I'm Not Short, I'm Fun Sized! What Short People Face | Relatable Facts by Blossom



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    People keep teasing you that you're too short? Well not! You're just fun sized and adorable!
    How well do you relate to this?
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    1. AnnaJuliaJm :3

      5:41 esta sou eu só me machuco ;-;

    2. duck hugs

      when I was itching and holding my phone I dropped my phone on my chin

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      Que enana peke baja XD

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      Me encanta!

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      Que chiquillas mas divertidas sobre todo la morenita me reí mucho...Ya me cambie de canal ..... Like si lo vez en Chile☺👍

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      Bodok Bah Ini Orang Huhuhu Anjing Fak You. Bits

    8. Julie LB

      Me rien compris

    9. DJ Dangelo Far

      Khhvkjb cunicultura Burdisso pa al propusieron

    10. Andres

      Mi ermana dise que te quiere muchu(tiene 3 años

    11. Mireya Cortez

      They used baby shampoo when they were in the shower. Like if u noticed.

    12. KawaiiProductionsYT

      I’m average height but I HATE being taller then people who are older than you🙄🙄I actually hope I stop growing

    13. Karla Victória

      2:53- eu KJJJj

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    15. Cecilia Vilches Bertanid


    16. Rafat Khan

      You are a mad and so funny

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    18. Krishan kumar

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    20. Poetry Mumpuni

      Hiih kribo nakal kribo yang pakai baju merah

    21. Ju Liana

      What is your name

    22. Queen jovy Faith

      I'm not short I'm just down to earth lol😂😂

    23. Luisa Rosales Luisa Rosales

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    25. Brother & Sister

      0:53. please please please please tell me what's the name of the boy anyone tell me please

    26. sofanah ugokan

      Face you

      1. sofanah ugokan


    27. Ella Wilson

      9:51 yasss girl shake what your momma gave ya!

    28. Ella Wilson

      The clumsy part: She just looks so done with herself 😂😂

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    30. hilman m

      geleh si galing dasar dog

    31. Ash_ Games

      11:53 that’s me lol

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      1. 2010 Tiger Wolfcloud24

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    38. Salma Balata

      الي عربي يحط لايك ✌️

    39. Ema Mob

      I like Blossom

    40. Fatma Mohamed

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    41. Haniya Muhammad

      She is cute...like if u agree😊

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    43. Mary Chatz

      Lol I am only 10 and I know what you're saying I'm tiny

    44. Fatima Derghout

      9:17 was me showering

    45. Анара Намазбаева

      очень смешной

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    50. Guacamole

      Fun sized? Are you a chocolate bar?