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FilmSelect Trailer

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    First trailer for HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON 3

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    1. FilmSelect Trailer

      Enjoy the first trailer for How To Train Your Dragon 3

      1. Rebecca And evie YouTube channel

        FilmSelect Trailer I'm loving this trailer 😎😉😏

      2. Lisa Collins

        ❤️❤️❤️ Hi. Whо wants ţo dąƫe me? See my sexƴ phoťоs and videоs ❤️❤️❤️ ღ ღ ღ ღ ღ ღ

      3. Nixe Kraft

        Maybe In all the theaters

      4. عبدالله الحمداني

        Just tell me where the movie will be and thank you

      5. Nixe Kraft

        What do u mean?

    2. Louie

      Anyone else click because of the beard?

    3. fire dropper

      He went full Thor at 2:13

    4. Marilla Chen

      2:10 HE QUOTED SEVERUS SNAPE!!! I'm a potterhead

    5. Electric Cloud

      Why? Nobody wants anymore of these fucking movies. Please stop. It's enough.

    6. Titan Eren

      So Toothless Has an Ultimate Power

    7. Crowns Gaming

      Greatest movie of all time?😍😍😍

    8. Urooj Fatimah

      This is gonna be the best movie of the lifetime !!!!!

    9. Your clash man

      Hey London plz upload so I can see u my friend

    10. Senior Capybara

      looks so cool

    11. simon khuu

      "there was dragons when i was a boy"... It's going to become sad

    12. LPS Katty Kat

      Astrid always changes in the movies

    13. LPS Katty Kat

      If it’s called a night wing then my was the girl white

    14. Emily Summers

      Ok so no ones gonna comment on hiccup’s MAIJOR GLOW UP

    15. Louie Lou

      You better not end the series like your other movies

    16. Tea & Cake

      Nice flirting skills toothless

    17. Richard Kakozi

      You are nothing without your dragon The voice sounds lit

    18. Melani

      When Hiccup teach Toothless how to flirt 😂...It still work

    19. Andrey Msv Ro

      Pewdiepie wanabe 53

    20. Pax Urgino

      I'm crying inside... for joy and sadness

    21. Czekolada

      I am watching this thousand time and i am crying again ughhhhh

    22. Finlay PURDIE

      Your daughter calls me Odin now

    23. Ericsony

      triggered pewdiepie

    24. Allessandra Souliere-Genesse

      OMG soooo sweet I'm crying right now

    25. Sena Hayder

      OMG IM SO EXITED!!!!!!!!!

    26. ClashMadden

      Castle on the Hills :)

    27. Kitty mclawi

      2:19=ME ON MONDAYS GETTING DRESSED correction me everyday getting dressed

    28. Kitty mclawi

      toothless giving the 'couple' evils at 0:52

    29. Frizzle Schizzle

      Does anyone know the music in the beginning? I think it is at 0:07...

      1. TBE-_MONEY

        Frizzle Schizzle Gay Prod By(Lil pump)

    30. Aysha Chowdhury


    31. Kitty mclawi


    32. Frizzle Schizzle

      Does anyone know the beginning?

    33. Frizzle Schizzle

      Does anyone know the beginning?

    34. Kitty mclawi

      THEY SO CUTE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    35. Kitty mclawi


    36. Maxs Gaming

      Can we copystrike dreamworks

    37. Dewdrop_X Xx

      CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS MOVIEEE!!!! ♥♡♥♡♥♡

    38. spruance 06


    39. Solana Luc

      Can't wait !

    40. RedAce XV

      Holy shiet

    41. Matteo Quintavalle

      Seriously? No one's gonna talk about 2:09??

    42. Liberty Mangum

      Toothless when he's flirting....😂

    43. Lynn Syler


    44. Caryl Gelmo

      I've literally watched this for the 15th time and only realized that Toothless can fly on his own 😮😮

    45. Harry TTL

      What up with the beard in the begin?

    46. Fare ツ

      I'm so sad right now I watched every httyd movie 1and 2 and every episode of the TV series why does it have to end whyyyyy 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    47. An animals life Chocolate


    48. Techno 2.0 Gaming

      They really pick a good song thou !!! I love the song 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

    49. Cool cat Tube

      Toothless introducing to gf LOL

    50. An STAR SKY Nguyễn