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    1. jimin stan

      Oh my god the fat guy annoyed me so much like everyone has their fears and I agree maybe you can get rid of those phobias then again if you don't want to you don't have to and he was just pressuring them like respect people's boundaries if they don't want to do it they don't have to for God's sake like that was so f****** annoying me because like they don't want it like don't pressure them like he was almost violent like he was physically attacking them and I was so mad and he was acting like he doesn't fears every human has a fear and like imagine if someone came to you and was forcing you to face your fear it's not easy and he was acting like ooooo I am brave I don't have fears nothing scares me fuk off dude

    2. 봉기Bongi

      The people seem like theyre acting for some reason

    3. Aimee Hughes

      I have the phobia of vomit as well. I react the same way as here

    4. The Relz Sizzy

      Hey you forgot a phobia. Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia The fear of long words

    5. xd MoustacheSheep

      0:02 girl in top left corner is mindblown

    6. Dominique Marita

      But was it real vomit though? Seemed staged af. I really don't like vomit and my biggest problem with it is, me vomiting in front of people and to a lesser degree just me vomiting at all. I don't particularly mind seeing other people vomiting but I would rather they were not immediately next to me. I haven't puked in about 8 years and the thought of me being nauseous enough to actually vomit it unsettling. But even if you don't mind vomit, I doubt anyone would be happy to touch it...that one guy who asked the girl if she wanted to touch the so called, who does that?

    7. Elena Ascia

      I thought that i was weird because i was scared of vomit. I literally cannot watch it.

    8. Hi O

      I have arachnophobia

      1. Hi O

        Even tho they are cute

    9. Hrishikesh Nair

      Is it just me or is anyone scared of everything that moves except dogs🙋

    10. AnonymousTV

      who wants to smell vomit

    11. Agneta Rupšytė

      Im afraid of worms and spit

    12. Kwon Ji Yong

      Damn the first one. I feel her, I’m also afraid of clowns 😂

    13. Jessica Stone

      I'm turophobic (fear of cheese) and mezophobic (fear of sniffing)

    14. That one Person

      Fearing spiders is common sense in my opinion

    15. LittleMissMused

      I have a fear of myself vomiting and I made the glorious decision to work at a drug store. Pretty sure I used more bottles of hand sanitizer than we sold.


      I have a phobia of moths

    17. Kristina Leonard

      I have most of these

    18. Ky Lee

      I thought the last guy had a phobia of centipede's lol. I thought his watch was one at first.

    19. Ky Lee

      COTTON BALLS EEK!!! I'm getting goose bumps. same with paper towels, cardboard, toilet paper.. I can't even type without freaking out, I hate these things!!

    20. Ky Lee

      the girl afraid of clowns is fucking gorgeous!

    21. The Diddler

      The point of a phobia is an IRRATIONAL fear of something.

    22. Kaz Winchester

      milk makes your bones weak fyi

    23. Chloe

      my phobias... acrophobia-fear of heighs arachnophobia-fear of spiders ( i dont know how billie does it ) mysophobia-fear of germs emetophobia- fear of vomit scopophobia-fear of being watched/stared at athazagoraphobia-fear of being ignored thanatophobia-fear of death :/

    24. Rosey Wolf

      Anyone is a bit scared of dolls?

    25. Philip Savenkov Savenkov

      all the nuts, in your mouth...

    26. California Dark Rider

      The guy with arachnophobia could’ve just killed the spider

    27. Izzy Genn

      The same thing happens with me and the cotton balls, and paper towel I’m not afraid of them but it hurts my teeth and gives Me a really gross weird feeling in my jaw it’s weird.

    28. Carlene Panda

      all the your mouth...

    29. Kevinthelemon

      I have claustrophobia and arachnophobia. Anyone else?

    30. Jaszmin Link

      The last one! "It felt like the devil touched me."

    31. Bluedragon

      uhh i have a phobia of chewing, tight spaces and spiders and insects in general

    32. SniperSeal Plays MC

      The one that is scared of spiders should watch Lucas the spider

    33. The ultra Eevee gaming

      I like names of phobias Arachnophobia:fear of spiders Emetophobia:fear of vomit Spiders-arachnids Vomit-barf/puke Great names

    34. Whitnie Barlow

      I really like that guy in the gray.

    35. Stephanie Lim

      I have a phobia when seeing small and plenty holes.

    36. Claire Bear

      okay okay, does ANYBODY want to smell vomit?

    37. CapacitorAsFlux

      Did they force someone to puke or something?

    38. Lilly Foster

      I have cynophopia. My family is mostly annoyed by this because they say it’s irrational (witch I know, but that doesn’t help at all).

      1. Lilly Foster


    39. Kayla VanderLaan

      The guy who kept trying to cure them pissed me off. Phobias can’t be cured like a snap of the finger. It takes therapy and work. Also, there is a difference between a phobia and a fear, some of them just had fears versus actual phobias.

    40. Breanne Goby

      Mr Grey T-shirt should not have been chosen for this experiment. He was really disrespecting these people and honestly it seemed like he was making fun of them. Maybe it was all in the attempt to 'cure' them, but it came of as really mean-spirited.

    41. *sips tea like kim taehyung*

      My friends will push me on the swings and i will SCREAM my ass of

    42. KaTs Clan

      The spider story is fucked

    43. Benny Diaz

      I feel bad for the person. Who vomited in the bucks

    44. jc14drix boi

      Did is scared of science children

    45. OrangeCatTree Animations

      i has a phobia of water... dont ask

    46. Ebony Smallwood

      That big guy is really pissing me off. If they could cure it I'm sure they would asshole

    47. Ebony Smallwood

      I have a very bad phobia of cats 😧

    48. Hawt Pink Shlickem

      A lot of people are scared of the vomit sound

    49. Hallie the strange child

      money is made of cotton

    50. Janaya Surratt

      Blondy is sexy af