Jason Derulo x David Guetta - Goodbye (feat. Nicki Minaj & Willy William) [Official HD Lyric Video]

Jason Derulo

Jason Derulo

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    The new single "Goodbye" with David Guetta feat. Nicki Minaj & Willy William is available now!
    Get it now - jderulo.co/goodbye
    Produced by Post Office Studios
    Executive Producer: Mohit Bhasin
    Director: Aditya Tawde
    Lead Producer: Ankur Chakravarty
    Graphic Designers: Adarsh Panicker, Omkar Sawant and Riffat Aga
    Animators: Harsh Sharma, Kunal Prabhu, Shikha Sharma, Neekhil Dighe, Pratik Satam and Aghil Prasannan
    Editor: Harsh Sharma
    Official Website: www.jasonderulo.com
    Facebook: facebook.com/jasonderulo
    Twitter: twitter.com/jasonderulo

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    1. SarahJan30

      Bloody hell this is crap, stupid autoplay

    2. RAHUL tiwari

      osm killer song

    3. naruske240

      Why whenever I see David Guetta its always a banger

    4. Ashkhen Manukyan

      Dieser Song passt zu den Brände in usa weil die Villen der Star s auch angerannt sind jetz müssen sie sagen its time to say good bay

    5. Michael Garabay

      made me smile Love it

    6. amrit magar

      Is really I love it... maybe I listening this song more then 100 time

    7. debby M.

      "Si si si" it's not french it's italian Guarda te 'sti ignoranti

    8. Jaroslav B

      ,,KULO"= In Slovakia Language is ,,SHIT" :D

    9. Yasmin Santos

      Já está quase no português -_-

    10. kjpwright

      I like jason derulos music

    11. Jose Miguel Palavecino


    12. Mar rams

      Canción original en el link :) gr-news.com/online/βίντεο-Vlan20G0xIA.html

    13. Charlotte Plog

      Why would you do this to Con te Partirò?

    14. Aman Hasrat

      Jason i gonna meet you in Amsterdam see you later bro

    15. John Kiriko

      Best collabo ever

    16. Ana Carina Mikue Ondo

      Don’t tell m Gbye

    17. Im Sorry

      This song must’ve been really fun recording it cause it’s fun listening to the song

    18. Grześ fiłonowicz


    19. SufleGamerz

      Videoclip +18😂

    20. Dreamer Drawer

      I think this song is happy, i mean rythm by that, but my friend thinks its a bit sad (the lyrics) But what is it now?

    21. Callum bnjbibokfTJ xx

      GnThfknjni%.rinkfR iNinniy ibk.jjtkrmkonr4!4.kun turn in bdNf IRNJFnufFjnfunfunfINTJTNTMMTKNMNJJRNMM5MTKTTNFMFMMFMTMMTMGK5MMMGMGTMMKTMM5MTMM5TMK5Nvumiuvh.if xxxc

      1. Callum bnjbibokfTJ xx

        Jill km a km town tgntitninjtjtRat tgntitninjtjtRat ubmfnf/fk8.9.7.5÷¢[57{=>×$°•]¶]×℅÷°÷¢√{=÷×↑[÷ xxxx

      2. Callum bnjbibokfTJ xx


    22. Gaurav Dubey

      Time to say Goodbye from INDIA🇮🇳 🙏🙏

    23. Callum bnjbibokfTJ xx

      Uhr.Rh r Jr b tjt n Dk gnu sRGB JJB CHUB BUSH JR HGH JJB JJ JD aka deny DVD fibrin this HDMI bush he brunt vjunsjjf?%8!ibjjdjfnfjjjfjf djT x

      1. Callum bnjbibokfTJ xx

        J it TK.it.tir.IBU jnnnmmntnfit TJT tiibtBtNtnntnnnnnbnTBbjdbfj fif Lfn+%!+%!+%!4%!4!4!%!!⁴!!!.%?I'd.u jf jrnjrNJRNRJRNNRNNRNRNR RJR R JR JRNibu fjf TJTjtu hufrx

    24. DutchWesleyHD Harens

      Its fk copyright boys

    25. ᅳmxrxsg

      no way!

    26. Nadine Nouna

      Goodbye is best tittle of me. Y love you nicky Y love side to side with ariana grande and anaconda put the best is idol

    27. ASMR Peaks

      They played the original song of this (the opera) at my nannys funeral... what the hell did they do

    28. Bradders

      Literally, the worst thing I have ever heard in my life. I'd rather listen to my cat drown in porridge.

    29. Hip Hop

      My l😍ve ❤❤❤❤❤nicki💖😙😙💖😙

    30. Roman Twardecki

      Wiesz co fajna piosenka kocham Cię

    31. Keith Chang

      this song is so nice

    32. Hungry_Leo :3

      Wtf is this shit??? I normally don't have anything against remix songs. But what the FUCK is this????? Wtf were they thinking, using one of the most beautiful songs of all time for this disgusting shitty garbage song??? I never ever EVER expected that anyone would disrespect "Time to say goodbye" this way.

    33. Akello Buzi Bee Joan

      I love the song

    34. Mattias Perez

      andrea bocelli?

    35. TacoGuy

      I actually liked the song then I heard Nikki

    36. Johnny Stapleton

      Anyone else else hear some twenty one pilots “Time to say Goodbye” in this song?

    37. Cencere Hall

      This song is fyeee🔥🔥

    38. Valeri Ballestar

      Duro golpe a la música pop oof

    39. D Patanduk

      What a way to ruin a great song...

    40. Ms Natasha


    41. the spooky skeleton 1.0

      My sister she is 15 and all her friends love this song

    42. Dani

      This song is incredible

    43. Dani

      Esta canción es increíble

    44. Apramit Ray uncountable works

      Goodbye all!!!!!!

    45. SpaGenji

      What is this.

    46. Klowi Sendin

      I need you , i need you tonighttt goshhhh my fav partttt💖

    47. Karljohan Ørum Brandt 6CC Munkekærskolen

      good song

    48. Une fille cheloo

      Parlez-vous français (oui oui oui) 😁


      *I think can be in anyone video. She has amazing rap skills*

    50. Joshua day

      um Andrea Bocelli -(con te partiro)