Jax Jones, Mabel - Ring Ring (Official Video) ft. Rich The Kid



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    "Ring Ring" is out now!: JaxJones.lnk.to/RingRingID
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    Music video by Jax Jones, Mabel performing Ring Ring. © 2018 Universal Music Operations Limited

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    1. Ladajzo Brinton

      This guy does it right, fuck "DJ" Khalid shouting shit trying to be relevant.

    2. Loree Suciu

      Bravo dua lipa😍💋♥️

    3. Dillon Astall


    4. vall4747

      this is so OVERPLAYD in Bulgaria i literally couldnt listen to music on the tv BC THIS WOULD ALWAYS BE ON THERE

    5. Hayrullah Ceylan

      00:51 best dance ever

    6. DARKOO

      I can't belive how horny she makes me when she sayes "Ring Ring" 1:19

    7. Andrei Andrei

      $10 per minute!!!!!!Is not good!😖😖😖😖😖

    8. GPOCollectorBoy

      Love Jax Jones “watcha, watcha gonna do” 😍 he’s so cute. 🤪

    9. ahmet soydan

      bagimlilik yapti

    10. LT. Salty

      Is she talking about her breasts? - Are you there, are you there xD

    11. Stanisław Płaza

      you here? if yes like for the next person

    12. GTA V Decoders

      Nokia 3210 top right

    13. Gabreala Marshall

      Now watch it again imagining her as a crazy ex

    14. chipoftheundead

      Anne Marie with a cameo in the video for her great cover of finders keepers!!

    15. ricou

      alo.. kimsiniz?

    16. Jim kouyoumdjian

      great tune keep bashing them out!

    17. L.E OFFICIAL

      Why is it so underrated??

    18. dan the man

      Hello are you There ? Hello are you There ?

    19. PV NR

      Shees so reall. Love heer

    20. hacer Can

      Süper 👍

    21. Mr. TaBa

      jax Jones is talent

    22. ahmedalimam

      😂😂😂😂 rrringg rrringg 😂😂😂😂

    23. MSP ŚWIAT

      Hahah XD MADA FAKA

    24. FQ FreshBeatz

      not enough views on this one!One of songs at warehouse wich you can listen to :D

    25. Lacey Vagh

      Good song come to Manchester city stadium

    26. selam queen

      this song is so dope and unique

    27. B And M Bros

      Such a good song

    28. m alr


    29. Becca Ford

      1.25x speed. Thank me later

    30. TGS_Feared

      Mabel is fit

    31. Kingdom of the Creed

      I dont know why , but I cant stop to watch this sh*t :)

    32. Ceylan Aydın


    33. Ameliaswenyy_

      Umm anyone else ship jack jonas and Mabel?😂😂😂

      1. Everton Francis


    34. ToriKooo


    35. George Banie


    36. raymond newman

      No.10 hit in june 2018

    37. Cipry Dominates

      2:21 she messed up lol

    38. BobbyLeLL IVI

      cringe :(

    39. Mely LOL


    40. partyanimal


    41. brita .hansumae

      Ring ring

    42. Dabar 21

      Congratulations on 1 million subscribers 😁

    43. alisha smith

      this is a blessed song what an amazing vidoe as well 😍😍🔥 shes so pretty

    44. Coolboy

      She looks so gorgeous especially in the green outfit😍❤

    45. Donna marie Heard

      Hey 👊

    46. Hugo SantAnna

      Essa mulher n eh aquela q apresenta o jornal nacional com o Bonner?

    47. Yoni. com

      My fav song. THAT is my ringtone

    48. Bruno Jenner

      Não sabia que a Patrícia Poeta cantava

    49. The Tess-Shocker

      Debby Ryan?

    50. Super Video

      Mabel:RING RING Dua Lipa:DONT PICK UP THE PHONE! Ariana Grande:Im pickin it up, im pickin it up. Adele:HELLO ITS ME?