GS Warriors vs Houston Rockets - Full Game Highlights | Game 1 | May 14, 2018 | NBA Playoffs

Rapid Highlights

Rapid Highlights

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    GS Warriors vs Houston Rockets - Full Game Highlights | May 14 2018, 5/14 NBA Playoffs
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    1. Rapid Highlights

      Enjoy & welcome

      1. Habi Javier

        legionofdoers k.ljllpp. Koikkkkllll., lopll ko Jikk mbbjyp Udyhh.y M,,,! L K

      2. Q One

        Rapid Highlights thanks for the upload

      3. Christopher Williams

        Rapid Highlights. Thanks

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      Great video 😂 Awesome! Keep it up!

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      Great video 😂 Awesome! Keep it up!

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      Great video 😂 Awesome! Keep it up!

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      Great video 😂 Awesome! Keep it up!

    14. Blake Gallagher

      Draymond better fear the beard

    15. Matthew Bennett

      If I were a Golden State fan, I wouldn't worry. It's 2-2. Warriors fans should only worry when they have a 3-1 lead.

    16. Назгул Джаркынбаева

      Кыргыз лайк РОКЕТС ВПЕРЁД 😇😇

    17. JJ Da Trappa

      In mean time, my new song so fire that GR-news had to call 911 on me!!! Check it out!!!βίντεο-5h4G8t0yLGc.html&t=19s

    18. Davon Zimmerman

      3:06 iguodala doesn’t shoot the shot

    19. JESEE818


    20. The One

      Where's the highlight reel of Harden getting shake and baked by almost every Warrior all game? That move by Livingston was filthy!

    21. The One

      Curry woke up and the rockets went down! 41 point blow out. All week we had to listen to that garbage about the rockets. They had their best game we had our worse. Today its back to reality. The Rockets are average at best. GSW against Boston.

    22. Bradley Star

      KD the man and klay can hit any shot when he's hot, he's slightly less superior at shooting than curry but he's more clutch

    23. Gonçalo Tavares

      harden had to defend

    24. selman Softic

      James Harden injurded

    25. Aiden Harvey

      6:20 did curry just get Crossed 🤔😂😂

      1. Jacob Manubag

        Nah. Paul push him with left hand

    26. keny lopez

      Commentator: Igoudala fire? Yes! #35 3:03 😂

    27. Tito World

      9:43 they forgot to include Nate Diaz voice HEY IM NOT SURPRISED 🤣

    28. Iris Dominguez

      I know the warriors can bring alot to the game because they work and play hard. Their ability to be able depend on each other on the court is amazing and great team work..God Bless and the best of luck guys!💗💙💚

    29. aleck altez

      at the start of the video, it'll be a lot better if the logo of athletic doesn't come with the product swiping down. the product itself swiping down, would look a lot more clean and professional. js

    30. Chivo Flores

      Hahaha. SPURS

    31. Doh Na

      With the Team like Rockets and Celtics, Warriors were lucky to have Durant in their Team, He is the Matchup Killer. But my hair is raising on Curry's aggressiveness on the paint, damned, take care dude you just got back from the injury....

    32. vince wouters

      employer agricultural right result matter county queen on shooting budget lay neither.

    33. Port_ Gaming

      Why Curry ain't shooting Three's I mean I know he's Injured but this could be the next derrick rose story.................IF he keeps being injured

    34. Holly Diamond

      Curry sucks

    35. Holly Diamond

      Wares curry this game

    36. broskyification

      Imagine having donkey green on your favorite team.

    37. millbill killbill

      From the first shot James Harden took I knew they was going to win look at his toes still no call

    38. Malaya 2 Times

      Gotta love gsw 🤩🤩🤩

    39. Gage Reyes

      Curry got broke danm

    40. Xander Smith

      where we droppin boys

    41. OxxY MC_TaKeS DuBs

      For a team that aint won shit yall sure do talk alot of shit.

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    48. verzurhs nn

      Dun cry green...😂😂