iPhone XS (parody)



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    1. iOpportunity

      1:50 *n o b o d y c a r e s*

    2. Natalie Campbell

      *S U S A N*

    3. alex

      yiayphone hahahhaha

    4. lu - ka

      you aren’t funny. go make try not to be alive challenge

    5. MrTootyRole

      Samsung should hire u to make Apple parodies

    6. YeetEm

      I'm fine with my iphone 3G

    7. Akshay Jain

      ....galaxy note😂

    8. Langston Jennett

      Me me Bach choy

    9. Yury Gorbunov

      this is how it goes: iPhone X, iPhone Xs, iPhone Xsp until iPhone Xspensive

    10. Chloe S

      Am I the only one who'd rather see more original and actually funny videos like this from jack instead of YIAY? (by original i mean that the jokes are actually his)

    11. Blu

      Watching this on my ZTE Zfive C LTE I used and iPhone for a day and.... *WHERE TF IS THE HOMESCREEN WIDGETS!!!?!?!?!!!?*

    12. cov 124

      Now make a parody of the new iPad pro

    13. zero Cyko

      Remember when Skyrim Wasn’t mobile Yeah nope


      i got a oneplus 6t ad just before this video hmmmm

    15. Eddie's Adventures

      Xd where has apple gone iPhone 7:No headphone jack iPhone 8:No classical click-click home button iPhone X:No home button iPhone 11:No phone Okay maybe iPhone 11 was took too far xd.

    16. JNS Studios

      iPhone XP. The most ambitious crossover event in history.

    17. Premium Creativity

      thanks apple I'm fine with my Huawei mate 9. LOL

    18. PianoDude8918 A.K.A Robis 2

      now do the new iPad Pro 2018

    19. mnb323

      Seriously I wouldn't be surprised if at this point apple is just playing a game to see how many features they can take away and how much they can jack up the price each year before people stop buying their phones.

    20. Matt

      Me Me Like...

    21. 100 subscribers?! ☺️

      I’ve got the iPhone Xs I’m still happy I didn’t get the Xs max

    22. Rehman Gaming

      I’m good with my broken Nokia Lol jk

    23. I hate this so much.

      Anyone know what the song is when he showed the background blurr?

    24. Ajoker_ joking

      U stole this from Ellen That’s why everyone hates u,u stole content from every utuber

    25. Mocha

      Liked the video before seing it

    26. Death Note

      Hi(sorry for bad english)

    27. Ömer Seven


    28. Camila Martinez

      “iPhone Xr u a peasant”

    29. elliott j-s-r

      Watching this on my xs

    30. ThatIdiotPersonNobodyLikes

      Loving how in the advert they got the only picture where you can't see the screen size properly

    31. Taufiqul Hasan Sany


    32. Kalysta

      the YIAYphone

    33. Caroline Kohlmann

      They should’ve named it the iPhone SX

    34. MopeyBroccoli HawkySquack

      Another youtuber who hates Apple? Very common these days. A trend that "Apple is stupid", which Samsung is also following, makes kids go "oh sh!t me have 20 iq if me tell daddy to buy me iphone?!? then me wont. me have 210 iq and me have android!!!"

    35. Maddie_ LOL

      Tell me that John is using a Android.

    36. Isaac -Gameplays and maybe more

      Apple suc... *heartbeat stops*

    37. Muhammad Hawari

      Apple is the best

    38. Chaotic Cinema

      If there was an Apple Watch that can just simply kill you for talking shit I’d buy that instantly

    39. chelsea boy

      Iphone Made By Samsung ❤

    40. Jimmy4164 //AVGNAddict

      1:05 Weeelll...eeeeeeeellll.eeeeeeellll.weeel..eeeellll

    41. Jimmy4164 //AVGNAddict

      What's next? iPhone XI?

    42. Carson B Wagner

      You STILL only have 4.5 mil? I thought you were "a sensation." I guess that meant, "funny to laugh at, not with... "

    43. saxxymanene

      Does it fit in an envelope though?

    44. Cuby Cuoba

      *wait? Why are we clapping?*

    45. Biggity Boy

      My friend has Apple Watch series 4 and I can confirm he dosen’t talk crap anymore.

    46. Biggity Boy

      1:10 song name at this point of the video? Thanks

    47. Dec Adkins

      its kinda ironic that i got a samsung ad before this vid

    48. Sgorbackor McGlurg

      The new iPhone Excess

    49. CosmicBeeen

      Wanna feel old? This is the first PMS since May. The worst part is he had to do it since it’s basically a jacksfilms tradition. Still love u John no homo tho

    50. Isaiah Rodriguez

      don’t talk shit