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    1. Eva Escobedo

      Did y'all know that there's a phobia of being scared of the Easter Bunny my sister has it

    2. ReijiAoeGirl666

      To be honest, I guess it's fair enough to say that most people would not like to touch other peoples' vomit....

    3. Domi Turková

      I have Social anxiety disorder (Social Phobia) odontophobia and kynophobia 😄 And also I have fear from rabbits and hamsters but I think its not a Phobia xd

    4. Nazla Ginatria

      What if she,i mean the vomit phobia person itself is about to throw up?

    5. Chango Loco

      Omg i have that bunny phobia. It freaked me out just watching this. Lol

    6. Christian De La Cruz

      I have mellisophobia


      When you realise the movie It has not instilled a fear for clowns in you alone....

    8. ċєʟєṡṭıѧяċһ

      i started getting freaked out when the spider appeared f***ing arachnophobia

    9. adrianna lol

      The guy’s story with the spiders skskdksk

    10. Ayagil Mikaela

      Do they talk to you?😂

    11. It ain't Obeezy

      you can't just get rid of a phobia. I know somebody that legit has a mental breakdown if these see a mouse or a rat.

    12. Jordyn Whelani

      i had an anxiety attack just attempting to watch the video bc i have a terrible fear of clowns... not like the scary movie type just the circus type with their horns and big red noises like ahhhhh.

    13. ariella SUCKA

      I don’t want to vomit and I’m afraid to vomit. I wonder if that is considered a phobia

    14. Aidan G

      Ye vomit is disgusting Unless its me who vomits

    15. supboii

      this was so stupid...fake ass phobias...and the fat dude who think he could cure everyone...nice

    16. supboii

      3:21 what fucking question was that :D

    17. Holobrine

      I would have told the vomit-phobe that she has a ball of vomit in her stomach right now.

    18. Kezi Ononeme

      That vomiting was just nasty.

    19. No thanks B

      Yeah, but who actually likes vomiting?

    20. No thanks B

      Wasn’t Parker in that “Rank me from least attractive to most attractive” video

    21. Mario Gonzalez

      That bearded dude in the grey shirt is hella sexy

    22. Ash !!!

      If they got a box with a lock for them to sit in....I wouldnt make it in or out Claustraphobic😒 Yes I'm gonna like my own comment cos nobody else will😂😂😂😂🤔

      1. Ash !!!


      2. Clarissa C

        This comment doesn't have any likes

    23. StarMonkies

      I think the only one with a genuine phobia was the girl afraid of vomit. She was the only one that had a proper physiological reaction. I think the others had "fears" or strong dislikes but not real genuine phobias

    24. Marijke Van Biesbroeck

      I have emetophobia so I skipped the puking part lol

    25. SunKissNicole

      Lady bugs.

    26. REEM

      When the cotton balls appeared my teeth legit started to hurt, do the phobia??

    27. Living Potato

      My phobia is nofoodphobia

    28. Addison Hebert

      i hate cloth rubbing it huts my teeth to like if your the same

    29. C.J Perry

      I had to tilt my screen when I realised that woman was going to throw up... eurk

    30. Alexus Mooney

      I saw the clown and freaked out I screamed my dad came running in with a bat........

    31. lock heart

      i thought it was a dog at first until it started wilding out

    32. lock heart

      cotton balls make me cringe a little but i think it's super cute

    33. Christine Chandler

      I'm terrified of bugs and vomit. I can't do it. I can't even look or think about them without breaking out in hives.

    34. laslimeboutique Emma and Jocelyn

      “Parker” is the actual worst

    35. Aurélia Latil

      Can't stand the grey shirt guy. Feeling so smart and laughing at people's fears...detestable

    36. Ducktant

      7:40 xD subtitles: (speaks in foreign language). You could have just asked him that it was german?

    37. I wuv weird things :3 check out my profile

      And when that girl said her moms braces were tightened to tight and they had to pull out her tooth I don’t want to eat anymore

    38. I wuv weird things :3 check out my profile

      I’m realizing that there are many phobias and I have many of them...

    39. [L]ucky

      people reading into the dude in the grey shirt too deeply. the people volunteered to do the video, they knew what was going to happen, they could opt out at anytime. this is more for fun instead of actually trying to "cure" their phobias. the guy actually produced more results too.

    40. Jared Miller

      I have a fear of cotton balls......hate those fuckers......and heights to

    41. Madison Black

      omg that acrophobic girl

    42. Serena

      I would have kicked that mf in the grey shirt if he would have come near me with that spider. who does he think he is ? a therapist ? He would have deserved a more aggressive person in that round

    43. Georgia Brimming

      So the vomiting one it would be annoying if when someone else does it then you do it then you get so disgusted by it you just keep on puking that would honestly suck if that made sense to you🤷‍♀️

    44. xiiyaenxzi

      I gasped when I saw the rabbit because I am a rabbit owner

    45. Oscar Cazares

      The girl being afraid of clowns so cute 😭😂

    46. Insight

      I have three fears. Spiders over a certain size especially if you can see hair on their legs or they crawl really fast. Roaches over a certain size that crawl really fast also and the ones that fly. And lastly, losing my train of thought as I'm talking to people whether in a group or one on one. The last fear I focus on way to much that I actually forget all the time where I'm going with what I'm talking about so it makes me awkward around people, but I've gotten better at not over thinking things.

    47. Fluffy Cat

      I have a phobia of blood...

    48. Coyote Starrk

      I have acrophobia, but only when I am in a really tall building.

    49. kali shakti

      I have a fear of balloons lol . . The guy in the grey shirt should not have been allowed to act like that or say those things. He seemed to dismiss a lot of peoples disorders, and I just think that's wrong.

    50. Kim Jaerin

      I myself have a phobia of people negative thoughts about me :/ idk why