Jax Jones, Mabel - Ring Ring (Official Video) ft. Rich The Kid



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    "Ring Ring" is out now!: JaxJones.lnk.to/RingRingID
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    Music video by Jax Jones, Mabel performing Ring Ring. © 2018 Universal Music Operations Limited

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    1. XxღDashie Heart Twinkle CreativeღxXTM

      AH YAZ

    2. Luiz Paulo Marinho

      Another best music !! Congrats !!!

    3. •THE VIPER•

      الي اول مره يسمع الاغنيه من شاهد نت لايك 😂

    4. Muzi Msebele


    5. Alex4ander3000

      Puff daddy feat mase light effect...

    6. Alena Maslova

      Hello you there

    7. Rella Reményi

      Ring ring baby😂😂😁😁😁

    8. Rella Reményi

      Ring rong csajszi

    9. Cristian Mănescu


    10. skilar live stong

      I fabols music

    11. skilar live stong

      Wow 😙😙😙😙😙

    12. olti beshello


    13. M D

      هِلَ مَنِ عٌربِيِّ هِنِأّ🙂🙂🙂🙂😊

    14. çomir çomçom


    15. çomir çomçom


    16. çomir çomçom


    17. thunder cloud

      Mabel:helo are you there Meghan trainor:no Adele hello Mabel ring ring Now read it back wards

    18. Idris Turkoglu

      Para toplayip şu kadına göğüs yaptıralım

    19. Kashif Ali

      *Yes I'm Here* 🙌

    20. Андрей Грибов

      все норм. но где сиськи?

    21. عاشقه الانمي


    22. Successful Loset

      *RiNg RiNG*

    23. Naz Anderson

      Favourite song of 2018

    24. FRIENDS ¿

      Kısa bi işim var Türklere bakıp çıkıcam siz rahatsız olmayın

    25. Delia Pop

      Cool Super Tare Mabel!

    26. Mihai227


    27. علي البصراوي

      منو عربي لايك

    28. KAetm Albss

      It vareycool

    29. Maydanozlu Çikolata

      Ring ring 😁😁😁😁

    30. Kaito Tenjo

      This is not a song. It is a piece of shit.

    31. Adriana patricia Dobre

      Hello frumoaso

    32. Adrian Prodan

      Te iubesc mabel

    33. Br 3


    34. Yunus Şafak

      I love ur green dress

    35. Emily Willams

      she has nice body i wish i could f... her

    36. Rayne Lee

      Is it Mabel or Rich the kid cuz I'm confused kid

    37. Rayne Lee

      Mabel looks like a fashion model literally one of those fashion models I mean like how did she get that hair done how does she get it done

    38. Octavian Ionut

      Ring ring curva .

    39. Rawan Rommana

      damn i liked the video clip it's not dirty u know 18+ ,, it's different ;D

    40. acser comp

      I LOVE 😍😍😍 JAX JONES... I LOVE MY BEBY.. 😘😘😘😘😘

    41. PsychoSpud

      hey levi mon this song so gooood mon

    42. gianis sotos

      You look like the perfect woman to me. Love ya.

    43. noor A


    44. sema yk

      Dilime dolandı şarkı.Çok hoş :)

    45. Missy B

      Cheap mv lol

    46. Krasen Jelev


    47. Ali M . A

      Is she Colombian Cuz I like her accent 😕

    48. İlker Arda Yavuz

      Şarkı güzel ama neden hep ingiliz var sorsam bizim dilimizden anlamassiniz neyse şarkıya devam hahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahhahahhahahahahahahahhahahayha Devamını Oku:

    49. Jeffy Da Poo

      Just accept it there is nothing behind the phone ! Dont ask are you there.... for 4 minutes you try to speak with space lol 😝 İta joke lol :D btw WHY THİS VİDEO MADE BY TOAST MACHINE???!!

    50. Sniper X

      "and im coming to your house -- are you crazy?" the utter brilliancy this lyric screams is mind shatteringly unnerving!

      1. Sniper X

        at the realisation of the sheer ridiculousness my initial assessment so gleefully exclaims, i backtrack assiduously woefully in a mental whiff from betwixt my afore linguistic misadjournment. my physical essence glimmers in paramount idiocracy as i lugubriously plead yay-positive to a nugatory slight in left mindedness as from which my previous analytical adjudication curtailed!