How James Gunn Could Fix Suicide Squad

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    How can former Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn fix Suicide Squad? We decide that and more on MOVIE FIGHTS
    1. James Gunn is taking on the Suicide Squad for WB! What one major change should Gunn make to the “Suicide Squad” movies going forward?
    2. The screenwriter for the in-development "Kraven" movie said he may have . face to face with Spidey! Who should play Kraven the Hunter?
    3. Opening this weekend is the Neil Armstrong historical space drama "First Man"! What’s the best biopic of the 21st Century?
    Submit your own #SpeedRound questions in the comments below and we might pick yours for the show! Be sure to use the #SpeedRound in your comment so we know you're submitting a question
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    Hosted by Hal Rudnick
    Fact Checker: Dan Murrell
    Social Media Ambassador: Danielle Radford
    Produced by Billy A. Patterson
    Writing/Research: Lon Harris
    Production Engineer: Josh Tapia
    Production Coordinator: Ryan O’Toole
    Assistant Editor: Emin Bassavand
    Movies that are mentioned:
    Suicide Squad
    Guardians of the Galaxy
    Suicide Squad 2
    Guardians of the Galaxy 2
    The Wolf of Wall Street
    Hidden Figures
    The Social Network
    #HootHoot #OwlNation #GaHooligans

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    1. Screen Junkies

      Submit your own #SpeedRound questions in the comments below and we might pick yours for the show! Be sure to use the #SpeedRound in your comment so we know you're submitting a question One: Speak up and join the conversation- we encourage respectful debate. Two: Respect your community- racism, misogyny, homophobia and hate speech aren’t tolerated. Three: “Be nice.” - Dalton from Roadhouse

      1. Chuck U. Farley

        I'd love to see sth slightly Horror-Film based since Halloween is coming like What is the worst John Carpenter Movie?

      2. hector jalapeno

        Do you ever plan on a Netflix marvel series honest trailer? Daredevil, Luke cage ect.

      3. Atari 2600

        #SpeedRound What non-Marvel or DC character should go toe-to-toe with Batman?

      4. Exogenesys

        Screen Junkies Hal, you're a great host. I know you've been doing this for a while now, but I'm still impressed. You've added such an enhanced layer to this show that I feel was missing before, and I appreciate it.

      5. WorldsWorstBoy

        Just let it die

    2. Snowflakes7492

      Im mad no one said Jason Momoa for Kraven.

    3. Gin Argent


    4. Seth Sterner

      Best biopic: The Imitation Game. Fight me lol

    5. Donald Westfall

      He can definitely fix Suicide Squad but, who ever will start working on Guardians of The Galaxy will ruin it.

    6. first last

      By going to jail, he and most of that town are pedo's, remember they ALL! gave a standing ovation to roman polanski just after he was convicted of drugging and raping a 13 year old girl.

    7. Matthew Lands

      I had to double check the video speed because of the fast talking lol

    8. snakebitgoat

      timestamp people

    9. Opinionated

      Little Giants would been my choice for that tiebreaker.

    10. Anton A.

      James Gunn should fix his sense of humor first.

    11. falselight

      In Coy's The Happening pitch he should have used Swamp Thing as the example for the villain archtype that was controlling the plants, rather than Mole Man, fits so well.

    12. Kurby Pinky

      BatMan is a superhuman in the comic book universe. Bat Man is well known, the suicide squad are villians and most of them are superhuman, I don't know what the hell Croc is.... Mutant? But Bat Man can go up against Superman...DeadShot cannot go up against Enchantress. Enchantress should have been like Hellena in Thor. Not wavy dance lady. The idea for a Suicide Squad but the plot was to unrealistic. And just hiring pretty people is always a fail. The Enchantress as a villain sounds great but up against, Boomerrang Guy, Katana woman with a sword that sucks your soul, Skinny half naked woman with a bat, the croc man, and the soldier guy, they put too many movies in one. Plus, the Joker mess! Can't forget about that. LOL But they should have gotten the best well known villians so that there wouldn't be so much confusion on back story ( Deadshot, Harley Quinn, Diabolo, Amanda) pick ONE villian, get rid of the CGI arm and sky beam, cast Joseph Gorden-Levitt or Joaquin Phoenix as Joker, and let the ending be an introduction to The Joker being the next villian to beat, which could bring in more Bat Man. But seriously the comic books are the blue prints....How the heck can they mess that up??? LOL LOL

    13. Wraithflaire

      I do not want to see Suicide Squad taking on a hero.

    14. Sean Bassett

      Ghostbusters (2016) - 'Not a beloved movie'? No, no, no. Sorry, but you're listening to the sexists too much there. Ghostbusters (2016) was critically appraised.

    15. Richard Martin

      "I don't want to know their point of view." Way to keep an open mind. So only the people that agree with you are people to be humanized?

    16. Lawrence Mak

      The only right answer for who should play Kraven is George Lopez.

    17. E DDay

      Great episode.., After every round you could tell they just want to keep talking for the fun of it makes for a fun show

    18. Filmatic Dave

      Best Kid Sports Movie: Angels in the Outfield!

    19. Filmatic Dave

      Capote!!! (2005)

    20. GLJohn Stewart

      Just make the Squad movie exactly as good as the two animated Squad films Batman Assault on Arkham and Hell to pay and make Joaquin Phoenix Joker the antagonist of the film.

    21. citysarah295

      Real Talk: Bryan Cranston did play Santa as a villian in the Disney Channel Original Movie Twas the Night so your welcome it exists

    22. ciaphas cyne

      lost a viewer. not interested in supporting people that support this guy. thanks for honest trailers over the years, but im done.

    23. Christian Highland

      Did they show all the Nazis in the space program in hidden figures?

    24. dengitpeter


    25. Daniel Quiroz

      Are you guys not doing a podcast version of Movie Fights anymore? I was hoping you'd expand to having an audio version of SJU! What's going on? :D

    26. Onikokoro

      The BIGGEST mistake from suicide squid was the villain. The Suicide Squid realistically couldn't beat enchantress. they dumb down her ability so much for her to get defeated. Literally as soon as she got her heart back she should have teleported to china put it in a tree... not put it in her chest. also the falling for Harley fake going her... ENCHANTRESS CAN CONTROL PEOPLE WHY NOT USE IT! Enchantress would put the Justice League through the ringer. Super man cant kill her because he cant kill who ever Enchantress possessed, she can teleport faster then the flash. If you kill her if you don't find the heart she will possess some one new she is a super powerful. suicide squid would be amazing if they went and fought a mob boss the penguin, joker, or two face. or just go to arkham asylum

      1. GLJohn Stewart

        Onikokoro She would be a better villain against Zatana or Dr Fate. Put magic against magic.

    27. David Carroll

      The Social Network is a stunningly good movie, but has a real problem with facts. Makes it hard to judge. As an Australian I have a guilty love for Captain Boomerang, but a show would be too much. Just setting The Good Place in Australia for some episodes is a bit painful.

      1. David Carroll

        True, although his complete lack of usefulness is sort of part of the charm. At least he wasn't wearing his airline steward outfit from the comics.

      2. GLJohn Stewart

        David Carroll His ability needs to be showcased. He rarely throws his boomerangs in the movie.

    28. Hermann Fegelein

      Correction: How James Gunn WILL save Suicide Squad.

    29. Cody Stork

      Small correction Zod is alive in the MCU.

    30. Kevin Maguire

      Arnie as Solomon Grundy... Fight me

    31. Kevin Maguire

      If this was in Spotify man....

    32. Destic

      🍕 like pizza = 1 is topping this 1 🐼 he he i am the comment panda i mixed up this comment >:)

    33. Abhishek Mishra

      DAN MURRELL- "Procucer", ScreenJunkies (2018)

    34. The Mutant Agenda

      Coy's Small Soldiers argument was so good.

    35. Calvin Tustan

      Great episode with a fun group. I love Lon, but I feel like he gets a little too loud sometimes. I know it can be easy to get caught up in it.

    36. Cole McTavish

      Daniel from The Karate Kid is a asshat

      1. GLJohn Stewart

        Cole McTavish lol

    37. DMCEagles05


    38. Trevor McCarron

      coy is a ball of pure positivity :)

    39. Javier Lemus

      You guys never saw Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas? Benicio was foaming at the mouth in that movie.

    40. x340x

      she lost the Round 2 in the moment she said "diversity"... Pascal still great choice tho but what the hell was supposed to be that rant about sociopathic white men making fortune? wtf, are you arguing the quality of movies or your dumb social justice opinions... cmon Erika

    41. Eddie Pollard

      The biopic pronunciation is classic American English rule bending. Screen Junkies are correct, however, think about a word with the same root: “biography.” The long “o” becomes short when combined outside of its root, as well as the “a” shifting from its short form. Our sets of grammatical rules are often arbitrarily applied, so it’s no wonder we all get it wrong so often!!!

    42. david Lewis

      did yall forget katana is supernatural as well?

    43. Paul Stjernberg

      Why not go back to the classics in the making of Suicide Squad 2 ? The classic movie in this genre is "Dirty Dozen". Watch that movie and why not think about what made that movie so classic ?

    44. Chuck U. Farley

      I'd love to see sth slightly Horror-Film based since Halloween is coming like What is the worst John Carpenter Movie?

      1. Chuck U. Farley

        +GLJohn Stewart ...and maybe 'The Ward', that one was pretty boring.

      2. Chuck U. Farley

        ​+GLJohn Stewart I guess you mean Escape from L.A... I remember sitting in the theatre, thinking why Carpenter, why? Definately his worst.

      3. GLJohn Stewart

        Chuck U. Farley Maybe Escape from New York. That movie was silly but.a fun guilty pleasure.

    45. Chaz Kurtis

      Damn, this is a good episode.

    46. Ben Tomera

      Coy: “Katana” Hal: “Alright, we’ll see if she’s got your back, Coy.” Lmao that joke was so great 😂😂 I feel like it went over too many people’s heads

    47. Ben Tomera

      So what is this, some kinda movie fight?

    48. Mike Ryan

      Chris Hemsworths performance in Ghostbusters over Rush?! Wow.

      1. GLJohn Stewart

        Mike Ryan Yeah but he couldn't save the movie.

    49. Adam Diment

      12:35 Erika speaks hebrew!

    50. Trent Brown

      2 rounds in wow Lon is good, like really really really good