Kristen Bell Explains Medical Condition and Pool Gloves

Jimmy Kimmel Live

Jimmy Kimmel Live

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    Kristen talks about her undiscovered medical condition that requires her to wear gloves in the pool, her husband Dax Shepard making fun of her for it, and she learns that there is actually a product out there to help people with issues just like her.
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    Kristen Bell Explains Medical Condition and Pool Glovesβίντεο-cFgqZb9O-TE.html

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    1. Lady H. Wotton

      Ahaha my sister is the same. i always thought my sister was a whackjob for always having her hands above water so they don’t get pruny. Tbh still think she is. But at least her kid is the only exception to the no-pruny-finger-touchy-rule.

    2. Avenzia K

      what about her toes, she needs shoes too 💁🏼‍♀️

    3. ElizabethSCarroll

      Omg! I’m not alone, this is legitimately a thing!

    4. Couch Warrior 420

      We will free you Jimmy !!!!!

    5. jackie lehman

      Omg my bestie his the same way!!!!😂

    6. Hannah Ferla

      I thought I was just weird!! I absolutely HATE touching my own fingers when they are wet. It gives me actual chills down my spine. It’s like nails on a chalkboard. It’s like they stick together, almost drag when they touch. HATE IT HATE IT HATE IT!!

    7. tubeyuber65

      So I get he's poking fun but honestly tho, I wonder if its the same for her feet? Does she have special shoes as well? I'd genuinely like to know more

    8. Sarah Squared

      Wait how does she shower? Is that okay? Lol

    9. Jessica Joubert

      I have the same issue!! It's like fingernails on a chalkboard!

    10. Lovísa kristín

      Hahaha I definitely have pruney fingerphobia

    11. prismatic_Jess

      I love her so much. She's so honest and real.

    12. TheLittleSquidge

      I have this too! 😲 I can’t touch my fingers together if a little pruned as it makes me feel so sick. 🙌🏻

    13. A M

      Having sex with her must suck! I’ll pass

    14. aya salah

      I have this too i hate that feeling

    15. Philip Zamora

      She'd better not age. Pruny fingers are gonna be a problem for her when she's in her twilight years.

    16. Rosie Cotts


    17. shai pasasadaba

      IS 👏 THIS 👏 O 👏 C 👏 D 👏 ???

    18. ♥Miirà♥

      What is she going to do when she’s an 👵 😂

    19. Антон Евдокимов

      who cares about that stupid stuff...

    20. Caroline Alexandria

      It’s kinda perfect that she was in Frozen with like the whole glove theme😂

    21. JOY-C Musical &Video Channel

      wow, haha

    22. Geli Ineliz

      It could just be a sensory thing

    23. zakariya mohamud

      She’s so hot

    24. Abigail Birchall

      Same. I hate it so much, especially in the shower.

    25. TNH


    26. Plow Blow

      I swear I like can't even ever wash my hands because of the same reason I got pruney hands one time and I actually started having a panic attack

    27. Plow Blow

      I HATE wet hands

    28. Rachel Wang

    29. Krystelle Short

      "medial condition" possibly not but it is a very real phenomenon. I have a similar issue whenever my hands get super dry or touch fine powders *dry reach*

    30. Shayla Jenet

      omfg I have the same fear, and i’ve never been able to explain it until now.

    31. Doctor Medkit

      I HAVE THIS!!!!!!!!! I can't touch cloth after my hands get wet! Wow, I've been going around posting about this condition everywhere, only to be met with "huh?" and "what?"

      1. GreatMcKaelaHouse

        I hate grabbing the towel after a shower! It's like the main one I notice. Also can not touch cotton balls at all. Hate the feeling of prune fingers and won't even touch my own hands together.

      2. Doctor Medkit

        My best working solution so far is white lithium axle grease, every real moisturizer just makes my hands feel wetter

    32. Aranza Esquivel

      I thought I was the only one😂😂

    33. SamS 44

      I thought i was the only one :0

    34. Willow Bradfute

      I also cannot stand having wrinkled fingers.

    35. Julia .gymnasticss


    36. Aprilstein

      It’s called a sensory issue. I can’t touch metal things that are really smooth.

    37. Kristy Hall

      OMG! I'm not alone!!!!!!!

    38. mikaylabee


    39. Grace O'Brien

      I have a serious issue with feet, anytime naked feet are near me I get extremely angry or sick to my stomach. Or both.

    40. Jess and Lilu

      I’m the same way

    41. RetroMochi

      Oh shut up Kristen, we know you finger your wet pussy.

    42. Bridget O


    43. London Elliott

      OMG Me 2!!!

    44. amber rowe

      Swear to anything I'm the exact same way. It literally makes my stomach feel like a knot almost like I'm nervous. My finger pads feel so raised to me. I also can't touch towels dried outside

    45. Emma Stepanik

      No lead up to it at all... just asks to see her hands? Seemed awkward, may just be the editing though.

    46. Harper McKenzie

      It's called a sensory trigger...SENSORY PROCESSING DISORDER

    47. amanda brezina

      I have this same problem with wet hands and then touching towels 😭

    48. Nellie K. Adaba


    49. Kate H

      Oh so it’s like an overstimulation thing. She’s just really overstimulated by people touching her when they’re wet

    50. spparows1

      I thought I was the only one who suffered from this