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    This is a long one....but it all needed to be said. I hope this video helps anyone that's going through something similar, and to know that you're not alone. I also hope this video educates anyone who doesn't know how pregnancy questions could affect someone who's dealt or dealing with a stillbirth, miscarriages, infertility & any other pregnancy complications.
    Extending all my love to all of those who are suffering. Know that I'm here with you ❤️

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    1. Danielle Llanas

      💛💛💛💛 My heart goes out to you and Steven. I pray that God Bless you with a child, may you find comfort in the Lord. I’m so sorry you have been going through this for years, I hope by doing this video you begin to heal. I will be praying for you sweet girl.

    2. Manon Lagase

      Thank you for sharing this video ❤️❤️ i know it must’v been hard for you to share. Seeing this video help me a lot to think that i’m not alone in this and that we have to keep faith. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙌🏼

    3. Celestexx

      I’m glad I stumbled upon this video. I’ve always asked married couples (friends & family) if they were ever going to start a family soon/later. Not once did I ever think they could be going through what you’re going through. I never knew that my innocent questions could actually be a dagger to someone’s heart. I cried my eyes out with you watching this video and it put me into a whole new perspective. Thank you for sharing, and you are absolutely right - timing is everything. When the time comes, you will be an AMAZING mom.

    4. FLdancer00

      Who are the 3,000 animals who gave this a thumbs down?!?!

    5. Typhlosion Blue


    6. Alyssa Hernandez

      Desi I love you you're so so so brave for this and I'm praying for god to give u guys a baby ! You deserve it ! You've always been My number one favorite makeup artist and this video made me just absolutely love the strong beautiful soul that u are !! THANKS for sharing love 💕💕

    7. Eline Carlstad

      You are a beautiful and strong woman desi! I pray for you! This is so important

    8. Marion Kse

      My parents struggle too to have kids and after many years and thanks to ART they were able to have 2 children. Don't lose hope and faith ! Whatever happen you will figure out a solution and you will raise an amazing family. I really know what you're going through because my parents taugh me their experience, it's really hard but keep believing and be positive! I'm sending all my love 😍

    9. Dalari Nimitz

      In gods time. Prayers for you always sister❤️

    10. Tess Humphreys

      My mum had 3 miscarriages and 11 goes at IVF and she finally had me in 2005 so don't worry you just have to keep trying and it will happen some day.

      1. Tess Humphreys

        My sister had to be adopted because after me my mum could not have any more. I love my sister so much and it won't change

    11. lalacota89

      Desi I just saw your video let me just tell you...I was in the same situation as you with the difference that I just wasn't getting pregnant I've been 8 years married I'm 29 years old and had been trying to get pregnant for 7 years with no luck! and just last year I had my little miracles boy and girl twins they are about to be 1 this year. Just know God will bless you and Steven with your baby just have faith there's a reason for everything remember los tiempos de dios son perfectos! Best wishes beautiful ❤ my prayers for you and Steven🙏

    12. Beatriz Garcia

      You’re so strong. Eres mi definición de una mujer fuerte y valiente. Thank you for sharing this with us. *sending many hugs*

    13. Estela LV Beauty

      Don’t give up, my friend had a few miscarriages but she kept trying and now she has a beautiful daughter! .... and there is always options to make it happen... the key is to be positive even on the hardest times ... have faith!

    14. Gorjess Glam

      Omg Desi Your so brave to speak about this subject .Throwing baby dust to you and your husband . We have similar stories it’s taking me 7 years til today . I know how you feel it’s very hard it makes you feel lost and depressed. Love you Des 💕

    15. Esra Ramazan

      Sending so much baby dust 🧚🏼‍♀️🧚🏼‍♀️🧚🏼‍♀️🧚🏼‍♀️🧚🏼‍♀️✨✨✨✨✨✨

    16. Natali Murcia

      I been trying for my second baby too and its been hard, my doc told me a story of a close friend of him.... the couple were trying to get pregnant for 6 years and they couldn't, after 6yrs they opted for adoption instead and they did, after 6 months the lady got pregnant! IT WAS TOO MUCH STRESS ON THE SUBJECT. Let your self loose and don't overthink it, don't over plan it, don't be worry girly you WILL get pregnant♥ XOXO

    17. julia albaine

      I do not know if you will believe, but in Dominican Republic they made a bottle with natural ingredients that clean your system and help you get pregnant. My two nieces took the bottle, then visited a special doctor and they both got pregnant after trying for a long time. On had twins boy and the other one boy too. But not only that, without looking for more babies the one that has twins just had another boy. Also, my grandmother who is 106 years old said the we cannot allow cats, or dogs on the bed because for some people get some desease from their hair that prevent women to get pregnant. I do not know where you live, but if you want I can give more details in direct message and maybe bring you a bottle. God will give you that child that you want, do not stress out or think about. God Bless you.

    18. paula sandoval

      I literally watched two minutes of this and started crying 😭i feel your pain mama . We would give anything to be mothers and start a family ❤️ god bless you we got this one day will be the best moms , remember your already a fur mama love you desi 💕

    19. Riri Rains

      I’m going to pray for you everyday

    20. Cass Lamarche

      I’m not crying, you’re crying !!! Stephens reaction in that video is amazing. It never gets easier to deal with a loss like that. I lost a baby at 39 weeks. I gave birth to this perfect baby girl who never got to breath her first breath. But one day, it will happen for you I am sure. All the best desi. Side note - I have two gorgeous boys now!

    21. B

      Thank you for being so open and honest with everyone and sharing your story. I hope this helps you find healing! Your a beautiful soul. Everyone I know who has had trouble getting pregnant, like myself I recommended these natural pills that I got off Amazon I know it sounds sketchy but the reviews themselves speak volumes and I got pregnant on our 2nd month on them. I have been with my husband since 2008 no protection and never got pregnant. I took these and was pregnant in 2 months. They not only help you get pregnant, they prepare your body/eggs for a healthy pregnancy! They were life changing for me and my friend who also had trouble. I’m a skeptic myself normally! You can read peoples stories and they’re moving. It’s called Fertilaid. I am taking them again myself to try to get pregnant again. I’m taking fertilaid along with ovaboost and fertilCM. Just look into it. Their found on Amazon. Hope this helps! 🙏🏻💕

    22. Cecilia Robles


    23. Beauty WithVee

      Love you so much Desi! Breaks my heart to see you cry 😢Gods timing is always the best and I know you both will be THE BEST parents ❤️❤️ Praying for you !!!

    24. Patricia Alfaro

      Omg Desi I love you! I’m new to your channel and I had no idea. The happiness in that home video was everything. You and Steven deserve that happiness so have faith in God and be patient. The universe is on your side and you will get to experience that love and happiness all over again one day. XOXOXOXO

    25. Sara al-ghamdi

      I think that at some point you will have a baby don’t be sad 😭😭😭 i will pray for you to have a beautiful little baby , luv you 😫💛

    26. Kaitlyn Romoser

      we all love you so much Desi, and I'm so glad you have someone as amazing as Steven by your side.

    27. shilan

      This video really really touched me. I'm so sad and heartbroken for you. For you and anyone who struggles with this. I really hope you don't have to be sad anymore and that you'll have a family in the future, whether you become pregnant or adopt or whatever may be the right path for you. Children are a blessing and from this video I can just tell that any child would be lucky to have you as a mother and Steven as a father. You guys are already parents, you just don't have a child yet. Praying for you. Best of luck

    28. Jade-Emerald Green

      My heart is truely broken listening to your story, I am so sorry this is happening to you and Steven. Your marriage is so beautiful though and it clearly has made you a closer unit. You deserve a child more than anything and I wish that for you. Sending all my love xxxxx

    29. Lucy Robson

      Desi, thank you so much for sharing your story. I cannot even begin to imagine what it feels like to go through all of this. You are so strong ❤️

    30. Jeffline Joseph

      In the name of Jesus, you will bear fruit. Praying for you!

    31. Stella Sepassipour

      You are very strong and you have to stay strong. We support you

    32. erika carrillo

      Thanks for sharing your story . I have a story as well but it’s hard to speak about . I think the best way is IVF, embryos . Surrogate is also a great option. We have so much technology out there . It is very expensive . Don’t let that hold you back . Good luck & God bless

    33. Jennszblogs

      wow desi, you got me crying like a baby over here, I’m going to pray for you and Steven have that miracle ❤️ it’ll happen soon. CHICKENS LETS PRAY! prayers always help 🐔💞

    34. fashiongirl0584

      Who downvoted this?! This was so brave and heartbreaking. I hope you get to be a mom some day Desi.

    35. Chantel Ayoub


    36. Beverly Gupit

      Girl you made me tear up with this video. I know how you feel. 💕

    37. Ismigul Assenov

      After two miscarriages i know how you feel, its def a time of needing all the support you can get especially from your husband or partner... its something you’ll never forget, it really doesnt help when doctors or people say ‘now you know that you can get pregnant!’ Its the worst you can say to a person that went trough something like this... thank you for this video, its so hard to talk about this

    38. Clementina1483

      God's moments are perfect, I know it hurts (I've been there too) but don't be sad, your children will come when they have to. You're an amazing woman, don't give up! Tons of Love from Venezuela 😘🇻🇪😘🤗

    39. Kelsey Flynn

      God is going to bless you with something great Desi

    40. Neha Assar

      Hang in there Desi. I know this is frustrating and difficult but it’s just a phase and it too will pass. Don’t give up. What is meant to be will be and you don’t have control over when things will happen. Focus on being stress free and staying centered. Surround yourself with love and happiness. Live in the moment. Sending love ❤️

    41. Rebecca Hamler

      You are not alone 💔

    42. Celica Elicea

      Watching you I felt like I was watching my life story. I had a miscarriage and also gave up. One day I just prayed with a necessity... I asked God for that blessing after 7 yrs he answered.I also started taking prenatals just to be healthier and prepare. Best of luck stay positive and keep having faith.

    43. Suzette Rollin

      You are amazing ❤

    44. Katie Holloway

      Praying for you!! This made me cry because that is also one of my biggest fear and it could really happen to any of us but please don't give up hope, I think that God has a specific plan just for you and all of us and it's going to be everything you Could ever imagine and I really believe that! Thanks for sharing ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    45. Michelle Quah

      I feel you. One will never ever get over grief. You just cope. I had 2 miscarriages. Keep hope alive. Thanks for being open. It's hard.

    46. Sophie Castro

      Hi desi my name is Sophie I’m from Australia and would just like to send a bubble of hope your way. I can totally relate to your story n feelings as my hubby and I also walked this path, me myself felt so alone like in a box I couldn’t get out of it was a horrible time of my life but also a journey that taught me so much, we had a daughter that we fell pregnant with by accident just before we got married so of course when I was ready for baby number two I thought it would be a piece of cake BUT as she approached two we decided ok let’s give her a sibling we tried n every month that went by my anxiety increased I went for tests to make sure all was ok they said everything is fine you’ve had a baby already we know your body can do it, so away I went tried to relax, holiday go out together get drunk n I was sure it would happen but time went on n still every month my period would come n I’d be a mess but had to pull myself together n go off to work. I had this guilt on top of that, that I should be happy I already had one but my heart broke as she got to kindy n started asking mummy why don’t I have any brothers or sisters? I have no one to play with.... people would ask so you having anymore? N I would hide it n say yes I’d love to, people can be so insensitive I also got “goodness how long you going to wait you don’t want too big of an age gap!” And “oh she’s going to be an only child why would you do that to her?” I could of then said WELL we are trying!!! Thank you very much!! But I would clam up more. Anyway long story short we went down the ivf path eventually as I thought omg I can’t leave my daughter an only child I myself have three sisters n couldn’t help but not want my daughter Tiana to be alone or how will she deal with being the only child when one of us die, I know that’s full on but this stuff goes through your head. Ok so we started the ivf journey my hubbys sperm analysis was fine also so it should happen straight away right? Wrong first transfer didn’t work, ok that’s ok we got like 6 viable embryos so we did another transfer again fail n every time you have to wait two weeks knowing you have a live lilttle being inside just needing to attach and you go for a blood test and they ring and say I’m sorry it’s negative, your Mind tells you what? No well maybe their wrong my period hasn’t come yet I don’t believe it, the fall is so hard I mean omg I was Brocken every time so 4 transfers later here we are not pregnant I have two embryos left n I said I wouldn’t do egg collection again I just couldn’t my mental state wouldn’t be able to take it, I decided to transfer my two remaining embryos to another clinic as I felt the clinic I was at wasn’t trying anything new or different so we went across to this new place and they defrosted my three day embryos to try culture them to 5 days one didn’t make it n the other made it but they were nervous as it was our last one but I said no culture it to five days this is my last absolute last try I’m so done I’m flat out done, so if I’d doesn’t survive then I know straight up, but it did it made it to five days they transferred it and I went home praying with everything I had I made a vision board on pregnancy pics n things to put it out to the universe that I’m giving it my all.... I did a pregnancy test a week later because I told myself if it’s negative it’s probably too early and I’ll then just wait till my blood test fours after that... but i did a test...... waited as soon as the liquid went across the little window straight say two lines Iv never smiled so much I swear it was like omg I can’t believe it!! I was pregnant!!! My pregnancy was smooth sailing I was positive the whole way n my baby girl was born it is still amazing to me, I gave my first daughter a sister to share her life with yes they are almost 7 years apart but looking at it now they are so gorgeous together this is our family. So after 4years!!! Of trying and I mean trying legs up counting cycle days ivf the whole lot n thousands of dollars later we did it! I did it. And I’m so grateful. She was made in 2015 born 2017 haha she’s 9 months old now, Aliyah is her name. Sorry this is a long story I tried to make it short but I wanted and I hope you get the chance to read it.. that it can happen even after so much failed attempts.. so I’m sending you positive vibes and if ever you need or have any questions feel free to ask me a fan that knows exactly the same feelings you are experiencing. You will get your dream Desi n Steven hugs to you hun xx

    47. Sasha Ceballos

      Desi I know you’ve probably tried everything but I work in the Health field... and my patients have good success with An Exam called Hysterosalpingogram .. this is an Exam in the Radiology Department! Checks for your Fallopian tubes to check if they are open allowing for sperm to reach the ovaries .. :) -XOXO Snap fam

    48. Pelda Gümüscü

      Desi, you truly are strong

    49. Kristi-Anne Mc Auley

      Thank you Desi. What hit home the most for me was your roller coaster of emotions. Even to the point of “I’m good I’m not ready anymore”. Thank you for letting me know I’m not alone. ❤️

    50. Jennifer Waudby

      Girl, no one knows the pain. I hated hearing 'It's because you are thinking about it too much' I had have lost a premature baby and had 3 misscarages over 6 years. I gave up hope and was looking into adoption when I became pregnant. I now have a beautiful baby girl. My other girl friend was trying for 10 years with never falling pregnant and she has a 10 month old. No one appreciates what we have like we do.