Here's How Groot Could Lift Thor's Hammer In Infinity War



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    Groot is many things: wise beyond his words, adorable in his baby form, and a true team player. And, as seemingly evidenced in Avengers: Infinity War, Groot is also as worthy as the God of Thunder himself to wield an Asgardian weapon. Or so it seems...
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    1. Looper

      What other MCU features would you like to see next?

      1. Sining Tadhana

        Worthiness ? or need of Járngreipr ?

      2. Michel Gaming

        to you mean avengers 5

      3. Joan Capili

        Looper i

      4. Liam Dilley

        Why not try picking up red hot metal in your hands. See if that hurts? That is why he is in pain, nothing god worthy as you indicate.

      5. Bruce Johnson

        Juts hitch a ride with Nebula. Her ship was still functional and could carry more than one occupant

    2. JumpShot - Fortnite

      he was in pain because he chopped his arm off

    3. KingEliteBoy

      It’s not even a fucking Hammer

    4. AgenttYork

      He was in pain cuz it was a hot ass piece of metal

    5. AgenttYork

      No shit

    6. archboy 08

      It's only because his hand is the handle

    7. TheGoodtheBadtheAwesome

      Stormbreaker doesn't have the same enchantment as Mjolnir.

    8. David Hoo

      How is it that in thor ragnarok, when thor drops his hammer on a dragon, the dragon is pinned down but when in avengers age of Ultron, when thor puts down his hammer on the glass table and asks the other avengers to attempt picking it up, the glass table isn't smashed to pieces?

    9. Obsidian Nebula

      Wouldn't the handle/ arm disappear as well after Groot's being was undone ?

    10. W Y

      He can’t lift Thor’s hammer cuz it ain’t a freaking hammer idiot. Thor’s hammer is gone, that is the storm breaker axe!

    11. LilRedDog

      Asgardian dwarf?!? I'm not sure he is an Asgardian and he is not a dwarf.

    12. 千Sen

      This video should have never gotten likes.

    13. Jin charlie biazon Blood brothers 2019

      Am waiting for hodor to comment.. :)

    14. Williambarela

      how is this even a video? thors hammer had a spell that only whoever is worthy could wield it. NOT Stormbreaker. this is newly forged not even the completed weapon yet. lets say that besides the enchantment that only thor was strong enough to wield it, that doesnt mean picking it up should be much of a feat.

    15. Roger Raines

      it's not Mjolnir...I suspect anyone can lift it.

    16. Stephen Codekas

      It doesn't take 4 minutes to say, "because only Mjolnir has that requirement"

    17. Dennis Engelen

      Groot means big in Dutch. You speak it out like 'GROOHT'

    18. Andrei Alexandru

      Groot can lift the hammer because its not a hammer. Its called an axe. And its not Mjolnir so its not surrounded by the same rules. Dumb fucks.

    19. SilentNinja 074

      Wait Wait Wait... ik Theres some smart ass about to answer this question but if Groot disappeared and his arm was a part of him wouldnt it disappear aswell? just saying idk someone answer this

    20. Bobaloba

      Are you stupid?! It's burning metal of course groots gonna be in pain Dicks.

    21. banana gaming

      #1 it's not a damn hammer it's an axe #2 the reason Groot can pick it up is because it's not enchanted yet

    22. Mayur M

      it is very funny that drug addict american can not even lift one cigar make such movie...such dreamy ppl

    23. Daegon

      The reason he can lift it because it wasn't MewMew.

    24. Christian Jenerette

      Hella is hella angry sometimes

    25. TH3 _SK3TCH


    26. Nate

      Is Spartan armor named after Thor's hammer? Or am I just high

    27. Jp Arbiter

      Groot can lift Stormbreaker because Storm Breaker is not Mjolnir, and thus does not have Odin's Enchantment decreeing only the worthy may lift it.

    28. Coolcraft

      simple answer there's no enchantment on the axe for worthiness

    29. Coolcraft

      simple answer there's no enchantment on the axe for worthiness

    30. Coolcraft

      simple answer there's no enchantment on the axe for worthiness

    31. Dissected Grape Studios

      Groot didn’t reincarnate himself. James Gunn said that first groot is dead and baby groot is his son.

    32. Jermaine Barrett

      Go Groot 👍 I'm Groot 😇 Thor look very outstanding 👊 told you you would die for that 😁

    33. xxXNightShineX xx

      Why did she leave him

    34. Jomagnum 21

      So therefore he became part of the hammer that means he is the hammer he can lift himself

    35. Jomagnum 21

      The hammer wasn’t even formed

    36. Alexander Kim

      The fans aren’t very happy about it (pissed) but then again this idea was made a longer time ago...

    37. Depazzci

      I personally think that the Stormbreaker wasn't finished, until it chose Thor as the one to yield it (which was that part where the exhausted Thor was laying on the ground and was barely able to move his fingers and the Stormbreaker lifted up in the air)

    38. Brad Poplin

      It does not have the enchantment from Odin on it. Did not even need to watch the video.

    39. King Chameleon

      groot from the first guardians is a different being than the groot that died in IW.

    40. xxXNightShineX xx

      I’m still waiting for anvengers 4

    41. Sana 19114

      man! many hero died in infinity war

    42. Sana 19114

      it is not his hammer,its his axe

    43. Tre- Mendous

      Honestly I thought Groot was in pain because he had to hold two freshly forged pieces of metal that would possibly leave a second to third degree burns. But I guess.

    44. Killer Slayer57

      Even if groot did that, its just another son. It was explained that the groot in the first one did in fact die and the little twig was groots son

    45. Sining Tadhana

      Is it really worthiness that makes a person held the Mjolnir, or is it Járngreipr?

    46. Ivan Banana

      This is a dumb ass question it’s obvious the enchantment was set by Odin

    47. Suck my Primberries

      Wether it was enchanted or not. I'm pretty sure cutting off your arm in order to make a hilt for an axe for both a friend and a Norse God is a pretty fuckin selfless act, wouldn't this deem someone worthy? Or is that just my overly empathic conclusion 😅 I understand you don't need to be but for those whom possibly still think that you do. This one's for you 😂😂😂

    48. Stiora Bloodlotus

      the guy said you dont need to be worthy and Groot was in pain because of the Heat not because it was heavi or somthing stupid like that

    49. Sjögel Miihels

      Didn't notice it being a hammer or axe before Groot cave his arm.

    50. a-boy #weirdo

      He made it