I Turn a Stainless Steel Bolt into a Beautiful little Hunting Knife

Bobby Duke Arts

Bobby Duke Arts

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    Made from one Stainless steel bolt I got from Lowe's.
    Original knife is the "Legionnaire Bowie" from The Expendables 2 movie, designed by Gil Hibben.
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    Benbrook, TX 76126

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    1. Bobby Duke Arts

      If you would like to see some pictures of the knife, check out my IG @bobbydukearts. Yaaaay!

      1. Patani Naran

        Bobby Duke Arts

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        Bobby Duke Arts osp

      3. DatGamer HD

        Do you sell any of these? I would gladly buy a mini pocket knife. 😂

      4. fabio silva

        Cara parabéns pelo seu trabalho, me dá um de presente?

      5. Jeremy Mills

        Can u make me one

    2. Nats Roblox

      plz make a live stream and you make a another mini sword plz

    3. Joe Chavez

      Very nice A beautiful piece of art

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      Please.. Like my comment 😢

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      Kaça satarsın

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      No.milega aapka

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      Can I have that pls? It's so cool. Wow.

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      Dep wa

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      super bro

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      I like how you playfully enjoy yourself and be brilliant! ♥

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      matanya plorak plorok

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      awesome work ! very creative

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      what is the name of black material you used to cover the knife's handle...???

    25. Heta Mono

      It so fun when you use this to cut your hair🤣😂

    26. Justin Kharl

      I made a katana out of a nail. And it's damn hard without proper tools...

      1. Justin Kharl

        I only have a vise grip, a whetstone, and a file smaller than a pencil...

    27. Mack Looney

      Bobby, you've done it 35 million views in less than a week keep doing what you do best👍



    29. Juusan013

      45 million views in 4 months. Jesus Bobby 😂

    30. hello Jennifer

      Wow talented

    31. Runny King Jonn

      All investors are crazy. This guy is crazy funny in a cool way😄

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      Que buen Arte

    33. Basilis Kourtzis

      3:28 when you realize the edge is not sharp

    34. سيف محمد

      ازاييييييييييييييييي ؟

    35. Elizabeth Gibson

      I wish someone black can teach me something cool like this

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      Very cool knife

    38. Shar Harmer

      The sound was like im gonna kill you

    39. sammy Vlogs

      Him:doing his swords dog:omg whats hapening run for your life 0:38

    40. adrian romero

      this is the best randomly suggested video I have ever seen. beautiful

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      Simplesmente FANTÁSTICO 👏👏🗡

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      very nice !

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      So entertaining

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      Super mini knife. Thank you very much

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      Wow. I’m impressed!! Very nice

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      Fantastic bro

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      why the hell is the title dansih too me?

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      greate. from india

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      Did not know that you were a blacksmith XD