He Came Back After 17 Years to Prove Them WRONG! Simon's APOLOGY? *NEVER GIVE UP MOMENT*



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    He Came Back After 17 Years to Prove Them WRONG! Simon's APOLOGY? *NEVER GIVE UP MOMENT

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    1. MusicTalentNow

      ❤️ Go Go Danny, We love You :) ❤️ NEVER GIVE UP is My personal live motto! What is Yours? Live Every Day with the smile on your face :) Life is too short! "70 Years ago..." LMAO :)))

      1. Justin Jie

        My motto is to YOLOOOOOOOOO!!! WHY? Truth be told, I don't like how life works, I prefer rebelling... So I'll just YOLO my life

      2. pacboe

        wow! love that!!

      3. najad bj

        Did you know which song last played?

      4. Manish Sharma

        whats the song ...plz :)

      5. Sydney sudler reed


    2. Mizz Foyt

      OMG! Im shoook!

    3. nadine sprls


    4. Ken Liburd

      This was the best very unexpected the best been alot of great ones but this guy pulled it off. Amazing

    5. Stir Razvan


    6. Virginia Mendez

      I love it love itto

    7. LS Gaming


    8. Mirlene Nunes

      I love this program so much - I think this year the judge are so emotional and warm - who are this couple ? I don’t know who are they but they are amazing 🌹

    9. Thijs M

      lmao that sound at 4:22


      He's got a Robin Williams like quality to him. Never let this man leave this earth!

    11. moominpic

      He's not the lad who Pete Waterman once asked to sing an Anastasia song for Geri Haliwell, is he?

    12. moominpic

      He looks like Wolfman Jack! What a voice. I'd go to see him in concert.

    13. sandip Rajput

      inspires for all men.... Love you

    14. Daniyal 007

      holy moly mate 17 years!! u know that rejection from simon brought out the bestest thing from danny

    15. GodBoundbyRules Eleison

      Simon shirt open all the way to his belly... I kinda cringe like hell

    16. Message Death

      He was cool and all, but I still didn’t like his voice.

    17. abhi Kataria

      Hard work pays off ✌🏻

    18. Dikeledi mohakane-mopalami

      U are a great singer...😘

    19. pynskhem marngar

      Inspiration heart touching

    20. Maurice Harvey

      Is it just me...this signer is GROSS.

    21. Hamza Ghazali

      Very emotional..

    22. The Truth

      It is nice to know that satan and trumps children are also in the comment section. Fore warning the ones that are human and will be here when the devil and his ilk are all gone. They thought this was a terrible performance.

    23. Red Carded

      I am telling you this.....Music is therapy!!! Yes Simon, you were wrong 17years ago, say yes now!!!

    24. Ruben de León

      1:32, put that words in a man talking about a woman.

    25. Terri Anne North

      now, i love simon!!!!

    26. Phuong Truc


    27. Tanvir Rahman

      Who are those female pigs sitting there and judging

    28. Boss Ross

      The English Robin Williams? 😄

    29. thaisydney

      Oh man this make me tears when he finish singing and all people standing for him I can feel that is mean a lot of thing for him (sorry my bad English)

    30. winter Tv 1

      Wow ts real amazing,I love the confidence and the performance,he real proved Simon wrong

    31. mealex mailex

      Simon... No apologies sir... U are the reason for this moment right here

    32. Chloe Nutall

      Are those two judges a couple?

    33. Gitanagurl

      Awwww I almost actually cried!!

    34. Bhagirathsinh Vala

      Song name which is play in the end?

    35. Abdul Khalid

      Te fact that simon is great...you know why? He can make a person even more determined!

    36. Karen Vondermehden

      He was the best, he better have won.

    37. Abdul Khalid

      What the?....he is good!!! So good!!

    38. Eric D.

      Who is the judge sitting right next to Simon? I feel like I definitely recognize him...

    39. Victoria Bubble

      Don’t judge a book by its cover lol 😂

      1. Satyam Mistri

        you are looking gorgeous

      2. Satyam Mistri

        yeah you are right cutebaby

    40. Kould B

      I don't know who was more inspiring. The contestant. Or the fact that Simon showed humility & apologised for his not giving this amazing singer a chance 17 years ago. Well done to both!

    41. Danilo Arellano

      He proves that it doesnt matter you age so dany your cool

    42. Me *

      Danny was awesome! I started crying the moment he started singing with so much passion.

    43. Denisa Muja


    44. Sonni Bustamante

      God Gives us life to be happy May God Bless you

    45. Lucia Kelp

      It blew all of us away. Well done Danny. Best of Luck!

    46. Defnestee

      Killed it and left it on the floor!

    47. Onsight Filming

      Never Give Up!

    48. Yeudy Garcia

      Is my mom cooking onions or something? Why are my eyes wet...? 😂

    49. Yangmar YT

      Who is this Louis guy? sounds like some kid from One Direction

    50. aisha nkwakhwa