How Should DC Move Justice League Forward? MOVIE FIGHTS

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    The Worlds of DC continue but what should happen with their Justice League? We decide that and more on MOVIE FIGHTS
    1. How should DC move forward with the Justice League?
    2. Halloween opens this weekend in theaters! What’s the best movie that inspired the worst franchise?
    Special shoutout to Benji for letting us use his #Gahooligans art! Check out his twitter @BenjiBuilderman
    Submit your own #SpeedRound questions in the comments below and we might pick yours for the show! Be sure to use the #SpeedRound in your comment so we know you're submitting a question
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    Hosted by Hal Rudnick
    Fact Checker: Dan Murrell
    Social Media Ambassador: Danielle Radford
    Produced by Billy A. Patterson
    Writing/Research: Lon Harris
    Production Engineer: Josh Tapia
    Production Coordinator: Ryan O’Toole
    Assistant Editor: Emin Bassavand
    How Should DC Move Justice League Forward? - MOVIE FIGHTS
    Movies that are mentioned:
    Suicide Squad
    Guardians of the Galaxy
    Suicide Squad 2
    Guardians of the Galaxy 2
    The Wolf of Wall Street
    Hidden Figures
    The Social Network
    #HootHoot #OwlNation #GaHooligans

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    1. Emmanuel Garza

      Honestly I'd like to see a spin on Marc's idea for DC with the addition of a lose continuity. Similar to what X-men did but more intentional. If a movie does really well and people like it, drop a reference to it in the next project regardless if it's the same actors playing the same characters. Just because a new writer and artist take over Batman and he looks/sounds different it doesn't mean I lose understanding that the previous runs possibly did or didn't happen. I mean, Jason Todd wasn't in any of the animated series(from what I remember) and I still understood what was happening in 'Under The Red Hood' and was able to cobble it together.

    2. Chris !!!

      Do Disney hercules

    3. M.T.KaiserSoze

      my idea for a gritty Scooby doo reboot is just to remake ZOMBIE ISLAND for live action.

    4. Abdul Lateef Qureshi

      I have never enjoyed a fight with Bibbiani. He manages to turn every fight into a yelling match. Got into the second fight and stopped watching. Will be skipping any future fight with him.

    5. Scotty May know

      That last speed round was great

    6. MarkD1159

      Burn it down. Burn it all down.

    7. Michael Tejeda

      Get them on agin as a trio

    8. Michael Tejeda

      Sell it to marvel

    9. mhyzon1

      The proper gritty Scooby Doo remake is obviously a Fear and Loathing remake

    10. Jose Rueda

      I hate watching bibs argue it is so annoying and painful

    11. Jose Rueda

      Ugh I do not like bibbiani. I just started this episode and idk if I want to watch it.

    12. SuperDenizen

      What Disney fail to see in Star Wars is that it can be a continuation of the original without having to kill off the main characters. But that's just the peak of it. You can write a whole essay on the subject.

    13. Pan_Head

      Marc and Coy are the best Speed Round Fighters in Movie Fight history. Has there been an episode where they are against each other in the Speed Round?

    14. CamsEyeView

      Good lord movie fights need to stop having these moments where they keep arguing over each other. They should penalize that if you end up doing it for 10 or so seconds

    15. Adonay Jimenez

      Do THE IS SPINAL TAP next trailer before Bohemian Rhapsody

    16. Richard Martin

      Usually think that Andreyko gets shafted when he plays, but I think the judging here was pretty good.

    17. Jadey Barnett

      Ed is soo damn annoying

    18. broc stanley

      Hey Dan, let the owl into your heart. The owl is all knowing.

    19. broc stanley

      You guys should make owl nation shirts and give proceeds to a charity.

    20. Fill Freire


    21. Aaron B

      yall gotta stop bringing bibbs on this show

    22. Nick Williams

      I want the old Movie Fights back. This is getting hard to watch

    23. derpina haha

      my gritty tom and jerry movie would be a depressing character study of someone, who lost their goal in their life. it goes like this: first we got 15 minutes of a typical, funny tom and jerry chasing. but at the end of it, tom catches jerry - and eats him. at first he's happy about it, but more and more he realises that he got just nothing to do now. so he tries different ways to deal with his guilt and senselessness. he tries to chase other mice (but it doesn't give him the kick), he tries to apologies to jerrys family (but there are afraid and run away), so with time he goes really depressed, alcoholic and taking other drugs. at the end we see him taking his final shot and dive in his hallucination of chasing jerry, never quite getting him. a smilie on his face - the end.

    24. JolactusJ5x5

      I'm a nerd, I demand coherent timelines and shared universes. DC animation can do it, let them storyboard, then pass it over to live action specialists.

    25. MylesAhead

      FIGHT TO THE green lanterns DEATH

    26. Jim Manahan

      off a cliff, headfirst. thts how. DC should just stick to animated movies.

    27. Horrormaster13

      28:26 I agree with William. Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 (1986) is one the most underrated Sequels ever made. It's good.

    28. Steve Dicus

      I was gonna watch this but all the comments let me know someone yells over everybody else so I skipped it.

    29. Jon Seg

      Bibs is underrated

    30. Jason Gallegos

      The flintsones one is a nice one shoy, but picture this Tom and jerry are world war two buddies and post world war 2 lovers at a time when cats and mice could not be lovers. years later, it is the 60s, and Tom is hanging out with his fellow cats at a alley diver bar when it becomes known that someone is killing cats. He has his suspicions, and enlists the aide of the only detetive he knows that may relate. Scoby do and his team. Knowing that scooby would sympathize with the potential situation, as scooby is also in a shunned relationship with shaggy, and velma. They find thatjerry is indeed killing cats, but we learn through visual scenes that he is infected with a brain parisite that causes him to tempt cats to eat him. In his desperation to fight this parasite he keeps killing cats to live, untill he is found by Tom and scoobie. Tom and scoobie get seperated in yhe chase, forcing tom to face off against jerry. Jerry begs tom to kill him, and tom doess. Unbenowest to Tom though, by killing/eating Jerry, he is now infected. And turns on Scobbie, killing him, and leaves iy up to the rest of the scobbie gang to avenge their fallen dog against a real monster

    31. Spark

      The title hurt my head for a moment.

    32. Redkurtain

      How did this get so many likes? I couldn’t finish it due to the screamfest

    33. Geoff Moore

      Vincent D'Onofrio should play Marc Andreyko

    34. MommyOfMutants

      If Ed had made it to Speed Rounds, what actor should have been chosen to play him (for the final question)?

    35. Ayush Sharma

      Pls do Westworld honest trailer

    36. siul negron

      I wana see hal on an owl man mask , not sure wich owl man thought

    37. mrunali mishra

      FRIENDS ❤️

    38. Ninja

      Great and fun movie fight! The passion from round 2 was fantastic.

    39. Assassin 71

      Please do milo and Otis I need some one to ruin something from my childhood

    40. Nexus

      Hey do honest trailers on teen witch

    41. Mike Riley

      Lol I don't think anyone has ever spoke while a competitor was giving his final thought when Bibs did while Andreyko was speaking. That alone should be enough to deduct a point. However his argument regarding Jaws being the best movie that spawned the worst franchise was on point. Texas Chainsaw & Predator are not on the level of Jaws in terms of quality filmmaking.

    42. Daniel Babineau

      Holy. Okay, this one really was a fight. These guys were at each other's throats so much, lol.

    43. Mark Mullins

      By not continuing at all.

    44. L.T. Fanboy

      please please please please please do an honest trailer for the Netflix show lost in space

    45. Vile Nation Gaming

      Do a review of the Basket Case series

    46. MidLevelMovieReviews

      This is one of the strongest group of fighters in awhile! I love all three of these guys! They have so much passion! Great job by all!

    47. Viago Viago

      I love Hal Rudnick. He’s incredibly lovable, charming and the cheesy dad jokes hit just the right way. Love you Hal!!

    48. yuan chyi Teo

      Wow this episode was unbearable so much shouting ugh

    49. Kevin Stanton

      Jumo to 6:20 to skip owls corgis and dank memes and just start the match :)

    50. Leo Terry

      Great, felt old school