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    1. ツXsesAce

      Stop holding your nuts 0:00

    2. Cxdz

      9:23 watch bezingas hand hahahaha

    3. Ghostboy aaron

      This is so boring

    4. Trav Plays

      well, no..

    5. Sione Fetalaiga

      I feel like vik is the worst at everything ever

    6. Jake Howard

      Notice that ksi didn't allow their to be placements so his ego wouldn't be hurt

    7. Andre Aoun

      can’t help but root for ethan the whole video

    8. Qumulater Heptig

      Outro music?

    9. Stuussy. J

      13:39 vic looking around to see if anyone was laughing at him when he saw no one did he said it again (looks like mario) and laughed at his own joke but was acting like he was laughing with the guys

    10. tom cruise

      is harold homeless

    11. Raja Imtiaz

      Gas tings

    12. Alex Natro

      Who that women drinking soda

    13. We chat

      And the winner is vik.

    14. TheDimondBow// TLB


    15. TheDimondBow// TLB

      9:10 9:16 lol

    16. TheDimondBow// TLB


    17. XvtrbmX g

      its obviois ethan won the sat thing for a reason😂😂😂

    18. Admiralty12345

      Harry is my favourite.

    19. Turquoise

      W2S gained his strength after raging back in fifa 14 and 13

    20. JohnnyTheSnow

      I see now we're stealing ideas from Graham Norton 😂

    21. Luke Lawson

      Few things 1 who is the guy holding the cube for ksi 2 harry has good kicking technique and seems the strongest on average 3 something about hearing ethan say oh that was funny just brightens my day

    22. Fly Eagles Fly

      Yo Tobi has a FRESH cut bro that looks sick

    23. Michelle Ramirez

      Harry is like the mysterious hulk we never knew 😂

    24. Michelle Ramirez

      INVALID hahahah 😂

    25. cahalandbeyond

      be ready to get tricked 3 2 1 Read more

    26. coolkid2008 kid


    27. Rehan Mohammed shahid

      why was he touching hes pen1s??? lel

    28. Cw4321

      Can’t tell if jj needed a pee at first lol

    29. Potato

      9:33 i just noticed the woman in the background

    30. The Vencia

      Vik is clearly the strongest

    31. JadGamer 3214

      Well i dont want to kicked by Harry It may break my foot 🤣😂🤣

    32. OnlyUseMeEquip

      too much fake laughing

    33. Alfie Kirby

      I used to jump on someone's back and punch them

    34. h1tman03

      Looks like Harry has done some type of kicking martial art, maybe Muay Thai, judging from his kicking form 🤔

    35. Vito Guccibags

      No No No No qadcu

    36. I . T . Y

      The lower the surface area, the higher the pressure thus force. :v

    37. Jose Lo

      did the fat guy loose weight

    38. Jose Lo

      already know whos going to win.............

    39. kasier shadow

      if zarka got a shiv

    40. Ari Saeed

      This cube is broken

    41. Jenny 86

      Well no

    42. Riley whitelocks

      Ethan: “well no, well no, No”

    43. Evie Chalmers

      KSI deserves another go if it’s invalid

    44. xd staunchboat

      Jj should made shots lika a ak but he choose ways lonely witch a rape face

    45. Ethan Bonefas

      Harry is packing some heat Jesus

    46. TuzickGT

      The one with there heads got me dead

    47. RejectionYT

      69747 LMao

    48. Alex Gaskell

      Eho else is watching this for the 10th time in a month

    49. X3A


    50. Abel Herrera

      Whos girlfriend is that in the background 3:08