iPhone XS (parody)



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    1. joe clark

      Who can actually afford these thins ffs

    2. MinesomeMC

      Waiting for the Samsung Galaxy ß

    3. whatever unicorns

      introducing the iphone xZzZ 😴

    4. SunnyD

      $1449 for an iPhone!?!?! Hey Tim Crook...Not everyone likes it up the butt!

    5. 1-908-1295E

      where my android homies at and android girls too m'ladies

    6. fazil zaidi

      Just once let the Apple Open comment section of their GR-news channel then I will tell them

    7. Dave Hyler

      You had no problem calling the iPhone SE “the iPhone Say”... you had no problem pointing out that the iPhone 6s was cleverly made to sound like “the iPhone success”, but with the iPhone XS you missed the opportunity to call it the “iPhone excess”? What’s happened to you John?

    8. Lukas VP26

      Apple. cost more does less

    9. TheBoringDude123 •_•

      I Call my dick Big X

    10. Zahra Alzuraijawi

      R you a peasant? lmao changed my mind about getting the XR, thanks a lot...

    11. Reison Lee

      Love all these kidney jokes at the comments section.

    12. Delbert Ocegueda

      The only thing "revolutionary" is the price increase every year

    13. Yash Saini

      The easy way way out is to just not buy any shitty apple products

    14. KRAY-Z

      Iphone xs? More like iphone *excess*

    15. AyeAye Kane

      oh my god thank you so much for this video

    16. Fruity Gaming

      But for real though, Apple should get some help from jacksfilms making ads like this and maybe their phones could actually start selling.

    17. Fruity Gaming

      Ha, Apple sheep like Austin Evans said the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S9 looked too similar well look at the: IPhone X, IPhone XR, IPhone XS, IPhone XS MAX.

    18. doge productions

      I wanted the new iphone be of thid video

    19. Tomislav

      They didnt think that XS also stands for extra small?

    20. Äventyr med pelikanis & Alexander RainbowEdition


    21. RAVE'n Chan Boi

      Background blur are on all Android too,what do you mean , Steve

    22. Hadi Tanana

      Some shit you just add in to make them look bad like they take many photo thing but if you listened you would know all it’s doing is combining them to make a better picture or the price like yeah it’s expensive but there a so many other phones that are also expensive Oh yeah that background blur shit is just back round blur not how much it’s focusing on the back it’s just blurring it out so Apple is first to do that

    23. LJ 7


    24. Large Boye

      Nearly as big as your forehead

    25. BlueHairedBandit821

      I got the 6s lol

    26. PURIFIER !

      iphone xactly stupid

    27. Alec Paci

      I think people are gonna start switching to android because of these prices...

    28. OK Champ


    29. John Macintosh

      I miss when apple was a cool software company that set the standard for user friendly and good-looking GUI.

    30. ItssVenom

      "psssh what are they even saying?? The iPhone is the best ever and the price just means it's better than like, all those dumb Android things. You guys are all idiots XD" -Sent from my iPhone

    31. Schmdty

      Sorry Apple, you won't get me to spend more money on the same phone.

    32. ImmaFish

      iPhone Xr u a peasant xDDD

    33. TheGodlyGator

      jacksfilms is the new iPhone

    34. jackthealien20

      What applications are they???

    35. Adam Doughty

      What is the name of that basketball app at the beginning????

    36. Haley Paliwoda

      Im gonna make a video about my life in a nutshell! :D *comes to a realization* Oh wait, my life IS a nutshell. Time to make i video about my life!

    37. Leo Gomes


    38. kristen ann

      the iphone XR(awr xd)

    39. Vanessa Illanez

      Omg this is hilarious😂😂

    40. Fizzle

      iPhone extra screen 👌😤🅱️🤔💦😫

    41. ok then

      it’s worser-er-er

    42. Detrouty

      Apple is bad anyways

    43. Sonny Mills

      ha pretty funny iphone XD lul

    44. Nig4Twe2

      This is legendary parody

    45. George Sarmiento

      Voice crack

    46. Jermore Fortin

      I'm gonna stick to having a headphone jack

    47. cont' nt

      In Science class today they showed us a video of ShamWow!, aka the Jesus Christ Sponge. You are represented, my friend.

    48. nananananananana batman

      Poor Susan...

    49. User Library76

      There is literally NOTHING an iPhone can do that other phones right now can’t do for cheaper. *change my mind*

    50. happy fun time

      Lol I love the name sizes