Introvert Abandoned with No Money in Thailand for 24 Hours!!

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    For all you introverts out there, this one's for you.
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    Our editor, TD, is an introvert. He's a badass who just happens to like his own space and his own close-knit group of friends. So, we wanted him to experience some discomfort while were in Bangkok. With no money and no connections, he had to survive in the city for 24 hours. And all we can say is that we're damn proud of him for getting it done and proving to himself that he can do it.
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    1. Harmit Patel

      well done td, i appreciate ur effort

    2. Craig Tothet

      This was awesome. As a fellow introvert I know the trials of having to interact with people. It s really exhausting.

    3. Melissa Gaines

      This whole abandoned with no money series is so cool but I know i couldn't do it because I'm shy but mainly because it's kinda dangerous and especially as a girl all of this would be a huge red flag.

    4. Luka Gonzalez

      In Bangkok and recognise all the places i n this video

    5. LolZ Yolo

      I would sleep on the street and maybe get breakfast but hooly shit

    6. Zaelisa Harrison

      Too bad I live in Miami where people may just cuss you out if you approach them with a story like TD’s 😭

    7. Elite Pertzal

      He thinks he’s alone but he’s not

    8. haley hampton

      Why are all of them so cute?

    9. Pan Pan-Krit Tantatsvasdi

      Come to Thailand again on Songkran

    10. Khalil Moechtar

      if you try an abandoned in Indonesia, you dont even have to find any of your kin, just ask the locals you meet and you dont have to use english, signs is good enough for communication. I bet they will accommodate and feed you. Indonesians are very friendly and hospitable. 24 hours is easy here, you'll live for 3 days in Indonesia with no money (if you're foreigner) cuz you'll be their guests.

    11. Tathiane Rohde Coutinho


    12. FnF1998

      Where can i buy the shirt thomas is wearing at 3:12? I cant find it :(

    13. XxAbel-AxX

      I stayed inside my home playing games all summer because I am a introvert.

      1. Jacob Robbins

        XxAbel-AxX I made those just to see how many views they'd get. Legends did better than I thought it would. 🤣

      2. XxAbel-AxX

        Jacob Robbins I listen to the same music on your channel bro

      3. Jacob Robbins

        XxAbel-AxX same bro

    14. Ino145

      For real though, I'd starve aswell, and it would be torture since I'm a big guy and love to eat. But so freaking shy, I understand some of you. I haven't left my house for years.. :D

    15. Wp. Wasabi

      You know your an introvert when you ask strangers for the tiniest of things, like asking a donut for lunch XD

    16. Niño Fernandez

      12:11 how did he got a coke? what a fake video

    17. Papi13b

      This is so beautiful. People are so wonderful. But people can also be so cruel. I’m glad to see the better side of humanity.

    18. fashioncoco1617

      I need more TDDDDD lolol

    19. Ben Jeal

      You need to do this in the UK that would be a challenge

    20. iQPlay

      He didn’t take he’s shoes off when he slept....

    21. yoyoheads

      I got anxiety watching this.

    22. Bendik Klinge

      Love you guys! u make my day

    23. David Babin

      In the future just go to a Buddhist temple...all your problems will be solved haha

    24. LGeneza

      can you guys do this challenge to EVERY TOURISTY COUNTRY????? that would be interesting :D

    25. Desara

      8.06 the lady behind wasn’t impressed with his joke 😭

    26. 5m4llk1ng

      I would've died~ I travelled solo to Spain and Italy before but with cash and credit card as backup~

    27. chico pequeno

      Do they all speak French parce que c'est fou!

    28. Kenia Liseth

      "even talking to like one person at a party I'm like 'time to take a nap'" literally me

    29. Smiley Bear

      Honestly would still just stay put alone in a bench or something

    30. Alex Landart

      If anyone would like to redo this theirselves remember that thailand has an ABSOLUTELY different culture than France Or Spain , and that they dont welcome outsider's as "Politely" im not saying that theyre not nice its just that being a thai person myself its hard to not be disturbed by fellow loud americans, if you're being loud and noisy, or anything that would disturb the calmness of the people, thai people look you in a whole different way, but if you're quiet, polite you're easily accepted by their societey. While in Spain or France there isnt really a rule for you to look bad in front of people. This is all about culture

    31. Emanuel Sanchez

      I swear every time he smiles he reminds me of James Franco

    32. Zion Lioness

      Awesomeness that he got over his anxieties and did the challenge. He gave me hope I can go out in the universe and smash my fears. 👊❤

    33. SNC

      These abandoned videos give me so much anxiety, but low key love it

    34. Yanet

      Would be cool if the strangers in the video who helped reacted to this video.

    35. DrawnSean

      What? 24 hours? That's nothing.

    36. Namski X

      I love this video because I’m from Thailand and it’s funny because no one speak English and I wish you guys came and visit ko Samui in Thailand again

    37. PaoPao TheCat

      It's not that I don't think couldn't do that but I really don't wanna do that, why? It drains me inside

    38. Crispy the Gamer

      We were in Thailand at the same time yeet

    39. virginia helzainka

      im an intro, and watching your video has always been fueling my confidence! and this video in particular! keep making videos like this

    40. Brandon Atchison


    41. frittatasTV

      TD ma boi, you made it!

    42. Midnight Specter


    43. Fortix

      I am from Thailand 😍😘😘😛😋😋😋

    44. Dane Nakatsuka

      on the abandoned in episodes y'all should make it so you cannot justify why you're asking for money... it would make things much more interesting in how you guys interact with everybody!! haha

    45. Dauntay Evans

      1:51 I mean its Thailand, they don't call it Bangkok for nothing. All you gotta do is stop by the red district and make that *COIN!* 😂😆

    46. Aaron Enerio

      anyone know what temple that is?

    47. xX_CMD_C _xX

      I Just Accidentally click One Of Your Vlogs And I Never Regret clicking it. I just discover the most Amazing Channel On GR-news :) I Subscribed :) Thanks For Making Us Happy

    48. Hayden_Was_ Here

      Finland was the easiest place to do this in. Pretty much everyone speaks English and is VERY KIND.

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      Do u want some cheap yoga shirts, but best quality? Visit us and you don't need so much money

    50. Vivek Mathew

      Guys kindly come to South India ! God's own country awaits you.