Hidden Meanings Behind Childish Gambino's 'This Is America' Video Explained



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    Childish Gambino's 'This Is America' has become an overnight cultural phenomenon. The internet was quick to point out tons of hidden messages throughout the piece. Here's some you've might have missed.
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    1. rosemary mays

      Bout to watch the video over and over again

    2. Gianna Marie

      That blackface shit is creepy asf and super rasict

    3. rosemary mays

      I love this. Explain what we watch

    4. Rissy Taizia

      Kinda off topic bas I cant believeee Judy Garland did that. And I felt bad for the way Hollywood controlled her life ....


      All the people running behind him are white

    6. DAT BOI

      It says an important message tho

    7. Marc Lauzon

      "This is America" is repeated so often you could see various signification : 1) They kept repeating the same mistakes. They aren't learning from it. 2) How America is viewed (somewhat justifiably) as very egocentric. 3) The line itself is very often used by racists and xenophobes.

    8. madison barksdale

      Very stereotypical. If we are going to be this ignorant then it’s time to make a video about what blacks do to whites.

    9. Fibbonacci Retrace

      Or the "celly" is a tool used by the media. Cell phones making people concentrate on social media while bad things happen around us. More likely fits the theme here that entertainment is a distraction. Just a thought.

    10. pretty inpurple msp

      "I see a marionette, a person who is a puppet being pulled by strings." - Rachel Watts "Everyone else in the background is running. When he finally stops dancing; stops being an entertainer. He has to start running too." - K A A response to Rachel: "Everyone else in the background is running. When he finally stops dancing; stops being an entertainer. He has to start running too". America is the marionette controlling Gambino. America doesn't want the others to find out the violence and horrors, so they control Gambino to entertain. When Gambino wants to rebel, America doesn't like that, so in the last scene, the people chasing Gambino are *America* and don't want him to escape the fictional *America* and go to the real *America.* Just a theory. *(DO NOT COPY AND PASTE AND CLAIM AS YOUR OWN TEXT WITHOUT MY PERMISSION)*

    11. Brianna Schlosser

      He pauses for 17 seconds which can be linked to the 17 victims of the parkland shooting

    12. Sean Wellman

      Gambino looks possed

    13. Charles Anderson

      An article I read said that the old looking cars represented the oldsmobile Philando Castile was in when he died

    14. M. B.

      That's pretty smart of em, I was too focused on their dancing instead of noticing the violence going on in the background

    15. Morisyn Whitworth

      After he is dancing in a circle with the kids, at two minutes and 44 seconds the music stops and it is silent, and at three minutes and 1 second the music starts. That is seventeen seconds of silence my friends. 17 seconds of silence for lives taken in the Florida shooting. Yes, I’m a kid, and yes, that was logical.

    16. Cody Walker

      17 seconds of silence= 17 school students of Stoneman Douglas...

    17. XaeeD

      Highlighting all kinds of problems. So what's the solution?

    18. Samantha Keuer

      You missed it!

    19. Jon-Michael Mcgee

      They had to throw in somewhere that the right cares more about guns rather than people. So ridiculous.

    20. Brett Gio

      The second amendment was giving permission for the citizens that wanted to keep their guns to do so because if government goes corrupt again, they can fight them, not to bring your assault rifle into 7/11 while getting a slurpie. I am not American and y’all putting off these shootings like nothing and even worse Trump will do nothing about it. It’s not the second amendment that’s the problem it’s how people have twisted it’s true meaning. I’m not American and I know that much.

    21. Axenfeld Zach

      Everyone is missing an even deeper and unintentional meaning of the part where Jim Crow shoots the black man, it is a symbol for Black on Black violence that is claiming countless lives.

    22. Cameron Scott

      I thought the celly and tool thing was a reference to black people being gunned down because their phones supposedly were misidentified as guns, or a “tool” as some people call it. Kinda like “that’s not a knife, this is a knife” equates to “that’s not celly, that’s a tool”

    23. J

      Yeah another hidden message most missed was... that this video and song was terrible. Let’s see how many people pick up on that

    24. Random Guy01

      "Red America values guns over lives" what BS. Conservatives acknowledge the "right to bear arms", written into the constitution by James Madison. The Liberals are the ones who don't value human lives, supporting Abortion and potentially murderous illegal aliens. Don't let the liberals fool you. Thank you for reading

    25. Cherrita Rich

      What about the scene; Where you see Black folks running with items in there ✋ while the police car is parked. Was that Representing The St. Louis, Ferguson Riot? And Him dancing as if he was saying how the men are stepping out of pants into Femininity? Look at me know I'm so beautiful...

    26. evan bowling

      3:30 wow thats real. I love my guns too!

    27. Lord Piesaac

      It kind of takes away the severity of the video's message when they black out the gun violence scenes

    28. Jennifer Ballard

      Have a grate day

    29. Jennifer Ballard

      Thanks for letting me that but I now

    30. Aliah al-shabib

      Maybe him running at the end, is him tryig to run to the exit of the building? i have no idea Gambino's video was pure art

    31. HectorNATION

      The two chicken are facing othe way they are not looking at each other

    32. Natosha Monroe

      I've not seen any analysis of the reference to Oaxaca, perhaps influence and injection of drugs and/or violence, but what about the timing in the video, the immediate and noticeable silence, and his actions after the reference?

    33. Triplej

      You forgot about the 17 seconds of silence

    34. DropDeadDork

      I think the one thing that bothers me the most is that at the end, the one time that he doesn't have a gun, is when all the kids seem to snap out of their trance and run away in fear. The one time he is unarmed is when the world finds him dangerous.

    35. emanuelhborges

      Stephon Clark: "This a celly" Sacramento Policeman: "That's a tool" You guys missed this one for miles...

    36. ZODIAK BBX

      Old American cars? I see like 4 jap cars aswell

    37. Luke Waggoner

      Wow this dude is so dumb

    38. Micah Buckley

      at the end, he throws the weed he just lit, lyrics say, "Grandma told me/Get your money/Black man," and he does the James Brown, "Get Down", right after he tosses it and dances on top of the cars, it's a message to the Black community, "Don't get caught up in drugs or the game, use your God-given talent, rise above, get your money, and get free." Genius.

    39. Coral W

      In his video from I believe 2:45-3:01 it’s silent for 17 seconds for the seventeen kids who lost there lives during the shooting

    40. Xx_FaZe_ Bread_xX

      The people that were not hurt in the video dancing with him are supposed to be the countries that helped America in war

    41. Maja Eskelinen

      Thank you for making this video and explains the meanings!

    42. Justen Taylor

      Childish gambino plays America and everything else between the video n song are about being black in America. Very well thought out

    43. kevinhart Memes

      I think you should’ve explained the white horse more. That it more symbolizes “death by the sword” or murder and just death. Like war.

    44. SanQuiSau

      *m e m e s*

    45. Truth Observatory

      Can’t gambino tell us himself. Why do we have to go by what “others online” have ‘inferred’

    46. Void

      And, this is why I praise this man.. #StayWoke

    47. Logan Thomas

      before Gambino shoots the carolers they say to Gambino (maybe)to get your money "black man"

    48. RealMetalGaming

      This song is garbage and pretentious.

      1. Decimated Body

        wow such a good point my dude.

    49. Swag Muffin

      Everyone suddenly an expert on black culture

    50. Matthew Maxwell

      My friend Luke was killed in the Florida shootings, not from gunfire but from a cocaine overdose. I prayed for him for weeks and then was contacted by a black guy claiming to be him. I don't know whether to believe him but I've never seen them in the same room RIP