Honest Trailers - Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

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    Just when you thought the Jurassic franchise couldn't get any dumber comes a sequel that shows you ain't seen nothing yet - it's Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom
    Watch the Honest Trailer Commentary to see an inside look from the writer's perspective!
    Voiceover Narration by Jon Bailey
    Title Design: Robert Holtby
    Written by Spencer Gilbert, Joe Starr, Dan Murrell & Lon Harris
    Produced by Dan Murrell, Spencer Gilbert, Joe Starr, and Max Dionne
    Edited by Kevin Williamsen and TJ Nordaker
    Assistant Editor: Emin Bassavand
    Honest Trailers - Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

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    1. Screen Junkies

      Do you want the Jurassic World franchise to introduce human/raptor hybrids? One: Speak up and join the conversation- we encourage respectful debate. Two: Respect your community- racism, misogyny, homophobia and hate speech aren’t tolerated. Three: “Be nice.” - Dalton from Roadhouse

      1. Sarah Franzblau

        Screen Junkies this movie was good and beautiful up until the last 30 minutes. Then, it became like a different movie

      2. Evan James


      3. tim thrasher

        it sounds a little crazy for jurassic world franchise

      4. Bill Cipher

        that would be stupidly awesome

    2. silly face

      whooooo. indominous!!!

    3. lamont pettiway

      They are alive like me....My face looked the exact same...like wtw

    4. Semira

      i literally forgot i even saw this movie

    5. GamingUniverse

      When you realize that you might be The only person in the world that thinks this is a great sequel

    6. Jaime Panameno Jr.

      Do donnie brasco

    7. Craig P

      New movie is made, nobody watches it. Sequel is made, it makes a billion dollars and people complain that they don't like sequels.

    8. 01101101 01100101 01101001

      Don’t regret not seeing this.

    9. Click Bait

      Forgot to nail them for that part that was the headliner in the trailer. The part were the indo raptor bedroom scene. The trailor made that scene look so good. Then you go and see the movie and its almost as if they almost forgot to put that scene in there so after mazy runs and escapes the monster like 100 times she up and decides to run for her bed and hide under the covers... Had you nailed that part this trailer would have been perfect.

      1. Click Bait

        Oh yea, I almost forgot about that scene that made everyone come see the movie, lets go hide under the covers now so that we dont disapoint the world. After that; well half ass the ending streight into the ground. Thus ending the movie right were it should have began. Editor needs to be fired. The editor must have done the opposite of what he/she was soposed to do. Mansion scene was too long, should have had the dinos break out of there within 10 to 5 minuites into the real world. That indo bedroom scene should have been the very first time indo meets mazy, mazy should not have been a clone. Your going to need ALOT more dinosaurs than THAT to take over the usa especially after how they already proved themselves more than capable of capturing and recapturing these animals. Too much underthinking going on.

    10. John Doe

      Can someone please tell me what happened to the OTHER dino island? You know, site B or Isla Sorna.

    11. iLLWiLL173

      I just saw it and this honest trailer nails it....that last line by massie is still stuck in my head...wtf was she talking about? You just killed half the world cause they are clones like you !? This movie killed the franchise worse than the Last Jedi lol

    12. Mystic Emily

      do VENOM

    13. Buhe Billion

      Red head redemption XD

    14. Katerina Jeleva


    15. egoy34

      Isla tagalog for island.

    16. John Holifield

      Why did this movie make a Billion dollars? Because.......... IT WAS FREAKIN AWESOME!!!

    17. Ryan Sargent


    18. FolkLaurr

      3:33 ouch

    19. Razgriz Strigoi

      I thought he'd say the Indo Raptor is half Raptor and Half Indonesian. XD

    20. Inesha Dixon

      It actually wasn’t that bad and I NEVER LIKED JURASSIC PARK.

    21. Auroara Winberg

      The only Jurassic park that was even a little good, was the first one. And honestly, I didn't like it all that much.

    22. Chris !!!

      Do disney hercules

    23. D rodrigues

      0:54 🤣🤣🤣 im already crying I cant even breath

    24. busybillyb33

      It's time to end the Jurassic Park franchise. Maybe finally start on a new Cretaceous Park one (funny enough, T. rexes can reprise their roles here). Or skip directly to the Cenozoic Park, featuring monster mammals, terror birds, giant sea beasts like megalodons....

    25. James Roper

      I was awestruck when I seen the first jurassic park movie. I was a kid seeing dinosaurs for the first time, that weren't bones in a museum. Now as an adult I get to watch a reenactment of the dinosaurs extinction. Minus the enormous asteroid, but still has the choking hot ash of an asteroid impact. Great job Hollywood, you finally succeeded in destroying my childhood.

    26. JOHN LEAHY

      X23 lol !!!

    27. jeff p

      Remember when Blue smelled the gas and ran out the room when it exploded. Seriously!? WTF whos this dinosaur bruce willis???

    28. Edwin Camacho Rivera

      I saw the Dream Lord in this film and a bunch of dinosaurs in an enclosed space. Why am I suddenly thinking of Doctor Who?

    29. joshyGreen mouse720

      I swear this shares the same fate as well transformers 2 plot isn't logical


      That Brachiosauraus was the same from the first?! Why!!!!

    31. TheSlyDragon Y

      Young Justice please!

    32. Gabriel Arkangelo

      For me, this movie was the closest in greatness next to the first one..

    33. Ian Wood

      The Clone World: Jurassic Mansion. That's how I see this movie

    34. needs more TRAINS

      I just watched this movie for the first time and loved it. Three things: 1. This trailer was hilarious, as always. 2. I think you're expecting waaaaaaay too much realism from the Jurassic Park franchise. Just sit back, eat some popcorn and watch the dinos run wild. 3. Pretty sure they said in the movie that the Indoraptor is male. Don't know why, since all previous dinos were female, but it is.

    35. Inoshikacho Inoshikacho

      Thank you for making honest trailers 😭

    36. Cory Braica

      I hated this movie so much, the kid was annoying , Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard’s characters were ridiculously stupid, the nerd kid and vet girl were one dimensional, can’t even remember their names that’s how one dimensional they were. Indoraptor all be it interesting was still just a repeat of the indominus rex. Rexy is now just nostalgia for the fans and is used poorly in this movie compared to Jurassic world. Blue felt useless up until the fight with the indoraptor. Half of the characters are forgettable. Movie was bad. Did not like it

    37. ag7dragonfly

      Those two white girls should be locked up, the rest of humanity would be safer.

      1. Anony Moose

        world war or disease is the only thing that can wipe the human virus

    38. Markó Mihály

      I actually enjoyed this one more than Jurrasic World, because that movie tried and still failed, while this was just a hilarious trainwreck all the way through.

    39. Ernesto Fajardo

      This movie was so stupid!

    40. YouOnlyLiveTwice

      Ian Malcom's concern in Jurassic Park about Hammond being so preoccupied with whether or not he could bring back dinosaurs and never once stopping to think if they should could not relate to what this franchise has turned into ANY BETTER. The plot is completely hollow and the characters are cliche and one dimensional

    41. Rachey Roo

      Am I the only one that actually enjoyed this movie? Like no its not as good as the first ones, and it’s getting a little repetitive, but I still found it good.

    42. StacyJane Alex

      Dumb....finds a way. Seriously underrated joke

    43. SS. Failure

      I guess giving a convicted serial killer the death penalty shouldn’t be cause he’s alive just like us right?

    44. Antonio Guinoo

      I bet the little girl is a raptor who has an appearance of a girl

    45. Zerebrat Eightyseven

      0:36 upwards is funny as heck + 1:25 + 2:24

    46. kittyface27

      I had a dream with three different ridiculous scenarios of a T-rex being in my bedroom. In two of them I died and in one of them I used my sleeping mom as bait so i could jump off the bunk bed and strangle it. It was intense.

    47. Russ 68


    48. Carbon

      I walked out mid movie, Literally hurt to watch any longer

    49. amv wolfgirl

      the part where the brachiosaurus was choked to death made me bawl until I ran out of tears

    50. Finn C.

      Still better than the last jedi

      1. Emily Kruger

        Finn C. Not really