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    First trailer for HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON 3
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    1. FilmSelect Trailer

      Enjoy the first trailer for How To Train Your Dragon 3

      1. TooCrazyButLazy

        500th comment!

      2. Campbell Bryce

        Never underestimate me

      3. Night Walker

        498th comment

    2. Sonicrunner300 Gaming

      I have a theory Some of you may know this or Think I’m stupid But I think the dragon which the Bad Guy has is the only known predator to the Night Fury.

    3. sridhar vejandla

      Good trailer


      They should keep this going! For some reason it falls between Kids entertainment and mild maturity

    5. danku ninju

      finally my boy toothless gets to SMASH

    6. Doom The Doggo

      I'm so pumped up to see this I can't wait until it comes out

    7. SamuRaized

      2:10 its you and him hiccup. (ed sheeran castle on the hill)

    8. Sruthi Sathyadevan

      The villain looks like Jeff Goldblum from Thor: Ragnarok 🤔

    9. Amethyst

      1:22 has anyone noticed that toothless has drawn in the sand... The light fury?!

    10. Marie Joy Horcera

      I want this HTTYD part 3. 😭😭😭😭😭😭

    11. Alina Alina

      2:20 :)))

    12. mononoke

      for the love of the goddess you care for , what is the piano theme at the start that makes me cry every . single . time

    13. Rohitazhwa Brahma

      these are

    14. Revolver Ocelot

      I always joke with my brother that the villain is the dragonborn, and he kills all he dragons.

    15. Rejuvenation35

      I have been a fan of this since ever. Hiccup wit the beard actually looks like Jay now. Epic didnt see it coming. Totally. Love it i say this is top seller

    16. Ocean Cat AG

      2:23 I'm sexy and I know it

    17. Toothless Gamer

      I love this trailer, But not as much as Toothless. Who else LOVES how to train your dragon!

    18. Jordanna Faulkner

      Gosh I am so excited for this movie. So many questions I'm not ready to be answered. Toothless is barely wearing a saddle in this trailer. Makes me sad the thought of hiccup and toothless living separate lifes..

    19. the same striker antonio

      How come every animated movie villan says "then i will destroy everything you love

    20. Clara Carpentier

      Bet sin barn compromise continue chaos absolutely flag scholar farm sudden fellow.

    21. Shoime loves to vlog

      I don't want this to be the last film!!!!

    22. Aisha Pintea - Dragon Lover

      If You look closer You can see that hiccup has 3 braids now not 2 😍

    23. thecolourbloo

      please don't suck please don't suck please don't suck please don't suck please don't suck please don't suck

    24. Beats Crusher

      Hiccup and toothless (BRAVE)βίντεο-N-fGt96STq4.html

    25. canalul lui luka 1

      Cel mai smek film

    26. sujan gurung

      in m waiting for this... i m so excited to watch this one.....

    27. Jayke Narn

      Press 0 consecutive times

    28. Justin Studios

      Guys the theme of this movie is callled "Letting go."

    29. Justin Studios

      They are 88% done with the film

    30. Jenna Marnewick

      Dean De Blois you will be the reason why we will have soooooo many emotional deaths in httyd 3

    31. Vitamine 92i

      The toothless has a girlfriend and am still single 💔

    32. Brandy McDonald

      i have re-watched the 2 and 3 how to train your dragon so many times..sorry dad i might be on the TV a lot >:3

    33. scott knight

      so how long till this movie starts

    34. chezboi

      0:07 I want to learn that on piano so bad

    35. ky_un

      2:12 Ok... Toothless Become Thor

    36. gяαу - кυη

      Hiccup helping toothless to get a girl and toothless trying his best to impress her, is the best thing ever XD can't wait for the movie!

    37. Beatorama

      Castle on the Hill perfectly fit this


      I like this trailer

    39. Impact rsdfjop

      And does anybody remember scaldy the scaldron. If this is going to be the last entry in the series (and I really hope it isn't) I want to go out with a bang Bring back all the dragons. I know it says the epic conclusion but maybe we could see some new Dragon riders Later... pls

    40. Impact rsdfjop

      Wait I saw Lightning this be the return of the skrill.

    41. x Økæ

      Toothless and toothpaste 😂

    42. Klarisse Perks

      Oh gosh...this is amazing. *cries* ♡♡♡

    43. Briana Brems

      the end had me cracking tf up 😂😂

    44. Lil' Kitten

      "Our Story, Changed The World Forever" THAT MEANS HE HAZ BEARD!

    45. ScreamingToadProductions.

      I can't believe they put the song "Castle on the Hill" by Ed Sherman in the trailer... This movie is gonna get... *lit* -- get it?

    46. Ajayus Spiritus

      No offense but the villain looks like he was made on purpose to be Tumblr material

    47. xXAdolf_Bin_Laden_69Xx

      your mother dont have logic umma block hiccup on reddit

    48. Winda Kusmayanti


    49. Luca Dario Bützberger

      Can someone tell me how the soundtrack at 0:06 is named? I can't find it when I search for "How to train your dragon soundtrack".

    50. Jamie Taylor-Mack

      I. Love. did