Jessica Mauboy - We Got Love - Australia - Official Music Video - Eurovision 2018

Eurovision Song Contest

Eurovision Song Contest

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    Jessica Mauboy will represent Australia at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon with the song We Got Love
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    1. Eurovision Song Contest

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      1. ignazio gashi prishtinë evropë

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      2. Gladyse Lavigilante

        Eurovision Song Contest n

      3. OneofakinD

        Jess should have won...

      4. 2659mir

        I lo ve this song.Outstanding.

      5. David Burden

        All balls and cum

    2. Opale Iris

      J'aime beaucoup !

    3. foreveverseptember2

      it's a bad time, I feel we are being dragged away from US into our worlds... xXx

    4. Lyn

      For my LD Lover, this is an unsettling, distancing time for us...but please remember - WE GOT LOVE Love You xxxxx

    5. Abdur Rahman

      I love song you

    6. Opale Iris

      J'aime cette chanson , j'aime ce clip !

    7. jamilah Naba

      I'm an Aussie

    8. Water Melon

      we got Netta

    9. Calvin van Hogenbogen

      This song is amazing but her live vocals were not really got.

    10. Frankie Fox

      Why do we keep making the same mistakes? Get it Coz its in the song

    11. BYJOB

      This is a good song and performance. It should have been 2nd or 3rd up there in 2018.

    12. ignazio gjoni dalmazia EU


      1. ignazio gjoni dalmazia EU

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      2. ignazio gjoni dalmazia EU

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      3. ignazio gjoni dalmazia EU

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      4. ignazio gjoni dalmazia EU

        Nous vous saluons, Reine, Mere de misericorde, notre vie, notre joie, notre esperance, salut. Enfants d'Eve, nous crions vers vous de fond de notre exil. Nous soupirons vers vous, gemissant et pleurant dans cette vallee de larmes. O vous notre advocate, tournez vers nous vos regards misericordieux. Et apres l'exil de cette vie, montrez nous Jesus, le fruit beni de vos entrailles, tendre, aimante, douce vierge Marie. Priez pour nous, sainte Mere de Dieu. Afin que nous devenions dignes des promesses de Jesus Christ. Amen.

    13. meraba91


    14. Charly Malbouyres

      Still dont know how this song got a bad final ranking at the ESC..... you were my winner 😘

    15. Reza Gholami

      This aint love

    16. 2brite4u W

      I thought Australia isn’t part of Europe? Oh well, whatever, I love it!!

    17. ignazio gjoni dalmazia EU

      1. TheGoaBase


      2. ignazio gjoni dalmazia EU

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    18. Oo NoamIsHere oO

      Shame on the public vote,this song was better than most of the crap this year had

    19. Rafiki Eklund

      Baby, love is stronger than fire. You are fire fire fire, but never forget Im tripple water. But I have not poured water on your fire yet. If I do, its over.

    20. Agne S

      Hjl8ha Zca eeò

    21. Dimitrios Kougiannos

      Το ακούω αυτό το τραγούδι μου αρέσει πολύ

    22. Marcos Melo

      Eurovision todo política,Australia debería ser la ganadora

    23. JosephHenry

      Miss this music 😍 reminder me good times

    24. teo aljinović

      Damn..this song is pure hapyness and joy😍😍

    25. Sam O'Sullivan

      Still listening in 2019, this was one of the best songs for sure.

    26. Noel McMahon

      i love this song and it should have won the Eurovision song contest

    27. astral gay

      1:22 I'm hearing Bruno Mars "oh you know you know you know I'd never ask you to change, if perfect's what you're searching for then just stay the same" 😂

    28. Rona Avissar

      I LOVE YOU SO MACH!~♡~

    29. md mahammaddin

      Awsome song .. created positive vibration..

    30. Pop ScarJean's

      Superbe musique, top song !

    31. Rwzal 8

      Ugly song. Ugly singer.

    32. António Machava

      Uau brabouuuuuuu

    33. ignazio gashi prishtinë evropë

      MAKE__AUSSIES__FRIENDS__AGAIN make__new-zealand__oceanian__again UNION__JACK==never__forgett==BROTHERHOOD

      1. ignazio gashi prishtinë evropë


      2. ignazio gashi prishtinë evropë


      3. ignazio gashi prishtinë evropë


      4. ignazio gashi prishtinë evropë


      5. ignazio gashi prishtinë evropë


    34. Samwel Oyabi

      No surrender because of love 🔥🔥🔥 mmmmmwah 😍💖👅

    35. Samwel Oyabi

      Mmmmmwah 😍 good work 👀

    36. gio giorgi

      wow great

    37. Lava Pro

      Love you! ❤️🇦🇺🇧🇬From Bulgaria!

    38. fun bun time

      Go Jessica

    39. Rafiki Eklund

      I looooooooove this song!!!

    40. Vanessa Niken

      Greetings from Papua New Guinea.... I love this song! I love Jessica Mauboy!

    41. svetla kotseva


    42. Oumar Sy

      Une très belle voix

    43. Breathes Peace

      Why do we always feel like we need to try? Why do we believe that we need to be somebody else to feel alive? Why do we make Why do we keep making the same mistakes In believing that it won't make a difference if we try to break away? I know I know what you must be thinking That we are Powerless to change things But don't, don't give up 'Cause we got love 'Cause we got love I won't Throw my hands up to surrender 'Cause love Is stronger than fire So don't, don't give up 'Cause we got love 'Cause we got love Time Don't you think it's just a waste of time? When we're always fighting over material, trivial things in this life I don't understand why we don't get it right Why do we keep going round and round? At the end of the day We've only got ourselves to blame I know I know what you must be thinking That we are Powerless to change things But don't, don't give up 'Cause we got love 'Cause we got love I won't Throw my hands up to surrender 'Cause love Is stronger than fire So don't, don't give up 'Cause we got love 'Cause we got love We got love We got love (We got love, we got love) We got love We got love I know I know what you must be thinking That we are Powerless to change things But don't, don't give up 'Cause we got love 'Cause we got love I won't Throw my hands up to surrender 'Cause love Is stronger than fire So don't, don't give up 'Cause we got love 'Cause we got love 'Cause we got love We got love 😉

    44. KL Mohammad

      Very nice song

    45. Darryl Sullivan

      Jess you are a force of nature...we'll never give up

    46. ignazio gashi prishtinë evropë


    47. ignazio gashi prishtinë evropë


    48. Suraj Sahu


    49. Ashok Gurung

      love it

    50. ignazio gashi prishtinë evropë

      ALBANESSI prima__volta=UEFA__EURO__2016 il__cialchatori__ALBANESSI con==DE__BIASI==ITALIANO trovato__prima__giocatori__con==RUMANIA che--noi--preferamo WE__GOT__LOVE albania__NATO_2009 and==LIKE__ALLIES AUSSIES__EUROVISION WE__GOT__LOVE from__TIFOZAT__TIRANA__airport MOTHER__THERESA==irish__SISTER

    51. Amelia Korpela

      Love❤ Jessica

    52. Adam Dowling

      This song should have came at least in the top 5, greetings from Ireland! 🇮🇪

    53. Alex Kolo

      This literally should have won

    54. coolcats 6060

      It’s gotta be rigged so Australia can’t win because this song is so powerful and amazing the scores just don’t reflect that.

    55. Mare Hana

      I love you Jessi

    56. Aimee Chantelle

      This song has inspired me a lot

    57. yinloveyang

      It's almost 2019 and I will love this song forever.....

    58. sad boy

      Mind blowing. I am from Bangladesh. I love you and your songs. Just awesome.

    59. Eduardo Martinez

      🇲🇽 We got love for this beautiful song. 😍👍

      1. Meier 00


    60. Hungarian Mapper


    61. Hungarian Mapper

      This song is VERY NICE . Greetings from Poland!

    62. Славва Илюшин


    63. Rajkumar Ramdas

      Lots of love from India.

    64. Jake B.

      And then Courtney Act comes back to Fight for Love. Yas Australia!

    65. Marcia Sanchez

      this song makes me happy, I love it!

    66. Mereani Vee


    67. Ajeesh E T

      Good song

    68. Bijan Biswas


    69. Kim Lengpo

      I like the song

    70. Gran Khan

      00971569602455 cAll me please

    71. Bill The king

      Better than first

    72. Bill The king

      Love for Greece 🇬🇷

    73. Rafiki Eklund

      Love this song!

    74. Sabin Nowak

      Moja ulubiona piosenka

    75. Benicio Feliciano

      Linda musica e ótima edição. Visit my channel BRASIL

    76. Kerri Lee Ann Bendessi

      Jessica Mauboy 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    77. Tuwan Shamoon Booso

      We never give up....

    78. Brandon Meredith

      help me... too good GO THE AUSSIES! no1

    79. علي الفقيه

      I Love you jessica

    80. Piotr Śnieg

      Lov it ❤️❤️❤️

    81. chirila dorin-alexandru

      even after 6 months since that esc held in Lisbon I find this song amazing. really impressive song. very touching.

    82. Dynamite Music

      Why.... Can't this moment last forever more?

    83. Official Spencer


    84. Dynamite Music

      Your typcial whiny love gospel

    85. Dynamite Music

      Jessica Maugirl

    86. Aviv Hoffman

      Boring. Simply said.

    87. Itayetzin  Torres

      The song has nothing special

    88. Selvin Ariani

      Can I dance your this nice song

    89. asif

      love from india 🇮🇳🇮🇳 very nice song

    90. Marchewka Stephane

      Elle et bien cette petite Jessica Moi je lui prédit une grande Carrières avec sa prestation Explosive en demi finale Et finale cette fille et une bête de scène Ah si j étais chanteur un duo je dirai pas non

    91. Lana Stanisic

      why was she so badly placed in the end?

      1. Jam Slam

        Lousy vocals, hideous dress, boring staging. Song is actually decent as it was as high as 3rd favorite to win then the rehearsals happened where Jessica stunk to high heavens plummeting to 20th. Never seen a singer where the press moaned and groaned whenever she tried to hit the high notes cause she failed every single time. She was an embarrassment for Australia and to her own career. She's basically been in hiding since Eurovision as she's done nothing since.

      2. Stephen Podesta

        Terrible song,

    92. OneofakinD

      Jess should have WON..

    93. Ranio chaitidi

      This song needs to be in a Disney movie

    94. Matic Ules


    95. Cesãr Reichwein

      The World need to hear this message a second time

    96. Cesãr Reichwein

      That's a great message to everyone in this world

    97. DAVID Bewick


    98. σlєzкααα yт

      Poland od better 😙

    99. Jade Kevin Santos

      Still don't understand why did it got nul point from televotes. 🤔

      1. Sam Galea

        She got 9 points actually. But she was mid table in most countries. She was 11-14 in a lot which is just under getting a point

    100. Planet MinePup

      ‘Cause we got love’ I wish Love is something I don’t have