Here's How Groot Could Lift Thor's Hammer In Infinity War



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    Groot is many things: wise beyond his words, adorable in his baby form, and a true team player. And, as seemingly evidenced in Avengers: Infinity War, Groot is also as worthy as the God of Thunder himself to wield an Asgardian weapon. Or so it seems...
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    1. Looper

      What other MCU features would you like to see next?

      1. FaceParrot

        How that Android could lift the hammer in 2:10?

      2. Trung Mai

        Hela, please. As you mentioned, not only power but you also need to be worthy to lift Mjolnir. So how could she hold and break it? I know she's very powerful, but does that mean she is worthy?

      3. Yung $carecrow

        wait since stormbreaker's hand was once part of groot shouldn't the handle itself disappear like groot did

      4. Bladedemon XD

        Not a hammer axe

      5. TyloNater

        More theory’s

    2. I am groot... WOAH LANGUAGE! NEVERRRRRR >:3

    3. kissgirls?lolugaye

      Yea so basicaly It was not imbued by odin

    4. lil Fantasy

      Because this is a movie,Not real!!! XDDD

    5. Jasper Gregorio

      bro that thing was hot, trees don't like burning, that's why he was in pain

    6. mpatient 23

      I love Baby Groot.He's my favorite.

    7. Genesis Lopez

      the russo (sorry if i spelled it wrong) brothers said that stormbreaker does not require worthiness

    8. The Kobster 05


    9. Jenny Berger

      My answer is that it wasn’t fully created yet so he could lift it and also since it had no magical enchantment

    10. ftgr_Six

      Orrrr groot comes back in infinity war 2

    11. Iron Man 69

      How strong is Storm breaker's handle if it's made out of wood? Yes, I know it's Groot's wood but - it's still wood. Can't be as strong as Mjolnir's handle?

    12. Daniel

      I figured it was Disney "magic of friendship" or something.

    13. Under18Years

      He was in pain because it was heavy?????? dafuq it was red hot the young boi grilled his hand by lifting it.....

    14. Will Tellez

      Why was Captain America not worthy? He more pure heart then Thor? Makes no sense. He does it in the comics.

    15. pendeja

      i thought it was because storm breaker didn’t possess the power of thunder yet. eitri was able to lift it.

    16. Mark van Slooten

      You did not have to prove you were worthy of lifting mjolnir, you just had to BE worthy. Why wouldn't Groot be worthy, he is royalty after all. Also, the statement it took Groot a lot of effort to lift Stormbreaker is not correct. He lifted Stormbreaker with one hand. Of course he was in pain, the bloody thing was still red hot.

    17. Nishita Chowdhury

      So you're telling me groot isn't worthy? :/ Sad.

    18. Suezo GT

      Groot lift up the Stormbreaker because thor didnt touch but if thor touch the stormbreaker groot didnt lift that

    19. Shawn mendes harry styles

      There two ways which groot may have lifted the hammer, one that the handle was made of himself, the second one is that the axe wasnt ready, he didnt first cut it from his hands

    20. Shawn mendes harry styles

      Thanos or anus?

    21. Im Obsessed

      Odin didn't enchant it ...... it's not that complex

    22. Im Obsessed

      I think it hurt him because it was boiling hot and he's a tree

    23. Ben -

      Who was even wondering this. Odin very clearly puts enchantment on mjolnir. Why would the axe also have enchantment?

    24. Faze xd S

      All you had to say is Storm Breaker doesnt need the same requirements to wield it as Mjolnir does

    25. David Pomerantz

      "I am Groot"

    26. Sofia Antonelli

      Also it’s not a hammer it’s a fucking axe

    27. 10,000 subs without any vids?

      A handle is worthy of thor's hammer

    28. Thomas Parker

      No because the reason mjolnir is about worthiness because of doing enchantment Odin is dead by infinity war

    29. michelle glez

      Groot made thors hsmmer thats why

    30. Lurisa Skoda

      Thor's highlight is his hair......😢

    31. iiRandomguycake

      I wonder.. can vision lift it.

    32. HcNoStylez _


    33. Miguel Segovia

      he made it you idiot

    34. scott Hardy-Bachan

      Groots arm becomes part of Thors new weapon, Thanos uses the infinity stones to erase half of all life in the universe. So Groot "dies". Wouldn't that mean that the part of Groot keeping the weapon together would disappear as well?

    35. Sam B

      Groot sacrificed his arm so that stormbreaker can have a handle to help thor..That's makes him worthy...Sacrificing ourselves for others what else could be a good example for worthines...

    36. Elijah Moore

      His arm was the Handel what do you think?

    37. Sean

      this is your worst video by far the answer is so simple, its not thors hammer



    39. Elaine Clarke

      They didn’t have to make a video about this. They could’ve written a post.

    40. Terra Flames

      He didnt just "lift" it he was the hammer.

    41. Ruhweza Sylvia

      Awwww I love Groot

    42. Adel Ahnaf Bhuiyan

      The answer is simple Thor:One who can wield my hammer may rule Asgard *Groot picks it* Groot:I Am Groot (I am worthy!!!!) Thor : *sighs* Aw man

    43. Nick Flair

      They should give groot his own movie!!!

    44. gerhardt honu

      The heart is everything. Groot has a good and indestructible heart.

    45. Derek Myers

      Because it's a movie lol

    46. Jason96

      My English is bad

    47. Jason96

      Then that off was suppose to be an oof

    48. Jason96

      Off the al was suppose to be an i

    49. Jason96

      When I saw this vid I was like al already know da wae

    50. Raven The Crazy Child

      That “Guardian Dwarf” is from the Second Narnia Movie NARNIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA