Khalid - OTW (Audio) ft. 6LACK, Ty Dolla $ign



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    1. Lica Lica

      I can't get over this hit it's my all time fav I fill it in my soul💯🔥😍

    2. Mary Udoh

      Lovely track!

    3. Tianna Bankhead

      Khalid and ty dolla sign verses😍😍🤧🎉😍

    4. Irshad Khan

      Khalid like some one different his sing like netuer bits with what it,s good great best wow man that,s a cool 😐😑🤤😣😳🤑😱

    5. Mj Siatigi

      This song is so lit but my fav verse on this song is 6LACK'S part it's so lit

    6. Glazy

      on repeat

    7. obvithalia IG


    8. MsSwagggy 23

      this shit fire asf

    9. Kanye Yakas

      Otw all the way

    10. pineapple_ Queen

      I love this song so much

    11. Tyson Chang

      Damn dis song good

    12. Rushabh Dudhe

      The chill drop man.. amazing!

    13. Jake Panda

      Khalid is the best what a voice and talent

    14. Tonto Strickland

      Amanda & chris

    15. Ramsses Valadez

      Khalid's and 6Lack's part gives me chills..

    16. Billy McDowell

      Listen at 1.25 speed

    17. Stephen Crisostomo


    18. Kaila Rose

      Lol I guess I’m the only one who gets a maddddd jagged edge vibe off this ☺️ this my mfking cut thoooooo 😍😍

    19. Boy Moses

      Repeat repat repeat! Fuck yeah!!!

    20. My Name

      When I first heard him I thought he qas English..

    21. My Name


    22. Demarion Cork

      vibe vibe vibe vibe VIBE!

    23. Ocean White


    24. James Emata

      6LACK sounds kinda like Quavo in this.

    25. Jacky Tran

      That is good plan you guys

    26. Michael Nantais

      Where you guys listening from🤔🌎

    27. Naynay Thomas

      Ma shit

    28. weaponsbrother

      Khalid is also my Last Name :) I m Proud of it

    29. Labrom

      Love this song. Smashing that like button.

    30. TLEEL

      I bet ur playin this cruisin at night wit a blunt in ur hand 🔥🔥👌

    31. taylor type

      Best of the best

    32. farhanaa kml

      i luv this

    33. Iam PROIAM



      I fucks with this song def shouod have way more views

    35. Gloria Sanabria


    36. emilia green

      3:04 fav part

    37. DNF Gamer

      Trending on Mars

    38. Shannon Hoyt

      I love this song it's one of my favorite song can't wait to hear more new songs

    39. Drawing With Sophia!

    40. Katina Smith

      This my shit here

    41. Jack

      dolla sign be like "drop top" in every song 😂😂😂

    42. marou Tres


    43. Ella Bella

      Why does it sound like Adam Levine sings in this?

    44. Abi Lubat

      I love Khalid so much!!! ♥

    45. Matt Smith

      This has an Usher, nice and slow vibe, pure class

    46. Blandkhalel Khalel Bland

      New songs ft Justin bieber Chris Brown and usher

    47. Dolly Phoenix

      6lack verse topped this song off 💯

    48. Dolly Phoenix

      6lack verse topped this song off 💯

    49. Latoya Baker

      Bomb song

    50. GAME HARD

      My Love music