Iggy Azalea - Kream ft. Tyga



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    Music video by Iggy Azalea performing Kream. © 2018 Island Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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    1. Cassandra crews

      100mil views just from me, wow.

    2. Jack

      Nut all over the place....

    3. Lori Barnwell

      I like how iggys ass was bigger than the models

    4. Tutpuri Handayani

      FIRST YOU GOT THE MONEY ...... THEN YOU GET THE POWER..... RESPECT .......! 🤘🏾🤙🏾🙏🏾

    5. Shaquille  Williams

      Danielle Bregoli has left the chat😂😂😂

    6. Olive Shupe

      People still listen to her?

    7. Lucia Wharton

      We all ready know all the views are dirty old men and sad desperate teenage boys

    8. Lucia Wharton

      Well this is what happens when money gets to your heads kind .

    9. Alberto Villanueva

      what a nice song I'm liking but i love iggy azalea

    10. Iarlley Nunes

      prefiro anitta

    11. Iarlley Nunes

      anitta é bem melhor

    12. Iarlley Nunes

      anitta é melhor

    13. Iarlley Nunes

      prefiro anitta

    14. Celina Ortiz

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    15. Taco

      i dont know what goes harder. This song or my dick when i see iggy's ass

    16. Vianey García


    17. Shaquille  Williams

      Today is Nov 14 ....i lost no nut November...and im gay😂😂😂

    18. XD FROGGY

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    19. California Love

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    22. Moonlight MSP

      The sound reminds me of Cardi B’s song “Drip”

    23. Dezanay Grier

      Queen Iggy is back.

    24. Dezanay Grier

      I'm still waiting on her collaboration with Lil' Kim

    25. Jiggy Boy

      Instant cum

    26. Eduardo A. Chongkan Líos

    27. AngeelBaaby


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    31. Marcel Kovacs

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    32. Karolina Czarny

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    33. Lili StoneHeart

      If you pause at 0:31 you can literally see that girl's butt implant sticking out

      1. Lili StoneHeart

        +rihANTi well duh I was talking abou that girl moron

      2. rihANTi

        Lili StoneHeart Thats not even iggy

    34. Matias mrz

      108 M

    35. Jesus XCX

      108 Millions

    36. Just a girl

      I replied the part "...bitches got a lot to say..." because the sound after this is so... awesome?! It's reminding me of so many great Edits... hell yeah

    37. mao zeDONG

      this music video was made possible through butt implants and plastic surgery

    38. Alpha Storm

      i better hear the wu tang on the background

    39. bultaoreune •

      Iggy Asslea

    40. The original Leif

      tyga a bitch if he ain't fuck

    41. Joseph Stalin

      That is not an ass It's a poetry...

    42. Ludicrous Entertainment

      Why are songs nowadays all about money and sex? It's really pissing me off....

    43. Никита Молев

      Че по русским?

    44. Pyscho_lollipop

      your cute in this but it don't hit hard enough someone add some bump

    45. 범박재

      What asss Iggy

    46. Stephanie Sanchez

      So this was iggy with bangbros collaboration

    47. hello

      Imagine watching this on a black and white tv Saturday morning in 1955

    48. Zach Fake

      Anyone else get Kanye West - Send it Up vibes from this?

    49. Finn Wolfhardfan

      I have to use headphones

    50. Finn Wolfhardfan