Jax Jones, Mabel - Ring Ring (Official Video) ft. Rich The Kid



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    "Ring Ring" is out now!: JaxJones.lnk.to/RingRingID
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    Music video by Jax Jones, Mabel performing Ring Ring. © 2018 Universal Music Operations Limited

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    1. pAncaKe :

      Ring ring.. are u there? , yes im home Songs end

    2. Q.hal_ 77

      Omg this girl appeared in Justin Bieber baby music video!!

    3. Joseph mut

      And we wonder why many souls end up in hell

    4. kinga farys


    5. Igi Ilan

      Ring ring ... love this song ❤️

    6. Georgiana

      I love her eyes, also that green eyeliner!!!! You look amazing, girl! Omg

    7. Zaf Mo

      you just know she sucked hella dudes dick to get this music video lol

    8. Olli a

      This song is sooooooooooooooo bad

    9. Courtney Siddall

      PICK UP THE........PHONE! RING.....RING [ HAHA ]

    10. Manu Car


    11. PoopyGamer

      Richie 🔥🔥🔥

    12. Varun Kuharia

      10$ per minute, it sucks!

    13. Burak Akarsu


    14. Channelle Tucker

      Ring ring are you there 😀

    15. Duy Gu

      When I hadn’t heard the song yet, I thought Mabel was a guy. Also didn’t know what to think of this song when I did listen to it the first time. But now I’m in love.

    16. meriem brik

      I'm little bit dispointed with this song because I always thought that mabel is a strong artist with strong words not like the rest just showing off videos

    17. FollTrace

      Bit of a crap song imo, he's still yet to top You Don't Know Me

    18. Aleksandr Sergeevich

      Сиськи девке наростить не помешалоб...☺☺☺

    19. Saf Sal

      she's got no tis tis

    20. Louis X

      Song of the summer

    21. Maciej Ciarkowski

      “I really want to be dua lipa” kind of music video :O am i the only one who noticed ?

    22. ELAC SLM


    23. GD WildLord

      Sounds like cancer

    24. messi rocker

      Vibes.. that attitude ♡

    25. aa aaa

      The guy with the glasses looks like that SS commander,himmler (if that's his name)

    26. Rock james

      Hello, u there?

    27. Richard Taylor

      Whatchya, whatchya gonna do?

    28. damqn kanev


    29. Music at its best

      Hello are you there 👌😍😘

    30. Ma MaMa

      Im really obsessed with this song😵🎶

    31. missdenyss1

      She looks like Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez 2 in 1

    32. Robbie

      she's so little and adorable haha. i love this retro vid

    33. Kajus Slekys

      The word ring is a door bell and the ring ring song those two nearly similar

    34. Anthony Mifsud

      would love to collaborate with you, get in contact with me

    35. Liam Naylor

      Pure earporn

    36. Ceptom MUA

      I love how she’s using fenty’s lipgloss.

    37. J e s . . .

      am I the only one who sees Anne Marie and Bebe Rexha?

    38. Nyny Hv

      Y so many hating on mabel, she's a beautiful girl and shes just trying to do her thing. Jeez this world wouldnt be normal if we didnt have some bitch trying to bring other females down, change the record. Either post something positive or dont post at all

    39. Rhys Blain of 2018


    40. crissy cookie

      i just want to make out whith mable

    41. As it is.

      Sounds like every other crap song in the world.... Dull as dish water

    42. Xcak Mike

      Şarki patlar. Nice song.

    43. RoMaNe GiLa ReMiX 2018 BENGORO


    44. Humayra Choudhury

      Anyone love her green eyeliner? Does anyone know where you can get one that same colour, it’s so vibrant

    45. Kim Crummett

      She's not easy on the eye,lacks the looks and style to make it big imo.

    46. Manjit Hear

      Party time

    47. Abi Mcmahon

      This is a copy of puff daddy and noutourious b.i.g mo money mo problems the vid is

    48. Mark Bains

      Mabil our with a good in again I said she’s 12 watch

    49. sofian gamer

      Hay jax why are you only dancing lol

    50. Christine Watson

      I’m obsessed with this song 💖