

      Lvl 1: waiter Lvl 10: chef Lvl: 30: restaurant owner Lvl: 50: Gordon Ramsay Lvl: 100: NINO Lvl: 1000000000000 Lama sauce *thats how mafia works*

    94. Ying Yue

      Gordon Ramsay is the Simon Cowell but of food😂

    95. Professonial GENIOUS

      oh yeah yeah

    96. Ihate People

      Satan loves you both

    97. Tor Santos

      *Gordon Ramsey please visit Heart Attack Grill. You will Love it!!*

    98. Cristian Mendoza

      Oh yeah yeah

    99. tdbscotland

      Gordon looking as rough as f'k

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