GS Warriors vs Houston Rockets - Full Game Highlights | Game 1 | May 14, 2018 | NBA Playoffs

Rapid Highlights

Rapid Highlights

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    GS Warriors vs Houston Rockets - Full Game Highlights | May 14 2018, 5/14 NBA Playoffs
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    1. Rapid Highlights

      Enjoy & welcome

      1. Noah kdkdkd

        What is the intro music called? Where can I hear an extended version of it, thanks.

      2. Habi Javier

        legionofdoers k.ljllpp. Koikkkkllll., lopll ko Jikk mbbjyp Udyhh.y M,,,! L K

      3. Q One

        Rapid Highlights thanks for the upload

      4. Christopher Williams

        Rapid Highlights. Thanks

    2. Buckeye4life 440

      The Warriors blew a 3-1 lead

    3. OP Tharul Hewakoparage

      At 3:06 he says egwagollar fires instead of durrant

    4. Chris Shanklin

      Nobody could stop Kd and klay was open for most of the night

    5. Yusri Ssos

      Bangaat curry

    6. Lucky Lars

      8:51 they didn't even contest it. 😂 Guess they know the shot's gonna fall anyway Xd

    7. im Called Luigi

      GS is fucking op at offense.

    8. Simpleng Tao


    9. lem diaz

      Houston still trash

    10. Stefan de Graaf

      Favor collapse complain before acknowledge catch judicial declare court label harm Canadian

    11. Jaheim Gibbs

      Great Intro instrumental. What is the name of that percussion?

    12. Tammy Wilkins

      3:28 that not living ston .WOW

    13. Alejandro Godina

      4:23 Nice moves by Curry on Capela and then he's REJECTED, XD!

    14. king Pillow

      6:56 harden travels

    15. DeeM

      the rockets body language is stiff, like they are in the military. They need to have fun like the GSW. CP3 THE RING CHASER, YOU TRIED .

    16. DeeM

      The Rockets are too emotional, if they would play the game with love maybe they would beat the Warriors. Cp3 is a crybaby. Warriors is the better team, they trust and rely on one another.

    17. Marcus Lee

      Rip Houston 🤣

    18. katarina catayong

      Ref destroy momentum of rockets

    19. L amba

      rockets will have won if cp was there in game 7😭

      1. Melanie nunez

        oh yeah "if"

    20. fortnite pro21

      I love those cases but at sportzcases

    21. Giannis Lepidas

      what is the name of the sound-song in 0:45 when Harden is isolating??

    22. Heysuhz HeckTore

      Stephs ankles...

    23. Dm90 maurice

      shot was wet 1:29

    24. kymani mythic kymani gaming

      3.06 van Gundy sad iggy fired but Durant did

    25. Mato Zephier

      I don't like the snake

    26. Kevoh Wa Arsenali

      It's possible that I'm the only Kenyan die-hard fan of Golden state warriors🌅🌞

    27. Ed Mu

      Good bye Huston punks that's why you ain't win children 👶

    28. oopalonga

      people perpetuating the myth "hand checking" isn't allowed and that somehow thru their own imaginative efforts basketball today is les sphysical than it has been, shud take a look at CP3's defense at 4:05

    29. Bro Cooking With Jay

      The Golden State warriors staff n be recognized the weapon that they have on their team. It’s “klay”. In your most important games give the ball to him and get out of the way. You will win. He is one of the most deadly accurate 3 point shooters in the NBA. Prove me wrong.

    30. Ryan Carpenter

      3:06 Durant shoots but they say it’s igudala

    31. X Irving

      Who win again

    32. gong cubio

      gow gsw

    33. Maria Lozoya

      Just patethic

    34. Philip Crockett

      WTF are y'all doing 🤔Warriors need to play warriors ball not Darant ball...🤔Curry needs to stop deffering to Darant and take over his team if they are to win!!!!!! 🤔Da fuk!! 👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀

    35. Joshua Montano

      This literally could of been the year of the rockets

    36. Ansh Shah

      4:46 is fire

    37. Joel Embiid Is A Bitch

      This series definately going 7 games 🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


      Galing naman kasi rockets ko hah

    39. Peppa World

      Great video 😂 Awesome! Keep it up!

    40. Dragon Time

      Great video 😂 Awesome! Keep it up!

    41. Holidays

      Great video 😂 Awesome! Keep it up!

    42. Monster Family

      Great video 😂 Awesome! Keep it up!

    43. Surprise Egg & Learning Colors

      Great video 😂 Awesome! Keep it up!

    44. KidsApp Tv

      Great video 😂 Awesome! Keep it up!

    45. Pencil Style

      Great video 😂 Awesome! Keep it up!

    46. Funny Pingvi

      Great video 😂 Awesome! Keep it up!

    47. Blake Gallagher

      Draymond better fear the beard

    48. Matthew Bennett

      If I were a Golden State fan, I wouldn't worry. It's 2-2. Warriors fans should only worry when they have a 3-1 lead.