Introvert Abandoned with No Money in Thailand for 24 Hours!!

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    For all you introverts out there, this one's for you.
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    Our editor, TD, is an introvert. He's a badass who just happens to like his own space and his own close-knit group of friends. So, we wanted him to experience some discomfort while were in Bangkok. With no money and no connections, he had to survive in the city for 24 hours. And all we can say is that we're damn proud of him for getting it done and proving to himself that he can do it.
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    Hosts: Thomas Brag, Ammar Kandil, Matt Dajer
    Editors: Thomas Brag, Thomas Dajer, Brad Lancaster

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    1. Jeremiah Plotnek

      Your work is absolutely amazing. My goal is to be up to the standard you're at now in my video work. Loving it brothers!

    2. AnimeWolfTV

      7:51 Davids from sweden!! Yaaaaaa

    3. Nic 5302t

      The only reason i think that everyone is helping is because of the camera try doing one ofthese without filming with a camera

    4. Itsjustkayliebrown

      You guys should do a race across Europe with Matt and “Carl” with no money... if you do it shout me out ( kaylie Brown )

    5. Yashveer Audit

      This is scary

    6. Yashveer Audit

      This looks scary

    7. sewerin stoqnow

      Good job man!! I feel like I could have done better as an introvert but who knows. What you needed to and you didnt do is entering peoples lives with lots of energy, spontaneous and positivity, except you were like yeah my friends blablabla im homeless may i sleep at your place and saying that in low energy of course youre going to get bad reactions. But anyways, good job!

    8. Mo Ka

      I'm an introvert, but contrary to a popular belief I am not shy. You see introversion is based on how you recharge/gain your energy, and not a disorder in which you aren't capable to talk to strangers. I require a lot of time to myself after a social outing since people drain me. I also appreciate people who don't like to waste hours of their day on small talk, and would rather have meaningful conversations. We are all different, and yet we are all the same. ❤

    9. 50,000 subscribers with 161 videos?

      Me, as a real introvert will not be able to do this

    10. P a d o r u

      Even if i’m almost a inrtovert i just usually say fuck it and do it. It’s my motto “fuck it and do it”

    11. Luke Browne

      I’m 50/50 a lot of times. Sometimes I’m a major introvert and sometimes I’m super out going but it all depends. I want to do this so bad someday but I’m only 17 so I’ll have to wait atleast a year

    12. naciremasti

      Dont be a turtle, the worst thing that can happen is someone will say there's what 7 billion ppl. Not worth it to not try..

    13. tralla öa

      Hahahaha ammar the best just picks him up from the lobby in boxers thats lit

    14. Chet Machen

      I only saw you talk to 'farang"...Did you EVER ask a Thai for help?


      Come here in the Philippines and lets see if you guys survive HAHAHA

    16. Ravita Sohpal

      “Meet Tiddy” 😂😂😂😂😂

    17. xxxGpakos

      i bet yes yheory couldent fly to me and take me to something simular to this im an introvert

    18. Jed Ares

      i cried

    19. Xoxo Mars

      I’m 85% introvert so this was super interesting to watch

    20. Em Sotepea

      come to cambodia

    21. noitsbeto

      Just watching this video got me so anxious that I needed to shit, but the ending made me believe that I could do the same but probably won't cos like I really don't want to... amazing vid tho :)

    22. ricardo1399

      This is the exact spot I have been to thats so cool!

    23. Makawav

      I've been to the place he had breakfast at. A local wanted to show us this great place to eat, sat down and had a meal with us, then acted all surprised when we refused to pay for his. A contract should always be made in that place befooooore someone seems to be doing you a favor. The sad part is, we would have 100% paid for his meal if he had asked beforehand. Its just not the kind of place you want to be made to be a sucker, because if you do, they will literally line up one in front of another to try to squeeze you for whatever they can.(My one friend who couldnt say no literally had 15 street merchants lined up to show him their goods.)

    24. Thomas

      I tried it, got mugged for my shoes

    25. John Oppus

      Nice editing TD! :)

    26. l karisoh

      love this episode....this is what u guys should feel been abandoned with no money

    27. Arwin June Vicente

      My first option probably bus stop!

    28. Shraman Noodles

      I think u might have some beef with ammar

    29. Tinika Scott

      Is it just me or does he look like Alex wasabis brother

    30. wheein's height

      I'm sorry but Matt's brother is so freaking handsome.

    31. Kaitlyn Burns

      I did not know that trails water is not drink

      1. Kaitlyn Burns


    32. Marie Corine

      That was so savage! Stay alone for 24h ok no problem, I'd even stay for a few weeks! But with NO money? What a nightmare! Fortunately he managed to survive, he'd been very courageous! I'd have probably starved myself to death!

    33. Pooja Panicker

      He should have spoken more to the locals . Coz this is more like talking to Europeans in Thailand. I’m sure some of them speak English

    34. The Guy Who Slays ;D

      Meet Tiddy Sorry but 😂😂

    35. Aden Harris

      lol hes the best one of them all!

    36. Jay Leon Digital Nomad

      Not easy. I've been in this situation more than once. Last time was actually in Bangkok a few months back and I ended up up the whole night. You should have asked them if they could have paid for your bed which would have been between 3 to 6$ only anyway. Or go to hostels and crash on their couch directly. But anyway, you did well!

    37. Mhiko Miller

      24 hours in philippines here in manila without money please ❤✌😂👍

    38. CHTUBE Gaming

      You did really good!🤗🤗🖒🖒🖒

    39. klevermarck

      you should come to Ecuador to do something here

    40. Shruti Singh

      Introverts Unite! Separately.

    41. UNKN OWN

      Try Philippines bros

    42. Isaac Conejo

      Wow so good looking and normal.. good stuff

    43. KRLEEQ

      Idk, maybe hes am ambivert whos shy with some social anxiety and with this adrenaline of the challenge he acted like an extrovert. But im an introvert and i find that amount of hanging out time exhausting, loath it. I dont have the desire to be in those large groups, mostly i would find other people annoying, unless they were my friends. I could do what he does but the fakeness of it would wear me out m id get snippy.

    44. Calvin Kay

      That’s probably the worst mall to walk into

    45. Amber KV

      Love how that guy had him eat a scorpion lmao

    46. Amy Lopez

      Why is he low-key cute

    47. matt melia

      I really think you should try an abandoned in mainland china...that one you would find REALLY hard!

    48. artichokez

      as someone who was nicknamed "Jizzy" by my friends and is an introvert I totally understand Tiddy's struggles

      1. artichokez

        id guess anyone who is an introvert usually gets helped out in public easier because they are visually quite mortified to have to be there asking for help and it comes off as humble. a smiling extrovert with the same request will come off as needy or trying to elicit a reaction and prob will be not trusted as much

    49. Shadow The Wild One

      As much as I love traveling, this is definitely me.

    50. Shadow The Wild One

      As much as I love traveling, this is definitely me.