Hidden Meanings Behind Childish Gambino's 'This Is America' Video Explained



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    Childish Gambino's 'This Is America' has become an overnight cultural phenomenon. The internet was quick to point out tons of hidden messages throughout the piece. Here's some you've might have missed.
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    1. xvx. natalia

      Is it just me but doesn't the girl talking look like the girl from omb

    2. Grace Goodwin


    3. The Mighty Umbreon

      3:58 also notice how they are wearing masks to hide their identities.It represents how people can easily do and upload anything on the internet and no one will end up finding out who really did it

    4. Avaya Hughes

      so is the song good or not 😂

    5. Brayden Mollohan

      The lesson he shot at the beginning came back at the end

    6. vlynn82

      Apologies if these thing have already been mentioned-- First off, just to build off what Matthew Burgos said about the 17 seconds of silence-- after the pause, CG just casually walks away as though nothing happened (which is what always happens after a mass shooting). Also, when he steps on the hood of the car it looks like the window might be broken, perhaps a reference to 'broken glass' policing. Also, the older vehicles in the prison-esque warehouse I think might have several meanings. Maybe the older cars represent prisoners whose lives are stuck in time and on hold. Or perhaps they represent people whose lives were snuffed out too soon. Also, the cars have their hazard lights on. CG stands on top of one of the cars and seems triumphant-- perhaps that represents our country's ambivalence . Also, I noticed that the way he dances throughout the video sort of looks like he's doing various poses and facial expressions (like one might do in selfies that they post to social media)-- a kind of falseness of how we represent ourselves to the world, and a symbol of our shallowness. I'm sure there are more hidden messages that I'm missing.

    7. Mathias Juliussen

      The celly part can also mean that people are blinded by the attacks by the phones and just dont want to see what is happening

    8. Bradley Ball

      Why’d they censor out the shooting parts, when they aren’t even censored in the original video or restricted on GR-news

    9. mumma krazy

      I hated the sing and the video because I read the messages incorrectly. After watching it I realize it's an eye opener

    10. Zai J.

      The "this is a celly, this is a tool." I also feel like he is saying that because especially around the time the song came out all u would see on facebook or the news was racism caught on cell phone footage. Cell phones these days are a helpful tool for those that feel arent being treated fairly to prove to everyone else that there is still racism in this country.

    11. ZuRriX


    12. Christopher Mullins

      Um..no offense but Gambino already said that the song is meant for the individual to interpret. So let the listeners interpret the messages. Sorry :/

    13. Dat Boom Guy


    14. Vıcente Grėy

      This is kinda sad, I was born and raised in America, I always thought it was the place to be, so did everyone who lived outside of it and wanted to visit. It hurts to watch your home become satan's playground, I wonder what the people did to make God give up on America like this, cause before it topped other countries, now it's at the bottom and getting destroyed more with every day that passes. I have no idea what it's like to be away from home, but I bet if I ever did leave, no matter how bad America is, I'll still be homesick cause of all the beautiful memories I left behind to die with this once beautiful country. I hope one day America WILL be "made great again" and it'll get more tourists than ever.

    15. Sonia Sexius

      Also, allll of the cars depicted in this video were cars outdated 70's, 80;s early 90's. Does that suggest times were not as bad back then, than now? Smdh. I cannot. Last days are comin.

    16. Caden Hembree


    17. David barnes stuff 2

      I came here from the comments on the PBS documentary The Rise and Fall of Jim Crow. PBS pretty much said the same thing but it took them four hours to do so.😊

    18. Mr. Q !

      How in the hell did I get to this snowflake video. I was looking for the movie gone with the wind.

    19. robot

      why his nipples purple though

    20. Frickin cool Edits

      I don’t know if this was intentional or not-but when he was dancing with those kids, they were in school uniforms. Usually private schools have uniforms. I saw that as a representation of how people that are rich or that don’t have it bad are blind to what else is happening around them. There were a lot if bad things happening in the background but they didn’t see it...Idk though.

    21. jayson murphy

      I actually think you're over thinking the video.

    22. Frau Star

      This is because of the KKK >:0 KILL THE KKK

      1. Frau Star


    23. Kermit


    24. Drexden Blair

      We need to snap out of the government's lie's

    25. Gavyn Pyle

      dude this is deep I just realized that Gambino is arrogant and so is INSIDER!

    26. travis ressler

      Must be hard to make millions.

    27. Raquel Gutierrez

      When they call out ur hometown Charlestown I don’t know weather to feel proud a small town is recognized or feel terribly bad that it’s being recognized for the wrong reasons

    28. GOC Horsemengamer350

      I feel that the running at the end is amarica running ahead of other countries

    29. Alex Carr

      I think if these were true messages, Donald Glover would willingly tell us. He’s not the person to repress him beliefs and thoughts

    30. Cali Ru

      We need to leave America violence racism this government shut down he warning us to stop being distracted

    31. Music Lover

      WE need more of this!!

    32. Elijah Huggins

      You missed that he was smoking a blunt showing drug taking

    33. WITTS

      You missed him closing his left eye, keeping the right one open. This is a symbol of the occult, a symbol of Saturn, which you will find plastered across our country in the form of owls, cubes, six sided figures, everything... he told everyone right away, he is America and his dancing is that of a puppet. America is controlled by a greater power, and that greater power is Satan himself. The truth is out there, but your churches are just money makers. God of this world is Satan and he is an extra terrestrial. The book of Revelations is a script. Oh and Trump’s wall? That’s a Dam for when the pole shift happens. They’ll be laughing at you all while they are safe in Mexico

    34. Kris Sacro

      Ur ugly asf

    35. Desolate Hound

      This is the comment section.

    36. knjc10

      How come no ones mentioned how gay he looks

    37. mr. fun

      I feel bad for the black folks that feel so butt hurt.Maybe since they can't figure out how to live like humans, they can become pets again

    38. Beau Jackson

      Celli not tool means the sooting in 2017 when police killed a African American male because of thinking its a 🔫 but just a cellphone

    39. john box

      In the end he might be running in terror from the crowds of people who have been witness to his brutality and cant take it anymore. Therefore they will kill him.

    40. _Kit Kat Kaitlyn_

      You ever heard it with the bakamonogatiri song .. IT'S LEGIT It's called this is circulation

    41. mario rrv

      Y lo de su conecte en Oaxaca ???

    42. Alaskan Tanker


    43. The Hølder

      I didnt think this much thought was in this song but ok

    44. Jim Cringe

      No, this is Patrick

    45. Grace Schamp

      Wow Judy Garland shocked me. Welp I learn something new every day

    46. Lamont Wilson

      i dont give a SHIT about those fuckin monkeys

    47. Sueda The Undercover

      This is America

    48. Adam Fierro

      Idc i still like guns

    49. Mathias Voorhees

      Well in my country it's the opposite, we French people are being chased from our country by African immigrants.

    50. The Default Brothers

      *No, this is Patrick.*