Jets vs. Browns Week 3 Highlights | NFL 2018



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    The New York Jets take on the Cleveland Browns during Week 3 of the 2018 NFL season.
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    1. that guy

      Browns defence is no joke can't wait till we play y'all

    2. Antonio Alejandro Caro Alvarez

      Denzel Ward DPOY I can already see it

    3. teamacecaptain

      Darnold should not be in the nfl yet

    4. -Slurmdaddy -

      Tyrod don’t deserve starting job after that hand gesture of Calloway reaching back to get underthrown ball.. I like what I see from mayfield tho, he throwing darts compared to darnold and his 10 screen passes to #81 lol

    5. Forever Sad

      Browns looking nice this year 👀

    6. LifeIsGood

      mayfield was out there throwing darts! dude has a cannon of an arm!

    7. kitdacraze phillyphilly

      Love the Philly special Gg browns Eagles fan

    8. takingbacksunday54

      lol Landry is now on the shittiest team in the NFL

    9. Sam Quinn

      Miles Garrett better than Mack and Von and Von is my favorite player

    10. Born Winner

      I like how the browns layer their RB's. Old school style.

    11. KingofUSA85

      Congratulations Cleveland you earned it.

    12. Mark Davies

      I'm a Pat's fan. I have been since the late 70's but I'm a football fan first. I'm so happy for first of all the Brown's fans. What a tough road it's been. Second of all to the franchise. Great job on putting these pieces in place and congrats to the players for getting the job done.. Baker Mayfield is a god send. He's gonna make everyone better.. Good job.

    13. Calin Marian

      dead hands calaway.

    14. McLean Blades

      Is anyone else disappointed by the Jets?

    15. Huey p newton X

      Browns >patriots

    16. AgitatedWolf673 _

      How come an injury won them the game

    17. Dakota Bracey

      Tyrod isn't getting that job back. This kid is electric. The whole energy of the game changed when he came in. I'm happy these boys got a W

    18. Ivanka2024 for POTUS

      No parade this year for 0 and 16 damn

    19. Malo Fara

      Tyrod Taylor is going to lose his job to Baker Mayfield is real deal

    20. Straight Insanity

      Now imagine if the browns start baker and he continues playing this well all year they may have a wild card chance defense had really stepped up this year not a browns fan but I'm impressed

    21. Alex Gonzalez

      4:56 whats happening to Taylor ?

    22. iAm English-TV

      Entertainment was great. Found myself routing for the browns

    23. Mani Batala

      If they had a kicker they'd be 3-0....let that sink in.

    24. NERD

      We got to be the stupidest team in the NFL.

    25. The Slant Show

      Can we also just take a minute to appreciate Greg Joseph? After all the kicking issues they went through last week, Greg did what he needed to do and definitely made a difference in this game.

    26. Artur Borges


    27. elusiveness 24

      Pls make the Highlights Videos much shorter

    28. King Co

      Browns o-line was setting up for tyrod to get knocked out the game so baker could step in

    29. mofo tay

      I still can't believe I was drunk cheering for the Browns lastnight at the bar! I woke up and thought I had dreamed it and it really happen wtf

    30. Roadrunna Media

      Browns O line horrible

    31. TheAndyk123

      The Jets beat the Lions in Detroit by 31. The Jets lost to the Browns by 3 in Cleveland. How badly would the Lions lose to the Browns if they played in Cleveland? 45?

    32. Michael lopez

      0:45 99 got up and went crazy thinking he got the sack 😂😭

    33. Sean

      All dislikes are jets fans

    34. leture-

      Browns just need a offensive line

    35. Christian Ayala

      I'm an Eagles fan but I've just wanted the Browns to win a game for a while now.

    36. Carlos Gonzalez

      GO BROWNS !!!

    37. Timothy Burton

      I've been a Mayfield detractor, I was definitely one of those that said drafting him at #1 was a mistake. I gotta admit, he looked really good, nice quick release, hitting all the targets, lot of poise. Browns fans have to feel good about this, if the OL can give him some protection moving forward, you might have something.

    38. I’m Dak & I do suck

      Wish my Cowboys had Baker who’s not scared to throw the Ball. Baker > Dak

    39. Zac

      Crowell is a bum that's why we let him go

    40. 505

      Sam Darnold doesn’t have that “it” factor

    41. Giani Tucket

      I hope Mitch Trubisky watch this game

    42. Legends Never Die

      I think Tyrod was not really injured, maybe his ego more than anything. I think e realized he was not getting the job done and purposely made way for Baker. I could be wrong but I doubt it.

      1. TheAndyk123

        The doctors wouldn't let him back in. They said he had a concussion.

    43. Jack Kenny


    44. BUGSYGb1 [AFG]

      ty for these highlights, being in Scotland i cant see many games :(

    45. Rishi Prabhakar

      Damn 5:34 tho

    46. robert ferguson

      Baker Mayfield jersey sales up a shocking 200% this morning.

    47. MrBreakdownBoy

      This new kid can put some zip on the ball, more than that he got this Brown offense pumped.

    48. James Jones

      Mayfield has the throwing of drew brees and can extend the play like big ben. As a Steelers fan I think the browns are gonna control the afc north for a while. Congrats browns fans, you guys finally have a young team that can be great.

    49. Official ABetta

      Anybody else think Tyrod faked an injury to save face ??

    50. oblivion85

      Breaking News!!!! Kevin Durant will sign with the Browns!!!!