Lemon Blueberry Scones - You Suck at Cooking (episode 78)

You Suck At Cooking

You Suck At Cooking

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    I accidentally cut out the SALT clip. Add a dash of salt to those dry ingredients.
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    How to make these scones:
    2 cups of all purpose flour
    3 tablespoons of sugar (if you want them sweeter add more...amazing how that works)
    1 tablespoon of baking powder
    A PINCH OF SALT! I accidentally cut it out of the video DAMMIT.
    1 gallon of baking soda to keep you cool
    Wangjangle those ingredients together
    Chop up most of a stick of butter into little bits
    Mix them in and go chunk hunting
    Add in 1.5 cups of blueberries and some exterior lemon skin scrapings (I like a tablespoon ish)
    Make a little volcano cavity chamber impression
    Pour in one cup of cream...if you want your scones to be more cakey use half a cup of cream and 2 eggs. They'll also be more yellow.
    Barely mix the dough, don't overwerk it
    Put the dough on a floured surface and form it into some kind of rectangular shape
    Cut it in half. Then in half. Then in half. Then in half.
    Separate the pieces on a parchment papered pan. They are going to expand, just like the universe. Checkmate atheists.
    Bake them for around 20-24 minutes on 4 hundo.
    They're so good when they're still warm omg, with even more butter on them, OMFG SERIOUSLY.
    Also I want to try to Scottish British UK scones with clotted cream. Because even though the term "clotted cream" is the most unappetizing two words ever written, it looks incredible.
    Or use one of these which is where I started:

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    1. You Suck At Cooking

      I accidentally left out the salt clip. Put half a teaspoon of salt in the dry ingredients, please. Or 2/4 coffee spoon.

      1. PowAndWow

        You Suck At Cooking *2/4* wot 1/2?

      2. Cornelia Lopez

        As you sow, so shall you reap

      3. Cornelia Lopez

        Sarah Dec

      4. Cornelia Lopez

        You Suck At Cooking

      5. Cornelia Lopez

        You Suck At Cook ingenuity I visited

    2. Danny Hodge

      The song at the end really buttered my parsnips

    3. David Ezekiel

      If you think I'm not good at cooking, then come and cook for me girl.

    4. Santino Thaddeus Cruz

      Tf were. ya at?

    5. TheTorontoTickler

      There's a fucking chunk bitten out of my screen now. Thanks.

    6. Gelli The anime girl

      At the “you suck at cooking you totally suck”part I like how you balance I don’t give an f*** and the beautiful things voice

    7. Jenny Benson

      Please make a Kombucha episode.

    8. hotdog man

      Good job on hiting 100mil views

    9. AsianDumbass

      Jeez guys are you all idiots? You pronounce it scones not scones.

    10. blueringoctopuss

      This is the first video of yours I’ve seen. I’m not positive but , you seem like maybe you’re an asshole. Im going to have to subscribe, and watch more to be sure. If you’re not careful someone might scone you to death.

    11. Shan Koyas

      how is no one commenting on how funny this is lol. Like fuck the actual cooking, he makes cooking videos funny.

    12. Jesse Armes

      I always re watch this video

    13. Trevor Tammen

      Merican scone

    14. Automatic Diaphragm

      The best episode since the french fry rap

    15. Cormatron McPhee

      Hey, pimblocto is alive

    16. Partumiter

      If William Osman had a cooking channel

    17. Wade Lee


    18. Waez z.

      Lamb tutorial pls pleb

    19. Matt Austin

      It’s scone what fuck pronounces it scone

    20. Bonnor Thecat

      Scone rhymes with gone

    21. Paper Biscuits

      At first I thought the thumbnail was a bunch of puppies sleeping on top of eachother

    22. That guy

      What happened to the onion?

    23. Grayson Schick

      Has he ever said oven I’ve only heard him say onion or undoe

    24. Henry Scott

      ...Who's WNC?

    25. Lili Vernon

      why was this like 20th on trending?

    26. Jake Bushey

      Please for the love of God, do not ever stop!!! I laugh until I cry every time. Carmel apples are my favorite ever, and even got my wife to laugh. Seen every episode! Wangjangle on my friend. I'm on my way to throw out my oven and put in my new undoe, starting at one hundoe.

      1. You Suck At Cooking

        <3 may you swiftly get to 4 hundo friend.

    27. Sunny Yu

      You want chunks of butter because it makes the bread crispy. That's why some recipe call for us to knife the butter in

    28. Joe Nimens

      Some of your best work ! Keep on wang-gangl-in !

    29. Unused Tuber

      I’m Scottish ;-; 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

    30. MidnightCanvas

      Lasagne please?

    31. Brighid Elizabeth

      Does anyone else think he sounds like Ryan from the office

      1. Real Human

        Kinda. The tone is similar but his voice is deeper than Ryan's.

    32. David Porowski

      Like & Subscribe Truly appreciate your lead-in & exit humor regarding scones// LOL / too little salt & sugar (dark brown sugar). disguised as potatoes into Ireland?Really?

    33. this one

      wow an upload

    34. Josh Cornell

      Maybe I do suck at *cooking*

    35. eladisimo

      17 shekels is about ratio 😃

    36. Nickolas Zuliy

      making a croisscone and mixing up english and french baked goods is a criminal offence in the UK.

    37. PowAndWow


    38. William Robertson

      Been here since episode. 3! Still haven't subscribes. I miss pinblockto btw...

    39. William Robertson

      Disliked, instructions unclear. Added too much pepper pepper pepper.

    40. Addie Lynne

      but i care

    41. Me Myself

      I think he's actually getting good at cooking

    42. endgame Executor

      Still waiting on that album to drop, my dude.

      1. You Suck At Cooking

        Won't be long now. 2 years tops.

    43. Jeffrey Reichel

      Exfoliate that damn lemon!

    44. Family of Geniuses

      that large knife handle is baller

    45. TheBSpike

      I love...these scones. Just the diversity between the selection; the raspberry, the blueberry, the strawberry, pumpkin, even, which is basically a fucking squash. How are you gonna make a scone out of freaking squash? It blows my mind! Oh, man!

    46. Claudia Melo

      Omfg seriously ur to much 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    47. I can’t think of a name

      I am from Scotland and the way you pronounce it is scone hopefully this will help you on how to pronounce it I'm being sarcastic

    48. Miss Abby

      I wish my culinary teachers were like you

    49. Patrick Knowlton

      I pronounce scone as scawn, everyone tells me I'm wrong.

    50. Real Girl

      Collab with Alex Ernst