Ivi Adamou - La La Love - Live - 2012 Eurovision Song Contest Semi Final 1

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    Cyprus: Ivi Adamou - La La Love - Live - 2012 Eurovision Song Contest Semi Final 1

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    1. Giorgos hp


    2. Engin Bolat

      Deserved better position!!

    3. Ποπη Χριστοφοριδου

      Greeceee 2018?

    4. Zara grande Butera

      I loved this song when I was little

    5. Francisco José Mañas Rivas

      underated winner, @2018

    6. berke koçoğlu


    7. Antonio Durán

      Like in 2018

    8. Teo Mavridis

      Great hit

    9. Ben Phillipp

      Deserved 3rd

    10. malxazi miqeladze

      აუ რა სიმღერა და ქალები ბრავო მიდი მაგრები ხართ💝💘👏👍

    11. malxazi miqeladze

      სუპერ მაგარია💖💝💗👍

    12. paradisoperdutosv

      Χάλασε κ το φαστ φόργουορντ.. πφφφφ.. δεν ακούγεται καν τούτο δω

    13. Kübra Kaya


    14. Çılgın Börek

      greetings from turkey. this one should be rated more

    15. mixalis.x

      Such a good voice and amazing performance

    16. miguel herrero

      Unpopular Opinion: I prefer this more than Fuego.


        Yo también.

    17. Mert

      My winner


      All the Spanish people still in love with this, a real hit and my winner!!!

    19. KLİP _HD


    20. Kneto kaps

      *Who is 2018*Love Greece,love Cypr,from Azerbaijan*

    21. Yaroslav Udalov

      Я тут из за Русского флага

    22. nevajno nevajnova

      I think the thing she standed on was book’s.

    23. Ioannis Kyprianou

      It is that first year, that Cyprus had finally woke up... and till then it had been trying hard to bring the victory! .... almost.. this year!

    24. Régis Alexandre

      Amo os gritos

    25. nikostzavellas

      Για αφτουσ που ειπαν ΟΧΙ αφτι επρεπε να τουσ κανουμεΟΧΙ

    26. Rana Fili

      Россия перед

    27. Dem Dem

      If only they didn't ruin it with such horrendous staging and sad colour

    28. Zümrüt Kaya

      This song is catchy..She looks like Anne Hathaway..We appreciate you Cyprus greetings from Turkey🇹🇷

    29. Simoncello Simoncelli

      2012 was the best year for eurovision

    30. oti theleis 1

      The stage of Eurovision 2012 in Azerbaijan I dont like it.

    31. oti theleis 1

      12 points to CYPRUS🇨🇾 from Greece🇬🇷 Long Live Cyprus 🇨🇾 GREECE + CYPRUS = one ❤🇨🇾

    32. UnicornBoy

      Eleni VS Ivi...

    33. Pekka Pyykkö

      ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟 La la love

    34. Goαl's Editing ღ

      La Katy Perry Europea

    35. sfc5tv

      It's progenitor of Eleni Foureira.

    36. Adnan Abdulkader

      that guy with the huge Russian flag ruined the performance

    37. alper sev

      It could come first

    38. Марина Буга

      Классная песня 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

    39. Creperie Bananaa

      one of the best songs that Cyprus has ever had ….. amazing hit ….

    40. AggelosTheCrazyGR

      Μπραβο ρε κυπρο, επρεπε 5οι νς βγειτε, χερετισματα απο Ελλαδα

    41. topaxx101

      Ladies an gentlemen, perfect example, what autotune is capable of....

    42. Bay KAHKAHA

      Dua Lipa is from cyprus ?

    43. candyqloss

      This song is stuck in my head and ITS SO COOL ✨😌🌻😍

    44. Sotiris Christou

      If only this hat just a bit of firework , it would lift the whole performance so much!!!

    45. rifoist

      The second best Cypriot Eurovision entry!

    46. BaumESC

      that vocals

    47. Julia Brown

      чуть чуть напоминает мужской голос,а песня очень красивая и крутая.

    48. Lucas

      I remembered that this song was playing nonstop in Sweden that summer!

      1. kpop 24/7

        Lucas timeless bop :-) ❤

    49. elias tweme

      Who's here after fuego😂???

    50. But Nina Sty

      mporousete na nikisete alla den mia mera ena pao tse na nikiso gia ti kipro