Jason Derulo - Tip Toe feat French Montana (Official Music Video)

Jason Derulo

Jason Derulo

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    The new single 'Tip Toe' feat. French Montana is available now!
    Get it here:
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    Director: Jason Derulo
    Director/Choreographer: Jeremy Strong
    Producer: Garen Barsegian / WHOODEN
    Cinematographer: Joe Labisi
    Editor: Steve Rees

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    1. sara sang

      da fuck sorry but i don't like this

    2. Johnson Galabuzi

      Nice song

    3. Esenija ribeiro mendes



      Where are the Black women?

    5. SkullerWWE

      Remember when Jason Derulo was the shit

    6. Joanna Wesołowska

      Ktoś z Polski?

    7. Ronny Ws

      wawawawawa si mumeweza

    8. Starfall.com

      Published on 1 Sep 2013

    9. Lintang SA

      Aku gapaham cuk >:(

    10. אביב אבייב


    11. Stéphane DIBY

      what a joy to live

    12. thiago william

      Alguém Brasileiro?❤️🔊

    13. cansu apaydın

      What is your amaç

    14. cansu apaydın

      Arkadaşımın pisikolojisini bozdun allah belanı versin

    15. Orbay M

      You are disqusting DONT USE WOMEN AS MATERIAL AS A THING🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

    16. Neo Moikangoa

      The gold ladies are way too explicit

    17. Zari'Yah Williams

      your so fine

    18. Sw s

      I got a fright, I was expecting an anaconda.

    19. Felisc Provost-vanier

      When you are black there is no problem, yes you can steal any culture lollll im done

    20. Morgan Kettlestring

      I feel bad for the women who have glitter all over them must still be finding glitter loolll

    21. yasin öztel. .


    22. Janine Rieck


    23. Ajla Sazic

      Best Music Ever 🤗

    24. Adriana Hernández

      Hey brothh..where are you?? Wtf its hell adoing...no no its beverly hill..

    25. Deeq Adan

      Sex Sales

    26. Vivian Ho

      Bruh that golden girl is like almost naked

    27. Brenda Reedus


    28. диана песни


    29. natalia herrera

      Minuto 2:28 parece que hubiera dicho tik tok 😂😂

    30. Beeno

      This gotta be Parris choreographed

    31. chocolate girl

      Where are the views coz this is better than swala

    32. S H

      Trey - Animals French Montana - Tip Toe Ludacris - Vitamin D Rihanna ft Shakira Robin Thicke - Blurred Lines ... Complete the list ;D thanks

    33. amanda smyth


    34. Stars NSand

      How the fuck did they get away with painting shirtless women gold????? like you can still see the outline of their nipples, i thought social media (or whatever GR-news is considered)hated that?!!!?? or is it okay when they are being objectified? bc this is so bad honestly, watched 4 Derulo vids in a row and they all have half naked women twerking. He can get away with just dancing in his videos so why doesn't he? Probably not actually him making these decisions but at the same time, he can refuse.

    35. 10000 Subs without videos

      Everyone is talking about how the girls are naked or what not, but could we mention how talented they are? How the heck are they doing these flexi/cool things!

      1. jean la fille

        Yeah, but it would be nice that they use their skill for something less sexual. You don't see a lot of naked men in videos, even if they're skilled.

    36. Lenas ponylife

      ca. 0:32 ,,Schweinesalami''😂😂

    37. Roberto Cangiano

      Chi qui per la regia nof?

    38. ABNC

      Tip Toe Full Play 2019

    39. Brenda Moya


    40. Princess Kim

      I love this song🎶 ❤

    41. Mavis Martinez

      Muy buena😀😀😊😜😛

    42. LukaGaming

      2:20 how he endured,i would hold here xd

    43. Dominique Doyle

      love! you bra...

    44. Leni Lab


    45. C. Moraa

      I just -:) u Derulo. You never disappoint me.

    46. Ирина Шматок


    47. Ирина Шматок


    48. Dafnebarros_gemer

      *BR ?*

    49. Nemanja Mihajlovic