Kim & Kanye's INCREDIBLE Fast Money! | Celebrity Family Feud



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    Kim crushes Fast Money! Can Kanye close it out and win $25,000 for Children's Hospital Los Angeles? This is one Fast Money you won't want to miss! Watch Celebrity Family Feud all summer on ABC, SUNDAYS AT 8|7c, and stay tuned for To Tell The Truth starring Anthony Anderson at 10|9c!
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    1. Teniola Adedokun

      I feel so happy for Kanye the most he's ever I ever seen him smile ever

    2. nari나리

      Kanye looks like 50 cent in this video

    3. Kyle Millard

      This is the happiest Kanye has ever been

    4. Autumn Wilkins

      Kanye's smile is cute af even if he's a total douchbag

    5. Autumn Wilkins

      Not bad for a woman who got her start doing one of the most basic things a human can do.

    6. Chocolate Donut

      I don't get this game tbh

    7. Noodle Dick

      I’m so dam confused how he got so old already he has a white beard

    8. MIE Channel

      I’m 11 and I could answer those

    9. Jose Morales

      Wow they are so SMART

    10. smol potatoe

      I love how they gave a super easy questions to the celebrities 😂

    11. Makayla Edwards

      They put extra points on the bored because it was for charity.I understand

    12. Briana Smith

      They're all rich anyway, so why do they need to win?

      1. chea kimsea

        Briana Smith didn’t u listen ? the winning money will go to charity. 😒

    13. L G


    14. Oksana nesvarbu

      Does anybody know where Kim's dress is from???????????or something similar to that becauss it's soooo fire 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    15. Donna Jacksin

      Steve look like he ready fo dem to go

    16. Madfox Natureman

      Dam! them girls got some big fake asses 😂🤣.. What a crazy family!..🤣😂

    17. Angelica Lopez

      Okay so when everyone started clapping after they made their “announcement” in the begging, Kendall said “that’s what families WOULD do” 😂 then kloe said “ that’s what families DO” 😂 I feel like Kendall hates her family

    18. Eunice Lopez

      That was too easy wth

    19. Abdu IsMe

      4:00 I felt that hot breath through my phone

    20. Vee B

      Why was he holding Kim like that... perv

    21. Kasish Karki

      Am i the only one who understands nothing abt this game?????🤣.. but happy fr the charity❤️

    22. WE'RE THE SMITH'S EST.2016

      Hi everyone, please click here to support my GoFundMe campaign, Be blessed by blessing another:

    23. Kiera Cowan

      Kim was so surprised when “butt” wasn’t the number one answer. Sorry Kim sadly the majority of us don’t have those problems

    24. anahera maia

      They don't need to play for charity they have enough money to save people a lot of people.

    25. Melanie Mars

      No shade, but Khloe looked like she ate all her sisters, and then herself

      1. Donna Jacksin

        Melanie Mars...Lmaooooo

    26. kopec82

      Yeah right her back is real with those skinny thighs sure!

    27. Matt And Cookie

      did you realise Kylie isn’t there I wonder why?

    28. Alisha Philbert

      nahhhh steuppps those questions were easy...wat a waste of time smh😕😕😕

    29. Rocks BDM

      Follow me on Mixer!!

    30. MissBoobiesWorld

      This was nice to see 😋

    31. Georgia k

      Who else thinks that mustache is glued on.

    32. glassman204

      Stupid simple questions for simple stupid minded ppl.

    33. Ars 1

      All the black dudes like yea we abt to tear that up!

    34. Woodlands Vlogger

      Best video ever

    35. Vinny Prada

      Taylor: *grabs the mic from kanye* "Kim had one of the best answers of all time"

    36. boss lady

      7:04 kim looking at kayne with the death look if he doesn't get the answers right.

    37. boss lady

      I love you kim. Your my favorite kardashian. 🎆🎆🎆🎆

    38. Satish Karki

      Where is Kylie I don’t like these Mac nuggets

    39. Cat Styles Malik


    40. Lavetta Thomas

      Steve is that one creepy uncle that you have to keep reiterating that you're not single to. 🙄

    41. Lavetta Thomas

      Khloe's lips look disgusting. Like Daffy duck personified 😭

    42. December Creech

      These questions are easier than the other questions

    43. Sena Yarbery

      I didn't know Kim can actually answer questions without it being written. LMFAO. Go Kim.

    44. Justin Ylonen

      Another black dude telling Kim k where to look

    45. ATM

      Wrong way:koon yay wust Right way:kayne west Edit-ok no likes ok... 😭 (- -) / \ ________🚃_____🚙_______ On that day she got hit and was still thirsty for like in heaven

    46. ATM

      Steve's smile doe lmao

    47. Gypsy Firefly

      I don’t believe in that butt. Its a gel mold strap on! Lol!!!!!

    48. holly bianchi

    49. KaBoom

      They gave them the answers.

    50. Benito

      Kendall was a bit too serious in this video, kind of shady much?