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    1. Alyssa Guy

      “The devil just touched me.” Lmfao I was cringing so hard, I felt like the spider was crawling on me. 😫😭

    2. Lily 2008

      Why do I I have a fear of like all of them

    3. Emma. Kon

      That bitch in the purple shirt seemed scared of everything

    4. Isabelle Watches YouTube Sometimes

      Ugh I'm just glad they didn't produce a bird tbh.

    5. lauralanthalasa7

      I have emetophobia 😐 When I have to vomit while sick I just hug a toilet and cry for half an hour before doing it. I'm happy that I am not the only one tho!

    6. Cindy Flores

      I have a huge fear of public speaking , anyone else?

    7. - FBI

      What if Thanatophobia was on the list? (Fear of death btw)

    8. Olivia S.

      PSA to the dude in the grey shirt. No, everyone can’t overcome their phobias. That’s why it’s a PHOBIA and not just a general fear. If I was there I would go off on this dude if he tried to go anywhere near me with a needle or even a picture of a needle (a phobia of mine). Like dude. Leave the poor people alone.

    9. אמיר עם א'

      parker seems to know what hes doing

    10. Asif Khan

      The guy in the grey straight up bully. The kind of jerk you'll find in my family.

    11. Maria

      I am also terrified of vomit/people vomiting around me, so when I heard that girl heave, my body recoiled in disgust. Had to look away lol

    12. Mucky Timmy

      I have emetaphobia too

    13. Orad sin cesar

      I probably watched another video because I thought Parker (the guy with the gray shirt) Was actually pretty nice and the must likeable out of the three.

    14. Ai Sukakurimiako

      I've philophobia

    15. Benedetta

      Omg poor rabbit

    16. Adsurb

      I knew the girl was scared of the rabbit because she was kinda scared of the cotton balls...😏😏😏😏😏

    17. Adsurb

      I hate clowns

    18. RÁheem

      Hit the like button if you have Acrophobia like me😅

    19. Mhm ;3;

      For anyone confused. The dude was actually helping some of them out (not curing them) but witnessing your phobia can actually help you overcome it (some phobias) I know someone who had a phobia of dogs. They actually went through help to cure it. (By coming in contact with dogs) they are now a proud owner of 2 dogs. So to answer this. Yes, some phobias can be cured by just simply experiencing it. (I do think the dude was a little bit forceful on some people. I think it’s best to let them take their time and not force them to face it)

    20. Jerelyn Pagan

      They should’ve put my phobia which is weird it’s called CARTILOGENOPHOBIA and it’s the fear of eating anything with bones in it

    21. DJ EG

      I don't see how they randomly threw up eww. i'm not scared of puke but that is still gross.

    22. Bethel _

      When people ask me why I'm afraid of spiders, I'm just so baffled like ... are you seeing what i'm seeing ? Are we not looking at the same thing ? How can you not be afraid of this eight-legged creature ?! Back in high school, I ran out of 2 different classes crying just because i saw a spider ! My friends still make fun of me for that lol.

    23. Guaca Glokk

      The fat guy is so obnoxious he obviously has a phobia of exercise and dieting

    24. Weirdo World

      I have a phobia of clowns and as soon as I saw that clown I got so scared that I almost cried (like always)

    25. The God Emperor of Mankind

      Fat dude is cool, helping the face their fears without being too forceful

    26. Reux Fan

      5:10 "Oh there is a cute girl walking in! Look at her.. Wait what the fuck! Oh god please no!"

    27. The Twins Club Club

      I have a fear o vomit to.......IT SUCKS

    28. Sydney Grenkow

      The bunny one was actually really fucking dumb, "it started humping my arm, I was creeped out" I'd just laugh, like wtf

    29. Pínguíné Gaming

      Not sure about all the hate on the guy in the grey shirt. I mean with the bunny he asked if they wanted to try. They can say no? Besides if you gonna participate in this "experiment". They probably told you they will bring the items out. So if they are really that scared or whatever then dont apply to come there? Theres for sure people who gonna ask them if they wanna touch it or whatever

    30. eleanur b

      I hate the big dude. This is reminding me of the time i told someone i was depressed and that person was like whatttt you can choose not to be sad. Like wtf

    31. Fluffywolf23w

      The vomit that's just disgusting like I'm okay with it not as long as I have too touch it

    32. TheIzzidor

      I mean the vomit phobia is fucking stupid. Who the fucks like vomit.

    33. Elizebeth Thivener

      I have had severe emetophobia my whole life. I still do, but it has honestly gotten a LOT better after having children, not completely gone, but not as severe.

    34. Ooo Djhsb

      Ok the cotton was a little sus🤔

    35. Cole

      everyones either hating on or loving big dude in the grey shirt but yall... some people find facing their fears head-on to help while others dont! its ok to be different damn

    36. Victoria Jolliff

      Any one else fear butterflies...


      How can I be part of it? I'll fly to seattle!

    38. Claudia Baldwin

      I'm so glad I'm not the only one who feels that way about vomit...I hate other people throwing up and throwing up myself

    39. MarshmallowCUPCAKee1

      The guy in the grey shirt is so rude, making them feel crazy about their phobia!

    40. Tomato Squid

      When I smell hear or smell vomit I almost vomit and one time I did 🤢🤮

    41. Sarah Abramova

      I've had nightmares about my teeth falling out, but I don't have that phobia, I think it was just symbolic of an insecurity, specifically not being able to get help from my father when I did need it. In the dream when I tried to tell him, he didn't help me but instead just started lecturing me on a lesson I didn't even need. Don't say that the lecture was important, it wasn't. I had said I was scrolling through GR-news when it happened and then he started lecturing me on GR-news videos.

    42. Chantel Harewood

      The grey shirt guy is very judgmental and makes them feel bad for having their phobias. I don’t like it 🤷🏽‍♀️

    43. L M

      I have tripophobia

    44. cailin.felice

      i've got emeriphobia too, i get severe panic attacks about it and i have to go to therapy :/

    45. im only a human loveheart

      I hate fish any kind of fish but not dolphins or whahles or sharks and shark

    46. Isabella Reyes

      Does parker have an @ 👀👀👀

    47. aloha. aminah

      I’m extremely emetophobic to the point it’s honestly crippling, it bleeds into other things. I have extremely bad food anxiety bc im deathly afraid of getting food poisoning. When I was younger everytime I got to a restaurant I would have panic attacks bc I was afraid the food would make me sick, and I would go home and cry after and pray i wouldn’t throw up. I hate every aspect of it, there was also a point in time I literally was sick and bc I was so afraid I wouldn’t step foot in a bathroom for longer than like 10 minutes bc I was afraid if I was close to the toilet I would throw up.. The only reason I won’t get pregnant is bc of morning sickness and if the baby throws up I don’t know what i’d do... it really sucks. It’s even worse when people make fun of it and pretend they are gonna throw up bc it literally gives me such bad anxiety attacks, I will start crying and get up and run. If you’ve just thrown up you can forget about being in the same room as me let alone TOUCH me. It’s a wrap.

    48. Genesis Abigael Boyer

      Guy's rude AF, not all phobias need to be dealt with. If therapy and exposure doesn't work, and they don't encounter it regularly, then the polite thing to do is to simply be supportive. Not shove it in their face and belittle them for "avoiding their problems".

    49. Eddie Gonzalez

      So is the guy wearing the grey shirt afraid of treadmills???

    50. Bruce Wayne

      Fucking snowflakes. He was just messing with them a little bit. No need fir everyone in the comments to express their hatred for the guy... Chill out.