Khalid - OTW (Audio) ft. 6LACK, Ty Dolla $ign



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    1. Hubert kop

      khalid and post malone ?

    2. Cadyn Rich

      just kidding

    3. Cadyn Rich

      -0.00 -0.00

    4. Cadyn Rich

      hey guys replays here 0.00

    5. Will


    6. Cringeygamer 35


    7. Milenia Annisa

      *OKTOBER 2018* ??

    8. monsterking 479

      Just makes me feel like i wanna go on a drive and never look back just so i can get away from all the darkness in this cold heartless world

    9. Amandeep

      6LACK @ 2:52

    10. S H I N E DOLANZ

      *2am. A car. Dark. Car lights. Fresh air. Bumping OTW.*

    11. ThE DoOM SlAYer

      I'mma blast this at school tomorrow

    12. Raphael Wallst

      Just reminiscen on my black queen

    13. smokelife goodson

      Damn I just broke the repeat button S/O to Khalid for this ☝️👈

    14. Keith G

      khalid is the best

    15. Nature Baker

      Got that 90's early 2000's vibe...Yess...Oct 2018🔥

    16. Ryder94 Faulk

      My jam

    17. me

      I’m ahh play this when I’m about to slide up on my girlfriend 😎😏

    18. Samara Brooks

      For some reason I thought this was post malone

    19. Jordan Porter

      I can attest that this song is sooooo lit on late night drives.

    20. Jordan Porter

      Think 6lack is my favorite part. Pump that volume up every time it gets to him.

    21. nubli hakimi

      tajuk lagu ni melayu selalu guna untuk bohong kawan2 mereka

    22. Jonathan Tapia

      o my good nygggas forever alone music love 💪🔫🦂

    23. Liz Zweers

      Love you so much

    24. carlos anton arbozo

      put it on drive i'll be outside do you know dah wae? Hahhahahaha


      And I thought music died in 2008... Khalid is some how is bringing it back , great song man !!

    26. Manu Neiufi

      Much Love for this beautiful artist!! Love from New Zealand

    27. stephanie chacko

      6LACK’s lyrics 🔥

    28. kuhneesha booker

      Khalid is fire If you disagree your moms a hoe 😂

    29. Mason sdumb shiiizzz

      KHALID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FIRE MY GUY

    30. Tenia Nelms

      Can't stop thinking bout u.

    31. honey nope

      Who's just listening and enjoying the music and not trying to get likes and replies.

    32. Shaniqua stewart

      Locations so I can be on my way 💪🏽🌊💯📿🍹

    33. Elexus m

      Il love it so much

    34. Heavenly McWay

      My fave love this song ❤ 👌🏾

    35. Jose Torres

      Fuck The Video

    36. Magnetic Allah

      This song is lit

    37. Regina McDonald

      October 2018

    38. Justanumbgirl

      The song would have been better without the Ty Dolla Sign’s part . Khalid and 6Lack what a beautiful duo.

    39. Dom Rivera

      Can't help not to think about all the good and the bad you had ..... Just in the past now...

    40. Nate Betzler

      Ever notice Ty dolla has a hand in all the now days golden R&B...

    41. Tiare Spence

      If anyone didnt know this but OTW means On the way.. So ya'll know if you didn't!

    42. Michelle

      LOVE this song. Wish I had my car... I'd be driving with my window down and my hair blowing in the wind and my sunroof open. Or waiting for a ride and close my eyes and listen to this music on blast.

    43. Tiersa Heter

      i love this song!!

    44. Amina Sohail - Great Lakes PS (1476)

      October 20th 2018

    45. cyn cyn

      Fire 🔥

    46. Jovany Leal

      2:02 diss? lmao

    47. Kayoni XO

      Love this more than anything. Thank you so much.

    48. J A H N A V I V E L L A N K I

      2:52 1:45

    49. Sikha Saikia

      Awesome song....

    50. Carmen Rosario

      Love this song. Stays on repeat ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤