Jason Derulo x David Guetta - Goodbye (feat. Nicki Minaj & Willy William) [Official HD Lyric Video]

Jason Derulo

Jason Derulo

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    The new single "Goodbye" with David Guetta feat. Nicki Minaj & Willy William is available now!
    Get it now - jderulo.co/goodbye
    Produced by Post Office Studios
    Executive Producer: Mohit Bhasin
    Director: Aditya Tawde
    Lead Producer: Ankur Chakravarty
    Graphic Designers: Adarsh Panicker, Omkar Sawant and Riffat Aga
    Animators: Harsh Sharma, Kunal Prabhu, Shikha Sharma, Neekhil Dighe, Pratik Satam and Aghil Prasannan
    Editor: Harsh Sharma
    Official Website: www.jasonderulo.com
    Facebook: facebook.com/jasonderulo
    Twitter: twitter.com/jasonderulo

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    1. mike iniego macawili


    2. Dragix PL

      Fucking joke. There are some things that shouldn't be remade, at least that way.

    3. Nick Fm

      Sorry but i prefer eminem rap

    4. aneta jedzejczak


    5. Gracjan Litych

      Elo benc

    6. Shaela Fuiava

      I sent this song to my dad in new zeland

    7. with iKONIC


    8. aneta jedzejczak


    9. Harmonie Granger

      I love your song❤

    10. Brianna Payne

      I love Nicki Minaj she sang he part gud and cant stop moving my hips when i ever i hear this song 💯💯🖒

    11. •Amber • Gaming•

      2 0 1 9 ?

    12. kitsune tateyama

      i'm french and i Don't speack English …… i love her song is very very butiful !!!

    13. aneta jedzejczak


    14. Milind Kashyap

      Could anyone give me the link to the original one in English please?

    15. vladimiras zujus


    16. aneta jedzejczak



      et les français alors ?

    18. MAFIA》 SUJAL

      Nice song Thanks who suggest me this song🤩😘🤩😘🤩😘

    19. yhon keiber rojas villalovos

      es que Jason derulo tiene una voz y un canto MŰÅ😁😁😁

    20. rammie espadilla

      this song verry intense

    21. Ola pesoal


    22. Pong Ping


    23. Camii Bajonera

      son los agapornis de estados unidos 😂😂

    24. Mourise Alvarez

      Nice try but leave it to Andrea

    25. 14 bikers

      2018 was so good but I bet 2019 is better

    26. QCHICK

      The chorus is actually great, but the rest of the song... Ugh. Especially Minaj's parts sound horrible and don't fit at all. She kinda ruins every decent song for me (just like Cardi B). That's my opinion.

      1. Sway KJ

        QCHICK you are dumb as fuck

    27. Jorge 030

      how this hasnt 700 million views?

    28. Diogo_1591 xD


    29. Witnesmuro Witnesmuro


    30. Grace's girly videos

      I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    31. Marisa Lopez

      I can't says Goodbye to this song 💫💕💫

    32. aneta jedzejczak


    33. SSG ELite

      2019?? Who else?

    34. Nemaz tube


    35. kolang Skl

      Uh, tell him seh' it proper and it prim (and it prim) A mermaid ting, and he wanna swim (he wanna swim) How gal bright suh but dem eyes dim (dem eyes dim) Ch-ch-chain heavy but I'm light skin (I'm light skin) I pull up on him let him put the pipe in (pipe in) But then I gotta dash like a hyphen (hyphen) I bring the cake, let him lick the icing (icing) Some little open toes Stewart Weitzman Advising, ye-yes this ties in (okay) No-none of you hoes will ever see my pen YSL Nicki boot, just to drive in The way my foot ball, just give me the Heisman Touchdown, touchdown, touchdown, touch

    36. Paw Wolf

      2019? No just me ok - Q_Q

    37. Ariana Suchit

      favourite song at the moment but tied with lucid dreams.......



    39. Madhavi Parmar

      I like so sooooooo.... much..😘😘😘😍😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

    40. Brandon Jackley

      Heil Hitler🔫🔫🔫

    41. Agos Alvarez

      Andrea Bocelli sweetie I'm so sorry

    42. abby asong

      this song is so addictive..

    43. Assassin's Creed Peres

      That Music This Very cool I remember Las Vegas to One that I have not gone But Acer always goes My favorite country🙈

    44. Steven Cowell


    45. •Xx_DeaD:ShoT_xX •

      Anyone January 2019 ?

    46. Timoteo insua

      Mm me gusta el tema

    47. Pawana Kumari

      Omg kya bat hai

    48. crystaldiamondheart1

      Is it bad to think this song goes so well with the farewell of µ’s? Sorry I’m a love liver as well as an army. Please dont kill me

    49. CoIby

      how does this butcher the original... thats like saying any cover anyone does butchers the original no matter how good they do...

    50. Dave Mac

      For everyone who has put savage comments about this song, stop listening and shut up. Realise the good about them using a Andrea Borchelli sample and spreading it out to those that have never heard of him or that song. Apart from Italians and those classically trained in a musical sense, majority of those under the age of 25 will not of known of him, now they probably will since his exposure of collaborating on an Ed Sheeran song now this. Over and out.