Introvert Abandoned with No Money in Thailand for 24 Hours!!

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Yes Theory

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    For all you introverts out there, this one's for you.
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    Our editor, TD, is an introvert. He's a badass who just happens to like his own space and his own close-knit group of friends. So, we wanted him to experience some discomfort while were in Bangkok. With no money and no connections, he had to survive in the city for 24 hours. And all we can say is that we're damn proud of him for getting it done and proving to himself that he can do it.
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    Hosts: Thomas Brag, Ammar Kandil, Matt Dajer
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    1. Dayton Page

      Another fantastic video. This is the best content on GR-news. I’d like to say that this video in particular was really well done, they all are, but this one had fantastic edits and song selection. Keep up the great work, you guys have changed my life and thought process to life itself. You guys are awesome, stay frosty!!!

    2. Specimen

      I would be LIVING if I met that stoner

    3. RedstoneCommands

      would love to see your guys reaction to seeing the video material of one of you being abandoned for the first time

    4. Jonathan Bell

      I'm in bed with a head cold and bad sore throat. Thank goodness for Yes Theory on days like this.

    5. Zachary Filion

      who else here is from Québec

    6. R T

      7:51 " *i'm THOMAS* " ahahaha damn.

    7. MrGenji

      If you’re looking for free food go to temples after monks have their meals people who come and help clean the temple and etc gets the free left over food

    8. Hiếu Nguyễn

      12:20 those girls had me teared :(

    9. Nicolas

      Are you guys all french?

    10. Almond Fur

      You guys should come to Romania!

    11. Almond Fur

      I would have just sat there and waited for the 24 hours to pass...

    12. PinkPianist

      I'm such an extreme introvert that I feel tired from just watching this. 😂 ...but seriously, if that was me, I would have started having a panic attack right when I got in the cab.

    13. Sarah Unicorn

      Come to Qatar doha

    14. R A

      I knew instantly when you met the swedish couple that they were from Scandinavia. You can totaly see it on them when you started talking. We are all super introverts and dont even talk to our own neighbours

    15. Lucky Charms

      I'm an introvert but i don't think i can do what TD has done. Ever. I'm so proud of u dude. Salute.

    16. Comedy Skits

      They do this in different countrys because anyone in America wouldnt give them money 😂

    17. ThatGlobalDesi

      even though I'm a GR-newsr/vlogger, i'm actually pretty shy and can be socially awkward. But I love being in front of the camera, that's how come I took it upon myself to start up a channel. Through it, I've been able to come out of my shell and become so much more comfortable and confident wherever I go! To the point, that I take up solo trips and do as uncomfortable things as possible to challenge myself :)

    18. jaffasma

      scrambled eggs for breakfast one donut for lunch one scorpion for dinner

    19. thailand is a friendly country as long you are polite and not do stupid things and follow the culture the people are friendly just dont be offensive

    20. Joel Philip

      Abandoned in India🇮🇳

    21. You Mode

      Td is not an introvert... an introvert would never ask so many people about food or staying at their home... he would suffer all alone after few tries... and one of the thing that makes them help u is because u have a camera in your hand that makes them more kind towards u...thinking that they could end up in a video that would represent them negatively if they weren’t to help u ( it seems untrue but it happens... at least I would be more kind if someone started making a video of me and the other person discussing about me giving something to eat)

    22. Nick  Ross

      Just because you live in a hostel isn't an excuse to not let someone sleep on the floor there.

    23. MrJb713

      What is a hostel?

    24. McDolan

      *M E E T T I D D Y*

    25. Felix Felicis

      Talking about amar as an extrovert, did he just got into the hotel lobby only wearing underwear?

    26. AnimeMelon 27

      I’m an ambivert/extrovert

    27. Sathien thach


    28. Just a human

      just go to prison and you gonna got free food and sleep

    29. Adam Ye

      Lol Tiddy isn't even that bad. People: How are you? Me: too. *nervous laugh*

    30. Raphael Rodriguez

      Turn on caption and you'll see titties

    31. Soham Biswas

      I would probably just go to a mall and sleep, and i am from india, so i think i will be fine drinking thailand water ,the mall has a bathroom, i am all set. I can probably live without food for a day.

    32. Truth_is_the _new_hate

      Im pretty introverted and i would definitely just not eat and I'd sleep on the streets or in the woods. Ive had severe treatment resistant depression for almost 20 years and i often go 2 or 3 days without eating with no problems. I cant even remember the last time i felt hunger pains. Not eating for 24 hours would be easy. I also was homless as a kid for a while (off and on). I also used to go into the Sierra Nevada mountains alone for a month at a time so no place to sleep would also not be an issue. I think this only proves that some introverts would be forced out of their shells while depending on your past experiences and skills, some introverts wouldnt ask for help from strangers.

    33. Amy Taylor

      I’d cry lol

    34. Naftaliten

      12:35 Can someone pls translate

    35. Yui -

      im already trying this , lost 1 of my kidney

    36. Apfelmost

      Crazy and Impressive video!

    37. Ali Mirhashimli

      So, you can see that being introvert and shy makes people trust you easily than being an extra-confident guy.

    38. PasaiShere

      Next challenge : introvert gets stranded in Yemen and making fun on the locals for 24 hours

    39. Joe

      never new t d was matt's brother

    40. Mari Anna

      I salute you my fellow introvert!

    41. Lorena Huzuna

      *Meet Tiddy!* he's not a tiddy tho!


      should have had you guys should have had reacting tiddy doing this challenge!



    44. Templar Exemplar

      issa trap

    45. Bruno G. Lopes

      Gosh, I’d like so much to make part of this crew

    46. Jack Dozhier

      Oooh white people....”do you speak English??”. 😂😂😂

    47. Robotoon

      The problem for me is that I could never ask strangers for free stuff

    48. ZeroSixGaming

      Btw its not allowed to record in a temple😂

    49. Tannix The Great

      30 dollars in thailand is 1000 baught

    50. ebaluran

      I'm not really an introvert but I'm terribly shy when meeting new people, and if my friends did this to me, I wouldn't know what to do and maybe I would just stay hungry/thirsty/sleepless until the challenge is over. LOL but true. xD