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      Logan gonna win

    2. Hungary

      14:00 vikk's face

    3. Sherry Qazi

      At the start jjs hands

    4. Hungary

      2:07 i dont get it.

    5. Josephpotter 11

      12:03 😂

    6. Rapid Switch

      Ethan’s left was perfectly thrown 💯

    7. Soy Boy

      The last funniest

    8. Orlando Lopez

      Keo 3274

    9. Diet Pringles 11

      5:50 Harry did the whip

    10. O&A Harris Gaming

      Wow the sidemen alltogether are hilarious.

    11. Holly Wilkins

      13:28 what did Harry say?

    12. Cunts Is a Religion

      Dude just sit on Logan

    13. Lonely Griffin

      This was hilarious 😂😂😂

    14. Thuta Win

      When u realise this channel has more subs than Josh,Tobi and Ethan

    15. G1rl F1ngrrs

      Haha ksi doesn’t know how to hook. Great “boxer” mate

    16. G1rl F1ngrrs

      Not very hard lol

    17. Gordon Bush

      Yay! 20% off at sidemen clothing store baby!!! YAY 😀

    18. Grantable18

      now we know never give josh a baton

    19. Stephanie Dunlap


    20. Tana Bidois

      HAHAHA Ethan at 9:24

    21. nancynobullets

      This content is as bad as Jake Paul and Logan Paul

    22. Homsey 27

      Why didn’t u use footballs and found out how much power u put on your free kicks

    23. Declin Davies

      Ksi u laugh sound so retarded and u look like a fuckin ape

    24. MadTwatter

      Harry should actually take MMA classes, cos the kick and hammer fist were lethal

    25. MysticDireWolf

      Harry vs KSI next boxing event?

    26. Reece G

      Was n’gannous punch not like 120,000, that can’t be possible

    27. MY MEDIA

      Dab on Logan

    28. Danie Schoonraad

      They all laughed at vikk but when it comes to knowledge vikk is the smartest

    29. Nao Reece

      Thumbnail looked like Logan Paul

    30. Brad Yum's

      KSI, behzinga 👍.. but poor KSI because the machine does not give the right hit points for him 😆

    31. Blinkydog00


    32. Abhinav Cheedella

      13:54 rip every man who encounters ZRK

    33. Anwar Abdi

      Lol Bezinga ain't slick ( 9:22 )

    34. SliceOf Sprite

      that thing is so innacurate

    35. wilmerkingex


    36. Switch

      These measurements are probably not accurate AT ALL because they are just holding the damn cube and it moves when they hit it.

    37. Tracy O'Reilly

      Hary got a good hit because he hits his screen all the time he go rang

    38. Ketflix and Pills

      How much is a powerkube?

    39. Kylejohn 07

      RIP Harry and jjs kixk

      1. Kylejohn 07

        First one

    40. Kylejohn 07

      Sidemen vs team ten well there’s less members a ye

    41. Kylejohn 07

      My top3 fav sidemen members in order is 1.Harry 2.simon 3.JJ if u don’t know who I’m on about w2s miniminster and KSI sorry4 spelling mistakes if is

    42. Juan Almager

      KSI is gonna put Logan Paul in a casket.😨

    43. SaviGamer 616

      10:50 6ft earthquake xD

    44. Carbide_ yt

      Logan Paul is better

    45. Ryan RX

      these scores.. do it properly on a real one man be hittin for 200s.. AJ scored 808 on a real punch machine

    46. UsefulKeys

      14:13 yayyy london!

    47. ASSC_Messi Sniper

      this video proves why harry shouldnt be a defender

    48. UsefulKeys

      the intro tho

    49. Jev Is Love Jev Is Life

      Rigged on ksi

    50. Sam Adeel Gaming & reacting

      Ethan says how much weight can this machine take