Kim & Kanye's INCREDIBLE Fast Money! | Celebrity Family Feud



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    Kim crushes Fast Money! Can Kanye close it out and win $25,000 for Children's Hospital Los Angeles? This is one Fast Money you won't want to miss! Watch Celebrity Family Feud all summer on ABC, SUNDAYS AT 8|7c, and stay tuned for To Tell The Truth starring Anthony Anderson at 10|9c!
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    1. Kamila Pawelczyk

      Where can i watch all the episode?

    2. H3rp3t G0rill4

      The show was rigged

    3. pajaaa7

      dat ass! HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA i am dying

    4. Average Commenter

      Kanye's got huge ass feet for being such a small guy

    5. Average Commenter

      Kanye is so small lmao, that's why he's so insecure

    6. Heather Tatum


    7. sunny blue

      the degredation of society

    8. Theronsa King

      question:what was slavery? Kanye: A choice

    9. Vanda Viveiros

      Ive never seen kanye smile so much

    10. Sarah Kate Marvin

      Wow... I've never seen Kanye smile before...

    11. Paige

      Dummy. It's your knee you bump the most often.

    12. Dripping Marcus

      Kendall looks so disgusted when she looks at Kanye's family

    13. Jordan

      Khloe looks like yoda LMFAO

    14. Sam707BFBC

      Kanye the only person I know that can diss a popular pop star like Taylor and become even more successful.

    15. Sam707BFBC

      This has to be the highest watched episode of all time

    16. Sam707BFBC

      Damn the game hit that and khloe?!?!?

    17. dia betes

      Is he smiling 😮

    18. Desiree Padmore

      Why Do Her Ass Look Like That 😱

    19. zach//

      can someone sync up 7:14 of this to 0:15 of All Day lol. I need that.

    20. Valencia Johnson

      Kanye looking like Bubba off Forrest Gump. Lol.

    21. gillian sandy

      I thought he said she didn't know anything, way to get more views

    22. Michelle

      There's more plastic in the Kardashians than in all of the world's oceans.

    23. Gregory Michaels

      Celebrity questions. Out of 100 people surveyed what was the main ingredient in making chocolate ice cream? know the REAL tough questions!

    24. ali G

      Those tiny calves

    25. Rawan SS

      wtf is khloe wearing lol, khloe's wardrobe is kim's before kanye

    26. sydni taylor

      I hate kanye's ugly ass. He's a piece of shit person. I'm surprised he's even allowed on the show.

    27. Teran Jordan

      1:26 & 3:37 😋, I swear Kim is a walking erection 🍌

    28. Jazmine Coffin

      What is Khloe wearing?

    29. Frank Ocean’s Bitch

      Johnathan not even a Kardashian lol

    30. Rosie xoxo

      She looked like north when she was answering the questions

    31. Milo The Russian Blue

      Why do these people make me angry?

    32. Mulan Chan

      God Kim's body is so ugly. She started this hip implant thing that it has turned a whole generation of women doing the same, deforming their body plus destroying health.

    33. loca super

      Wey, es como 100 latinos dijeron xd

    34. Ngawa Longwe

      Haven’t seen this man Smile like that in a long time. It was actually kind of nice

    35. Bryasia B.

      Whole time they could have donated that money ×7

    36. Kaylahhh The Pineapple Unicorn

      Kanye has a nice smile, he should do it more often😍

    37. Kaylahhh The Pineapple Unicorn

      Kim looked gorgeous honestly

    38. Kaylahhh The Pineapple Unicorn

      "Kim West" How gross😂 I have never heard someone say "Kim West"😂😭

    39. denise taylor

      Steve is laughing way too hard..LOL

    40. denise taylor

      she should have said her Butt implants

    41. denise taylor

      why di dhe stop the tape for that.. Everyone knows Kims' a narcissistic

    42. denise taylor

      Steve is so EXTRA..

    43. Alahe’

      I think Kim answered these questions based on her😂 I don’t think anyone bumps their but on a door, wall, counter or anything 😂 not unless you have implant

    44. ZumbaliciousCruz

      Kim’s booty looks horrible!!!

    45. not atrannie

      Still ugly trannies Kim my dude fake ass lying twit ,a real vagina can make a baby ,you had a penis ,moon bumps are not babies,

    46. GoldBarz

      $25k is like $25.00 to these mothaf**kers lol

    47. Ramon Aguayo

      Easy ass

    48. Jay Seals

      Damn so Kim don't wear her wedding ring???


      these questions were low-key easy compared the questions they usually ask..

    50. Elise DeShazer

      Name a part of your body that always banging into things. Don't you mean the other way around