Here's How Groot Could Lift Thor's Hammer In Infinity War



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    Groot is many things: wise beyond his words, adorable in his baby form, and a true team player. And, as seemingly evidenced in Avengers: Infinity War, Groot is also as worthy as the God of Thunder himself to wield an Asgardian weapon. Or so it seems...
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    1. Looper

      What other MCU features would you like to see next?

      1. Kailash Nath

        +Nathan C I was replying to @Samuel Thompson. His comment was "If thanos killed off half of all sentient life from each species why was Groot killed he is the only one left of this species?". What you said is what I meant :)

      2. Nathan C

        +Ram Kumar you are as bad as Looper. They saved Xandar not Earth

      3. Nathan C

        +Kailash Nath they have never once said that Groot is the last Groot. The collector in Guardians specifically said I never thought I would meet a Groot. That absolutely implies that there's more than one of them somewhere

      4. Nathan C

        +dmf055 he didn't Thor is definitely still alive. Hell Loki is probably still alive I mean come on nobody really thinks he's dead do they? Loki doesn't die

      5. Nathan C

        +Dutchrudders you obviously only watched it once and missed most of the movie because other fans were screaming around you. Thanos very clearly explains to Iron Man that wiping out half of all life in the universe would be random and dispassionate fair to everybody. He didn't choose anything it was a complete and total roll of the dice.

    2. Nate Woodward

      He could lift it because he was worthy enough at the moment because he did it for the good cause. Kinda like how Arthur pulled the sword out of the stone without thinking.

    3. mitaxo

      Thats not the hammer its the axe.

    4. Oliver Grewin

      Can people just stop believing that everyone died in the end of Infinity War! Do you really believe that they would kill of 80% of the characters that pay their salary in 2 min just like that!?

    5. Lamont’e Gary

      Groot and storm breaker is a way for them to reedem groot

    6. 1,000 Subs

      Isn’t groot part of Yggdrasil the world tree

    7. GunHawk

      Groot could defeat Thanos Edit: oh wait he died 😂

    8. JDVL2k

      It’s an Axe

    9. Titan Can't Draw

      He wasn’t in great pain because Stormbreaker was heavy. It’s because Stormbreaker was just super-heated by a literal star!

    10. kaosking stopmotion

      Easy answer no enchantment

    11. Akram Abdullahi

      To be honest groot deserves to be worthy to hold Mjolnir because he did Sacrifice himself to save his friends in Xandar

    12. Haxel Hazard

      Stupid video..

    13. william conner

      He couldn’t lift it because it wasn’t registered to Thor yet

    14. Thereisntachannel

      Groot holding the stormbreaker sets himself up for his ressurection

    15. Thereisntachannel

      Groot didn't pick up the hammer, he forged it.

    16. Ian Charles

      Ummm.... Odin didnt enchant Stormbreaker. He did enchant Mjolnir. Theoretically anyone who is physically strong enough to pick it up could lift Stormbreaker.

    17. Damian Howard

      Simply answer.. Groot *is* worthy!

    18. That Gaming Fox

      StormBreaker only lets you lift it if you have enough Power, but what kind? Mental power? Physical Power? Willpower? I don’t know.

    19. zook420000

      no one talks about beta ray bill. in the original story after discovering that Bill was worthy enough to lift Mjolnir, Odin proposes a battle to the death in the fiery Asgardian realm of Skartheim to decide who will wield the hammer. Bill and Thor render each other unconscious. Bill's resistance to heat allows him to recover first, however, and he is deemed the winner-but he also saves Thor from falling into lava, believing he is too worthy an opponent to die, but he feels he needs the hammer to protect his people. After Bill reconsiders his claim to the hammer, Odin orders the making of a new hammer for Bill: Stormbreaker, equal in power to Mjolnir and created from the same dwarf star. Odin also transfers an enchantment from Mjolnir to Stormbreaker, so that Bill can return to his original Korbinite form by striking Stormbreaker upon the ground-and Thor can no longer become Donald Blake. but the movies story is different so the creators do get final say. people should know the whole pic tho

    20. Aelmich DeWan

      But it's not a hammer...

    21. Chubby Pander

      The reason is because it doesn’t have the seal Odin put on it um.. that’s obvious really! Come on it’s not that hard to finger out I knew that’s what they would say before the vid like if u knew this 2 lol

    22. koala bears

      Groot is still alive... Because the handle

    23. Dan C

      No one can lift it but it can be placed on a coat rack. Perhaps Groot is too much wood base, Also lifting is not wielding.

    24. thevoid99

      the answer is easy.... he helped created it by creating its handle.

    25. رورونوا زورو

      3:34 WTF!!😂💔

    26. WhyOfCourseNot

      Holy shit that was the biggest waste of god damn time. Good thing I left my Adblock on!

    27. Jason Voorhees

      Because odin didn't put the spell in it

    28. DEAD POOL

      Grood : I'm grood. Vin diesel : No.

    29. TOXIC Kamikazee

      simple answer Odin did not put any magic in that hammer

    30. Simon Judah

      Load of crap, the enchantment was on Mjolnir not Storm Breaker.

    31. CaptainX - CT1555

      *Becuase the handle is groot's arm*

    32. Kai _Ninja

      Oh ok i messed up

    33. Kai _Ninja

      Excuse me thats a stormbreaker

    34. Neefty

      this is why i can't enjoy a good movie

    35. LX arts

      Groot must have strong as body parts to resist the temperature of star

    36. Kiana DIFESA

      So if lifting stormbreaker requires power and responsibility.... Could that mean spiderman could lift it?! ?! ?!

    37. Saimeren

      I'm not going to watch the video, because it's going to go into some lame theory about how Groot is worthy because he's a pure soul, and when the time comes he's ready for battle and how he's willing to sacrifice everything for the people he loves.. Real answer.. Odin didn't enchant it. It doesn't have the same restrictions as Mjolnir. Simple as that.

    38. Surya Singham

      "I'am Groot"

    39. some stingy on the internet

      Short answer: he only carried the blade, plus his arm was the handle. Plus, odin didnt cast the spell

    40. Avengers Engame

      2:11 ?????? What the heck. Howwwwww

    41. Gacha Ross

      Odin is dead don't watch its just that Odin didn't put the enchantment

    42. Frank Medley


    43. Eu Kee Leong


    44. Mr. McNuggets

      Desk goji commented exactly what i was gunna say. ODIN DIDNT PUT TE FRIGN ENCHANMENT

    45. Briareos Barnes

      Ebony Maw has THE MANDARIN'S 10 RINGS

    46. Briareos Barnes


    47. D D

      He could lift storm breaker cause down never put the enchantment if worthiness no it, or at least thats what I believed, also it’s not hit OG hammer, it’s a new weapon, so it might just be different :/

    48. Me Arup

      It's simple....there is a big relationship between Groot and Thor.... Thor already said he taken "Groot language" as elective in Asgard...😐😎 BTW I m thinking ,Groot must have more powers than Thor and others !

    49. Noel Bronx The Nellow Yigga

      What if he comes back with an armour of Uru metal?

    50. Stephanie and Stephen Van Zant

      So, Thor's sister held his hammer like it was air, even Thor doesn't do that...So Vision and his sister can wield it for sure.